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ARISE OH YAH / KUMA ADONAI by Ashley & Micha'el BenDavid



Two by Four

ball park


(Be opened)

December 16, 2021

First Kings 5 & 6 Mark 7

As Solomon builds the temple, 1st Kings 5 & 6 give us the blueprints… in cubits. What is a cubit?

The cubit, generally taken as equal to 18 inches (457 mm), was based on the length of the arm from the elbow to the tip of the middle finger and was considered the equivalent of 6 palms or 2 spans. In some ancient cultures it was as long as 21 inches (531 mm).

cubit | measurement | Britannica

Rather than splitting a “gnat’s whisker,” let’s consider one cubit as 18 inches which is one and a half feet; hence, multiplying each cubit by 1.5 is easy-peasy:

1 Kings 6:3 And the porch before the temple of the house, twenty cubits [20 x 1.5 = 30 feet :o)))] was the length thereof, according to the breadth of the house; and ten cubits [10 x 1.5 = 15 feet :o))] was the breadth thereof before the house.

Please pardon my simple mind, as I find it difficult to convert 20 cubits to 21 inch multiples because my tiny brain gets all discombobulated… what-ever-that-means :o/

Are we building with 2 x 4 cedar boards or ? cubit x ? cubit cedar boards?? What’s the point? Yepper, really… What’s the point? Solomon is building a temple, a HOUSE for ALMIGHTY GOD that is soon to be DEMOLISHED by the Babylonians. Why?! And not only that, the Romans DEMOLISHED another temple built on the same mount and, again, I ask: WHY??!! Here’s a clue:

1 Kings 6:23 And within the oracle he [Solomon] made two cherubims of olive tree, each ten cubits high.

Well, first of all, “cherubims” is like saying, “geeses” (a double plural). The suffix, “im” (pronounced EEM) in Hebrew, makes the word plural. “IMS” is goofy. OK, so like, maybe I’m splitting a gnat’s whisker, splintering a 2 x 4, and batting this thing totally outta th’ ball park; never the less… What’s the point? What happened to:

Leviticus 26:1 Ye shall make you NO idols NOR graven image [cherubims?], NEITHER rear you up a standing image [cherubims?], NEITHER shall ye set up any image of stone in your land, to bow down unto [hold in high esteem? worship??] it: for I am the LORD יהוה your God.

I’m just askin’

Move along folks… nothin’ to see here.

Dropping back five yards (how ever many cubits that would be :o)) and taking a closer lOOk at Solomon’s blueprint:

1 Kings 6:3 And the porch before the temple of the house [that Solomon is building], twenty cubits [ball park 30 feet] was the length thereof, according to the breadth of the house; and ten cubits [ball park 15 feet] was the breadth thereof before the house.

Again, this “house” is going to be DEMOLISHED to the ground more than once!!! And, again, I ask: WHY???

As I am watching this fly ball going outta th’ park, the “chambers” (of this temple) diminish from sight. Please correct me if I am wrong. These “chambers,” as I understand it, were storage bins for FOOD — that ALL may eat and NO ONE go hungry:

Deuteronomy 26:10-12+ And now, behold, I have brought the firstfruits of the land, which thou, O LORD יהוה , hast given me [every year]. And thou shalt set it before the LORD יהוה thy God, and worship before the LORD יהוה thy God [not before a graven image! Not even before GEESES!!]: And thou shalt rejoice in every good thing which the LORD יהוה thy God hath given unto thee, and unto thine house, thou, and the Levite, and the stranger that is among you. When thou hast made an end of tithing all the tithes of thine increase the third year [year” is a cycle of time, as the annual harvest; of which, there are THREE every annual cycle: the 1st harvest is barley at Passover, the 2nd wheat at Shavuot, and ALL the grapes, nuts, cattle, figs, dates, etc at the 3rd SUKKOT – the BIGGEST HARVEST each year], which is the year [HARVEST] of tithing [that’s what we’re talkin’ about here], and hast given it unto the Levite, the stranger, the fatherless, and the widow, that they may eat within thy gates, and be filled;

But NO! “the Levite,” which has become any religious leader with a Bible Cemetery diploma-on-the-wall — gets the “tithes” and buys houses, cars, and jets, right? WRONG! This is precisely why the widow’s two mites were ALL her living and what our MESSIAH was chapped about in:

Mark 12:42-44 And there came a certain poor widow, and she threw in two mites, which make a farthing [chump change]. And HE YESHUA called unto HIM HIS Disciples, and saith unto them, Verily I say unto you, That this poor widow hath cast more in, than all they which have cast into the treasury [storehouse “chambers” of that temple?]: For all they did cast in of their abundance; but she of her want did cast in all that she had, even all her living.


Luke 21:1-6 And HE YESHUA looked up, and saw the rich men casting their gifts into the treasury. And HE saw also a certain poor widow casting in thither two mites. And HE said, Of a TRUTH [TRUTH” is TORAH according to Psalm 119:142 and according to GOD’s יהוה LAW read Psalm 119:142! DO IT NOW! Psalm 119:142 “Thy יהוה righteousness is an everlasting righteousness, and Thy יהוה law [“law” is defined for us via H8451 as TORAH! The 5 books of Moses!!!!! TORAH] is The TRUTH.” see John 14:6! The TRUTH/TORAH is our MESSIAH’s middle name!!! Hence] I say unto you, that this poor widow hath cast in more than they all: For all these have of their abundance cast in unto the offerings of God: but she of her penury hath cast in all the living that she had. And as some spake of the temple, how it was adorned with goodly stones and gifts [see 1st Kings 5 & 6!!], HE said, As for these things which ye behold, the days will come, in the which there shall not be left one stone upon another, that shall not be thrown down.


the days will come

How many temples have already been THROWN DOWN? Is it TRUE that your and my flesh bodies/tabernacles are NOW the temple of the Holy Spirit???!!! What is the NEXT temple to be THROWN DOWN???!!! What is in the “chambers” of our temple? Hummm…

Catching that fly ball, being knocked outta th’ park — far from the fans of BIG RELIGION:

Mark 7:6-23 HE [your MESSIAH and mine] answered and said unto them [and IS SAYING to you and to me], Well hath Esaias [Isaiah 29:13*] prophesied of you hypocrites, as it is written, This people honoureth ME with their lips, but their heart is far from ME. Howbeit in vain do they worship ME, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men.

