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True News 4 U — World News — 07/14/2020

  1. War Drums - Iran & Israel On Brink Of Conflict

  2. Does Israel “Steal” Private Palestinian Land in the West Bank?

  3. IDF attacks Hamas targets in Gaza in response to rocket barrage

  1. PA presidential advisor: Third intifada coming, “US will not be sole leader of the world for longer than 4-5 years”

  2. Palestinian Authority enraged by lack of rage over “annexation,” urges jihad against Israel

  3. ISIS calls for jihad against India: “Believers can wreak havoc on disbelievers by spreading the disease among them”

  1. EU: EU Commission declares asylum rejections at borders Illegal, not consistent with EU “values”


  3. Germany: The right-wing extremists plot to overthrow the German government | DW Documentary

  4. Italy: Muslim migrant, naturalized Italian citizen, murders Italian for being “white” and “happy”

  5. Italy: Police seize 30,000 pounds of amphetamines, “the drug of the jihad,” produced by the Islamic State

  6. UK: 'Huawei to be removed from UK 5G networks by 2027', says UK Govt

  7. UK: Muslim Uber driver who plotted Gay Pride jihad attack and “gun and knife rampage” jailed for life, i.e. 25 years

  8. UK: Terror raid at East London home where occupants “don’t speak very good English”

  9. UK: UK funnels 2 B to pesticide giants in corrupt covid-19 bailout scheme

  1. China: Is China's Three Gorges Dam, with many nuclear plants below it, about to crumble?

  2. China: 'Demographic genocide' in Xinjiang | Abortions, sterilisations, and disappearances

  3. China: China Threatens to Blow up US Aircraft Carriers

  4. India: Muslim kidnaps Australian surfer, repeatedly rapes her, gives her Qur’an and prayer rug

  5. India: WION Dispatch: Apache and MIG-29s pressed into action | India-China standoff

  6. Indonesia: Central Lombok regency uses coronavirus as pretext to mandate niqab for civil servants

  7. Iran: Panic erupts in Iran as third blast in three weeks rocks capital

  8. Iran: Iran boasts of underground “missile cities” along Gulf coast, a “nightmare for Iran’s enemies”

  9. Nepal: Nepal PM addresses the nation, plays down dissent in the party | World News

  10. Pakistan: Muslims kidnap another minor Hindu girl and forcibly convert her to Islam

  11. Pakistan: Pakistan offers 2nd consular access to Kulbhushan Jadhav

  12. Pakistan: Former cricket coach says Muslim cricketer “brought a knife to my throat” when he offered batting advice

  13. Pakistan: Muslim clerics oppose building of Hindu temple, court halts construction

  14. Philippines: Human-sized giant bat leaves people convinced they’ve seen a demon…

  15. Turkey: Why Erdogan Converted the Hagia Sophia to a Mosque, and Why the State Department Should Be Concerned

  16. Turkey: MP says “Decision to convert Hagia Sophia to mosque will make life more difficult for Christians here”

  1. Nigeria: America Magazine discovers Muslim genocide of Christians in Nigeria, wishes US and European bishops would speak out

  2. Nigeria: Muslims attack UN aid helicopter, murder two civilians, including a five-year-old child

  1. Australia: Muslim migrant sexually assaults 10-year-old girl, blames life in Afghanistan

  2. Australia: WION Dispatch: Australia extends visas for Hong Kong | Slams China on 'Security Law'

  3. Australia: The Australians tell it how it is

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