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True News 4 U — Rog's Corner — 08/02/2020


The inventory

Of counting my blessings

Is AWEsome!

August 1, 2020

Our FATHER’s 7th day of HIS rest

Second Chronicles 25 Luke 11 – 12

Dearly beloved,

As an electric fan is blowing cool conditioned air upon me while I am re-watching Tim Mahoney’s movie “Patterns of Evidence – EXODUS,” the scorching deserts of Egypt and the slavery of YHVH’s “chosen people” seems so f-a-r FAR a-w-a-y; and yet, the reason for our temporary sojourn on this planet, Earth — this far country from our eternal Home, is the exact same reason that Israel made the round-trip from the “Promised Landdown to Egypt and then back UP to the “Promised Land.” Selah/pause:

The luxury of this conditioned air is a bit much

I had to selah/pause and turn off the fan :o)

And thank ABBA FATHER for HIS abundant blessings.

Somewhere, out there in cyberspace, chaos is running ruff shod over millions of people and — how is it that I am amid such luxury? Our Congressman, Adrian Smith, just sent this e-mail:

I replied:

Dear Congressman Smith,

Please do NOT mandate the wearing of masks.

Please advise Nebraskans to take plenty of vitamin C and to use activated charcoal per: http://www.charcoalremedies.com

Thank you for asking my opinion,

Rog Gryder

Alliance, Nebraska

Is my tiny voice being heard? Who knows?? Sending our opinion, to those who call the shots, is an honorable thing to do, whether the officials respond favorably or not — our voice is non-violent and may possibly, if enough legal voters would do so, actually make a difference :o)))

Not long ago, I received an e-mail from Senator Deb Fischer, regarding Juneteenth and the opinion that Law Enforcement must improve. I voiced the following to our local Police Department:

June 19, 2020 “JUNETEENTH

Alliance Police Department

P.O. Box D

Alliance, NE 69301

Re: my gratitude for you and this community

Shalom aleichem (Peace be upon you) Alliance Officers of the Peace,

Thank you. You are greatly appreciated. My bride of 42 years and I are very privileged to live here, in Alliance. Having just received an e-mail from our Senator Deb Fischer, (entitled: “Addressing Police Reform to Restore Trust in our Communities”) in which she referred to “JUNETEENTH,” it prompted me to express my gratitude for our community, Alliance. Several years ago, MaraDale and I had the privilege of celebrating “JUNETEENTH” in Oklahoma; and even though we were of only a handful of “Caucasians (? if that is politically-correct vernacular),” it was a very blessed time of celebration. Afterward I wrote a letter to the Mayor of Lawton, OK and thanked him and his city for that great blessing; to which, he replied to me with a most gracious letter :o) YES! “Black People Matter” and so do ALL people. Having said that, I have to ask: is it really Law Enforcement that is in need of “reformor do we-the-people need to take inventory AND re-discover the value in SELF-discipline according to GOD-given Law?! It would seem to me that when man rejects GOD’s Laws, for that of his own, the world runs amok. “Thou shalt not kill” seems so elementary to me and so does “Thou shalt not steal,” etcetera. These Instructions for LIFE and LIFE to the fullest are NOT grievous! As they say, WHAT-GOES-AROUND-COMES-AROUND. ALL people deserve respect — not to only receive respect but to GIVE respect as well. So far, the civil un-rest, which surrounds us in may BIG cities, is best resolved by this brilliant young LADY. If she were on my ballot — I’d vote for her in a New-York-Minute!


Honing our career skills is paramount in any endeavor. As an over-the-road truck driver, I did just that and ultimately won the Montana State Motor Carriers truck driving competition 1st place two years in a row, going to the Nationals both years. The quiet environment of our community SPEAKS-FOR-ITSELF, that our Law Enforcement are doing exactly that and my hat is off to you all. In these past 21 years of being in Alliance, this unknown author only had one blow-up to write about. May this brief report bless you; and again, THANK YOU Alliance Law Enforcement. THANK YOU, thou good and faithful Servants. May the following express my gratitude for you:


Jeremiah 37 John 17

June 16, 2012

Shalom Precious Ones,

I've been "back-in-the saddle-again" hauling corn from Berea, Nebraska to the ethanol plant in Bridgeport, Nebraska. Hummin' down the road in an 80,000 pound Freightliner pullin' a Spudnik live bottom trailer full of corn, thinkin' 'bout the BIG still that makes that 200 proof "go-juice", I got to wondering what the difference is between "sippin' whiskey" and "fire-water" :o) I had a nice visit with the man who samples the corn for moisture content, computes pounds per bushel, and weighs me loaded and empty - in and out of the plant. I was wondering the difference between Jack Daniels "sour mash" and the "wet cake" (by-product of making ethanol gasoline additive) that is being hauled off to feed cattle. I used to drink a lot of Seagram's 7, 80 proof, whiskey, which is 40 % pure alcohol. This stuff, coming out of the Bridgeport plant, is 200 proof, which is 100% pure alcohol! The sign says, "NO SMOKING ON THE PREMISES." I just don't understand why! NOT!!! :o)

Well, that's a bit of minutiae for another day. I still read my Old and New Testament chapters every morning; but, the 10 to 12 hour days have put the skids on doing a lot of writing. Never the less, the prophecies of Jeremiah and the plan of salvation in the book of John have fueled my tiny mind :o)))

fire water,” drugs, and demonic religion that alters the mind that YeHoVaH created tend to turn our world into chaos. Case in point: Highway Patrol cars, Sheriff cars, emergency vehicles of all sorts are screaming by this 80,000 pound corn wagon that I’m in — at HIGH rates of speed toward Alliance ("the best home town in America") because Alliance just had a national headline news robbery, hostage, murder, cops shot, rampage that certainly got my attention! The hoodlum killed his own Dad, robbed our local drug store and shot the store owner and several law enforcement officers. Back before I retired from the railroad, when I was a locomotive engineer and the gunman’s dad was a conductor, I used to work with the gunman’s Dad.... a prince of a guy to work with, and I grieve his passing. When we worked together, we visited about the Lord and I know that he heard the Gospel, about Repenting, Reconciling, and Returning to our Father which art in Heaven. I am at peace because I personally know that he heard this Gospel Truth. What he did with it....who knows? We never know when a precious one will breathe their last breath.....

I love you precious people. I yearn for that day when we are in a clean pure place, without terrorism, without drugs, without booze, without t all the evils that the serpent injected into the perfect breath of Life. Maranatha! Return quickly Lord Jesus! Please.

YeHoVaH IS adding His blessing to the reading of His entire Holy Bible. Amen.

Cops shot…?! And BIG GOVERNMENT wants them to give MORE??? With this said, and whatever your faith is, it is my aim to assist our local Law Enforcement in any way I can — if it’s nothing more than merely keeping my own nose clean :o)))

Here I am, use me as it seems best to you. And, THANK YOU!

Aleichem shalom (Upon you be peace)

Rog Gryder


Yes, Abba has steeped me in the most amazing luxury. As a nation… we have been extremely blessed. Expressing our gratitude to Abba YHVH, in obedience to HIS Instructions for LIFE, is what seems to delight HIM most :o)) Shabbat shalom.

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