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True News 4 U — Truth-Religion — 11/28/2020

Updated: Dec 4, 2020


We will pick up where we left off on the Second Commandment we started last week.

Sports, Recreation and Entertainment

Recreation of all kinds has also replaced YHWH in the hearts of many people:

1 But understand this, that in the last days dangerous times [of great stress and trouble] will come [difficult days that will be hard to bear]. 2 For people will be lovers of self [narcissistic, self-focused], lovers of money [impelled by greed], boastful, arrogant, revilers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unholy and profane, 3 [and they will be] unloving [devoid of natural human affection, calloused and inhumane], irreconcilable, malicious gossips, devoid of self-control [intemperate, immoral], brutal, haters of good, 4 traitors, reckless, conceited, lovers of [sensual] pleasure rather than lovers of God, 5 holding to a form of [outward] godliness (religion), although they have denied its power [for their conduct nullifies their claim of faith]. Avoid such people and keep far away from them.

(2 Timothy 3:1-5, Amplified Bible (AMP), emphasis added)

Sports, for example, have become a religion or a god, not only to participating athletes, but also to many spectators as well. Contemplate the number of people who neglect assembling to worship YHWH but who never neglect to assemble at the ball field. This, too, is idolatry. The Apostle Paul warns us:

Do not be worshipers [idolaters] of handmade gods, as some of them were; just as it is written [in Scripture], “The people sat down to eat and drink [after sacrificing to the golden calf at Horeb; The selection of a calf-god was probably inspired by the Egyptian bull-god Apis (Hapis), believed to be a living manifestation of the Egyptian god Ptah.], and stood up to play [indulging in immoral activities].

(1 Corinthians 10:7, Amplified Bible (AMP), emphasis added)

Moreover, our enemies use sports and other entertainment to neutralize Christians and non-Christians alike:

In order that the masses themselves may not guess what they are about, we [the “learned elders of Zion” will] further distract them with amusements, games, pastimes, passions…. Soon we shall begin, through the press, to propose competitions in art, in sport of all kinds: these interests will finally distract their minds from questions in which we should find ourselves compelled to oppose them. Growing more and more disaccustomed to reflect and form any opinions of their own, people will begin to talk in the same tone as we, because we alone shall be offering them new directions for thought … through such persons as will not be suspected of solidarity with us.[1] (emphasis added)

[1] Protocol 13, Article 3, Sentences 4-6.

We [the Communist party] will aid the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.[2] (emphasis added)

[2] Israel Cohen, A Racial Program for the 20th Century (1912), quoted by U.S. Congressman Thomas Gerstle Abernethy (D-MS) in the Congressional Record (Washington, DC: Government Printing Office, 1957) p. 8559.


Hollywood has played a major role in accomplishing this design. It is no wonder that today’s anti-Christian, non-Israelite Jews[3] quickly seized control of Hollywood.[4] They have used it to help destroy modern Israel’s relationship with her God much the same as Balaam’s counsel to King Balak destroyed ancient Israel’s relationship with YHWH at that time. The Israelites were too numerous and too powerful to defeat outright, so Balak, King of Moab, hired Balaam to assist him in destroying Israel by cunning. According to the renowned First Century Jewish historian Flavius Josephus, Balaam’s counsel to Balak was as follows:

[3] God’s Covenant People: Yesterday, Today and Forever by Ted R. Weiland. [4] See An Empire of Their Own, How the Jews Created Hollywood (Doubleday Books, 1989) by Neil Gabler.

O Balak … it is true no entire destruction can seize upon the nation of the Hebrews … for the providence of God concerned to preserve them from such a misfortune; nor will it permit any such calamity to come upon them whereby they may all perish; but some small misfortunes … whereby they may appear to be brought low, may still befall them…. So that if you have a mind to gain a victory over them for a short space of time, you will obtain it by following my directions: —Do you therefore set out the handsomest of such of your daughters as are most eminent for beauty to force and conquer the modesty of those that behold them…. Then do you send them to be near the Israelites camp, and give them in charge, that when the young men of the Hebrews desire their company, they allow it them; and when they see that they are enamoured of them, let them take their leaves; and if they entreat them to stay, let them not give their consent till they have persuaded them to leave off their obedience to their own laws and the worship of that God who established them, and to worship the gods of the Midianites and Moabites; for by this means God will be angry with them.[5] (emphasis added)

[5] Flavius Josephus (Joseph ben Mattiyahu ha-Cohen), Antiquities of the Jews (Grand Rapids, MI: Kregel Publications, 1960) Book IV, Chapter VI, Verse 6, pp. 91-92.

King Balak, by way of Balaam’s wicked counsel, used immorality to promote idolatry in Israel in order to turn YHWH against His people:

1 Israel settled and remained in Shittim, and the people began to play the prostitute with the women of Moab [by being unfaithful to God]. 2 For they invited the Israelites to the sacrifices of their gods, and the Israelites ate [food offered to idols] and bowed down to Moab’s gods. 3 So Israel joined themselves to Baal of Peor [the god of the Moabites in worship]. And the anger of the Lord was kindled against Israel.

(Numbers 25:1-3, Amplified Bible (AMP), emphasis added)

But I have a few things against you, because you have there some [among you] who are holding to the [corrupt] teaching of Balaam, who taught Balak [The king of Moab in the time of the exodus, who hired Balaam to curse Israel.] to put a stumbling block before the sons of Israel, [enticing them] to eat things that had been sacrificed to idols and to commit [acts of sexual] immorality [Pagan worship often included the use of temple prostitutes who served as “priestesses.”].

(Revelation 2:14, Amplified Bible (AMP), emphasis added)

On January 13, 1489, in his funeral oration for Grand Rabbi Simeon-Ben-Ihuda, Rabbi Reichhorn provided a nineteen-point plan for the destruction of Christianity. This diabolical plan contained essentially the same instructions that Balaam gave to King Balak:

“1. Every hundred years, We, the Sages of Israel [Jews misidentified[6]], have been accustomed to meet in Sanhedrin in order to examine our progress towards the domination of the world which Jehovah has promised us, and our conquests over the enemy – Christianity…. 17. Let us take care not to hinder the marriage of our men with Christian girls, for through them we shall get our foot into the most closely locked circles. If our daughters marry Goyim they will be no less useful, for the children of a Jewish mother are ours. Let us foster the idea of free love, that we may destroy among Christian women attachment to the principles and practices of their religion.[7] (emphasis added)

[6] God’s Covenant People: Yesterday, Today and Forever by Ted R. Weiland. [7] Rabbi Reichhorn, “Funeral Oration for Grand Rabbi Simeon-ben-Ihuda,” published in La Vielle France, 10 March 1921, and Libre Parole, 27 November 1933, quoted in The Liberty Bell, 29 March 1983, p. 29. This oration is found in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

As King Solomon declared, “…there is nothing new under the sun” (Ecclesiastes 1:9). Today, Hollywood uses its movies and television to promote immorality and race mixing for the same purpose, that is, to turn modern Israel away from her God. The Prophet Hosea aptly describes the situation, regardless of the age in which it occurs:

6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge [of My law, where I reveal My will]. Because you [the priestly nation] have rejected knowledge, I will also reject you from being My priest. Since you have forgotten the law of your God, I will also forget your children.

