Newsletter Survey

Recently, I learned that a lot of the subscribers to TrueNews4U had become inactive and as a result of them becoming inactive, when I published a newsletter, they are not receiving the email notifications. I also learned that once an newsletter notification is sent out and if the subscriber does not open the email or click on the link that takes them to the newsletter, after five (5) consecutive emails that have not been opened, the system changes a subscribers classification from Active to Inactive. It was explained to me that this is done automatically to protect me from being labeled as a spammer.

After learning about this, I am rethinking what content I need to focus on to keep current subscribers coming back. So, my goal at this point is to list for you all of the current categories I have set up and the content associated with that category. When I had my newsletter under a different name (NewsYouMayNotHaveHeardAbout), I would publish an International newsletter once a week. It was long because I had everything in it unlike what I have in place now.

When I developed this International newsletter, I designed it to utilize categories in order break up the newsletter into more manageable sections to keep the newsletter from being so long to scroll through. I did this in hopes of (1) keeping the newsletter much shorter and (2) being able to utilize categories so when a subscriber receives a newsletter notification, they could look at the category and tell right off if this is something they may be interested in checking out.

The issue with it being designed this way is if I publish 5 different categories and none of those categories are of any interest to the subscriber, they would be moved from Active status to Inactive status. Thus, any future newsletter email notifications would not be sent to them.

So, I am reaching out to those who have subscriber to TrueNews4U to see what your interest is because I am here to serve you and I truly want to know where your interest may be so that I can, if possible, tailor the newsletter to give you the content you are wanting in a newsletter.

These are the current Categories I have in place: and the contents in those categories:

Category: BE Informed

Content: Content that is usually not presented by most mainstream news sources. For example: In the very first BE Informed newsletter, you will find (1) You are watching the Communist Takeover of the U.S. and the WORLD Under the “cover” of a HOAX CoronaVirus “Pandemic” “Shelter in place” = MARTIAL LAW! written by Lorraine Day, M.D. (2) Georgia Guidestones (3) NOW THE GOVERNMENT CAN LEGALLY KILL CHRISTIANS by Bill Dannemeyer (husband of Dr. Lorraine Day) U.S. Congressman, 1979-1992. All of these articles are relevant for what is going on today. You will not read about this in any mainstream newsletter, on TV or most news outlets today because most of them either do not know about these things or if they know about them, they are not reporting on them. Thus, keeping the people in the dark awaiting their demise. This category is relevant to many things going on. There are many other BE Informed newsletters that have been published to Inform, Warn and Educate the reader on different things that they will not come across in any other newsletter. So, the sole purpose of this category is to try to present things that are not common knowledge to the public.


Category: Health

Content: In this category, I try to present health warnings such as any health products and/or foods that are being recalled or any other urgent health warning that is being presented to the public. You will find health articles and videos from different doctors and health experts on different health challenges. 


Category: Earth


Content: In this category, I try to present any info on earthquakes, major fires, volcanoes, floods, things going on in space, major things like a lot of animals dying in one place for no known reason, and much more.


Category: Religion


Content: In this category, I present any news pertaining to religion in general be it Catholic, Protestant, Islam, etc. Sometimes, I also include some teaching in this category. I publish a short teaching by a dear brother in Yeshua/Jesus each week under Rog's Corner that he sends me. His teachings are down to earth and they are on a level for all walks of life. I also use this category for the New Moon Report to report the sighting of the new moon because there are some out there, like myself, who take joy in looking for the first sliver of the new moon which starts the new Hebrew month. It is not Jewish but it is a system that Almighty YHWH has established in the beginning to help communicate to man the seasons and times man is in. The starts actually communicate with man but most do not know its language. In this category, I publish Test All Things Bible Teaching. These teachings are on different topics. You will also find in this category Bible Teachings. Typically, I will present teachings using different videos by different Bible teachers.


Category: Bible Teachings


Content: In this category, I typically will have video teachings on topics and on different books in the Bible by different Bible teachers.


Category: USA


Content: In this category, I try to report on what is happening in the United States of America because some who live outside America can find out what is going on in America from other sources but there may be some of the sources I use to report on things that they are not finding. Lately, I have not had time to devote to this category for all the things going on with the Coronavirus. There is a lot going on there and it takes up most of my time these days. However, I am trying to make an effort to report on some of the things going on in America. America, like so many other countries is under a lot of stress and there is a lot of destruction taking place all around the world.


