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True News 4 U — Health News — 08/06/2020

  1. DEVELOPING: Salmonella outbreak sickens hundreds across 30 states

  2. Irreversible Damage To An Entire Generation Of Girls: A Warning We Can't Ignore

  1. Right-Side CHEST PAIN (What it Means) 13 Causes

  2. Low-Carb/KETO/Carnivore Q&A with Dr Berry & Neisha

  3. 9 Signs of LOW TESTOSTERONE in Men & Women (LOW T Important for BOTH!) 2020

  4. New blood thinner prevents clots with less risk of excess bleeding

  5. Magnets and a pinch of skin combine for slow, safe insulin delivery

  6. Large clinical trial affirms vitamin D does not prevent depression

  7. Childhood trauma found to accelerate biological signs of aging

  8. Beat Diabetes Quickly - After Many Years as a Diabetic! Plus: Can a Vegan Become Diabetic?

  9. Diabetic told to "Figure it Out!" Nearly loses foot, finds the key, and drops A1c from 9.4 to 4.8.

  10. Normal A1c but Major Glucose Spikes After Meals - Is it OK?

  11. Invasive worm spotted in San Antonio area could carry rat lungworm parasite

  12. Who Has Higher Testosterone - Vegans or Omnivores (Clinical Study)

  13. What are The Healthiest Cooking Oils to Use?

  14. Top 5 Blood Tests For Inflammation

  15. The Top 9 Nutrients for Healthy Teeth and Gums

  1. The WORST Artificial Sweeteners At The Grocery Store - Avoid These Sugar Substitutes

  2. How To Grill A Whole Chicken - Easy & Healthy Summer Recipes LIVE

  3. The Highest PROTEIN Foods At The Grocery Store - Protein Food Haul

  4. Stop Eating So Much Sugar & Eat This Instead - Low Sugar Food Alternatives

  5. Shopping At Costco With My Dad - Healthy Costco Grocery Haul

  6. How To Make Healthy Chicken Burritos w/ Guacamole, Salsa, & Poblano Crema - LIVE

  7. My Favorite Chicken Salad Recipe - Low Carb & Easy To Make

  8. 4 Summer Food Hacks To Extend The Life Of Fruit, Veggies, & Herbs

  9. Salmon Cakes & Chocolate Chip Cookies - Dinner & Dessert LIVE

  10. What To Buy At Whole Foods Right Now - Shop & Cook Healthy Recipes With Me!

  11. The Best Food Products You've Never Heard Of - Healthy Grocery Haul

  12. Grilled Steaks w/ Pea & Mushroom Risotto - Easy Summer Recipes LIVE

  13. Summer Pantry Essentials - What To Stock Your Pantry With This Summer

  14. Grilled Chicken Thighs & Crunchy Kale Salad - Easy Summer Recipes LIVE

  15. Post-Workout Protein Smoothie Recipe with Next Level Ingredients!

  1. Science Reveals The Ideal Time BETWEEN Meals

  2. Why I Eat COCONUT Every Day to Stay Lean! High Fat Superfood Series

  3. You CAN Burn Fat & Build Muscle at The Same Time - Step-by-Step Instructions

  4. Potassium Deficiency vs. Magnesium Deficiency - How to FEEL the Difference

  5. How Important is Testosterone for Building Muscle?

  6. My “Fat Surging” Technique to Lose the Last 15lbs

  7. 5 Foods To NEVER Break Your Fast With - Intermittent Fasting Mistakes

  8. 6 Convenient Foods to Break Your Fast with ON THE GO!

