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True News 4 U — Religion News — 11/21/2020

  1. Video: Guest on US-funded Alhurra denigrates Christians

  2. ‘Non-Muslim women are being kidnapped, raped, lured, converted to Islam, punished and brainwashed’

  3. UAE Official: Hamas and the PA Are ‘Corrupt’ and ‘Murderers’

  4. Islamic Faith Community of Austria complains that counterterror measures foster ‘Islamophobia’

  5. Islamic scholar: Jews trying to stop spread of Islam in Europe, as ‘this endangers their Satanic schemes’

  6. Israel Update November 18, 2020

  7. Congo: Muslims murder 29 people in national park and six more in armed jihad attack on village

  8. Austria’s Kurz and Germany’s Merkel On Collision Course About How to Oppose Jihad Terror

  9. The Iowa Law Enforcement Academy Meets Fantasy Islam

  10. Macron calls New York Times hack, charges media with ‘legitimizing violence’ in coverage of France’s stance on jihad

  11. Mali: Jihad leader sentenced to death for terrorism says ‘I am not a terrorist; I am leading the jihad’

  12. Special Report: Evangelical Christianity In Crisis

  13. UN Returns To Israel Bashing: 138 Nations Pass 7 Anti-Israel Resolutions

  14. Muslim preacher says one who insults Muhammad ‘is to be put to the sword. We ask Allah to destroy these people.’

  15. Iran’s Rouhani: ‘To insult a prophet is nothing more than an encouragement to violence and an immoral act’

  16. Australia: Muslim gets 12 years for ‘imminent’ knife jihad attack, screams that hearing is ‘Islamophobic’

  17. Germany: Cops investigating false bomb threat against mosque have dog wear paw covers to avoid offending Muslims

  18. Azerbaijan’s President promises to protect churches, but Muslims screaming ‘Allahu akbar’ are desecrating churches

  19. Saudi Arabia: Muslim injures three with bomb at French remembrance service in ‘Non-Muslim Cemetery’

  20. Uganda: Muslims murder pastor, say he ‘ought to die for using the Koran and saying Allah is not God but an evil god’

  21. Pakistan: Muslim neighbors murder Christian woman and her son in front of their home

  22. Russia: Ulema bans Muslim men from marrying non-Muslim women unless children are raised Muslim

  23. Italy: Three suspected jihadists escape deportation center, one is still on the run

A Time for Prophetic Positioning – Engage! (Part 1) Give Him 15: Daily Prayers with Dutch

Join me each day as we pray for our nation until the election crisis has resolved. I’ll be reading the daily Give Him 15, making comments, and then we will pray together. Let's Appeal to Heaven for America.

A Time for Prophetic Positioning – Engage! (Part 2) Give Him 15: Daily Prayers with Dutch

Join me each day as we pray for our nation until the election crisis has resolved. I’ll be reading the daily Give Him 15, making comments, and then we will pray together. Let's Appeal to Heaven for America.

The whole region is a tinderbox. Another "end-time" prophesy could be about to unravel. On Saturday, 34 people were killed in a terror attack in Ethiopia: Could a 2,600 year old Isaiah prophecy about to come true?

Ethiopia's massive GERD dam could stop water from flowing downstream through Sudan and Egypt. Credit Wikipedia.

If you thought 2020 couldn't get any stranger, well, think again. It's the year when many people realised many end-time Bible prophesies suddenly began fruition with covid-19 and civil unrest around the world and Israel making peace with more and more Arab nations.

Another "end-time" prophesy could be about to unravel. On Saturday, 34 people were killed in a terror attack in Ethiopia after a passenger bus in the Benishangul-Gumuz region was ambushed by armed attackers. Ethnic violence among members of various ethnic groups in Benishangul-Gumuz regional state in recent months has left hundreds dead and thousands of others displaced. The clashes are mainly over access to power and land resources.

