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True News 4 U — Social Media News — 08/07/2020

YouTube / Google Whistleblower Reveals A Dangerous Agenda!

(NOTE: This video cannot be removed by YouTube)

August 6, 2020

A former insider who worked at YouTube / Google, Zach Vorhies shares his story about what he uncovered while working for the tech giant.

Zach Vorhies became a whistleblower after he discovered what he believed to be high crimes committed by Google against entire nations, including the United States.

Google sent the police after Zach when they discovered he had taken over 950 pages of documents from the company which he handed over to the Department of Justice.

Mr. Zorhies also shares a plan to end the censorship and possibly break up the monopoly that has become possibly the most powerful corporation in the world, Google.

Zach Vorhies’ Website https://www.zachvorhies.com

Zach’s Twitter Account https://twitter.com/Perpetualmaniac

Campaign To End Censorship https://www.stopbitburning.com

USA.Life founder hails platform as alternative to Facebook, Twitter for Christians and conservatives

August 2, 2020

(CP) – As a growing number of conservatives and Christians across the United States believe social media giants are censoring them, a new platform aims to be a refuge for those who are seeking alternatives to Facebook and Twitter.

Founded in early 2019 by pastor and Silicon Valley technology expert Steven Andrew, USA.Life bills itself as “the answer to Facebook and Twitter censoring Christians, Conservatives, and Liberty.” The platform very closely resembles Facebook. Users can send messages, join groups, and become friends with other users. Along with likes, reactions to comments also include “the unique Christian Cross ‘Amen.’”

Last year, Andrew explained that “Facebook blocked 5 million people per month from my account alone, so I started USA.Life to give conservatives a social network that didn’t block their First Amendment right to free speech.”

On Wednesday, Twitter’s censorship was mentioned during the House Judiciary Subcommittee’s hearing on antitrust when Rep. James Sensenbrenner, R-Wis., asked Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg why the [Twitter] platform had temporarily suspended Donald Trump Jr.’s account.

The suspension came after the president’s son shared a video of doctors talking favorably about hydroxychloroquine, a drug that some claim can cure the novel coronavirus when used early in treatment along with zinc and Zithromax.



The Lords of Silicon Valley had been summoned yet again. Only to continue their gaslighting of the American people after years of relentless bullying of small businesses, the totalitarian dominance of the public square, and aiding foreign enemies, terrorists, pedophiles, and insurrection. The House Subcommittee seemed Ill equipped to truly get to the bottom of the overwhelming pillaging of our Bill Of Rights. While Matt Gaetz and a handful of others traversed the lies to bring a host of crimes to the forefront. The forefathers of this Country narrowly foresaw the technocracy and it’s willing subjects that now wield a stranglehold on the ideals countless legions shed blood, sweat, and tears for. A Herculean effort to realize true permanent individual freedom only to be sacrificed for the temporary fortunes of the Lords of Silicon Valley on the pyre of the New World Order.


The Tech monopolists who now censor conservatives openly, crushing any competition that stands in their way spoke to their underlings on the the hill. However, Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio hammered out in red alert documentation what he and others had witnessed over years of Silicon Valley neglect and deception.The Democrats with their fingers in their ears and their heads firmly planted up their rear ends responded in what has become typical of their insolence. America must decide if it will follow them further down the path of inevitable national destruction.


July 30, 2020

Social Media on Warpath as Trump video removed and Trump JR restricted on Twitter

(ETH) – Social Media giants are on the warpath again and have recently scrubbed a video featuring a group of doctors making false and dubious claims related to the coronavirus that was reportedly retweeted and shared by US President Donald Trump.

The report indicated that the video was removed by Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube after going viral online Monday. The video was reportedly published by the right-wing media outlet Breitbart News, featured a group of people wearing white lab coats calling themselves “America’s Frontline Doctors” staging a press conference in front of the US Supreme Court in Washington, DC. Trump quickly shared multiple versions of the video with his 84 million Twitter followers on Monday night.

CNN Business reported: “During the press conference, a speaker who identifies herself as a doctor makes a number of dubious claims, including that “you don’t need masks” to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, and that recent studies showing hydroxychloroquine is ineffective for the treatment of Covid-19 are “fake science” sponsored by “fake pharma companies.”


  1. Facebook bans page that shared videos of ex-Muslims discussing how they were persecuted for leaving Islam

Mark Zuckerberg is killing people by banning information about hydroxychloroquine from Facebook

August 4, 2020

(Natural News) Facebook’s recent decision to restrict, aka ban, all information about hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) from its platform represents a clear case of “digital imperialism,” and one that will result in the needless deaths of untold numbers of Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) patients.

Even though HCQ is being successfully used in other countries to treat the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), as well as in a handful of U.S. states where doctors are brave enough to prescribe it, Mark Zuckerberg and his Silicon Valley team will not let you learn about it because, well, you just cannot.