7 The more they multiplied [in numbers and increased in power], the more they sinned against Me; I will change their glory into shame.

8 They (the priests) feed [As the people increased their rebellious behavior, they offered more sacrifices to atone for their sins, implying a greater portion of food for the priests. See Leviticus 7:7, 8.] on the sin offering of My people And set their heart on their wickedness.

9 And it shall be: like people, like priest [both are wicked and both will be judged]; So I will punish them for their ways And repay them for their deeds.

10 They will eat, but not have enough; They will play the prostitute, but not increase [their descendants], Because they have stopped giving heed to the Lord.

11 Prostitution, wine, and new wine take away the mind and the [spiritual] understanding.

12 My people consult their [lifeless] wooden idol, and their [diviner’s] wand gives them oracles. For a spirit of prostitution has led them astray [morally and spiritually], And they have played the prostitute, withdrawing themselves from their God.

(Hosea 4:6-12, Amplified Bible (AMP), emphasis added)

Their [immoral] practices will not permit them To return to their God, For the spirit of prostitution is within them And they do not know the Lord [they do not recognize, appreciate, heed or cherish Him].

(Hosea 5:4, Amplified Bible (AMP), emphasis added)

The Media

Man-made media is, more often than not, revered as an idol. Howard Beal of Network described the media:

If you want truth, don’t come to us [the media]. We will tell you anything but the truth. Go to God … Go to your gurus, go to yourselves. But, don’t come to us … Your lives are real, we are an illusion.[8] (emphasis added)

[8] Howard Beal, quoted by Lloyd Billingsley, Christianity Today, October 4, 1985.

That is what an idol is, an illusion. The media is also viewed as omnipotent, if not by its patrons, then by those who control it. Moreover, the media is something in which many people have an undying faith in. Such people usually consider anything printed, written or on TV by the media is the gospel and this is precisely how these opinion-shapers would have it:

…we [the “learned elders of Zion”] shall represent as public opinion, secretly prompted by us through the means of that so-called Great Power the Press, which, with a few exceptions that may be disregarded, is already entirely in our hands….[9] (emphasis added)

[9] Protocol 7, Article 5, Sentence 1.

we [the “learned elders of Zion”] are constantly, by means of the our press, arousing a blind confidence….[10] (emphasis added)

[10] Protocol 2, Article 2, Sentence 6.

In the present state of knowledge and the direction we [the “learned elders of Zion”] have given to its development the people, blindly believing things in print thanks to promptings intended to mislead….[11] (emphasis added)

[11] Protocol 3, Article 10, Sentence 5.

King Solomon describes people who make an idol out of the media as fools or, at the best, naïve:

The naive or inexperienced person [is easily misled and] believes every word he hears, But the prudent man [is discreet and astute and] considers well where he is going.

(Proverbs 14:15, Amplified Bible (AMP), emphasis added)

Although most people believe otherwise, there is no such thing as an independent press in America. At the annual dinner of the American Press Association in 1914, John Swinton, the one-time editor of the New York Times, when called upon for a toast to journalism and America’s free press, responded in a surprising way:

There is no such thing as an independent press in America; if we accept those of the little country towns [Even the small town newspapers, radio and television stations are now almost entirely owned by the large conglomerates.]. You know this and I know it. Not a man among you dares to utter his honest opinion. Were you to utter it, you know beforehand that it would never appear in print. Anyone who was so foolish as to write his honest opinion would soon be out on the street looking for another job. I am paid one hundred and fifty dollars a week for keeping my honest opinion out of the paper with which I am connected. You are paid similar salaries for similar conduct and if you or I allowed our honest opinions to appear in one issue of our papers, before twenty-four hours had elapsed we would be out on the street looking for another job and our occupation would be gone. It is the duty of the New York journalist to destroy the truth, to lie, to pervert, to revile, to vilify, to toady and fawn at the feet of mammon, and to sell his country and his race for his daily bread or, what amounts to the same thing, his salary. You know it and I know it, and what folly it is for us to be here today toasting to an independent press. We are tools and vassals of the rich behind the scenes. We are jumping jacks, marionettes. These men pull the strings and we dance. Our time, our talents, our capacities and our lives are all the property of these men. We are intellectual prostitutes.[12] (emphasis added)

[12] John Swinton, Chief Editor of New York Times, Speech, Annual Dinner of the American Press Association, 1914.

The media can say or write just about anything it likes with immunity, at least temporarily. Anyone who is awake today should see that the media is not reporting the truth because all the major mainstream media outlets are controlled by the Deep State. All of the mainstream media outlets are given what “they” want you to know and on top of this, they will feed you bogus information. So, we cannot put our trust in mainstream media because they will not report the un-biased truth. They will feed you their biased info. Another word for this is “brainwashing.” They can slander and libel and very seldom are they required to prove their accusations. This unbridled power is feared by nearly everyone, including many Christians, in spite of the fact that we are commanded to fear only YHWH:

13 You shall fear [only] the Lord your God; and you shall serve Him [with awe-filled reverence and profound respect] and swear [oaths] by His name [alone]. 14 You shall not follow [or fear] other gods, any of the gods of the peoples who surround you,

(Deuteronomy 6:13-14, Amplified Bible (AMP), emphasis added)

Consider how foolish it is to fear the media; words are their only arsenal. YHWH warned the Prophet Ezekiel to be unafraid of such impotent weapons:

And you, son of man, neither fear them nor fear their words; though briars and thorns are all around you and you sit among scorpions, neither fear their words nor be dismayed at their presence, for they are a rebellious house.

(Ezekiel 2:6, Amplified Bible (AMP), emphasis added)

While social change is one of the objectives of YHWH, it is also the aim and design of today’s media:

It is possible to program an entire population to respond to certain words, images and expressions with certainty. The result of such programming is a population that is highly suggestible, a population that can be manipulated with great precision.[13] (emphasis added)

[13] Steven Jacobson, Mind Control in the United States (Santa Rosa, CA: 1985) p. 25.

Edward Bernays, assistant to William Paley, founder of CBS, admitted to the media’s manipulative designs:

Those who manipulate the organized habits and opinions of the masses constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country…. We are dominated by a relatively small number of persons…. Media corporations, practicing press releasejournalism, have become dependent on established sources of information available through government and corporate channels. These channels sanitize and spin the news to reflect their special interests…. Therefore, stories that run counter to major corporate or governmental messages tend to be ignored or discounted.[14] (emphasis added)

[14] Edward Bernays, quoted in Censored 1977: The News that Didn’t Make the News – The Year’s Top 25 Censored News Stories (Serial), quoted by Andrew Amirault, “The Invisible Hand of the Media.”

Ben Bradlee, former executive editor of The Washington Post, not only came close to plagiarizing Howard Beal concerning the media’s general lack of truthfulness but he also revealed the media’s real agenda:

To hell with the news. I’m no longer interested in news. I’m interested in causes. We don’t print the truth. We don’t pretend to print the truth.[15] (emphasis added)

[15] Ben Bradlee, quoted in “Boycotting the Media.” Quoted in The News Manipulators by Reed Irvine, Joseph C. Goulden and Cloff Kincaid, Publishers: Book Distributors, Incorporated, PO Box 1413, Smithtown, NY 11787-0660, 202-364-4401, Fax 202-364-4098, p. 179. Quoted in Trashing the Planet by Dixy Lee Ray with Lou Guzzo, p. 76. The latter gives as its source an article by David Brooks in The Wall Street Journal, October 5, 1989.