*Isaiah 29:13 Wherefore the Lord said, Forasmuch as this people draw near ME with their mouth, and with their lips do honour ME, but have removed their heart far from ME, and their fear toward ME is taught by the precept of men:

For those who think all that OLD Testament stuff was done away with… I have some premium beach front property in Nebraska for sale! With a free complimentary surf board. As they say, “Surf’s UP!” Be it a gnat’s whisker, or … And, By-The-Way, We interrupt this regular scheduled program with a special news bulletin: Why do people who only read the RED LETTERS of the Bible ignoreas it is written? Are we ignoring 1 Kings 6:3 And the porch before the temple… ? as it is written?! RED LETTERS also bring us to:

John 10:23-27+ And YESHUA Jesus walked in the temple in Solomon's porch. HELLO Then came the Jews [“Jews” is a bad Greco-Roman, translation which TOTALLY IGNORES the thousands of Jews who actually FOLLOWED HIM. This is the HI-poot-n-poot religious leaders] round about HIM, and said unto HIM, How long dost Thou make us to doubt? If [the exact words of hasatan TEMPTING HIM in Matthew 4:3 and Luke 4:3] IF thou be the Christ, tell us plainly. YESHUA Jesus answered them, I told you, and ye believed not: the works that I do in MY FATHER's name, they bear witness of ME. But ye believe not, because ye are not of MY sheep, as I said unto you. MY sheep hear MY voice, and I know them, and they follow ME [and i have to ask: Are we following HIM to The FEAST of DEDICATION on Solomon’s porch, this WINTER? In Hebrew, the language our MESSIAH speaks, according to Acts 26:14, “DEDICATION” is HANUKKAH. But, no… santa clause, erect trees of fertility with gold and silver balls, bla, bla, bla ‘tis the season to be jolly… FA, RAH-RAH-RAH… while for the few]:


IS adding HIS blessing to the SHAMA of HIS entire Holy Bible. Aw-mane’


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(309,050 across & 294,500 down)

The Cross : Israel Camp Formation

(a NINE minute video of PROFOUND puzzle answers!)

December 15, 2021

First Kings 4 Mark 6

Solomon was a master “BUILDER” extraordinaire. First Kings 4 says so. So much so that after Babylon destroyed Solomon’s temple; and, when the second temple was built, those who had SEEN Solomon’s temple — weptsee Ezra 3:12: “But many of the priests and Levites and chief of the fathers, who were ancient men, that had seen the first house, when the foundation of this house was laid before their eyes, wept with a loud voice; and many [of the next generation, I presume, who had never seen the MAGNIFICENT glory of Solomon’s temple (even as The New Testament Apostles in Matthew 24:1-2, Mark 13:1-2 & Luke 19:41-21:36) had never seen Solomon’s temple] shouted aloud for joy [even as the Apostles pointed out Herod’s temple to YESHUA]:” And I have to ask, were these, shouters with joy, of future generations, shouting with joy of SPIRITUAL things or physical things?? In Mark 6, we read about Herod who was also a master “BUILDER” and that is why he is referred to as “Herod the Great.” If we pause and ponder, what did Solomon really build? And what did Herod really build?? Please hold these questions as we lOOk at what יהוה built via Moses and what יהוה is building via our MESSIAH and what the “back-o’-the-book” is telling us about this construction “FROM THE BEGINNING” according to Isaiah 46:8-10!

Moses organized the camp of Israel in “RANKS” which is a military term, in “rank and file,” and we see this:

Numbers 2:16 All that were numbered in the camp of Reuben were an hundred thousand and fifty and one thousand and four hundred and fifty, throughout their armies. And they shall set forth in the second rank.

Numbers 2:24 All that were numbered of the camp of Ephraim were an hundred thousand and eight thousand and an hundred, throughout their armies. And they shall go forward in the third rank.

Even though I shy away from the Rabbinical tradition of adding to and diminishing from The TORAH = WORD of GOD, for the sake of man’s verbal law, I think it is safe to say that the first and last Camps, Judah and Dan, go forward in the first and fourth ranks respectively.

Mark 6:39-40 sounds to me very much like a drill sergeant giving commands

U.S. Army Drill Sergeant

A drill sergeant is a symbol of excellence in initial entry training,

an expert in all warrior tasks and battle drills, ...

Here is what our COMMANDER in CHIEF is saying:

Mark 6:39-40 And HE commanded them to make all sit down by companies upon the green grass [as in the 23rd Psalm!]. And they sat down in ranks, by hundreds, and by fifties [NUMBERS! right?!].

RIGHT NOW! Our COMMANDER in CHIEFexcellence in initial entry training,

an expert in all warrior tasks and battle drillsIS calling cadence for you and for me:


(ten-hut is an American military term that means, "Come to attention!")

The signs of the times are screaming at us that we ARE GOING INTO THE WAR of Ephesians 6:1-24!!!!!! In LIGHT of Ephesians 6, what does our “CAMP” lOOk like? Moses, YESHUA, and the-back-o’-the-book are ALL saying:

Revelation 4:6-7 And before the throne there was a sea of glass like unto crystal: and in the midst of the throne, and round about the throne, were four beasts full of eyes before and behind And the first beast was like a lion, and the second beast like a calf, and the third beast had a face as a man, and the fourth beast was like a flying eagle.

Whether or not the Rabbis accept the NEW Testament, their tradition identifies the four ensigns/banners or Israel’s camp as the lion, calf/ox, man and eagle. Whose camp are we in? There are no Gentile camps in Revelation 4:6-7. As we choose our camp, here is what YESHUA’s camp looks like:

Psalm 23:1 A Psalm of David. The LORD יהוה is my Shepherd; I shall not want.

Psalm 23:2 He maketh me to lie down in green pastures [see Mark 6:39!]: HE leadeth me beside the still waters.

Psalm 23:3 HE restoreth my soul: HE leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for HIS name's sake.

Psalm 23:4 Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for THOU art with me; THY rod and thy staff [instruments of correction, which fools despise per Proverbs 1:7] they comfort me.

Psalm 23:5 THOU preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies [as in the presence of the religious leaders who challenged YESHUA in Matthew 15:1-2!]: THOU anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.

Psalm 23:6 Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD יהוה for ever.

Our crossword puzzle is complete.

יהוה IS adding HIS blessing to the SHAMA of HIS entire Holy Bible. Aw-mane’


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December 14, 2021

First Kings 3 Mark 5

RUMOURS, by Fleetwood Mac in 1977, still echo in the corridors of my memory. The songs "Go Your Own Way", "Dreams", "Don't Stop", and "You Make Loving Fun" played over and over, on the radio in that COE FREIGHTLINER, while I was hauling semi loads of America’s “taste test” winning (health drink?) soda pop to seven states of Americans with developing diabetes, with little thought that those songs were feeding me, An American, mental AND SPIRITUAL SUGAR WATER! The message was, don’t follow The WAY of our Jewish MESSIAH; but, "Go Your Own Way." If we "Don't Stop" “thinkin’ about tomorrow” we never think about “yesterday’s gone” and I have to ask: IS yesterday gone? Answer: only in the mind of those who teach that “eternal” begins here and now with you and with me. Never lOOk back. “Don’t stop thinkin’ about tomorrow” and FORGET ABOUT Solomon’s "Dreams" and making "Loving Fun." Bah humbug.

