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True News 4 U — Religion News — 08/16/2020

  1. Israel's Historic Deal With The UAE Could Be Just The Beginning

  2. Cardi B's New Hit Song Underscores Why We Need A Moral & Cultural Revolution (NOTE: I only played the first 15 seconds of the song "Cardi B - WAP (Lyrics) FT. Megan Thee Stallion" and I paused it to read the lyrics. This is vulgar. We as parents need to be more involved in what our children are listening to and this applies to adults also. What we listen to does affect our inner being. We can either chose to serve Almighty Yahweh or we can serve the world which is on the wide path to destruction.)

  3. ‘Historic Win’: John MacArthur Claims Victory in Lawsuit Over Church Restrictions

  4. UPDATE: John MacArthur sues state over worship restrictions

  5. John MacArthur tells CNN that the Government Is “Targeting the Church”

  6. 84 year-old Christian in China ordered to pray to Xi over God


  8. Vatican Issues New Pontifical Academy Directive Blaming Humans For Covid-19, Say MOTHER EARTH Was Forced To Attack Us With Virus Because Of Our Sins Against Her

  9. Why You Shouldn’t Date or Marry This Kind of Person

  10. Expert claims new evidence of Jonah and the whale found in Jerusalem

  11. New survey shows most pastors believe adultery shouldn’t permanently disqualify clergy from ministry

  12. DA declares California county a ‘sanctuary county’ for church worship gatherings

  13. Just A Thought with Peg Forrest - (Episode 18) - "A Distorted Gospel Is NOT The Gospel"

  14. ‘Salvations, Healings, Miracles and Baptisms’: Seattle Revival Thrives Despite Angry Protesters Shouting ‘Hail Satan!’

  15. Franklin Graham warns ‘Our nation is in trouble, we need God’s help’

  16. BROKEN COVENANTS: From the Sanhedrin to Vatican II


  18. Center Of Ancient Kingdom Of Judah Found In Jerusalem

  19. The Truth About Angels

  20. Jesus saved me from new age practice

  21. Texas Church Pastor Arrested For Allegedly Transporting Child Pornography

  22. ‘Joy Took Over the Streets’: Christians Come Together in Portland During ‘Riots to Revival’

  23. 6 Lies the Devil Uses to Condemn You

  24. Civilization expert Fred Markert warns there's only ONE way to save America from catastrophic collapse

  25. Bible Teacher Claims Third Temple Prophecy is ‘Unintentionally’ Unfolding

  26. California Church to Defy ‘Unconstitutional’ Order Not to Gather for Worship

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The Prophetic Implications of the Israel-UAE Agreement

August 14, 2020

(OPINION) BIN – On Thursday, Prime Minister Netanyahu announced that with the help of President Trump, an agreement between the United Arab Emirates and Israel.

The deal was finalized via a phone call between Trump, Prime Minister Netanyahu, and Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the crown prince of Abu Dhabi. In a joint statement by the United States, Israel and UAE posted by Trump on Twitter, it said that this was a “historic diplomatic breakthrough” and will “advance peace in the Middle East.”

The statement said that in the coming weeks, Israeli and Emirati delegations will meet to sign bilateral agreements on security, tourism, direct flights, investment, telecommunications, technology, health care, reciprocal embassies, culture, energy, and the environment.

Just a few hours after the agreement, Rabbi Tuly Josh Wander, a video reporter for Breaking Israel News, and Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz, a feature article writer for Breaking Israel News, had a video conference analyzing the implications of the Abraham Accords.

Wander started off the discussion by noting that the agreement “caught everybody off guard.” “Prime Minister Netanyahu was in the middle of a meeting discussing corona with his cabinet,” Wander reported. “In the middle of a meeting, he walked out and said to everybody that they would understand why in a few minutes.”


Franklin Graham warns Biden-Harris ticket ‘should be a great concern to all Christians’

August 14, 2020

(OPINION) Fox News – Evangelist Franklin Graham, a prominent evangelical supporter of President Trump, is calling on Christians to take note of one issue presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris both adamantly support.

The son of the late Rev. Billy Graham notes, Biden-Harris “are labeled as the most pro-abortion presidential ticket in the history of our nation.” “This should be a great concern to all Christians,” Graham, the president and CEO of Samaritan’s Purse, tweeted.