Especially interesting is the fact that the “learned elders of Zion,” themselves, compared the media to an idol:

All our newspapers will be of all possible complexions – aristocratic, republican, revolutionary, even anarchical…. Like the Indian idol Vishnu they will have a hundred hands, and every one of them will have a finger on any one of the public opinions as required. When a pulse quickens these hands will lead opinion in the direction of our aims, for an excited patient loses all power of judgment and easily yields to suggestion. Those fools who will think they are repeating the opinion of a newspaper of their own camp will be repeating our opinion or any opinion that seems desirable for us. In the vain belief that they are following the organ of their party they will in fact follow the flag which we hang out for them.[16] (emphasis added)

[16] Protocol 12, Article 12, Sentences 1-5.

Although not specifically directed at the scribes of the first century or the media of the twentieth-first century, the following warning certainly applies to both:

1 But [in those days] false prophets arose among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you, who will subtly introduce destructive heresies, even denying the Master who bought them, bringing swift destruction on themselves. 2 Many will follow their shameful ways, and because of them the way of truth will be maligned. 3 And in their greed they will exploit you with false arguments and twisted doctrine. Their sentence [of condemnation which God has decreed] from a time long ago is not idle [but is still in force], and their destruction and deepening misery is not asleep [but is on its way].

(2 Peter 2:1-3, Amplified Bible (AMP), emphasis added)


As with almost anything man-made, music can also become idolatrous. Consider for example, Rock and Roll. Rock and Roll’s celebrated musicians are known as idols. The late Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, James Brown and a host of others. These were Rock and Roll’s most celebrated musicians. Elvis Presley was also idolized as The King, replacing Yeshua as king in his worshiper’s lives.

Civil Government

George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950) is reported as saying, “The art of government is the organization of idolatry.” The worship of any man-made government is a form of the Second Commandment transgression that is seldom addressed from American pulpits. Someone is likely to respond, “With so much government corruption all around us, no one worships the government, with the possible exception of national, state and local politicians. Recent polls reveal there is more government distrust than ever before!” But, this proves nothing. Distrust, especially if it is combined with fear, is often the very thing that promotes worship. Deuteronomy 6:13 commands us to “fear only YHWH.” Why would YHWH want us to fear Him? Because whom we fear is nearly always whom we obey, and obedience is the true measure of worship. In other words, whom we obey is also whom we worship, and whom we worship becomes our god. In many instances, whom we distrust is whom we fear. As a result, today’s man-made government has become a god or an idol because it is what many people fear and consequently they obey.

Most preachers are, themselves, paying homage to today’s anti-Christian government. One way that they do this is by their yearly “mecca” to the Internal Revenue Service to petition their government (something done to a god) for a renewal of their church or ministry’s 501(c)(3) tax exempt status. In the June/July, 1988 edition of The Upright Ostrich, Art Fisher elaborated on the extremely serious nature of this sin:

A church that voluntarily initiates an application to the state for corporate statusand tax exemption has petitioned the state to dictate its right to exist and prosper. Thus, the church consents to a change of its STATUS from a lawful assembly of PRIVATE CITIZENS, to that of a legal gathering of PUBLIC SUBJECTS. Churches (a congregation of believers) DO NOT have rights GRANTED by the Constitution. They have INALIENABLE RIGHTS GRANTED BY GOD…. Incorporated churches and artificial persons do NOT have inalienablerights. They only have such rights, privileges and immunities, as granted to entities CREATED by the state [Art Fisher’s capitalization].”[17]

[17] Art Fisher, “Render Unto Caesar,” The Upright Ostrich (Milwaukee, WI: June/July 1988) p. 20.

Bishop Leonard H. Bolick (North Carolina Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Churches in America) has provided a second witness to the fact that incorporated churches are agents of the state rather than ambassadors of YHWH:

the [501(c)(3)] churchis an agent of the state.[18]

[18] Dr. Leonard H. Bolick, Bishop, Personal Letter, June 25, 1999.

Besides being ungodly, church incorporation is also unnecessary. Churches already have automatic tax exemption under section 170 of the IRS code. Nevertheless, even if the Internal Revenue Service did not give churches automatic exemption, pastors and/or their churches still have no business going to the government for such privileges. YHWH has already given tax exemption to ministers of the gospel:

We also inform you that it is not authorized to impose tax, tribute, or toll on any of the priests, Levites, singers, doorkeepers, temple servants or other servants of this house of God.

(Ezra 7:24, Amplified Bible (AMP), emphasis added)

Most preachers prefer to get their tax exemption from the god called Big Brother. Non-idolaters get their tax exemption from the YHWH known as the Heavenly Father.

Moreover, taxes fund the implementation of man’s law. The laws we keep reveal the god we serve and worship. Additionally, the laws we finance demonstrate who or what is our god. YHWH is opposed to murder, sodomy and other immoralities, and yet there is another god that wants us to finance such things. It is the height of hypocrisy for ministers to preach against infanticide (falsely termed abortion) and homosexuality and then turn around and finance the same sins. Christians who picket infanticide shops (falsely termed abortion mills) should also consider this incongruity.

Taxes, in and of themselves are not ungodly. The Apostle Paul promoted the paying of taxes:

For this same reason you pay taxes [pay taxes to whom taxes is due], for civil authorities are God’s servants, devoting themselves to governance.

(Romans 13:6, Amplified Bible (AMP), emphasis and comment added)

However, to whom did Paul say taxes were due?

4 For he [the government described by Paul] is God’s servant to you for good. But if you do wrong, [you should] be afraid; for he does not carry the [executioner’s] sword for nothing. He is God’s servant, an avenger who brings punishment on the wrongdoer. 5 Therefore one must be subject [to civil authorities], not only to escape the punishment [that comes with wrongdoing], but also as a matter of principle [knowing what is right before God]. 6 For this same reason you pay taxes, for civil authorities are God’s servants, devoting themselves to governance.

(Romans 13:4-6, Amplified Bible (AMP), emphasis added)

Christians should indeed pay taxes to whom they are due.

Allocation of the first fruits is another indicator that the United States government has become a god, an idol, a substitute for YHWH. Moses wrote that our first fruits belong to YHWH:

You shall bring the very first of the first fruits of your ground to the house of the Lord your God. You shall not boil [This may have been a pagan practice, perhaps a fertility rite. What this is teaching us is YHWH instructed the Israelites not to boil a young goat while it is still nursing. Wait until the young goat is no longer nursing its mother’s milk.] a young goat in his mother’s milk [as some pagans do].

(Exodus 34:26, Amplified Bible (AMP), emphasis added)

When Hezekiah, King of Judah, was attempting to return his nation to a godly form of government, he knew that the idols had to first be eradicated from the land:

Now when all of this was finished, all Israel who were present went out to the cities of Judah, and smashed the [pagan] pillars (obelisks, memorial stones) in pieces, cut down the Asherim (wooden symbols of a female deity), and tore down the high places and the altars [of idolatry] throughout all Judah and Benjamin, as well as in Ephraim and Manasseh, until they had destroyed them all. Then all the sons (descendants) of Israel returned to their own cities, each to his own property.

