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True News 4 U — World News — 07/26/2020

  1. Netanyahu to Iran: IDF ‘prepared to respond to any threat’

  2. Netanyahu calls for $960 million supplement to defense budget

  3. Israel Has Launched A Coup In Iran

  4. Israeli police fire water cannons to disperse anti-government protesters

  5. In North, Gantz warns that Israel will meet tests with strong response

  6. Israeli Cabinet moves ahead with $1.9 billion COVID-19 stimulus plan

  7. Likud minister threatens to block all non-coronavirus-related legislation

  8. Israel’s gas rigs are priority targets for Hezbollah, warns Israeli Navy commander

  9. Conversion therapy bill deals Israel’s fragile coalition another blow

  10. IDF steps up its defenses at Lebanese border over concern of imminent Hezbollah attack

  11. Knesset passes coronavirus law, granting emergency powers to government

  12. 64% of Israelis give Netanyahu failing grade on pandemic

  13. Is Israel heading toward new elections? Likud dusting off local campaign HQs

  14. Israeli choppers strike Syrian positions in response to hostile fire

  1. Palestinian Airlines and Its 140 Employees

  2. Scholar: Palestinians have up to 15 children, moms ‘willing to sacrifice two or three’

  1. France: Fire Causes Significant Damage to 15th-Century Gothic Cathedral

  2. Italy: Worst Locust Swarm in 70 Years Strikes Europe

  3. Russia: Russia just secretly tested an “anti-satellite weapon” in space

  4. UK: Labour leader leads charge to allow unrepentant Islamic State bride back into the country

  5. UK: Police consider dropping terms ‘Islamist terror’ and ‘jihadi’ to avoid offending Muslims

  6. UK: UK Police May Change "Islamist Terrorism" to "Faith Claimed Terrorism"

  7. UK: 150 Islamic State jihadis could legally return to the country

  1. Afghanistan: Taliban murder 170 people in 17 attacks on mosques and gurudwaras since last October

  2. Afghanistan: Afghan girl shot dead Taliban fighters who killed her parents

  3. China: China and Russia ‘developing deadly drones which attack without human approval

  4. China: Communist China Is Preparing Its Military To Overtake Taiwan, Top Taiwanese Official Warns

  5. India: Your Story: 2019 Sri Lanka Easter Sunday terror attacks suspect reportedly fled to India

  6. India: India offers safety to Hindus and Sikhs who are victims of jihad attacks in Afghanistan

  7. India: CHINA SHOCKED! Indian Navy With World’s Largest Battle Carrier & Cooperation with Japan & Australia

  8. India: Muslim mocks Hindu for wearing tilak and saffron stole, beats him to death when he complains

  9. Iran: Iran Imprisons Christians, Then Showcases Book on U.S. ‘Islamophobia’

  10. Iraq: Massive explosion at Iraqi base linked to Iranian-backed militias

  11. Malaysia: Man gets two years in prison for insulting Islam and Muhammad on Facebook

  12. Pakistan: Muslims smash Buddha statue, Muslim cleric says “you will no more be a believer” if statue isn’t destroyed

  13. Pakistan: Ancient Buddha statue discovered, Muslim construction workers destroy it as “un-Islamic”

  14. Pakistan: Muslim cleric says Christians “worst infidels of the universe, have no right to live in Islamic country”

  15. Pakistan: Christians forced to remove cross from a church after threats from local Muslims

  16. Saudi Arabia: Healthcare and education could be privatized in Saudi Arabia | World News

  17. Turkey: Turkey Looks To Rebuild The Ottoman Empire With Eyes On Jerusalem

  18. Turkey: Turkish Supreme Court: Mehmet the Conqueror Bought Hagia Sophia, So Of Course It’s a Mosque

  1. Sudan: Muslims protest against abolition of death penalty for leaving Islam, call for jihad against government

  1. New Zealand: New Zealand's Outrageous New Abortion Law

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