Most of us are quite familiar with the slogan about King Solomon, “the wisest man that ever lived.” And I wonder, was he? That’s what Solomon “DREAMED:

1 Kings 3:5 … the LORD appeared to Solomon in a dream by night: and God said, Ask what I shall give thee.

Need a second witness? Here it is:

1 Kings 3:15 And Solomon awoke; and, behold, it was a dream. …

The very next verse SEEMS to give us evidence of Solomon’s great wisdom; but, WHOA! What does the next verse actually say? lOOkie:

1 Kings 3:16 Then came there two women, that were harlots, unto the king, and stood before him.

And we ALL knowthe rest of the story” about King Solomon’s great wisdom in determining whose baby the living child actually was, who was lying and who was honest. Somehow we seem to gloss over “that were harlots.” Regarding “harlots,” our Jewish MESSIAH said to the “Harlot” (caught in sexual immorality, to be sure) in John 8:11, “go, and sin no more.” King Solomon did NOT say that! As a matter of fact, this “wisest man that ever lived” deprived other men of wives by taking to himself 700 wives and 300 concubines1,000 women ALL for himself! Are you gonna tell me that is wise? Ultimately we read:

1 Kings 11:3 And he [King Solomon] had seven hundred wives, princesses, and three hundred concubines: and his wives turned away his heart.

[who is paying the grocery bill???!!!]

That’s wise? My note in the margin says, see Matthew 24:24:

Matthew 24:24 For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

Is this “possible? Was Solomon “elect”? Are WE???!!! As we hopscotch into MARK, we read of HIM, our Jewish MESSIAH, who is giving us the greatest WISDOM EVER:

Mark 5:40 And they laughed HIM to scorn. …

Why did “HIMNEVER cast demons into sheep or cattle? Why does “HIMalways refer to “swine” as UNCLEAN and cast demons into them? Why did I ever eat such a filthy pig? Was I laughing “HIMto scorn? Most of us see the parallel between the 12 years of bleeding in Mark 5:25 and the 12 year age of the dead girl in Mark 5:42 and we know that the tzitzit/tassel/hem of YESHUA’s garment is integral to the healing; and yet, we have been taught that Numbers 15:37-41 (not merely a dream, BTW) was “nailed to the cross.” RUMOURS… we are so entangled in the web of RUMOURS! In the words of our late President Ronald Reagan, “We must ride the horse in the direction it is going.” How do we ride RUMOURS in the direction we want to go? To spur this flight animal upon which we are riding, coming outta the chute, some of us are galloping away from the Vietnam war and even though I was no war hero in the Vietnam war, I got a big ugly tattoo of a buzzard sitting on an 8-ball. I knew it was wrong when I got it; and hence, always wore sleeves that covered it, even a tee shirt sleeve was sufficient (just barely). RUMOURS had it that Mr. Rogers, of “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood,” wore cardigan sweaters to cover the tattoos he got while being a Navy Seal sniper killing many people (enemy soldiers). How do we know The TRUTH? According to this article, Mr. Rogers’ age, years in college, and that “He didn’t know how to use a screwdriver,” are proof enough that Mr. Rogers was NEVER in the Vietnam war, NEVER a Navy Seal, NEVER a killing machine, and certainly NEVER savvy enough to operate a sniper’s weapon:

The Truth Behind Those Rumors About Mr. Rogers’ Tattoos

Did Mr. Rogers have tattoos or not? All I know is that the RUMOURS about Mr. Rogers influenced me to get rid of mine. The INSTRUCTIONS for LIFE, given to us by our CREATOR via Moses was even STRONGER influence:

Leviticus 19:28 Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the LORD יהוה [your and my FATHER which art in Heaven! Are we gonna laugh HIM to scorn, too?!].

Now the very vague traces of my “own way” (hard, now, to be seen on my shoulder) give me a wonderful feeling of being clean. Tattoo removal, as painful as those laser treatments are, did NOT save me any more that a warm bubble bath gives us LIFE; however, as a bath allows us to feel all sweet-n-clean and is a most wonderful feeling, that tattoo removal was and is a wonderful feeling, as I come before HIM in SPIRIT and in TRUTH/TORAH/The WORD of GOD that Moses relayed to us (yes, even you and me :o)))

We all know that we cannot earn the RE-birth of our wayward dead spirit any more than we were able to earn the conception of our flesh body/tabernacle/temple of The Holy SPIRIT, upon which graffiti is ugly. And what we SHOULD know is that when our “eternal” spirit is, indeed, “begotten AGAIN”… after departing from HIM and going our “own way,” we are so gratefully in AWE that we begin cleansing ourselves for the GREATEST WEDDING we have ever known!!! Coming soon.

Shalom aleichem (Peace be upon you, and this ain’t no RUMOUR :o)))





יהוה Abba FATHER

IS adding HIS blessing to the SHAMA of HIS entire Holy Bible. Aw-mane’


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The Tabernacle - 3

The Ark

In our last lesson we established the fact that Israel was drawn by the grace of God and made the children of God by a blood covenant. Now YHVH is going to give them instructions. As I have said before, this is always God's pattern. YHVH is now going to give His children instructions for life. He begins by giving them an earthly structure that will speak to us as well as them of heavenly things, specifically the Deliverer, the Messiah. He begins,

Shemot (Exodus) 25:1-2 And YHVH spoke unto Moses, saying, Speak unto the children of Israel, that they bring me an offering: of every man that gives it willingly with his heart ye shall take my offering.

There are several things we must point out here. YHVH speaks to His children to bring Him an offering. There are many kinds of offerings in Torah. This offering is the terumah or offering that is lifted up. This offering is referred to many times in the New Testament. Two good examples would be in Romans 11:16 and Yochanan (John) 12:32. The holiness of the first fruits in Romans is the first portion of the dough, which is literally lifted up and offered to God as a representation of the rest of the lump. When the first portion is deemed holy, then the rest of the lump, by identification, is also holy. Yeshua‘ also refers to himself as this offering in Yochanan 12:32 where he says, "And if I be lifted up from the earth, I will draw all men unto me." Immediately, Yeshua‘ is hinted at in this earthly structure. The second comment is that this offering is to come from the heart, willingly. To give willingly or nadav means to do it in freedom. One of the cognates of this word means to flow from within. Remember that these children had been recently placed under God's wings. True freedom comes from continuing in God's words, not being released from them as is commonly taught. (See Yochanan [John] 8:31-32.)