(2 Chronicles 31:1, Amplified Bible (AMP), emphasis added)

Hezekiah knew that the tax problem of his day had to also be remedied by reinstating the proper distribution of the first fruits:

2 And Hezekiah appointed the divisions of the priests, and the Levites by their divisions, each in accordance with his service, both the priests and Levites, for burnt offerings and for peace offerings, to minister and to give thanks and to praise in the gates of the camp of the Lord.

Reforms Continued

3 Hezekiah also appointed the king’s [personal] portion of his goods: for the morning and evening burnt offerings, and the burnt offerings for the Sabbaths and for the New Moons and for the appointed feasts, as it is written in the Law of the Lord. 4 He also told (ordered) the people living in Jerusalem to give the portion that was due to the priests and Levites, so that they might [be free to] devote themselves to the Law of the Lord. 5 As soon as the king’s order spread, the Israelites gave in abundance the first fruits of grain, new wine, [olive] oil, honey, and of all the produce of the field; and they brought in the tithe of everything abundantly.

(2 Chronicles 31:2-5, Amplified Bible (AMP), emphasis added)

Take note here that unless a minister today is living according to and preaching the Law of YHWH, he does not deserve a portion of the first fruits any more than does today’s anti-Christ government officials. First Corinthians Chapter 9 provides us with similar instructions for those of us who are living under the New/Renewed Covenant.

7 [Consider this:] Who at any time serves as a soldier at his own expense? Who plants a vineyard and does not eat its fruit? Or who tends a flock and does not use the milk of the flock?

8 Do I say these things only from a man’s perspective? Does the Law [the Torah, YHWH’s Instructions] not endorse the same principles? 9 For it is written in the Law of Moses, “You shall not muzzle an ox while it is treading out the grain [to keep it from eating the grain (Deuteronomy 25:4)].” Is it [only] for oxen that God cares? 10 Or does He speak entirely for our sake? Yes, it was written for our sake: The plowman ought to plow in hope [In the NT the word “hope” expresses a cherished desire along with the confident assurance of obtaining that which is longed for.], and the thresher to thresh in hope of sharing the harvest. 11 If we have sown [the good seed of] spiritual things in you, is it too much if we reap material things from you? 12 If others share in this rightful claim over you, do not we even more? However, we did not exercise this right, but we put up with everything so that we will not hinder [the spread of] the good news of Christ. 13 Do you not know that those who officiate in the sacred services of the temple eat from the temple [offerings of meat and bread] and those who regularly attend the altar have their share from the [offerings brought to the] altar? 14 So also [on the same principle] the Lord directed those who preach the gospel to get their living from the gospel.

(1 Corinthians 9:7-14, Amplified Bible (AMP), emphasis added)

We see in 2 Chronicles Chapter 31 where first fruits and the tithe are used interchangeably. To whom does the tithe or first fruits belong? To god, of course, and by that I mean any god. Who or whatever is your god should receive your first fruits. What deity today is receiving the first fruits of nearly everybody, both secularists and religious alike? Even the tithe of Christians to their church is not usually their first fruits, but instead their second fruits.

As soon as the king’s order spread, the Israelites gave in abundance the first fruits of grain, new wine, [olive] oil, honey, and of all the produce of the field; and they brought in the tithe of everything abundantly.

(2 Chronicles 31:5, Amplified Bible (AMP), emphasis added)

Who is getting the first fruits? The god, the idol called government that has ingeniously made it automatic through what is called withholding tax. With every paycheck, this god makes sure it gets its tribute first. Adding insult to injury, this god does not demand just a ten percent tithe but, when all is said and done, it confiscates forty to sixty percent of most American’s salary.

The early rallying cry of the sixteenth century patriots of the American Revolution was “No King but King Jesus!” One of the primary causes of those who rallied around that cry was their rebellion against unjust and excessive taxation. Could there be a lesson in that for twenty-first century Christians?

Churches and ministries that solicit the government for their tax exempt status must make sure that they submissively obey all mandates (commandments, statutes and judgments) that their creator has instituted in order to not incur the wrath of this god. Case in point here, in the months of October and November in election years, the founder of a renowned national ministry often reminds his readers that as a 501(c)(3) entity that he is unable to do certain things that the government has commanded him and his organization against doing:

You may be thinking, But who are the “good guys” who have stood up for the family in Washington, and who are the legislators who have opposed and undermined it? I am not permitted by the tax code to answer that question as a representative of Focus on the Family.[19] (emphasis added)

[19] Dr. James Dobson, Personal Letter to Subscribers, October 1992, p. 2.

[there are] lobbying limits imposed on Focus on the Family by the IRS…. Focus on the Family, as a tax-exempt organization, will never go too far in that direction [the endorsement of and/or opposition to political candidates], because it must remain true to the original character of the ministry [that is, the mandates of its creator].[20] (emphasis added)

[20] Dr. James Dobson, Personal Letter to Subscribers, November 1992, p. 6.

Contrast those admissions with the admonitions of King Solomon, the Prophet Ezekiel and the Apostle Paul:

24 He who says to the wicked, “You are righteous,” Peoples will curse him, nations will denounce him; 25 But to those [honorable judges] who rebuke the wicked, it will go well with them and they will find delight, And a good blessing will come upon them.

(Proverbs 24:24-25, Amplified Bible (AMP), emphasis added)

1 And the word of the Lord came to me, saying, 2 Son of man, speak to the sons of your people [who are exiled in Babylon] and say to them, ‘If I bring a sword on a land, and the people of the land take one man from among them and make him their watchman, 3 and he sees the sword coming on the land, and he blows the trumpet and warns the people, 4 then whoever hears the sound of the trumpet and does not take warning, and a sword comes and takes him away, his blood will be on his [own] head. 5 He heard the sound of the trumpet but did not take warning; his blood shall be on himself. But if he had taken warning, he would have saved his life. 6 But if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet and the people are not warned, and the sword comes and takes any one of them, he is taken away because of his corruption and sin; but I will require his blood from the watchman’s hand.’

(Ezekiel 33:1-6, Amplified Bible (AMP), emphasis added)

Do not participate in the worthless and unproductive deeds of darkness, but instead expose them [by exemplifying personal integrity, moral courage, and godly character];

(Ephesians 5:11, Amplified Bible (AMP), emphasis added)

YHWH commands us to expose evil and those who participate in it whereas today’s government god commands us to keep our mouths shut about such things. A person may worship (sacrifice) at church but their obedience is the bottom line when it comes to proving which of the two gods is truly their god:

Samuel said, Has the Lord as great a delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices As in obedience to the voice of the Lord? Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice, And to heed [is better] than the fat of rams.

