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Who Are You America?

Who Are You America Book Cover 04-27-201

By Stephen J. Spykerman

The following is an excerpt from the above book...

Introduction - America's Manifest Destiny

The purpose of this book is to serve as a ‘wake up’ call to the American people. America has an amazing ancestry and heritage, yet it seems that, neither the nation nor its mainstream churches are aware of the country’s amazing ancestry and heritage.

In this secular age it appears the majority of Americans have departed from the faith of their fathers. Pillars that have underpinned society for many generations are being shaken. America’s Judeo-Christian heritage, with its Bible based standards that have so singularly contributed to the nation’s greatness is being undermined. Just as in the time of the Judges in ancient Israel, the majority of Americans are doing, ‘what is right in their own eyes.’ God brought His judgment upon His nation Israel whenever it departed from His covenant and prostituted itself with other gods. America today is in a similar position as those ancient Israelites. Sadly, most miss the connection! They miss it because Americans do not recognize that their destiny is closely connected with that of ancient Israel. As God judged Israel, so He is judging America and we see mounting evidence of the consequences of rebellion in our society today.

Those of the Church - ‘Bride of Christ’ - continue to dwell in confusion because the concept of her relationship to Israel is fundamentally flawed. The great prophetic books of the Bible convey the central role Israel is going to perform in world affairs at the end of the age. Sadly, however, it appears that the Church has failed to grasp the truth about the Israel of the covenant to which those prophets were referring.

The Puritan Pilgrim Fathers had a better understanding than we do today. Those pioneers who founded the colonial settlements from which the United States of America was to spring forth and blossom like no other nation before it, called themselves variously as the ‘Seed of Abraham,’ the Children of Jacob, and ‘His Chosen People.’ Did they know something we have forgotten today?

Why America Is ‘Blessed’ Above All Nations

The American Declaration of Independence (1776) states that “all men are created equal” and thus the illustrious founding fathers highlighted the link with the first chapter of Genesis in the Bible. These same great patriarchs of America were spurred on by a vision in which they saw themselves to be establishing an America that would be the New Jerusalem, the Republic of God. The Puritans especially felt this was their God-given purpose. When they established their commonwealth, they saw themselves replaying the sacred history of the children of Israel. To their minds, the signs pointed that way even before the new country was founded. Just as the Israelites were miraculously delivered from Egyptian oppression to establish a godly society in Canaan in the Land of Promise, so these Puritan pilgrims, escaping from religious persecution, had fled from England to establish a Godly society in Massachusetts. Benjamin Disraeli, the Victorian Prime Minister of Great Britain, declared, “The American nation is more like that of ancient Israel under the Judges than any other country.”




A most remarkable fact is that God is mentioned in the constitution of every single one of the fifty States of the Union. The Hebrew Bible has more profoundly influenced America more than any other nation on earth. In the early years of America’s foundation most of its prominent statesmen and scholars were well versed in Hebraic civilization. Hebrew and the study of Hebraic laws and institutions were an integral part in the early American colleges and universities such as Harvard and Yale. The early framers of the Constitution used the civil policy of ancient Israel as their model. It may rightly be considered the first and only national constitution that is explicitly founded on the Ten Commandments of the Torah.

The American nation is more like that of ancient Israel under the Judges than any other country.

Benjamin Disraeli

British Statesman (1804-1881)