The next five verses of Shemot [Exodus] 25 are a synopsis of the materials that we will cover one at a time as they are solicited by God.

Shemot 25:8 And let them make me a sanctuary, that I may dwell among them.

The very structure that God is telling them to build from their heart is the very structure that He will become. This is why it is imperative that they build it according to all the pattern that God has shown Moshe. The word sanctuary is miqdash or a hallowed place. This word generally refers to the tabernacle itself and is derived from the word qodesh or holy. It was designed to be a place of separation and is also referred to simply as "the house of YHVH". The temple at the time of the writing of the New Testament was also referred to as the Bet HaMikdash. It is commonly called simply "the house" and this is where the early Jewish disciples met on the feast of Shavu‘ot [Pentecost] in Acts chapter two, not the upper room.

Shemot (Exodus) 25:9 According to all that I show you, after the pattern of the tabernacle, and the pattern of all the furnishings, thereof, even so shall you make it

God instructs them to make it according to the pattern. What pattern? I believe, as many do, that Moshe was shown the "real" tabernacle on the mount, and God instructed him to make it on earth as it is in heaven. The word pattern here is translated from the word tav'niyt. This word is translated as pattern, form, likeness, or figure. (Yesha’yahu (Isaiah) 44:13, Yechezeq’el (Ezekiel) 10:8, Devariym (Deuteronomy) 4:16) It's action or verbal root is banah, to build, or a building plan. Banah is also the root for son. A son is in the pattern or likeness of the father. I think you can see the connection here. God has a "plan" constructed in the heavenlies that is to be expressed or duplicated in the earth. It will be a picture of heavenly things, but particularly His Son. This is God's ordained blueprint for understanding the purpose and nature of His coming Deliverer. This Deliverer is to be recognized and followed according to God's pattern, not man's evolving doctrines concerning the Messiah.

God is now going to give specific instructions for the construction of His dwelling place. He will begin where He has always desired to begin, and that is from the very heart of the mishkan or tabernacle. He will begin with the material for the ark, the place where His testimony will reside, the place of perfection and pure holiness. As it is with many translated words, the English word ark does not fully describe this piece of furniture. Perhaps to some it conjures up an image of Noah or Harrison Ford. To many it is simply a mysterious box or an irrelevant ritual of the dark, foggy, black and white past. In Hebrew, this word is 'aron. We would think of it as a chest, for the verbal root of this word is 'arah or gathering. In context here it will be the container or gathering place for the testimony or the word of God, to be eventually expressed in the tablets. 'Aron is in the feminine gender and not by coincidence. The bearer of the "Word of God" is always in this gender, beginning with the seed of the woman in Bere’shiyt (Genesis) 3:15. The Word of God is pictured as a child in a womb, to be protected, kept, and nurtured. Five chapters earlier YHVH had given His people His word, and now He is giving instructions for a container for His words. It will be a pattern designed to show us where He will dwell. As we will see, there is to be only one vessel in the heart of the sanctuary, the ark. YHVH will design one vessel which is to teach, guide, and instruct His children, that which houses His eternal words. From God's point of view this entire structure is constructed around His word. His word was, is, and will always be, the center of His will for man. This is the very reason that Yeshua‘ is first introduced to us by Yochanan [John] as the "Word of God". Again, the word will be housed for nine months in a feminine container called Miriam [Mary]. He will be protected, kept, and nurtured there until this seed bursts forth from the ground for all to see, and once again the word of God will be in a tabernacle, a perfect tabernacle. The heavenly structure shown to Moshe by God will take upon flesh and shakan among us.

Shemot [Exodus] 25:10a And they shall make an ark of acacia wood.

The ark is to be made of 'tzey shittiym or shittim wood. This word is sometimes translated as acacia wood, which may or may not be the same wood that Yeshua‘’s wreath of thorns were constructed from. It also was the thorny branches placed over the sheep pens at night and during the winter months that Yeshua‘ referred to in Yochanan [John] 10:8-17. This tree grows very deep roots, draws nourishment from deep in the earth, and survives very well in dry ground. This tree is not an attractive tree such as a mighty oak or a giant redwood. In the Septuagint translation (Greek) of the Scriptures, shittim is translated as aphthartos or incorruptible.

Shittim Tree

So let's summarize. This container for the word of God is to be made from a tree that has roots that grow from dry ground.

Yesha’yahu (Isaiah) 53:2a For he shall grow up before him like a tender plant, and like a root out of a dry ground:

It is an unattractive tree.

Yesha’yahu 53:2b... he hath no form nor comeliness, and when we shall see him, there is no beauty that we should desire him.

This tree is translated as incorruptible.

Ivrim (Hebrews) 7:26 For such an high priest was fitting for us, who is holy, harmless, undefiled, separate from sinners, and made higher than the heavens.

This shittim wood speaks of the Messiah's perfect humanity. This wood was touched with all that nature could throw against it, as it was, and is, with all trees, yet remained undefiled and incorruptible. Why? Because it housed the word of God. See you next week.

Shalom Alecheim! [Peace be upon you!]


Is it PROPHETIC we are FINDING the ANCIENT PATH? Awake Rep/Prophecy Roundtable w/ sp. guest Ed Doss

Many people are returning to following the entire Bible or finding the ancient Path in these last days. Join Dr Douglas Hamp and special guest and Ed Doss as they talk about Ed's new book, Finding the Ancient Path. Ed shares how God lead him to see the entirety of Scripture which led to him observing Sabbath, keeping the Feasts, and more. Get the FREE book here https://www.douglashamp.com/store-2/Finding-The-Ancient-Path-The-Harmony-of-Law-&-Grace-E-BOOK-by-Ed-Doss-INSTANT-DOWNLOAD-p395141003


United Nations "Beast" Sculpture is a Warning of THIS!! (Daniel 7)

December 11, 2021

The United Nations erected a "Beast" sculpture in November, promoted as the guardian of "Peace and Safety." Christians immediately saw end time meaning in this, but unfortunately most are missing the true identity of the statue and its veiled warning. Watch this Last Days Breaking News episode with Nelson Walters to see why this beast is from Daniel 7 not from Revelation. How the UN becomes a One World Government





The miracle of the "I AM" statements of Jesus

October 7, 2020

Most believers are aware of Jesus' seven great "I am" statements. Jesus says: I am the Bread of Life, I am the Light of the world, I am the Door for the sheep, I am the good Shepherd, I am the Resurrection and the Life, I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, and I am the true Vine. But there is a lot more. Specific words are miraculously placed in the original Bible text.