(1 Samuel 15:22, Amplified Bible (AMP), emphasis added)

Churches or ministries that have formed this unholy, symbiotic alliance with today’s man-made government must not expose government sinners. If they do, they will incur the wrath of this god and possibly lose the blessings (tax exemptions and its benefits, that is, support from followers who also worship the same god and who, likewise, want tax benefits themselves), provided to them by this god. Art Fisher again comments:

The U.S. Supreme Court understands corporations [including 501(c)(3) churches or ministries] are creatures of the state, as the court has stated: (1) “A corporation is a creature of the state. It is presumed to be incorporated for the benefit of the public. It receives certain special PRIVILEGES and FRANCHISES…Its powers are limited by lawIts rights to act as a corporation are only preserved to it SO LONG AS IT OBEYS THE LAWS OF ITS CREATOR. ” (Wilson v US., 221 US 382) [Art Fisher’s capitalization][21]

[21] Art Fisher, “Render Unto Caesar,” The Upright Ostrich (Milwaukee, WI: June/July 1988) p. 20.

You can almost hear some of the preachers thinking to themselves, “Why, if we were not a 501(c)(3) church, our supporters would send their donations where they would be tax deductible, and I would soon be out of a job!” In other words, their parishioner’s idolatry, the love of money, that is, their tax deductions, dictates that these ministers be idolaters as well. Such preachers fulfill perfectly the description provided to us by the Prophet Isaiah:

10 Israel’s watchmen are blind, They are all without knowledge. They are all mute dogs, they cannot bark; Panting, lying down, they love to slumber. 11 And the dogs are greedy; they never [Literally do not know satisfaction.] have enough. They are shepherds who have no understanding; They have all turned to their own way, Each one to his unlawful gain, without exception.

(Isaiah 56:10-11, Amplified Bible (AMP), emphasis added)

Not only do many pastors themselves commit government idolatry but their flocks do also. All preachers desire that their flocks worship the same god they worship; after all, preachers are to be ambassadors for their god (2 Corinthians 5:20). But, which god are most ministers’ ambassadors for? They would respond, “the God who resides in heavenly places, of course!” However, they are often the ambassadors of another god who inhabits another high place. Remember that the laws we keep determine which god we actually serve. In fact, when it is properly understood, the Second Commandment is more about statutes than statues.

Obey the laws of the creator” is precisely what many ministers today preach. However, we have to ask our self which creator’s laws do they promote? It is not YHWH’s! Instead, they are teaching that His Laws (the Torah) have been abolished, done away with and it was nailed to the cross[22], while also teaching their parishioners, by way of a distorted interpretation of Romans Chapter 13[23], to keep any and all government laws, even when they conflict with the Laws of YHWH.

[22] To learn more, be sure to listen to “Deliverance from Christian Anarchists” and “Harmonizing the New Testament Scriptures on the Law of God.” In this teaching, it explains how the 29 New Testament Scriptures “against” the Law (Torah) and the 37 New Testament Scriptures for the Law today can be harmonized. [23] Christian Duty Under Corrupt Government, A Revolutionary Commentary on Romans 13:1-7, an expository explanation by Evangelist Ted R. Weiland.

The United States Constitution

In addition to the many modern preachers who promote government idolatry, there are just as many, if not more, patriots who commit the same sin. Unless we have a theocratic government created by YHWH, as described in Isaiah 9:6-7, we have a man-made government. No matter how brilliant it might be or how much better it is than any other man-made government, it remains man-made.

On numerous occasions, patriots are heard to declare, “Our present government is a quasi-counterfeit government because the Constitution is not upheld.” In other words, their standard of measurement is the United States Constitution (man’s government) instead of YHWH’s Laws of (His government).

With this mindset, many patriots have made the Constitution an idol. They are often heard to say that the Constitution is the supreme law of the land. If this is true, then whoever created this supreme law is the Supreme Being or God. Who created the United States Constitution? The Preamble provides us with the answer to that question:

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.[24] (emphasis added)

[24] Preamble to the Constitution of the United States of America.

Consequently, if “we the people” created the Constitution, the supreme law of the land, according to most patriots, then man must be the Supreme Being, which is at its core the same as humanism. Under the heading “Religion,” paragraph two, sentence five, the Humanist Manifesto II reads:

As nontheists [sic], we begin with humans not God, nature not deity.[25]

[25] “Religion,” Humanist Manifesto II, (Amherst, NY: American Humanist Association).

The framers of the Constitution were for the most part theists. Nevertheless, they began their document with man rather than with YHWH. In fact, YHWH is not mentioned anywhere in the Constitution. Moreover, consider the Preamble’s phrase – “We the People … in order to form a more perfect union … do ordain and establish this constitution….” This implies that YHWH’s kingdom or government and His Laws, as prescribed in His Absolute Written Word, are less than perfect. Both Moses and King David assure us that this is not the case:

The Rock! His work is perfect, For all His ways are just; A God of faithfulness without iniquity (injustice), Just and upright is He.

(Deuteronomy 32:4, Amplified Bible (AMP), emphasis added)

7 The law of the Lord is perfect (flawless), restoring and refreshing the soul; The statutes of the Lord are reliable and trustworthy, making wise the simple. 8 The precepts of the Lord are right, bringing joy to the heart; The commandment of the Lord is pure, enlightening the eyes. 9 The fear of the Lord is clean, enduring forever; The judgments of the Lord are true, they are righteous altogether.

(Psalm 19:7-9, Amplified Bible (AMP), emphasis added)

What has already been given to us by YHWH is perfect and anything short of it, including the Constitution of the United States of America, is, at best, imperfect.

In the Preamble, the framers of the Constitution also wrote of “establishing justice.” Establishing justice implies the ability to create legislative laws in order to produce morality but do we see this happening? However, YHWH never nullified this duty to man or to government created by man.

America’s judicial system was originally designed after the pattern found in Exodus 18:19-22. However, because America’s constitution did not recognize the Laws of YHWH as their standard, it has been relatively easy for our court system to stray from YHWH’s absolutes and legislate man-made laws instead. The Supreme Court justices rather than being representatives of YHWH have, instead, made themselves gods by legislating their own morality or the morality of the people, at any given period of time. It is idolatry when someone chooses to obey America’s Supreme Court rather than Israel’s Supreme God. Only YHWH can legislate morality and decree real justice:

There is only one Lawgiver and Judge, the One who is able to save and to destroy [the one God who has the absolute power of life and death]; but who are you to [hypocritically or self-righteously] pass judgment on your neighbor?

(James 4:12, Amplified Bible (AMP), emphasis added)

Isaiah represents all three divisions of government – judicial, legislative and executive – as residing in YHWH, not man or man-made government. The only way that “we the people” can legislate morality is by changing what has already been legislated by YHWH.

Patriots often repeat the statement taken from Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg address and with it declare that our form of government was originally designed to be “of the people, by the people and for the people.” Once again, this is humanism and the worship of the Constitution, which promotes that kind of thinking is idolatry. As Christians, our desire and objective should be government “of YHWH, by YHWH and for YHWH,” that is, the Kingdom of YHWH here on earth as it is in heaven, established on the Laws of YHWH rather than the laws of man. We must choose between the document that begins with “We the People….” and the one that begins with “In the beginning God….”

World Government

This same type of governmental idolatry is also found on a much larger scale:

By all these means we [the “learned elders of Zion”] shall wear down the goyim that they will be compelled to offer us international power of a nature that by its position will enable us without any violence gradually to absorb all the State forces of the world and to form a Super-Government. In place of the rulers of today we shall set up a bogey which will be called the Super-Government Administration. Its hands will reach out in all directions like nippers and its organization will be of such colossal dimensions that it cannot fail to subdue all the nations of the world.[26] (emphasis added)

[26] Protocol 5, Article 11, Sentences 7-8.