“As a follower of Jesus Christ, I am pro-life [and] believe every life is precious to God.” A Gallup poll from May found that almost a quarter of Democrats consider themselves pro-life, but Biden, who is Catholic, and Harris, a Baptist believer, both support abortion rights, in stark contrast to Trump and Vice President Mike Pence.

Kristen Day of Democrats for Life of America, told “Fox & Friends First” Thursday the anti-abortion group was “already concerned about Joe Biden and his stance on abortion.” Citing Biden’s recent reversal of decades-long support for the Hyde Amendment, which does not allow Medicaid to include abortion coverage, and that “he made the Democratic platform the most pro-abortion platform we have seen in history.”


7 Traits of the Biblically Woke Person

August 14, 2020

(OPINION) Charisma – Throughout the past several decades, many biblical principles and symbols have been co-opted by non-Christian groups to brand their various causes. The latest biblical term to be copied is the term “woke.”

Paul the apostle said more than two millennia ago, “Besides this you know the time, that the hour has come for you to wake from sleep. For salvation is nearer to us now than when we first believed (Rom. 13:11, ESV).”

Today, “woke” people are those who agree with the views of intersectionality, which combines radical feminism, socialism, specific views of systemic racism and various sexual identity concepts and more. The purpose of this article is not to disparage any particular group or person who utilizes the term “woke,” but to show the biblical roots and meanings of the term. The following are seven traits of biblically woke people:

  1. A biblically “woke” person has been “born from above,” which enables them to “see” the kingdom of God (John 3:1-8). Jesus said, if a person has not yet had this supernatural experience (otherwise called a conversion experience or being “born again”), then it will be impossible for them to understand the reality of God’s reign; it’s a reign which governs both the visible and invisible realms.

  2. A biblically “woke” person views the world through God’s perspective instead of their own. Jesus said, “The eye is the lamp of the body. Therefore … when your eye is bad, your body also is full of darkness. Take heed therefore lest the light which is in you is darkness” (Luke 11:34-35, MEV). What Jesus was referring to here was not merely the physical eye but the perspective of people.The eye is the gate of the soul that enables a person to observe the world and judge it. When the eye gate is dark (without divine illumination), a person’s whole body will be filled with darkness. Hence, a biblically woke person has a worldview or life perspective based on God’s reign and His Word instead of the world’s opinion and value system. This is why Paul states that all believers were once darkness, and now they are light in the world (Eph. 5:8).

  3. Biblically “woke” people expose works of darkness. According to Ephesians 5:11-13, Christ-followers are called to speak out against the wickedness and bring it to the light. Hence, if you are genuinely biblically “woke,” you will not be captive to the “group think” of the world but will live contrary to it and expose its lies by speaking the truth in love. If all you do is echo what pop culture says and believes, chances are you are not fully “woke” from God’s perspective.


If Humanity Won't Revolt, GOD'S ARMY WILL!

August 14, 2020

Maryam Henein is an investigative journalist and director of the award-winning documentary 'Vanishing of the Bees'. In this interview we discuss the virus tyranny and big pharma, Operation "Quack Hack", techno-fascism & much more. By the way, if WE the people won't revolt against this rapidly unfolding anti-human global agenda, the birds will because in the end GOD WINS!! So stay tuned.

The Rise of the Ten Kings (And More)

August 14, 2020

It is normal for people to fear that the Antichrist is just around the corner, just waiting to jump out and say, “Boo!” He isn’t. He’s hiding behind the corner after that. So, instead of being fearful of the Antichrist, maybe we should be… well, not fearful …but, at least anticipating these guys:

The Ten Kings Without A Kingdom

Those guys MUST be in power BEFORE the Antichrist arrives. And no, they are not ruling now. Not yet. However, I do believe that the events that are unfolding before our eyes are getting ready for these kings to rise.

I also talk about a deception in the KJV and a personal opinion from Martin Armstrong.