This Happened To Simon The Sorcerer Because He Didn't REPENT // Repentance Word Study

December 9, 2021

The Biblical story of Simon the Sorcerer gives a valuable lesson about repentance. This will be a great watch prior to The Repentance Documentary Movie releasing in Jan. 2022! For more details on that, see here: https://www.aocnetwork.org/updates/why-we-must-talk-about-sin-next-episode


How Badly Was the New Testament Corrupted? | Veritas at SDSU (2018)

November 7, 2018


Paths of Old - Ancient Paths

Jeremiah 6:16; 18:15; Acts 15:21

“Thus said יהוה (Yahweh), “Stand in the ways and see, and ask for the old paths, where the good way is, and walk in it; and find rest for yourselves....” (Jeremiah 6:16)

“But My people have forgotten Me, they have burned incense to what is false, and they have stumbled from their ways, from the ancient paths, to walk in bypaths and not on a highway.” (Jeremiah 18:15)

Regular public reading of the Torah was introduced by Ezra the Scribe after the return of the Jewish people from their Babylonian captivity (c. 537 BCE), as described in the Book of Nehemiah 8. In the modern era, adherents of Orthodox Judaism practice Torah reading according to a set procedure they believe has remained unchanged in the two thousand years since the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem (70 CE).

“For from ancient generations Mosheh has, in every city, those proclaiming him – being read in the congregations every Sabbath.” (Acts 15:21)

Genesis בְּרֵאשִׁית (Bereishis = Beh-rey-sheet)

Meaning = “in beginning

Bible readings for December 11, 2021. In the 12th solar month of the Hebrew 10th month of Tevet (December/January).

Va’ Yechi


And he lived

Torah: Genesis 47:28—50:26

Haftarah: 1 Kings 2:1-12

Brit Chadashah: Luke 1:23-33; Acts 7:9-16, 15:17; Hebrews 11:21-22; 1 Peter 1:1-9, 2:11-17;

Revelation 5:5, 7:1-17, 14:1-7

Hazak, hazak, v’nit’chazek!

Be strong, be strong and let us be strengthened!

VaYechi (And He Lived) Gen. 47:28⁠–⁠50:26 - The Way Wednesdays Virtual Midrash


Vayechi - D'var Torah with Deeper Understanding!

Listen and learn from Rabbi Isaac's new Dvar Torah teaching on the 12th Torah Parashah Vayechi (וַיְחִי‬), meaning “and he lived” and in this Dvar Torah study we focus on what it means to “live” out Divine Service through the context of this parashah. The overall parashah from Gen. 47:28 to 50:26 tells of Ya’akov’s request for burial in Canaan, Ya’akov’s blessing of Yosef’s sons Ephraim and Manasseh, Ya’akov’s blessing of his sons, Ya’akov’s death and burial, and Yosef’s death.

If you are interested in downloading the annual Torah reading schedule with projected new moon sightings, Feast Days, click HERE.

Three Year Bible Reading Schedule

Genesis to Revelation

Genesis 15:1-21 | Joshua 20:1—21:45 | Psalm 12:1—13:6 | Isaiah 15:1—16:14 | Matthew 15:1—16:12

If you are interested in downloading the complete 3 year Bible reading schedule, click HERE. You can break up your Bible reading into 5 days of your choosing or combine the above readings of your choice.


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  16. The Cure For Spiritual Cancer – Simple But Not Easy (I recently read an intriguing excerpt from a book — paraphrasing, it says: A very prosperous and divided nation is about to implode. Many hold to a form of godliness but deny the true God. As drunkenness and addiction spiral out of control, sexual sin and perversion have captivated the minds of millions. Marriages are crumbling, families are deteriorating, and children are suffering. There is little hope for justice when oppression and abuse run rampant. The cry goes out, “Is there any hope?” Although it fits the bill, this is not a description of America; it’s the description of spiritual cancer in Israel in 700 B.C. And yes, there is hope. God, in His mercy, gave a timeless remedy — a healing balm for spiritual cancer. We must simply listen and obey those same principles. Like physical cancer, spiritual cancer spreads and affects all areas—from the family to the government and the schools. And like a doctor, we too must properly diagnose the disease…)

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  29. The Second Coming of Saturn Part 7: The Abi (The central feature of the temple at Urkesh was not a chapel or sanctuary, a place set apart for prayer and contemplation, or even a meeting hall for communal worship. It was a deep pit dug into the earth used to summon deities from the netherworld, including the chief god of the Hurrians, Kumarbi.)

  30. The Second Coming of Saturn Part 8: From Urkesh to Canaan (If there is one thing we should be taught beginning in Sunday school, it’s that no detail in the Bible is unimportant. What did God mean by “the iniquity of the Amorites”? Why did He single out a group of people that most of us have only heard of, if we’ve heard of them at all, in the list of nations that the Israelites had to push out of Canaan? There must have been something unique about the Amorites for God to call them out.)


Black Pope

"Black Pope" is a derogatory nickname given to the Superior General usually by the media

(and never used by the Jesuits themselves).

The name comes partly from the color of the plain black priest's cassock, worn by members of the Society, including the Superior General, partly from a past concern (most prominent around the 16th and 17th centuries) amongst Protestant European countries concerning the relative power of the Jesuits within the Roman Catholic Church, and partly because the Superior General is elected for life.

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What Do You Know About Christmas?

Since Christmas is a week away from today (December 18th), I wanted to provide some videos and links on Christmas for your consideration.

Midnight Ride - True Origins of Christmas - The Spirits of the Earth

When we look back at the origins of holidays that we love sometimes the story is less than nostalgia. Many of them are actually scary and can have major spiritual implications in your life.



Which god does this Christmas tradition really honor?

Looking back over the years, it is increasingly evident that the gap between what the Bible says to do and what its alleged followers actually do has reached near-absurd proportions.

As an example, God carefully instructed His people not to seek after the ways of the pagan people previously residing in the Promised Land, especially in the matter of worshiping their gods. He was pointedly explicit about not adapting their perverse ways to the worship of Him.

Notice Yahweh's commands He gave Moses to communicate to the people:

2 You shall utterly destroy all the places where the nations whom you shall dispossess serve their gods, on the high mountains and the hills and under every green [leafy] tree. 3 You shall tear down their altars and smash their [idolatrous] pillars and burn their Asherim [Wooden symbols of the goddess Asherah.] in the fire; you shall cut down the carved and sculpted images of their gods and obliterate their name from that place. 4 You shall not act like this toward the Lord your God.