In other words, Facebook has chosen to restrict people’s First Amendment rights simply because the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) refuses to support HCQ. And this is all a product of partisan politics, with entrenched leftists insisting that HCQ does not work solely because President Donald Trump endorsed it.

According to a study conducted by Sermo, which describes itself as “the largest healthcare data collection company and global social platform for physicians,” HCQ remains one of the most commonly prescribed treatments for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) all around the world.

This three-day poll conducted by Sermo, which included results from 6,200 physicians hailing from 30 different countries, found that, by and large, HCQ is a medically accepted and effective treatment for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), despite Big Tech’s rejection of it.

“The three most commonly prescribed treatments amongst COVID-19 treaters are 56% analgesics, 41% Azithromycin, and 33% Hydroxychloroquine,” the poll found.

“Hydroxychloroquine usage amongst COVID-19 treaters is 72% in Spain, 49% in Italy, 41% in Brazil, 39% in Mexico, 28% in France, 23% in the U.S., 17% in Germany, 16% in Canada, 13% in the UK and 7% in Japan.”


Facebook and Google complicit in crimes against humanity, ban life saving information that can lower covid-19 mortality, improve survival

August 2, 2020

(Natural News) Facebook and Google (YouTube) will not allow any doctor or survivor to speak about their success in treating coronavirus infection, unless their advice coincides with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). These are policies of censorship that come directly from the CEOs of both companies. The Big Tech social media giants have developed a manipulative, controlling public health orthodoxy – a cult of fear that prohibits any good news about infection recovery, how to help the immune system, and how to successfully treat people with antiviral medications.

It’s now obvious what is going on: The goal is to coerce as many people as possible to submit to quarterly injections and undergo DNA-altering vaccine experiments that reprogram the immune system at the cellular level. Big Tech is in on the vaccine sell which can only be achieved by keeping the population controlled and in a state of fear. These vaccine experiments are already causing symptoms in 80 percent of those vaccinated in clinical studies. Scientifically, this approach will cause perpetual dependence on one-sided immune system augmentations that rely on antibody measurements (not full-scale adaptive immunity through regular environmental exposure).


Big Tech is making sure people don’t hear about the deadly downsides of vaccines

August 1, 2020

(Natural News) Access to unlimited information is one of the biggest draws of the internet, but if Big Tech has their way, we’ll soon only be able to read hand-picked information that supports the liberal narrative. Anyone who thinks this is an exaggeration only needs to take a look to what’s happening with Big Tech censorship on the vaccine debate.

Last month, Children’s Health Defense Chairman Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. reported that Facebook removed an interview on IGTV that he did with the founder of The Autism File, Polly Tommey, a mere 10 minutes after it was posted without offering any explanation.

According to Kennedy, the video did not contain any inaccuracies and was fully supported by peer-reviewed science. Their main issue, of course, was that it contained facts that the vaccine industry does not want people to hear. In this case, he spoke about the coronavirus vaccine and the flaws in Moderna’s recent trials.

This type of censorship was also seen when Facebook’s FactChecker program censored the producer of Vaxxed, Del Bigtree, when he said that vaccines contain mercury and aluminum and can cause encephalopathy. This was somehow branded false and censored despite the fact that this information is listed in the package inserts that come with vaccines (although patients rarely end up seeing them). Bigtree was also recently deplatformed by YouTube after covering the low-cost hydroxychloroquine treatment for coronavirus that threatens Big Pharma profits.


Facebook censors Christian ministry for allegedly promoting ‘conversion therapy’

July 29, 2020

(CP) – Facebook is starting to censor a Christian ministry for allegedly promoting “conversion therapy,” removing posts of men and women who were once LGBT-identified and now follow Jesus. Anne Paulk, president of Restored Hope Network, explained to The Christian Post how at the apparent behest of the liberal media watchdog group Media Matters, the social media giant is taking down posts from their most recent conference, saying that they violate “community standards.”

“I find it ironic that Facebook is calling speech that says relational needs have relational answers ‘hate speech’ when the American Family Association literally had death threats against them on Facebook, they reported it to Facebook and they considered that not to be hate speech. And yet the person went to jail over it because it violated standards.

“I find that to be deeply troubling and deeply concerning freedom of speech across the world stage on the largest platform that exists on social media with 2 billion users. They’re trying to shut down voices that they simply disagree with.” Paulk believes that the intense drive to shut down perspectives on sexuality and gender issues with which they disagree stems from an inability to argue for their own views.

“I think they have an emotional and not a logical or rational response to what’s going on and there is essentially a faith that they’ve ascribed to. They can’t tolerate it because they don’t have a way to defend themselves, I believe.”