Most Americans oppose religious exemptions from COVID-19 lockdown restrictions: Pew

August 13, 2020

Most Americans oppose giving houses of worship religious exemptions from COVID-19 lockdown regulations, according to a new survey by Pew Research Center. In findings released Friday, Pew found that 79% of respondents said religious institutions should be subject to the same social distancing guidelines as secular businesses and entities. Respondents who identified as evangelical Protestant were more likely to support giving houses of worship more flexibility, nevertheless 62% of them also opposed exemptions. Pew found a partisan divide, with 93% of Democrat and Democrat-leaning respondents opposing exemptions versus 65% of Republican and Republican-leaning respondents agreeing…


Totalitarianism Of ANTICHRIST AND THE FINAL SOLUTION Approaching Quickly

August 13, 2020

Totalitarianism is just what it says it is: total. In a totalitarian state, the government’s power is absolutely unfettered and unlimited: it either controls the means of production or owns them outright. It controls what can be said and what cannot be. It asserts authority over every aspect of the citizen’s life. Most Americans complacently assume that totalitarianism could never come to the United States. But today it is advancing here at a rapid clip […] Just like in the old Soviet Union or Nazi Germany, in America today, only one point of view, only one political perspective, can be stated openly and freely in public without consequences […] it is increasingly taken for granted in America that only Leftists may enunciate their views without fear of personal, professional, and/or even physical harm. The implications of that, and the consequences of that, are ominous…



August 13, 2020

The presumptive Democratic candidate to run for the presidency, Joe Biden, announced on Tuesday that Senator Kamala Harris will be his running mate.  Their names and the paring of their names has powerful hidden meanings. Harris’s full name is Kamala Devi Harris. The name was given to her by her mother, an intelligent woman with a Ph.D. who worked in breast cancer research. She named her “Kamala Devi” for religious reasons, as both are the names of Hindu gods…


The Satanic Temple Promotes “Satanic Ritual Abortions” To Take Advantage of Religious Liberty Laws

August 12, 2020

The Satanic Temple created a ruse to avoid state requirements prior to abortions: They invented a satanic ritual to be performed right before the abortion.

In the past years, The Satanic Temple (TST) launched various campaigns exploiting loopholes in laws and regulations to help its favorite causes (such as abortions) while making the world a little more satanic. And, each time, TST is praised by media for its “brilliance” while completely overlooking the profound symbolic implications of its stunts.

TST’s latest stunt is particularly symbolic: Turning abortions into satanic rituals that celebrate “free will”. The goal is to take advantage of the Religious Freedoms Restoration Act in order to bypass various pre-abortion requirements such as waiting periods, compulsory counseling, reading materials, sonograms, the listening of the fetal heartbeat, and burial or cremation of fetal remains.


Will The Apophis Asteroid Fulfill The Wormwood Prophecy Of Revelation?

August 12, 2020

We live at a time when giant space rocks are whizzing past our planet with alarming regularity. Sometimes we know in advance that they are coming, and sometimes we don't.    

In fact, on July 28th an asteroid the size of a car zipped past our planet "at a range that rivals the orbits of some high-flying satellites", but we had only spotted it for the very first time on July 26th.  

If we couldn't see that one until it was nearly upon us, could it be possible that there are much larger potential threats hurtling toward our planet that we currently know nothing about?

In 1998, a big Hollywood movie entitled "Deep Impact" imagined what would happen if a very large asteroid hit the Atlantic Ocean.  It is hard to believe that it has been more than 20 years since it first came out, because I can still remember it very vividly.  

In one of the most memorable scenes in the film, a massive tsunami that is hundreds of feet tall slams into the east coast of the United States causing immense death and destruction.

But that is just a movie.  Could something similar actually happen in real life?

On Tuesday, a British news source reminded us that scientists have discovered that such a scenario is actually a very real possibility...

A computer simulation of an asteroid impact tsunami developed by scientists at the University of California, Santa Cruz (USCS), showed waves as high as 400 feet sweeping onto the Atlantic Coast of the US.


People In Israel Are Preparing Show-Bread For Service In Third Temple

August 12, 2020

Les Saidel, a veteran immigrant to Israel, originally from Johannesburg, South Africa, likely knows more about the Biblical showbread than anyone else on earth.

Called Lechem Hapanim in Hebrew (literally, bread of the faces), the ancient art of preparing the showbread for use in the Holy Temple in Jerusalem has not been practiced for close to 2000 years.