(Amplified Bible (AMP), Deuteronomy 12:2–4)

They were instructed to get rid of pagan places of worship upon mountains, upon hills, and “under every green tree.” Interestingly, the Bible uses this term in ten places—and each instance is in reference to pagan rites, rituals, and perverted acts of pagan worship that the Israelites were practicing (cf. 1 Kings 14:23; 2 Kings 16:4; 17:10; 2 Chronicles 28:4; Isaiah 57:5; Jeremiah 2:20; 3:6, 13; Ezekiel 6:13).


What’s the big deal about pagan customs in today’s modern, enlightened world? Does God really mind that the professing Christian church has sanitized pagan worship? After all, they are doing it to honor Jesus, aren’t they?

The historical record is revealing. Here is just one of hundreds of documented pagan practices:

Attis [is said to have mutilated] himself under a pine-tree, and bled to death on the spot.… After his death Attis is said to have been changed into a pine-tree…. [In worship practices] a pine-tree was cut in the woods and brought into the sanctuary of Cybele, where it was treated as a great divinity.… Stirred by the wild barbaric music… they gashed their bodies with potsherds or slashed them with knives in order to bespatter the altar and the sacred tree with their flowing blood (Sir James George Frazer, “The Myth and Ritual of Attis,” The Golden Bough, 1922).

Attis’ bloody act under an evergreen tree, along with—as the historical record points out—subsequent reenactments by Attis worshipers, has provided paganism with its seasonal red and green motifs.

It is obvious that “green trees” and the religious rituals that took place under them are of great concern to God. No association between the Christmas tree with its wretchedly rich pagan roots (pun intended) and Jesus Christ is found in the Bible. In fact, no aspect of Christmas, with its traditions of mistletoe, holly, wreaths, pine boughs (all green with blood-red accents), gift exchanging, wassailing, and celebrating December 25 (the time of the winter solstice), is found anywhere in God’s word—except, perhaps, in the reference to pagans serving their gods “under every green tree.”


What Yahweh did put in His word is explicit:

29 When the Lord your God cuts off and destroys before you the nations which you are going in to dispossess, and you dispossess them and settle in their land, 30 beware that you are not lured (ensnared) into following them, after they have been destroyed before you, and that you do not inquire about their gods, saying, ‘How did these nations serve their gods, so that I too may do likewise?’ 31 You shall not behave this way toward the Lord your God, for they have done for their gods every repulsive thing which the Lord hates; for they even burn their sons and their daughters in the fire [as sacrifices] to their gods.

32 Everything I command you, you shall be careful to do it; you shall not add to it nor take away from it.

(Amplified Bible (AMP), Deuteronomy 12:29–32).

God carefully outlined how He wants to be worshiped, but mankind—under the sway of Satan, the god of this world (2 Corinthians 4:4)—has perverted that worship, stealing the name of Jesus Christ and creating a counterfeit religion.

Source: https://www.tomorrowsworld.org/magazines/2021/december/green-trees-and-jesus



Many have asked the question, but few are sincerely interested in the answer.

Hundreds of millions around the world consider Christmas among the most sacred days—a time when they call to mind the birth of Jesus Christ, the promised Savior of the world. Many attend religious services in December where they hear and remember popular narratives of the birth of Jesus, which they celebrate on Christmas Day.

Indeed, many of us have pleasant memories associated with the Christmas season. Our cities and even individual homes are often decorated with reminders of the holiday—such as nativity scenes, Christmas trees decorated with tinsel of silver and gold, and branches or wreaths of holly—all while homes burn their Yule logs, keeping everyone warm against the cold weather outside, at least in the Northern Hemisphere.

Many will have bought or made presents for their friends and family members, who will sometimes travel long distances just to reunite for a few evenings, enjoy Christmas dinner together, and exchange gifts and pleasantries. Many will sneak a kiss from someone standing under a sprig of mistletoe. Some children will be told the night before that their presents are being brought to them from the North Pole by Santa Claus or “St. Nick,” as the adults wink at each other. In the morning, children will enjoy unwrapping their presents to see what “Santa” brought them, and some families will head to religious services to hear a message related to Jesus’ birth.

And it is also a stressful time of year for many. Family gatherings may become a source of stress, not joy. Buying gifts can seem a burdensome chore or obligation—especially when the credit card bill reveals the damage of our attempts at merrymaking. Many lament the commercialism that has come to dominate so much of the Christmas season, feeling it is crowding out what they believe is the “real” meaning of Christmas—that God sent His Son to be the Savior of mankind. Despite this, most who call themselves “Christian” take comfort in the many positive feelings and memories they associate with Christmas.

In the end, too many are unwilling to face the truth and explore whether Christmas is un-Christian. Is it actually a pagan holiday? We know that many religions have their happy occasions, full of family, music, song, and tradition. So, will we have the courage to look honestly at our own cherished season? Jesus taught us to “seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness” (Matthew 6:33). That’s true even when our search brings us to difficult conclusions—after all, Christianity is not for cowards.


If we seek truth with an open mind, we must acknowledge that even our warmest memories don’t turn untruth into truth. And truth is important.

John 4 relates a famous account of Jesus’ discussion with a Samaritan woman at Jacob’s well. She spoke to Him of the Samaritans’ traditions concerning worshiping the God of the Bible—traditions that differed from the commands God gave in the Bible concerning how He wanted to be worshiped. Their acts of sincere devotion were based on falsehoods and half-truths. What did Jesus say to this? Did He say, “Well, that’s okay—as long as you are sincere, your worship is equally acceptable before God”?

No, He didn’t. Rather, Jesus emphasized the need for worship to be grounded in the truth, not just our intent, telling her that “the hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for the Father is seeking such to worship Him. God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth” (John 4:23–24).

We must desire not only to worship God sincerely—not only with good intentions—but also to worship Him in truth. Because truth matters.


So, with fresh and honest eyes, let’s ask: Is Christmas a pagan holiday?

If we answer this question based on the origins of the day, the answer is very clearly “Yes,” because the origins of Christmas as a holiday—its timing, its traditions, and its ancient practices—are unmistakably pagan.

Let’s take a moment to consider: What does it mean to be pagan? After all, people today use that word rather carelessly. In fact, there is a growing movement of “neo-paganism,” which Dr. Douglas S. Winnail discussed in detail in his “The Rise of Modern Paganism” (November–December 2019).