Ethiopia appears to be fast approaching civil war. Fighting between forces loyal to the federal government headed by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF) has claimed hundreds of lives and is threatening to rip the country apart. While battles rage on the ground, the two sides are also fighting a war of words. Each is trying to rally their people and also to convince the world that they have the moral high ground. The government in Addis Ababa and the TPLF accuse one another of firing the first shots. Mr Abiy has said that army officers were murdered in cold blood. OUR ENVIRONMENT IS COLLAPSING JUST AS SEVERELY AS OUR SOCIETY: We are beginning to see certain areas of the world becoming impossible to live in, areas which for years have been heavily populated are now for certain parts of the year at least "unlivable." The 12-day conflict between Ethiopia's government and forces in the country's Tigray region has escalated. The Tigrayan forces fired rockets across the border into neighbouring Eritrea, after claiming Ethiopian soldiers were using an Eritrean airport to attack Tigray. Analysts say the latest attacks mark a major uptick in a conflict which has displaced thousands of civilians according to the BBC. Ethiopia and Eritrea fought out a bloody war from 1998 and only officially ended in 2018. Enter Mr Trump

In a remarkable speech, last month during a ceremony marking "a peace deal between Israel and Sudan," (remarkable in itself), President Trump lifted a 2,600-year old, Old Testament prophecy right from the pages of Isaiah and dropping it into the laps of the world press. Sudan borders Ethiopia and has itself been struggling to contain a civil war since 2013 and blames Ethiopia of being involved. The whole region is a tinderbox. Who are the Two Witnesses in Bible Prophecy? Are they Moses and Elijah? Enoch and Elijah? The Old and New Testament? Or are they something more? A shocking discovery awaits and will blow your mind! Mr Trump's speech.

I am not sure of President Trump's understanding of the Old Testament but when he claimed Egypt will “blow up” a disputed dam that Ethiopia is building on the Blue Nile he brought to life a prophecy which until recently had remained a mystery for centuries. What is waiting for the US and UK in Bible prophecy? Ezekiel was commissioned by God to watch over them and they were blessed with power and glory but in the last days, it is very clear to see the once mighty and powerful countries are just observers of the plunder coming before the day of Jehovah! Mr Trump went on to say regarding the massive GERD dam Ethiopia is building, the project has created a “very dangerous situation,”, Trump said because one of the country’s downstream neighbours, Egypt, which relies on the Nile and its tributaries for most of its irrigation and drinking water, “is not going to be able to live that way.” Suggesting the massive dam will cut off the Nile's life-giving water supply to Egypt.


Prophecies for November - Coverstone 11/16/2020

What has been prophecies or warned, and hopefully what has been prayed away or softened? In December 2019 Pastor Dana Coverstone was shown the very first dream. Where are we today, specifically in relation to the Coverstone dreams?

The Top Ten Bible Prophecy Stories Of 2020

1) The Decline of America. There is really no end-time power in the Bible other than a Revived Roman Empire from which the Antichrist will headquarter. Thus, prophecy watchers have always known America must decline. This year we have watched capitalism come under attack and socialism and globalism be heralded. Some progressive but deluded political leaders are even hailing Marxism, including many on the Biden team.

2) The Rise of Lawlessness, Anarchy and Spirit of Antichrist. We see unbridled lawlessness in Matthew 24 and parts of Revelation, although the context of both is the Tribulation. So once again, we see Tribulation events casting a long shadow on the Church Age. Here in America, literally "all hell is breaking loose" and our Republic and rule of law are disintegrating right before our eyes! At the root of this is the spirit of the Antichrist.

3) Peace Efforts in the Middle East. We can debate the practicality of these events and should America and Europe even intrude on Israel with peace efforts? Nonetheless, they are setting the stage for peace deals proposed by the Antichrist. And, the year is not over, so more peace efforts may take place before year-end. But, I am reminded of the haunting words in Jeremiah 6:14: "Saying peace, peace, when there is no peace."

4) Increasing Attacks on Christians, Christianity, Churches, etc. Thanks to Covid-19, churches, and Christianity in general, became gross inconveniences in 2020. Churches were either shut down or marginalized starting in March. Christians in America were harassed and even arrested for wishing to just practice their faith and meet for worship. Believers in the Mideast and Africa were slaughtered by the thousands. Jesus said a day was coming when we would be hated for His Name's sake (Matt. 10:22).

5) Growing Apostasy and Wolves Among the Flock. Sound biblical preaching is fading with a rise in the love for experience, emotion, and unsound doctrine. There is even the love of the "doctrine of demons" (I Timothy 4:1). The New Apostolic Reformation continues to surge. A new, but very false teaching in both churches and seminaries, is the Marxist Critical Race Theory. At the same time, Bible prophecy has vanished from most pulpits, as well as support for Israel.


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