YouTube supports FAKE studies that have been retracted, but censors REAL studies about hydroxychloroquine

August 3, 2020

(Natural News) One of the many tech platforms that uniformly decided to blacklist the America’s Frontline Doctors (AFD) “White Coat Summit” event for allegedly containing “misinformation,” YouTube was recently caught continuing to host fake news videos about the long debunked and retracted Lancet study that falsely claimed hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) is “ineffective” at treating the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19).

In a tweet, Dr. James Todaro, M.D., pointed out the hypocrisy of not only YouTube but also Facebook and Twitter systematically taking down the AFD event, while still leaving up one featuring Surgisphere founder Sapan Desai lying about how HCQ supposedly does not work and has been “disproven” as a remedy for the novel virus.

As you may recall from our earlier reporting, the fake science study that was published in The Lancet was never peer-reviewed. Its creators claimed that the data was “proprietary,” and thus off-limits to outside scrutiny – how convenient, eh?

When word got out and it was becoming abundantly obvious that nobody with a functioning brain was buying this faux research, The Lancet quietly retracted it, indicating that the authors “were unable to complete an independent audit of the data underpinning their analysis.”

This was back in May, and ever since the medical establishment and mainstream media have continued to rely on the “findings” of this fake study, using them as weapons to fight back the idea that HCQ combined with zinc is helping many Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) patients recover from associated illnesses.

Surgisphere, as we reported, is just some random company that has zero expertise in anything related to infectious disease or epidemiology. It was basically hired on to produce artificial results in the name of “science,” a scam that was quickly outed and that ultimately led to the “study” in question falling by the wayside.


  1. Twitter Allows Iran’s Supreme Leader to Keep Posting His Annihilationist Threats

  2. Twitter flags Trump posts but continues to allow Iran’s Supreme Leader to call for the destruction of Israel

  3. Twitter says tweets calling for the destruction of Israel don’t violate its rules


Twitter puts Dr. Stella Immanuel in social media “prison” over hydroxychloroquine claims, demonstrating how dangerous Big Tech censorship has become

August 2, 2020

(Natural News) After video footage of her powerful speech went viral, America’s Frontline Doctors’ (AFD) Dr. Stella Immanuel has faced endless abuse and ridicule from the left, which hates her for proposing hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and zinc as remedies for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19). And now Twitter has gone a step further by actually imprisoning her on its platform, effectively preventing her from tweeting.

According to reports, Dr. Immanuel has been locked out of her Twitter account for the next week for supposedly “violating the Twitter Rules.” This means that her cries for help and support will no longer reach the general public, as Twitter uses its internal “police” forces to take down a black, female immigrant and digitally “incarcerate” her based on unjust allegations.

“We have determined that you have violated the Twitter Rules, so we’ve temporarily limited some of your account features,” is the notice that Dr. Immanuel received from Twitter.

“While in this state, you can still browse Twitter, but you’re limited to only sending Direct Messages to your followers – no Tweets, Retweets, or likes. Your account will be restored to full functionality in: 6 days and 14 hours,” it went on to state at the time she received it.

In her most recent tweet, Dr. Immanuel had petitioned her patients to speak up about their experiences with HCQ. She explained that she and her team are being “attacked, ridiculed and discredited” as part of a massive disinformation campaign about the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) that AFD had warned about at the summit.

“If you have been cured by this drug, share your story online using this hashtag. #HCQWorks,” Dr. Immanuel added in that same tweet.


Twitter Blocks Trump Tweet

July 31, 2020

Twitter reportedly censors moving Bible message from Tim Tebow: Labeled ‘Sensitive content’

July 29, 2020

(OPINION) Theblaze – A spokesperson for Twitter tells The Blaze, “The Tweet … was flagged as potentially sensitive media in error. It has been corrected.” Original story continues below:

Twitter reportedly censored one of former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow’s Bible-centric videos for promoting “sensitive content.” The Western Journal obtained a screenshot of the reported censorship before the tech giant apparently removed it.

The video — which innocuously featured Tebow imploring Christians to hold fast to their faith amid trying times — was censored with a banner that read, “The following media includes potentially sensitive content.” In the video, the outspoken Christian athlete stresses the importance of relying on God through difficult times.

He says, “Bible believers when we look at the Bible, and we see a lot of the heroes, a lot of times they truly were wounded deeply before they were ever used greatly. So maybe you’re going through a time in your life where you feel like you’ve just been wounded greatly. It hasn’t been your year, hasn’t been your day — you just don’t feel like this is your time.”


President Trump Retweets Me & Twitter DELETES It. Is This Still America or Communist China?

July 28, 2020


August 4, 2020

Big Tech censorship strikes again as statistics challenging the BLM narrative are taken down on instagram and a'Mute White People' button is added.

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  2. TikTok’s US General Manager Goes into PANIC Mode After Trump Plans to Ban the App

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