As Merriam-Webster.com defines it, “pagan” in our context means “of, relating to, or having the characteristics of pagans”—which, we are told, are “follower[s] of a polytheistic religion (as in ancient Rome).” Essentially, paganism represents those religions and cultic practices whose origins are outside of the three religions traditionally associated with the patriarch Abraham, which are Judaism, Islam, and Christianity.

By that definition of “pagan,” there can be no doubt that Christmas and most of its traditions bear thoroughly pagan origins. Decorating a Christmas tree, hanging holly, singing carols, strategically placing a sprig of mistletoe—even gathering together for the purpose of exchanging gifts—all of these practices originated in pagan customs and worship traditions, many of which predate Christianity by centuries or millennia.

For instance, mistletoe is associated with Roman fertility rituals and Frigga, the Norse goddess of love and lust. The timing of Christmas corresponds not to the actual timing of Jesus’ birth—which was likely in the fall, not in the winter, as our free study guide Is Christmas Christian? explains in detail—but to the observance of the pagan Roman Saturnalia and sun worship. Britannica notes the following:

In the 3rd century, the Roman Empire, which at the time had not adopted Christianity, celebrated the rebirth of the Unconquered Sun (Sol Invictus) on December 25th. This holiday not only marked the return of longer days after the winter solstice but also followed the popular Roman festival called the Saturnalia (during which people feasted and exchanged gifts). It was also the birthday of the Indo-European deity Mithra, a god of light and loyalty whose cult was at the time growing popular among Roman soldiers (“Why Is Christmas in December?,” Britannica.com).

As for the popular Christmas tree, this, too, is a tradition of extra-biblical origin—and one with an ancient pagan precedent. In fact, we can see that precedent condemned in Scripture—look at this passage from Jeremiah with this favorite Christmas tradition in mind:

2 Thus says the Lord,

Do not learn the way of the [pagan] nations, And do not be terrified and distressed by the signs of the heavens Although the pagans are terrified by them;


For the customs and decrees of the peoples are [mere] delusion [exercises in futility]; It is only wood which one cuts from the forest [to make a god], The work of the hands of the craftsman with the axe or cutting tool.


They adorn the idol with silver and with gold; They fasten it with hammers and nails So that it will not fall apart.


They are like scarecrows in a cucumber field; They cannot speak; They have to be carried, Because they cannot walk! Do not be afraid of them, For they can do no harm or evil, Nor can they do any good.

(Amplified Bible (AMP), Jeremiah 10:2–5).

Our commentary on page 21 explains many more details about this popular tradition. But whether fashioning an image of Baal for pagan worship or decorating a “Christmas tree” on the pretext of honoring God, the principle is the same. The list of connections between these ancient, pagan practices and various Christmas traditions is long and clear. In fact, the pagan origins of nearly all of the most common and honored Christmas traditions are acknowledged as facts of history. Even most mainstream Christians don’t dispute the pagan origins of Christmas’ practices and timing. You don’t need to take our word for that—any encyclopedia or reputable historical resource will confirm it as fact.

For instance, in his famous 1788 work A Classical Dictionary, scholar John Lemprière summarized some of the ancient, pre-Christian practices of the pagan holiday called Saturnalia:

“The celebration was remarkable for the liberty which universally prevailed. The slaves were permitted to ridicule their masters…. It was usual for friends to make presents one to another, all animosity ceased, no criminals were executed, schools were shut, war was never declared, but all was mirth, riot, and debauchery” (“Saturnalia”).

Does any of that sound familiar? If we are honest with ourselves, surely we will agree that it does—perhaps uncomfortably so.


Clearly, Christmas and its traditions and customs are not simply related to pagan practices—they are deeply rooted in pagan origins. In that sense, Christmas is indeed a pagan holiday.

Still, some may wonder, is it really? Many assume that while various activities, celebrations, traditions, and symbols originated in paganism, they have, in a sense, been “baptized” by Christianity. While the holly branch and its red berries once held pagan meaning—a meaning too vulgar to describe in a family magazine—can we now use them to symbolize Christ’s crown of thorns and the red blood He shed for our sins? Can we conclude that Christmas was a pagan holiday, but is no longer?

People can certainly be baptized and have their lives transformed. Can pagan worship practices undergo the same conversion? After all, those who keep Christmas don’t believe they are worshiping the sun god, or Saturn, or Mithras, or Baal, or Frigga. Most are trying sincerely to worship the God of the Bible—specifically, Jesus Christ of the Bible. They might ask, Aren’t Christians free to worship God and Jesus however we want to? Do the pagan origins of Christmas really matter?

Sentiment aside, the answer is simple: If we desire to worship in a manner that is pleasing to God the Father and Jesus Christ—not just pleasing to us—then, yes, the pagan origins of Christmas matter very much.

Again, it is not a matter of opinion, happy memories, or personal feelings, but a matter of truth. And if we want to know the truth about how God the Father and Jesus Christ consider these things, we must go to the Bible, where they have revealed for us exactly what they think. In fact, They gave us that Bible to help us learn to think like Them.

When we do go to the Scriptures, they reveal the truth of this matter in a way that is absolutely clear.

For instance, speaking of pagan peoples and pagan traditions and customs, God commanded the Israelites very clearly that they must “not inquire after their gods, saying, ‘How did these nations serve their gods? I also will do likewise.’ You shall not worship the Lord your God in that way” (Deuteronomy 12:30–31).

Crucially, we see that the Bible does not just forbid worship of idols or foreign gods. God makes it plain that He does not want His followers to worship Him in pagan ways. It doesn’t make a difference if we say we’re not worshiping Mithras, or Saturn, or the sun. God says plainly that we are not to worship Him “in that way”—using pagan traditions.

You may have noticed a very similar command in Jeremiah 10, in which God says clearly, “Do not learn the way of the Gentiles” (v. 2). By “Gentiles,” God simply refers to peoples outside the nation of Israel. The biblical commands of God simply leave no room at all to conclude that He accepts worship using other peoples’ customs—even if it is directed at Him.


Final Note: I have many more links on the origins of Christmas that I could have provided here but I chose not to belabor this topic. Many Christians do not know the real origins of Christmas. Others know and yet they have chosen to continue with man's traditions. Some may read the above and want to learn more. If so, you can send me an email at truenews4u@gmx.com and in the subject line type need info on Christmas Origins and I will be happy to send you what I have. You can also do a search on the Internet for Origins of Christmas and you will find as I did that there are many links and videos that cover this topic.