During the Second Temple period, the showbreads were baked by the Garmu family of Levi'im (Levites). Each Friday, the Garmu family baked a new set of 12 loaves. Each of the loaves represented one of the 12 Tribes. They were placed on the Temple's golden shulchan (table) in two stacks of six and they remained on the shulchan all week.

According to Saidel, these special breads had miracles associated with them during the time the Holy Temples stood in Jerusalem. Despite the fact that the breads sat out uncovered for seven days, they miraculously remained fresh and warm, even a week later.

The showbreads were replaced every Friday and the previous week's showbreads were distributed among the incoming and outgoing shifts of kohanim (priests assigned to work in the Temple). Saidel explained that this amounted to 400 or 500 people eating from these 12 loaves. Despite the fact that each kohen (priest) received only a small amount of bread, it miraculously was as filling as if they had eaten an entire meal.

Saidel has lived in Israel for 35 years. For the first 25 years after making aliyah (immigrating to Israel), he worked as a computer programmer. Given the combination of the bursting of the .com bubble and a bit of a mid-life crisis after finding himself without a job, Saidel returned to his childhood passion of baking 11 years ago.

"I fell in love with whole grain bread," he reported. He and his wife "opened an artisan bakery serving healthy organic breads and baked goods." Over the last five years, their business pivoted from primarily baking and selling bread to mostly offering baking workshops for families, Jewish and Christian tourists and school groups.


Over half of US Christians believe good works alone will get them into Heaven

August 11, 2020

(CP) – Less than half of U.S. Christians expect to experience eternal salvation because of their confession of sin and acceptance of Christ as their Savior, while a larger number of professing Christians believe good works will get them into Heaven, a new survey has found.

The American Worldview Inventory 2020 survey conducted by the Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University found that a majority of people who describe themselves as Christian (52%) accept a “works-oriented” means to God’s acceptance.

In contrast, a minority of adults (46%) who describe themselves as “Christian” expect to experience eternal salvation because of their confession of sin and acceptance of Christ as their savior. The study also found that “huge proportions of people” associated with churches whose official doctrine says eternal salvation comes only from embracing Jesus Christ as savior “believe that a person can qualify for Heaven by being or doing good.”

That includes close to half of all adults associated with Pentecostal (46%), mainline Protestant (44%), and evangelical (41%) churches. A much larger share of Catholics (70%) embraces that point of view.  The survey of 2,000 individuals found that one in three Americans (33%) say they consider themselves to be Christian and affirm the statement that “when you die you will go to heaven only because you have confessed your sins and have accepted Jesus Christ as your savior.”


FALLING AWAY: Christians in the US increasingly departing from core truths of Christian worldview

August 10, 2020

(CP) – A new survey is revealing that the majority of Americans no longer believe that Jesus is the path to salvation and instead believe that being a good person is sufficient. As part of the ongoing release of the Arizona Christian University-based Cultural Research Center’s American Worldview Inventory, the latest findings — exploring perceptions of sin and salvation — from George Barna, the group’s director, show that nearly two-thirds of Americans believe that having some kind of faith is more important than the particular faith with which someone aligns.

Sixty-eight percent who embrace that notion identify as Christians, including 56% of self-described evangelicals and 62% of those who identify as Pentecostals. Sixty-seven percent of mainline Protestants and 77% of Catholics also embraced that idea, the findings show.

Slightly over half of the Christian respondents said they believe someone can attain salvation by “being or doing good,” a figure that includes, 46% of Pentecostals, 44% of mainline Protestants, 41% of evangelicals, and 70% of Catholics.

In addition to the viewpoint that eternal salvation can be earned, survey results show that 58% of Americans believe that no absolute moral truth exists and that the basis of truth is factors or sources other than God. Seventy-seven percent said that right and wrong are determined by factors other than the Bible. Fifty-nine percent said that the Bible is not God’s authoritative and true Word and 69% said people are basically good.


7 Recognizable Traits of Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

August 10, 2020

(OPINION) Charisma – Since encountering my own situations with wolves in sheep’s clothing, I found myself reflecting on these encounters and trying to learn from them. My stories regarding wolf-wrangling bear some similarities with those of others who have shared with me.