We [the “learned elders of Zion”] have in our service persons of all opinions, of all doctrines, restorating monarchists, demagogues, socialists, communists, and utopian dreamers of every kind. We have harnessed them all to the task: each one of them on his own account is boring away at the last remnants of authority, is striving to overthrow all established forms of order. By these acts all States are in torture; they exhort to tranquility, are ready to sacrifice everything for peace; but we will not give them peace until they openly acknowledge our international Super-Government, and with submissiveness.[27] (emphasis added)

[27] Protocol 9, Article 4, Sentences 2-4.

This Zionist plan for world government was devised in 1897 and it is essentially a modern form of the tower of Babel. A large step toward the realization of its objective was taken with the formation of the United Nations.

Today’s constitutionalists erroneously believe that the Constitution is the supreme law of the land. However, they are mistaken, at least according to the 1954 United States Senate. On July 28, 1945, the Senate voted to adopt the charter of the United Nations, and on January 7, 1954, the then standing Senate released its official evaluation of the document called “The Review of the Charter of the United Nations:”

The charter (of the United Nations) has become thesupreme law of the land;” and the judges in every state shall be bound thereby, anything in the Constitution or laws of any state to the contrary notwithstanding.[28] (emphasis added)

[28] Senate Document 87, p. 287.

This provides another reason why the Constitution is not the answer to America’s problems. It has been nullified by the Charter of the United Nations. However, the Laws of YHWH can never be invalidated or annulled by anyone and especially the United States Constitution and United Nation’s Charter notwithstanding:

The grass withers, the flower fades, But the word of our God stands forever.

(Isaiah 40:8, Amplified Bible (AMP), emphasis added)

For I [Yeshua] assure you and most solemnly say to you, until heaven and earth pass away, not the smallest letter or stroke [of the pen] will pass from the Law [Torah] until all things [which it foreshadows] are accomplished.

(Matthew 5:18, Amplified Bible (AMP), emphasis and comments added)

If the Charter of the United Nations is considered by some as being the supreme law of the land, then whoever created this supreme law must, once again, be the Supreme Being or God of the people who deem it as such. Thus, man, specifically today’s Jews, must be the Supreme Being or God of these same people. As reported in the New York Times (August 28, 1992) at the Carlsbad Congress, Nahum Sukolow declared that the League of Nations (the forerunner to the United Nations) was a Jewish idea, which had taken twenty-five years to accomplish. Israel’s Prime Minister, David Ben Gurion (1949-1953, 1955-1963) declared essentially the same thing about the United Nations:

We consider that the United Nationsideal is a Jewish ideal.[29] (emphasis added)

[29] David Ben Gurion, related to a Time Magazine correspondent, August 16, 1948.

Additionally, the Rockefeller family and their Chase Manhattan Bank donated the land on which the United Nation’s building sits. With these Jewish ties to the United Nations in mind, it is interesting that many Jews consider the Jewish people their God:

The same humanitarianism led [Moses] Hess to propose the establishment of “a Jewish Commonwealth in Palestine” in order to realize the historical ideal of our [Jewish] people, an ideal which is neither more nor less than the reign of God upon earth.[30] (emphasis added)

[30] Rabbi Maurice Joshua Bloom, Preface, Rome and Jerusalem by Moses Hess, 1862 edition reprinted (New York, NY: Philosophical Library, Inc., 1958).

Our God is nothing more than the human [Jewish] race united in love.[31] (emphasis added)

[31] Moses Hess, Kommunistisches Bekenntnis in Fragen und Antworten – Communist Credo in Questions and Answers, p. 190, quoted by Richard Wurmbrand, Marx & Satan (Westchester, IL: Crossway Books, Good News Publishers, 1986) p. 91.

According to the Jewish Cabala and other Jewish literature, only the Jews are considered human, and thus, in their minds, only Jews qualify for being God:

The Jew is the living God, God incarnate: he is the heavenly man. The other men [non-Jews] are earthly, of inferior race. They exist only to serve the Jew. They are the cattle seed.[32] (emphasis added)

[32] “Cabala,” quoted by Dr. Edward R. Fields, Judaism: The World’s Strangest Religion (Marietta, GA: The Truth at Last, Publishers) p. 8.

Having stated that “God alone is redeemer,”[33] Joseph Klausner, in his book The Messianic Idea in Israel, also declared in unequivocal terms whom he believes is the redeemer:

[33] Joseph Klausner, The Messianic Idea in Israel (London, England: Bradford & Dickens, 1956) p. 522.

the whole people Israel [the Jews misnamed] gradually became the Messiah of the world, the redeemer of mankind.[34]

[34] Klausner, p. 163.

Consequently, not only have the Jews made themselves into a god, but so have those who idolize the United Nations.

Consider also the banner used in 1945 to help sell the United Nations to the American people. They were told that the United Nations was “The Last Hope of mankind … the only means to protect the world from the horrors of war.” The last hope of mankind! That is something that can only be said about God. This is what the United Nations (and/or its creators) became for many who have and continue to place their hope and trust in this man-made international entity, even though it has utterly failed to fulfill its promise of worldwide peace.

Obedience to local, national or international man-made governments, which replace YHWH’s Kingdom established exclusively on His Laws, is a Second Commandment violation.

False Doctrine

Man-made doctrine or religion resulting therefrom, is the most insidious form of idolatry because nearly all other forms of idolatry originate from this manifestation of Second Commandment transgression. The Old Covenant false prophets were commonly known as prophets of Baal. They were primarily responsible for leading the Israelites astray:

13 And I have seen a foolish and an offensive thing in the prophets of Samaria [Capitol of the house of Israel]: They prophesied by Baal and caused My people Israel to go astray. 14 Also I have seen a horrible thing in the prophets of Jerusalem: They commit adultery and walk in lies; They encourage and strengthen the hands of evildoers, So that no one has turned back from his wickedness. All of them have become like Sodom to Me, And her inhabitants like Gomorrah.

(Jeremiah 23:13-14, Amplified Bible (AMP), emphasis added)

Thus, when Elijah had his infamous contest on Mount Carmel, he disputed with the prophets of Baal. King Ahab and Queen Jezebel only numbered two, while the prophets of Baal numbered four hundred and fifty. It would have been much simpler to have just dealt with Ahab and Jezebel. However, Elijah appears to have understood that there could be no King Ahab or Queen Jezebel without the false prophets. Unless the prophets of Baal had been dealt with first, it would have been just a matter of time before another King Ahab and Queen Jezebel would have ascended the throne. The same holds true for us today. America’s problems do not originate in the White House or in the halls of Congress as much as they do from the pulpits of today’s churches.