Personal Testimony:

My background is mostly non-denominational with a couple of Baptist churches mixed in. Over 25 years ago, I cried out to Yahweh telling Him that I want His Truths from His Written Word. He proceeded to put me on His Straight and Narrow Path by having me do research on the origins of some of the celebrations Christians observe like Christmas, Easter, etc. Which I was doing the research and learning the origins of these celebrations, He spoke to me and said, "Have nothing to do with these things (Christmas, Easter, etc.). They are a stench in My nostrils." I replied to Him and said, "Not a problem." He impressed upon me that He did not want me to worship Him using any pagan practices. This is covered in the above articles.

Bottom Line: Each person/family who lives the Lord will need to examine themselves and ask, "Am I willing to worship my Lord the way He wants me to worship Him or will I continue to worship Him my way?" Those who choose to worship Him their own way are in the Compromising Church rather than in the Faithful Church because they have chosen to worship Him in their own way. I hope more of my brothers and sisters in Yeshua/Jesus will move to worship Him the way He wants us to worship Him in spirit and truth. Yahweh loves all of His children and He wants His children to do things His Way. After all, He gave us, His children, His book of Instructions we call the Bible.


Was the Birth of Christ During the Feast of Tabernacles?

Many Bible believing scholars believe Jesus was born during the Feast of Tabernacles. Matthew Henry states: “It is supposed by many that our blessed Savior was born much about the time of this (Jewish) holiday; when He left His mansions of light above to tabernacle among us (John 1:1), and He dwelt in booths. And the worship of God under the New Testament is prophesied of under the notion of keeping the feast of tabernacles, (Zechariah 14:16). For, (1) The Gospel of Christ teaches us to dwell in tabernacles, to sit loose to this world, as those that have here no continuing city, but by faith, and hope and holy contempt of present things, to go out to Christ without the camp, (Hebrews 13:13-14). (2) It teaches us to rejoice before the Lord our God. Those are the circumcision, Israelites indeed, that always rejoice in Christ Jesus (Philippians 3:3). And the more we are taken off from this world the less liable we are to the interruption of our joys.”

The Bible does not specifically say the date of Jesus’ birth. However, the worldly tradition of December 25th is wrong because it is a winter month and the scriptures speak of the sheep being in pasture (Luke 2:8). A study of the time of the conception of John the Baptist reveals he was conceived about Sivan 30, the eleventh week, [our June 22].

When Zechariah was ministering in the temple, he received an announcement from God of a coming son. The eighth course of Abia, when Zechariah was ministering, was the week of Sivan 12 to 18 (Killian n.d.). Adding forty weeks for a normal pregnancy reveals that John the Baptist was born on or about Passover (Nisan14) [March 25]. We know six months after John’s conception, Mary conceived Jesus (Luke 1:26-33). Therefore, Jesus would have been conceived six months later in the month of Kislev. Kislev 25 [Dec. 25] is celebrated by Jews today as Hanukkah. Was the “light of the world” conceived on the festival of lights?




  1. Just As In The Days of Noah | 2021 Update by Jacob Prasch

  2. "Exiled Under Antarctica" A Vision Of The End Days Nephilim Army

  3. Because They Fear He Could Be Right? Scientists Plan To Land On THE MESSENGER (The Ominous Asteroid Apophis, Which Dr. Thomas Horn Says Will Impact Earth April 13, 2029 In Fulfillment Of The Wormwood Prophecy Of Revelation 8) To Monitor For The Elite Whether It’s Trajectory Will Be Modified On Approach To Earth’s Gravitational Forces, Bring It Crashing Down On Our World (“Apophis is classified as ‘potentially hazardous’ due to its proximity and size [and] the Korean plan involves approaching Apophis in January of 2029 before it makes its close pass above us. A spacecraft that would launch from Earth in late 2027 would basically accompany the asteroid as it whips by our planet. The plan is to observe and map Apophis the whole way to look for possible changes in its structure as a result of its close encounter with Earth and our planet’s gravitational forces[in other words, the trajectory of the space rock could be ‘diverted’ from NASA’s calculations and come crashing down on our planet].”)

  4. New World Order Religious Headquarters Where DARK COVENANT Will Be Enforced Set To Open In 2022 (The Bible is very clear when it comes to the great apostasy that is to come to the earth in the last days and it appears as if we are in the midst of the great apostasy. In I Timothy the Bible says “now the Spirit expressly says that in latter times some will depart from the faith, giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons”, one of those deceptive doctrines that is roaming the earth is the idea that all religions can “coexist”. The Higher Committee of Human Fraternity is now constructing a one world religious headquarters in the UAE called the Abrahamic Family House which will consist of a Church, Mosque and a Jewish Temple located all together in a complex at the Capital of the UAE.)

  5. LONGTERMISM Transhumanists Ponder How To COUNTERACT END-TIMES PROPHECY (There seems to be a growing recognition that humanity might be approaching the ‘end times’. Dire predictions of catastrophe clutter the news. Social media videos of hellish wildfires, devastating floods and hospitals overflowing with COVID-19 patients dominate our timelines.)

  6. IN THE LEAD-UP TO FULFILLING DR. THOMAS HORN’S THIRD TEMPLE VISION, RABBIS CONVENE TO IMPLEMENT BIBLICAL LAW ON TEMPLE MOUNT FOR FIRST TIME SINCE 2ND TEMPLE (In a historic moment and under the protection of the Israeli police, the ‘Rabbis of the Temple Mount’ gathered for talks on Tuesday on the Temple Mount. Rabbi Eliyahu Webber, head of the Temple Mount Yeshiva said; “This is a significant celebration that Torah scholars are sitting on the Temple Mount itself and are comfortably discussing Jewish law on the Temple Mount. We were happy to open discussions with the Jewish law regarding the type of prayer that is recited every day during our morning and afternoon prayers on the Temple Mount.” Noting the current unprecedented nature of the current status of the Temple Mount and its relation to the Jewish people, the rabbi added: “After 2,000 years, we have merited to discuss Jewish law that has never been discussed by Torah academics in all of history…)

  7. There Is A DARK SIDE To The Second Coming? (The Bible’s words on this subject send a strong shiver down my spine. The reason is, if you’re like me, you know people who the puritan Matthew Mead calls “The Almost Christian.” They count themselves as believers when in reality their house is built on the sand (Matt. 7:26-27). They think that because of who they are (like Israel) or what they’ve supposedly done (works salvation) they will be welcomed by God into His kingdom. But in a horrifying turn of events, their house of cards will collapse, and “destruction will come upon them suddenly like labor pains upon a woman with child, and they will not escape” (2 Thess. 5:3)…)


Episode 7: The One World Religion is Here! Where We Are In Prophecy III

December 15, 2021

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