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True News 4 U — Survival News — 08/11/2020

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It's Not Too Late, 7 Crops You Can Still Plant in August

You still have time to get these 7 plants into your garden. There is nothing like harvesting delicious fruits and vegetables fresh from the garden late into the season, especially when the cold weather makes a lot of them sweeter!

Lookup your first and last freeze/frost dates by zip code


Have you wanted to make your own butter? Here are three easy methods to make it at home! Never miss a new video! Sign up to our email list here: http://bit.ly/FollowAlongNow Click "SHOW MORE" if you're new to our channel and "MORE ABOUT US" for some freebies!


Having fresh, homemade cultured butter in your refrigerator is like a luxury. But it's also SO EASY to make! In today's video, Carolyn is demonstrating three different ways to churn cream into homemade butter.

She also shares some important tips to make sure your butter turns out great EVERY time! Including the importance of washing and salting your butter, plus how to do it!

If you'd like the written out instructions, click over to our blog post here (you can watch the video there, too!):


To get the same amazing electric butter churn I'm using in this video, go here (aff):



Carolyn is cracking into an egg that's been sitting in the basement for 12 MONTHS! Never miss a new video! Sign up to our email list here: http://bit.ly/FollowAlongNow Click "SHOW MORE" if you're new to our channel and "MORE ABOUT US" for some freebies!


By far our most popular video to date has been the video on how to water glass eggs for long-term storage. Not many people know you can store farm fresh eggs at room temperature for over a year, then crack it, fry it and eat it and have it taste just as fresh as the day it came in from the henhouse.

If you've been skeptical of water glassing eggs (preserving them in a lime-water solution), then watch as Carolyn cracks open a farm-fresh egg and a water-glassed egg and compare them side by side.

Be sure to check out our blog with the full tutorial on water glassing eggs here:


Other videos to watch: How to Water Glass Eggs (Long-Term Egg Preservation Method):


Water Glassing Eggs FAQs:


Water Glassing Eggs 8 Month Follow Up:



If you have a dairy cow or buy raw milk each week, it's good to have a plan for how to use it. Never miss a new video! Sign up to our email list here: http://bit.ly/FollowAlongNow Click "SHOW MORE" if you're new to our channel and "MORE ABOUT US" for some freebies!


Raw milk can be such a treat if you're able to get access to some, or if you have your own milk cow. But knowing what to do with all that milk once you get it into the kitchen can be daunting and sometimes confusing.

In this video, Carolyn breaks down the anatomy of raw milk, plus the different ways you can transform your milk into delicious and healthy products.

For more information, or to watch the video on how to clabber milk, check out this blog post:


The Global Reset Survival Guide is NOW AVAILABLE - free download of 9-hour audiobook from Mike Adams

The SHTF Diet: Minimum Food And Water Supply For 3 Months

Most prepper sites – including ours – have plenty articles on building up an emergency food reserve. The reason is obvious, of course; food is one of the core essentials of survival, and if you don’t have enough to get you through a crisis you’re just not going to survive. We look at every aspect of, from incorporating home-preserved foods into your stockpile to how to put together a useful reserve of food on a tight budget.

Generally, when we look at food reserves, we have a few priorities in mind. Obviously the food you store has to have a long life, or there isn’t much point in storing it. It needs to meet your nutritional requirements. Finally, we usually aim for a good mix of foods that will let you create interesting meals; that’s good for morale, and also encourages people to eat enough.

Let’s take another approach for a minute, though. What would you store if you were looking to put together an absolute bare minimum food supply – a reserve that’s stripped down to the essentials needed to keep you alive and healthy?

There are some reasons you might want to do this. If you’re on a really tight budget, even our plan to build up a food reserve by spending an extra $5 a week on groceries might be difficult. Or what if you’ve identified several potential bug-out locations and want to store a minimal, but useful, food reserve at each? Maybe it’s even as simple as being short of storage space for a more varied food supply.


Building a Medieval House | 10 Day Bushcraft Shelter Build

Building a medieval house in the woods, a 10 day bushcraft shelter. This is a full build video of the anglo saxon house with thatch roof that we built using simple hand tools. This medieval-era bushcraft camp was inspired by the anglo saxon "pit house". The saxons occupied Britain from the 5th to the 11th century. Many of their houses were built by digging a pit in the ground which would not only help to keep a consistent temperature in their homes throughout the year, but it would also mean that they needed less building materials to build the house upwards. We used simple hand tools: axe, saw, knife, pick axe, hand auger and drawknife to build this tiny house in the forest. I built this with my Dad in 10 days. See below for individual episodes of the Saxon House series where we talk about what we are doing and why.

Saxon House Videos:


TOPS Tracker 1 Survival Knife

Do You Know Your Rights Under Martial Law?

In 1861, following a riot and the destruction of the transportation system Abraham Lincoln enacted Martial Law in Maryland. 12 voters from the General Assembly were arrested and prevented from voting on secession. The scars of the civil war are so deep that many of them are hard to believe. Its very hard to understand the necessary evil that was required to keep the nation whole.

We have seen glimpses of what Martial Law might look like in America. After the nightmare of Hurricane Katrina, the desperate people of Louisiana had to deal with the threats of looters and hand over their guns to armed police. Curfews were put in place and, in my opinion, it made a bad scene even worse.

We are fast approaching the 2020 Election and there is a lot of talk about radical action leading up to and after the results of the election. If we see a new level of civil unrest and disobedience, flavored by extremist violence, will we see some form of Martial Law in our biggest cities?

What Do You Lose Under Martial Law?

It’s been said many times, many ways, Martial Law is the suspension of most of your rights under a regional military leaders’ rule.

From the moment it was enacted in the civil war, all the way to 2005 Martial Law has been used sparingly in times of disaster and rebellion. It was part of the war of 1812, the San Francisco Earthquake of 1906, the Dock Workers Strike of 1934 and even Hawaii was placed under Martial Law after Pearl Harbor.

While these instances were swift, Americans will never come to grips with the idea of Martial Law. Even if it results in turning chaos into order. That is because the sheer loss of rights under this militaristic rule are many and are invasive.

Worst of all, it’s a situation that has the potential for radical corruption and abuse of power.

In Martial Law the suspension of many, or all, of your constitutional rights is possible.

  • Gun confiscation is common and your right to bear arms is infringed

  • Your right to free speech is also at risk

  • Your free travel will be impeded or suspended

  • You will have no protections against search and seizure

  • Curfews are often instilled


13 Genius Gardening Hacks That You’ll Be Glad to Know! Blossom

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