Second Commandment Judgment

There is not a moral, political, civil, economic, medical, agricultural or any other problem that cannot be laid at the feet of false prophets. It is no wonder that YHWH was so adamant about what was to be done with them. As a part of His Righteous Judgment upon this sin, YHWH commands that the altars of Baal be torn down:

1 These are the statutes and judgments (precepts) which you shall be careful to do in the land which the Lord, the God of your fathers, has given you to possess as long as you live on the earth. 2 You shall utterly destroy all the places where the nations whom you shall dispossess serve their gods, on the high mountains and the hills and under every green [leafy] tree. 3 You shall tear down their altars and smash their [idolatrous] pillars and burn their Asherim [Wooden symbols of the goddess Asherah.] in the fire; you shall cut down the carved and sculpted images of their gods and obliterate their name from that place.

(Deuteronomy 12:1-3, Amplified Bible (AMP), emphasis added)

Moreover, those who promote the worship of false gods are likewise to be destroyed:

1 If a prophet arises among you, or a dreamer of dreams, and gives you a sign or a wonder, 2 and the sign or the wonder which he spoke (foretold) to you comes to pass, and if he says, ‘Let us follow after other gods (whom you have not known) and let us serve and worship them,’ 3 you shall not listen to the words of that prophet or that dreamer of dreams; for the Lord your God is testing you to know whether you love the Lord your God with all your heart and mind and all your soul [your entire being]. 4 You shall walk after the Lord your God and you shall fear [and worship] Him [with awe-filled reverence and profound respect], and you shall keep His commandments and you shall listen to His voice, and you shall serve Him, and cling to Him. 5 But that prophet or that dreamer of dreams shall be put to death, because he has counseled rebellion against the Lord your God who brought you from the land of Egypt and redeemed you from the house of slavery, to draw you away from the way in which the Lord your God has commanded you to walk. So you shall remove the evil from among you.

(Deuteronomy 13:1-5, Amplified Bible (AMP), emphasis added)

In Verses 6-15 of the same chapter, it goes on to establish that the same judgment applies to anyone who would lead someone to commit First or Second Commandment transgression. Deuteronomy 17:1-7 dictates that the same judgment also applies to anyone who willfully and openly serves false gods on their own volition. Moreover, the Prophet Ezekiel declared that “the punishment of their wickedness; the sin of the [counterfeit/false] prophet will be the same as the sin of the [hypocritical] inquirer” (Ezekiel 14:10).

Thus, flagrant Second Commandment transgressions are a capital crime, punishable by death. Yeshua declared the extremely serious nature of this sin:

“[The king ended by saying,] ‘But as for these enemies of mine who did not want me to be king over them, bring them here and kill them in my presence.’

(Luke 19:27, Amplified Bible (AMP), emphasis added)

YHWH does not take idolatry lightly because it amounts to treason, that is, the overthrow of YHWH, His government and His Laws. The Apostle Paul not only clearly distinguished between the true God and all other false gods, but he also called for men everywhere to repent of this sin:

29 So then, being God’s children, we should not think that the Divine Nature (deity) is like gold or silver or stone, an image formed by the art and imagination or skill of man. 30 Therefore God overlooked and disregarded the former ages of ignorance; but now He commands all people everywhere to repent [that is, to change their old way of thinking, to regret their past sins, and to seek God’s purpose for their lives], 31 because He has set a day when He will judge the inhabited world in righteousness by a Man [Yeshua] whom He has appointed and destined for that task, and He has provided credible proof to everyone by raising Him from the dead.

(Acts 17:29-31, Amplified Bible (AMP), emphasis added)

The Apostle John summed up his first epistle with a similar admonishment:

20 And we [have seen and] know [by personal experience] that the Son of God has [actually] come [to this world], and has given us understanding and insight so that we may [progressively and personally] know Him who is true; and we are in Him who is true—in His Son Jesus Christ. This is the true God and eternal life.

21 Little children (believers, dear ones), guard yourselves from idols[false teachings, moral compromises, and anything that would take God’s place in your heart].

(1 John 5:20-21, Amplified Bible (AMP), emphasis added)

I hope this study on the Second Commandment has been helpful. If only America would have following His Ways, we would not be having all these problems today. It just goes to show us that if we do things His Way, all will be in order and there would be no room for chaos like we see today. Let all of His children seek Him and repent of their sins and draw close to Him because He wants a one-on-one personal relationship with all of His children.

Continue to test all things and may Almighty YHWH bless all who study His Absolute Written Word.


I am One Crying In The Wilderness!

If you have enjoyed this teaching and you would like to download it, click HERE to download the PDF file.


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November 1, 2020

Psalm 119: 41-48 Hebrews 6

Hebrews 6 begins:

Hebrews 6:1 Therefore ...

What’s the “Therefore” there for?

Let’s drop back a verse or 2 and punt:

Hebrews 5:13 For every one that useth milk is unskilful

in The WORD of Righteousness: for he is a babe.

Hebrews 5:14 But strong meat belongeth to them

that are of full age,

even thos

e who by reason of use

have their senses exercised

to discern both good and evil.


Hebrews 6:1 Therefore leaving the principles of the doctrine of Christ Mashiyach, let us go on unto perfection; not laying again the foundation of repentance from dead works, and of faith toward God ELohim,

Hebrews 6:2 Of the doctrine of baptisms, and of laying on of hands, and of resurrection of the dead, and of eternal judgment.

That’s a done deal

Let’s get on with LIFE anew!

Hebrews 6:3 And this [in the verses ahead] will we do, if God ELohim permit.

Hang on, all ye “once saved always saved” Brothers and Sisters

THIS is very heavy stuff:

Hebrews 6:4 For it is impossible for those who were once enlightened, and have tasted of the heavenly gift, and were made partakers of the Holy Ghost,

Hebrews 6:5 And have tasted the good WORD of God ELohim, and the powers of the world to come,

Hebrews 6:6 If they shall fall away, [verse 4 says, it is impossible] to renew them again unto repentance; seeing they crucify to themselves the Son YESHUA of God Yod Hey VAV Hey afresh, and put HIM to an open shame.

The word “backsliding” is used multiple times in the “Old” Testament

BUT NEVER ONCE in the “New” Testament!

The time for playing the part of a spiritual harlot is OVER!

Ebbing and flowing, back and forth,

As Israel has done to Her HUSBAND Yod Hey VAV Hey

is a thing of the PAST

in the NEW, REnewed, Covenant/Testament!!

REnewed for the marriage of YHVH and HIS Wife Israel and

NEW for the rest of the nations who are betrothed (not yet married) to The SON


THAT is what was “nailed to the cross

with what?

What is the NAIL “Therefore?

Psalm 119:41 VAV.

VAV is the 6th letter of the Hebrew alephbet:


By Jeff A. Benner

Early Hebrew Middle Hebrew

Late Hebrew Modern Hebrew

Ancient Name: Waw

Pictograph: Peg

Meanings: Add, Secure, Hook

Sound: W, ow, uw


Psalm 119:41 continues, with regard to this tent “peg” nail:

Let Thy mercies come also unto me, O Yod Hey VAV Hey,

even Thy salvation [H8668 rescue, deliverance, help, safety, victory],

according to Thy WORD.

Psalm 119:42 So shall I have wherewith to answer him

that reproacheth me:

for I trust in Thy WORD.

Psalm 119:43 And take not The WORD of Truth utterly out of my mouth;

for I have hoped in Thy Judgments.

Psalm 119:44 So shall I keep Thy Law [H8451 TORAH]

continually for ever and ever.