Category: World


Content: In this category, I try to report on different things happening around the world. There is no way I can report on all things going on everywhere. So, I try to hone in on some of the major things for anyone interested in knowing what is going on in other parts of the world we all live in.


Category: Misc


Content: This is a catch all category. Any subjects that do not fall into one of the major categories is put into this category and reported on.


Category: Financial


Content: In this category, I try to report on what is happening in the stock market and all around what is happening in the financial industry. It has been a good while since I have reported on this category due to all that is going on with the Coronavirus. I hope to get back to reporting what is happening in the financial world. There is talk of a major reset that will take place world wide which will affect everyone.


Category: Archaeology


Content: In this category, I try to present new things discovered on land and in the seas. There are many things still hidden in the ground as well as in the seas that have not been discovered yet. So, it is always interesting to see what has been discovered recently.


Category:  Genealogy


Content: In this category, I try to provide good articles to help those who are into genealogy to further their skills and possibly point them to a website or two that will help them in their search for family members. I have working on my family genealogy on and off since 2006. I have found long lost family members and family history. I also have videos to help those with their searches.


Category: Geek


Content: In this category, I try to present articles on software reviews, possible useful free software, and much more.


Category: Linux


Content: This category is specific to the Linux operating system. I have in the past provided info on new distributions of the different flavors of Linux and some command line commands to do different things. It has been a good while since I have published anything in this category.


Category: M.S. Office


Content: In this category, I try to present some useful info and at times videos on how to do things with the different Microsoft Office programs like Word, Excel, Power Point, One Note, etc. I personally have an interest in these programs since I use Word and Excel a lot and Power Point here and there.


Category: Windows


Content: In this category, I try to present some of the different features in the Windows Operating system. Most of what I present is on Windows 10.


Category: Survival


Content: In this category, I try to have articles and videos on things for survival. Some of which are on how to preserve food, canning, building a shelter, etc.


Category: Petition


Content: This category is specific to different petitions that are going on on different things. This gives those who want to participate in those petitions to make their voice heard.


Category: 2020 Election


Content: This category is specific to all that I come across dealing with the 2020 Presidential election.


Category: Memorials

Content: This category is specifically dedicated to remembering specific observances such as President's Day, Veterans Day, Memorial Day Salute, etc.

The above are all the categories I currently have that I have set up. I can add to and I can remove any category. I felt it necessary to let all subscribers know what each of the categories are and what the contents are for each category. Some of you may not have known about all these different categories and possibly never knew they existed.

With all the above presented, it is my sincere desire to get your valued feedback on what you are interested in seeing in this newsletter. I am asking everyone to be open and honest with me. If you have no interest in any category or categories, please let me know. If there is not enough interest on a category, I will drop it.

When I had my other International newsletter (NewsYouMayNotHaveHeardAbout), I had over 200 subscribers. I have not had this newsletter very long and so, I am in the process of trying to build up many more interested subscribers.

If you like this newsletter, I encourage you to refer others to this newsletter and have them check it out. If they want to subscribe, I welcome them. If it is not what they want, that is okay also. I sincerely hope they will find what they are looking for.

My goal has always been to try to present things that are not common. All of us can get the everyday news from various sources. The "key" is to be careful with the news sources you tap into because most mainstream media sources are only painting a certain picture for you. They will only feed you what they want you to know. They will not give you all the story because they have an agenda and that agenda is to dumb down the people and control them. So, we must be diligent in looking for good news sources to try to get to the truth because we are not getting it from the mainstream media sources.

I know this is a bit long but I felt it necessary to communicate with all subscribers in hopes of getting your feedback. I have developed a polling form below to help facilitate getting your valued feedback on True News 4 U newsletter.

I am asking for your feedback no later than September 4, 2020. I will evaluate all feedback and I will get back to everyone on the results and on what I will do moving forward.

If you want to provide more feedback than what the form permits, please feel free to email me at I welcome all feedback.

Thank you for taking your valued time to read this and for taking the poll below.

Have a great day,

Eddie Rogers, Minister, D.D.