I’ve written articles about healing from a wolf attack and how to wrangle with a wolf, so I wanted to take some time and learn from these situations. We must learn how to spot a wolf. The Bible warns us to “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves” (Matt. 7:15).

Yet it also tells us that false prophets will increase in the last days (see Matt 24:11). This tells me that we must learn to identify a wolf in sheep clothing or a false prophet. It’s not so that we can become judgmental or jaded, but it’s so we can protect ourselves and other sheep around us. We must guard the sheep in our churches. We must protect the young believers.

We must do what God commands us in Matthew 10:16: “Be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.” Many believers fall into the trap of being mauled by wolves because they want to believe the best in people. I’m not encouraging people to believe the worst of others, but I do encourage people to be wise. The problem with wolves in sheep’s clothing is that from afar, they look like sheep.

It isn’t until you get close that you can recognize they are a wolf and not a sheep. Therein lies the danger of getting hurt and falling into a trap of the enemy. But because I’ve wrangled with a few wolves, I’ve learned to spot them more quickly than I used to. Below is a list of ways I’ve learned to tell the difference:

1. Wolves will have an issue with spiritual authority. Jesus knew authority and knew what it meant to be under authority. He said He didn’t do things unless He’d seen His Father in heaven do them (John 15:19-20). Real prophets are not rebellious people.

They understand authority. In my wolf encounters, the people in question had issues with spiritual authority. Wolves will tell you they don’t have such an issue but watch them carefully. Do they have a spiritual covering?

In one of my WISC (wolf in sheep clothing) encounters, this individual pretended to have a covering, but after I learned he was a WISC, his pastor who was supposed to be his covering contacted me. It came to find out that this WISC had issues for a long time. In another WISC issue, I caught this man lying to our pastor. Had it been a one-time thing, then maybe the person just isn’t mature. But in these situations, it was a pattern that happened over and over again.

2. Wolves will try to manipulate and control you. WISCs can be some of the sweetest of people as long as they think you can be controlled. They will operate under tactful intimidation and often, you don’t realize what’s happening right away. This is not from God. God doesn’t manipulate and control, and anyone who says they’re sent by God cannot operate under this spirit either.


RESCUE 9*1*1 The KING of Kings is Coming!

August 9, 2020

A mighty RESCUE is underway! GOD has plans to help us, not to hurt us. But we must humble ourselves & choose His way over the worlds. "Think RELATIONSHIP, not routine." "Tell them I AM calling. Tell them to seek Me. Tell them to Come Out of her."

"I AM the LORD of Hosts revealed "4-Years NOT Good" (September 2019 thru October 2023). I AM said, "Tell them: GOD LOVES YOU. His WORD is Your Energy. Do NOT Be Afraid."

Genesis 1:1-14; 2 Chronicles 7:14; Exodus 23, 24; Amos 3:7; Micah 6:8; Matthew 6:9-13, 6:25-27, 24:36; Mark 13; Luke 21; John 3:16-18, 6:43-48, 14:6-7; Ephesians 1:9-10; Revelation 13:1-10; Revelation 18:4-10.



August 9, 2020

"I AM your Father" set the hands of His Preparation Hours, WATCH CLOCK when He said "ONE HOUR", July 2, 2012. His revealed CLOCK struck 1 on YOM TERUAH aka Day of Sounding aka TRUMPETS, September 17, 2012. Ultimately, I AM revealed 3-STAGES of TIME, Times, & half a time, ending just after the fall Biblical feasts of 2023.

What happens 'then' is less critical than 'what we are called to do now'! Turn your heart to God. Humbly submit to His will--not that of any man or woman. Thus says I AM, "Tell them I AM calling. Tell them to seek Me. Tell them to Come Out of her."

Please read Amos 3:7; Matthew 24:36, 25:13, 26:37-40; John 3:16-18; Revelation 13:1-10, 18:4-10.

Thus says "I AM": "40 & 2" (June 11, 2015); "9", "11", "15" (June 13, 2015, "I AM" spoke 3-separate WORDS of LIGHT! Each #WORD brought into the LIGHT a STAGE of TIME. The people upon the 3-STAGES were the same, meaning from the same generation); a seemingly endless, black iron horse army marched up from underground, following the mighty wind of what appeared to be a nuclear explosion over Ashdod, Israel.