Psalm 119:45 And I will walk at liberty: for I seek Thy Precepts.

Psalm 119:46 I will speak of Thy Testimonies also before kings,

and will not be ashamed.

Psalm 119:47 And I will delight myself in Thy Commandments,

which I have loved.

Psalm 119:48 My hands also will I lift up unto Thy Commandments,

which I have loved;

and I will meditate in Thy Statutes.

This is what the “Therefore” is there for, that we:

Hebrews 6:1 Therefore..., let us go on unto perfection; ...

And Hebrews chapter 6 reminds us of what this temporary planet is all about:

Hebrews 6:7 For the earth which drinketh in the rain that cometh oft upon it, and bringeth forth herbs meet for them by whom it is dressed, receiveth blessing from God ELohim:

Hebrews 6:8 But that which beareth thorns and briers is rejected, and is nigh unto cursing; whose end is to be burned.


Hebrews 6:9 But, beloved, we are persuaded better things of you, and things that accompany Salvation [H3444 Yesh-oo’-aw], though we thus speak.

Hebrews 6:10 For God ELohim is not unrighteous to forget your work and labour of love, which ye have shewed toward HIS name Yod Hey VAV Hey, in that ye have ministered to the saints, and do minister.

The VAV/WAW is the nail, the anchor, that holds us to HIM — lest we ever turn away AGAIN . “GOD FORBID”!

Yod Hey VAV Hey IS adding HIS blessing to the reading of HIS entire Holy Bible. Amen.


Shema (Hear & Obey) YeHoVaH's instructions for Yeshua is coming soon. Read ALL YeHoVaH'S BOOK!


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Identity Crisis - Jim Staley

There is a supernatural awakening happening in these last days! Christians around the world have been given a divine invitation from the Holy Spirit to come back to the roots of their faith. Like the prodigal son, God’s people are returning home to their Father, leaving behind the doctrines and denominations of man, and embracing their true identity! During the reign of Solomon, the nation of Israel was split into two kingdoms. Both of these kingdoms were exiled into the nations because of their disobedience, but only one—the southern Kingdom—maintained its identity and returned to the land. What happened to the northern Kingdom? Where are the lost tribes? Now, with the advent of Christ, does it even matter? Has Israel been replaced by “the church?” Is God no longer the God of Israel? Finally, how do Gentile Believers fit in to all of this? You might be surprised to discover just how relevant these pressing questions are to your own life. Join Pastor Jim Staley in this newly updated and extended teaching as he explores and unpacks one of the most incredible prophetic events in the Bible! The time is now for God’s people to connect to the true roots of their Christian faith and return home. Do you hear the call?

PDF TEXT: https://goo.gl/xzc31u

For two thousand years we have all been taught that Israel is the Jewish people and the Jewish people are Israel. This misunderstanding has crippled our ability to truly glean from the scriptures all that was originally intended. The greatest prophecy of the bible concerns this very topic. Many have called this teaching the key to understanding the entire bible. I will let Professor C.A.L. Totten of Yale University tell you his thoughts concerning this very subject: "I can never be too thankful to the Almighty that in my youth he used the late Professor Wilson to show me the difference between the two houses. The very understanding of this difference is the KEY by which almost the entire Bible becomes intelligible, and I cannot state too strongly that the man who has not yet seen that Israel of the Scripture is totally distinct from the Jewish people, is yet in the very infancy, the mere alphabet of Biblical study, and that to this day the meaning of seven-eighths of the Bible is shut to his understanding."

—Professor C.A.L. Totten (1851-1908) of Yale University


Religion News

  1. Christianity Today features Muslim speaker who complains about ‘Islamophobia’ and Trump’s ‘Muslim ban’

  2. India: Muslims disrupt Hindu rituals, urinate and defecate on sacred Hindu site

  3. Austria: Muslim ‘asylum seekers’ make ‘playful’ mock execution video the day after Vienna jihad massacre

  4. France: Muslim shows up at nursery to claim child named ‘Osama bin Laden,’ next day weapons are pointed at staff

  5. Hamas Digs the Deepest Tunnel Into Israel That It Has Ever Dug, But the IDF Foils It Again

  6. South Carolina: Man converts to Islam, plots ‘Netflix-worthy’ jihad massacre

  7. How Does the Church Survive the Communist Takeover?

  8. U.S Saudi Arabia and Israel are ready for war with Iran and “covert operations” against Tehran have been going on all year but an attack may cause a larger conflict which could usher in the Ezekiel 38 prophecy which bodes not well for the US, Israel, the Saudi's and the UK

  9. Canada: Muslim cleric calls Jews ‘brothers of monkeys and pigs,’ calls on Allah to ‘tear them apart’

  10. Canada: Sanctioned Iranian bank accused of funding Hamas and Hizballah allegedly wires millions into the country

  11. Google, Facebook and Twitter threaten to leave Pakistan over crackdown on speech offensive to Islam

  12. Turkey and Qatar vow to work together to combat ‘the escalation of the wave of Islamophobia’

  13. Saudi Arabia denies secret meeting with Netanyahu and Pompeo, says no normalization with Israel without Palestinians

  14. Turkey: Will the Abuses against Historic Churches Ever End?

  15. UK: Muslim jailed for jihad terror offenses asks of people killed by ISIS, ‘Why didn’t they just accept Sharia?’

  16. Australia cancels citizenship of Muslim cleric who plotted jihad massacre at soccer match

  17. France: Muslim stabs man and repeatedly screams ‘Allahu akbar’ while resisting arrest

  18. Bangladesh: Muslims assault Catholics, smash windows and destroy books and other religious items in the church

  19. Islamic Republic of Iran raids and ransacks homes of Baha’is all over the country

  20. Portugal: Muslim migrant head of anti-racism group says ‘it is necessary to kill the white man’

  21. Switzerland: Knife-wielding Muslima known to police for jihad sentiments stabs two people in department store

  22. UK: Muslim jailed for encouraging jihad massacres had attended ‘deradicalization’ program

  23. Pakistan: Muslim death squads hunt for 14-year-old Christian girl who fled forced marriage to her Muslim kidnapper

  24. Philippines: Islamic scholars invoke the Qur’an in opposing law forbidding child marriage

  25. Islamic Republic of Iran stepping up its nuke program, will operate 174 IR-M2 centrifuges at Natanz

  26. PA Prime Minister Shtayyeh Defends ‘Pay-For-Slay’ Policy

  27. Shaolin Monk Walks On Water For 125 Meters, Breaking Own Record

  28. The Papal Bloodlines of The Jesuits — Wealthier & More Powerful Than The Illuminati

  29. 10 Signs You’re Being Watched By A Guardian Angel

  30. UN World Food Program Warns Of 'Famines Of Biblical Proportions In 2021'

  31. Leftists Want Biden To Target Christian Schools Accreditation

  32. Hezbollah's Extensive Missile Program Sets Tone For Next Conflict With Israel

  33. Israel Update Nov 25, 2020

  1. The One That is yet to come – The GLOBAL RESET

  2. On 29 May 2020, The Times reported that the British government was set to propose reforms to the G7 and increase it to D10, "Democratic 10." 2,500 years ago, the prophet Daniel had a vision God had given him of a beast which had ten horns

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