Still lost & confused? Ask your Father-in-heaven to show you truth, & He will.


RESCUE 9*1*1 GOD's Plan to Help Us

August 9, 2020

"I AM your Father" set the hands of His Preparation Hours, WATCH CLOCK when He said "ONE HOUR", July 2, 2012. His revealed CLOCK struck 1 on YOM TERUAH aka Day of Sounding aka TRUMPETS, September 17, 2012. Ultimately, I AM revealed 3-STAGES of TIME, Times, & half a time, ending just after the fall Biblical feasts of 2023.

What happens 'then' is less critical than 'what we are called to do now'! Turn your heart to God. Humbly submit to His will--not that of any man or woman. Thus says I AM, "Tell them I AM calling. Tell them to seek Me. Tell them to Come Out of her."

Please read Amos 3:7; Matthew 24:36, 25:13, 26:37-40; John 3:16-18; Revelation 13:1-10, 18:4-10.

Thus says "I AM": "40 & 2" (June 11, 2015); "9", "11", "15" (June 13, 2015, "I AM" spoke 3-separate WORDS of LIGHT! Each #WORD brought into the LIGHT a STAGE of TIME. The people upon the 3-STAGES were the same, meaning from the same generation); a seemingly endless, black iron horse army marched up from underground, following the mighty wind of what appeared to be a nuclear explosion over Ashdod, Israel.

Still lost & confused? Ask your Father-in-heaven to show you truth, & He will.

Parents, Teacher, Churches Sue Chicago School District to Stop Hindu Meditation From Being Taught to Students

August 8, 2020

(Christian News Network) – A coalition of parents, a teacher, and a group of churches have filed suit against Chicago Public Schools in an effort to stop the district from allowing Hindu transcendental meditation, and its initiation Puja, from being taught to students.

“Although all named defendants have made statements to the contrary, the ‘Quiet Time’ program is based in Hindu beliefs and the practice of ‘transcendental meditation’ is fundamentally religious in nature,” the legal challenge states.

“Plaintiffs’ rights under the First Amendment were violated when defendants created environments within public schools where Hindu beliefs and the practice of ‘transcendental meditation’ were being endorsed and students were coerced to engage in religious practices against their wills.”

The plaintiffs include the groups Separation of Hinduism from our Schools — a coalition of parents and students who oppose meditation and other practices being taught in schools — and Civil Liberties for Urban Believers, an association of churches and ministries in the Chicago area.

Substitute teacher Dasia Skinner, parent Darryl Williams and former student Amontae Williams are named in the suit as well. According to the official complaint, the David Lynch Foundation approached the University of Chicago Urban Labs to present the stated “Quiet Time” program within Chicago schools.

The program is offered to inner-city schools across the country to combat “traumatic stress.” “The Quiet Time program is a practical, evidence-based approach to reduce stress and dramatically improve academic performance, student wellness and the school environment,” the foundation website reads. “This schoolwide program complements existing educational strategies by improving the physiological underpinnings of learning and behavior.”


6 Warning Signs of Spiritual Danger

August 8, 2020

(OPINION) Charisma – A desperate friend recently contacted me because he was worried that his son might be under the influence of a Christian ministry with questionable doctrines. The leader of the ministry preaches that any church that doesn’t experience regular healings isn’t following the true Jesus—and he suggests that only his small congregation has an inside track with God.

Thankfully, my friend’s son discerned something was off track. Satan loves to pull Christians into unhealthy extremes. And immature Christian leaders sometimes allow youthful pride, greed or insecurity to suck them into toxic spirituality. The result is always a trail of wounded people. In my years of ministry, I’ve learned there are several clear signs that a ministry has veered away from the truth and into deception. Here are the most obvious:

1. Lack of spiritual accountability. Healthy leaders know they need to surround themselves with mentors and advisers who can question them if they step out of line. Proverbs 11:14 says: “In the multitude of counselors there is safety.” But if you are following a teacher, prophet or apostle who has not submitted himself to any form of accountability, you are asking for trouble. Never align yourself with a Lone Ranger, no matter how fiery his sermons are. He will likely lead you off a cliff.

2. Overemphasis on money. You’d think we would have learned this by now after so many American charlatans have conned people out of their life savings to build their mansions. But the charismatic church today is still vulnerable to the extremes of financial shenanigans.

Godly leaders always call people to fund the work of the church and gospel outreach; unhealthy leaders, on the contrary, manipulate people in order to line their own pockets. Don’t be charmed when a preacher makes outlandish promises about what will happen if you give to him.

3. An elitist attitude. All believers in Jesus are part of the body of Christ. Yet Christians who experience certain gifts or manifestations of the Holy Spirit are sometimes tempted to think they are superior. If they aren’t careful, this subtle spiritual pride can morph into a dangerous elitism.

Suddenly they are God’s favorites, with special access to a revelation that no one else knows and authority that no one else has. Some ministries today claim to have inside information about end-times prophecy and the return of Jesus.

In some cases, they convince people to store up food and even guns to prepare for Armageddon. Back in the 1980s, a preacher named Charles Meade convinced many people to follow him to Florida, where his church taught that only those who aligned themselves with Meade’s group would survive the last days. Don’t let anyone suck you into this kind of cultic mindset.


God's Creation - Frequency & Vibration

Secrets of YHWH's Creation - Frequency & Vibration - See the wonders of Gods Secrets which is Contrary to the Lies of the Globe Fake Pseudo Science Lies...Gods Creation Secrets revealed.

The End of America

To learn more about what is to come for Britain and America, get our Free DVD, "The Rise and Fall of Britain and America" for free: https://bit.ly/30btj9i How is this free? It has already been paid for by others.

The United States of America is currently the single most powerful, most prosperous nation in the world. Yet Bible prophecy says plainly that the United States’ days on the world stage are coming to a close.

The Final Battle-full movie - Beast of Revelation

This is the English Version .This movie was originaly created in brazil and in the portuguese language. There are no subtitles and this is the english version. It is available from other yotube users as La Ultima Batalle in portuguese or The Final Battle in English. This is and old classic movie by todays standards and it has been upscaled to the best possible quality HD 720. however please don't expect HD like today, this is a remastered movie taken directly from youtube and upscaled and the audio was remastered too. so turn the volume up and let the movie load for a few minutes if your'e experiencing any difficulty in playback, thank you


A low profile gang member , young 22 year old Lucas finds himself in a soon to be persecuted christian church with his peers while living the double life. Throughout his life, he has had the protection of his guardian angel and had been convicted many times of the Holy Spirit to leave behind his affiliation with crime as soon as he became a man. One day, when it all boils down to prophetic intensity , Biblical truth starts unveiling in real life across the planet as and everyone is faced with the decision to keep the commandments of God or not. As the end of the world looms , The churches that preach the real truth about the sabbath day are persecuted and many of its members flee into other churches to keep a Forced and false deceitful sabbath day, for national and financial security, which happens to be the mark of the beast. Some quit their faith in God and the truth preaching persecuted church totally to live their own lifestyles. However , many members of society start hearing this truth for the first time in their lives and they become well informed about the global political and financial deception. These people then choose to follow God and strengthen their faith to unshakable foundations and soon replace the places of those that left their faith and believe in Bible Truth.And When everyone has had the Chance, the End Of The World Happens Fast.

What will Lucas choose , will he be saved or lost ........... find out and enjoy.

This movie does not contain or support the theory f the Rapture and does not add to bible specified truths in the book of revelations therefore it is the most accurate christian movie to date though made a few years ago. ..

Q & A.

1. Are microchips the mark of the Beast ?

...Microchips are not the mark of the beast, the internet is just as good as a microchip for tracking people down, but the internet is not the mark of the beast. The mark of the Beast is your identity by whom you worship, The True Sabbath Day which God rested on when he created the earth, is God's mark because those who acknowledge it show that they worship the Creator and his Laws.

Those who worship on another Sabbath , which will be enforced by political laws, show that they worship the political and financial law makers of the world instead the laws of the Creator Himself . God is good and does not force or persecute people to keep his law. So even if people profess to go church and Honour God on the National Sunday( sunday sabbath) Law- aka NSL, they still keep a sabbath which was not instituted by the Creator Himself so , they are honouring the BEAST, who works through the powers of the world and also spiritual forces. thank you.

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