  9. Which Supplements to Take in the Morning vs. Night Time (Chronobiology)

  10. Eat THIS After CARDIO for Maximum Recovery & Fat loss

  11. Ditch Your Expensive Pre Workout - Have COFFEE Instead! Here’s why!

  12. If You’re Over Age 50 Do THIS to Maintain Testosterone Levels

  13. Are You DAMAGING Your Kidneys DAILY? My Research on Kidney Stones

  14. The Ideal FAT to PROTEIN Ratio on a Ketogenic Diet: Meal Plan Strategies

  15. SHORT TERM Keto May Help Brain Aging! (Improves Network Stability)

  1. Instant NECK RELIEF...Trick the BRAIN | Dr Mandell

  2. Spinal Disc Degeneration...The Next Pandemic | Dr Alan Mandell, DC

  3. Simple Water Cure for CLOGGED EARS - Dr Alan Mandell, DC

  4. Get More Oxygen to Lung Tissue and Your Body Will Thank You - Dr Mandell

  5. HOW TO REVIVE YOUR TIRED EYES (Fast, Simple, & Relaxing) - Dr Mandell

  6. The Most Powerful FAT FIGHTING FIBER on the Planet - Dr Alan Mandell, DC



  9. DEEP SINUS CLEANSE | Cheekbone Mobilization (Created by Dr Alan Mandell, DC)

  10. 1 Cup a Day Will Clear Your Waste Away - Dr Alan Mandell, DC

  11. How to Kill Herpes Building Your Immune System - Dr Alan Mandell, DC

  12. Look For Your Shadow...Get the Most Vitamin D - (Dr Alan Mandell, DC)

  13. How Do You Know Your Body is Dehydrated Without Feeling Thirsty - Dr Mandell

  14. Brush Here and Your Brain Will Really Thank You - Dr Alan Mandell, DC

  15. Prevent Heart Attack & Stroke...The Correct Times to Drink Your Water - Dr Mandell

  1. Potato Chips vs. Corn Chips: What's Worse?

  2. Vitamin D Testing Challenges

  3. Does Skipping Meals Worsen Your Metabolism?

  4. Stalled Weight Loss Despite Intermittent Fasting

  5. Bread vs. Potato: What's Worse?

  6. At What Blood Sugar Level Does the Damage Begin?

  7. Melancholy: The Real Cause

  8. You Cannot Make Vitamin D Without Cholesterol

  9. 7 Early Signs of Kidney Disease

  10. What Causes Clubbing of the Nail?

  11. Best Herbs for Liver Cirrhosis

  12. The Amazing Benefits of Berberine

  13. Will Eating Less Slow Down Metabolism?

  14. Glucagon Triggers Ketosis, Insulin Blocks It

  15. Do You Need Fat to Stay in Ketosis?

  1. 14 Patents in Every Fake Bite of Impossible Burger

  2. Glyphosate Found in Manuka Honey

  3. Black Raspberries May Help Fight Skin Allergies' Inflammation

  4. Your Iron Levels Could Be a Key to Slow Aging and Long Life

  5. Vitamin D Lowers Foot Pain With Knee Osteoarthritis

  6. Sunscreen Chemicals Accumulate at High Levels in Your Body

  7. Flu Deaths Walked Back From Tens of Thousands to Hundreds

  8. Farmed Salmon Is Getting Worse

  9. The Effects of Biotin on Your Hair, Nails and Thyroid

  10. Resveratrol Boosts Bone Density

  11. Molecular Hydrogen — Is it the Best Antioxidant You Can Take?

  12. The Role of Magnesium for Cognitive Function in Older Adults

  13. Aronia Berries Can Reduce Oxidative Stress

  14. This Type of Therapy Can Save Your Eyes

  15. Annual Fluoride Awareness Week Update

  1. Red Light Therapy Benefits | Why I Love Theralight | Dr. Josh Axe

  2. Developing a Motivation Mindset to Reclaim Health | The Dr. Axe Show | Podcast Episode 34

  3. Encouraging Diversity and Empowering Women in Health & Wellness | The Dr. Axe Show | Episode 33

  4. Overcoming Orthorexia and Creating a Balanced Life Through Freedom | The Dr. Axe Show | Episode 31

  5. The Whole30 Approach with Melissa Urban | The Dr. Axe Show | Podcast Episode 30

  6. Eating to Beat Disease | The Dr. Axe Show | Episode 29

  7. Creating a Vision to Achieve Fitness and Nutrition Goals | The Dr. Axe Show | Episode 28

  8. How to Slow Aging by Activating Autophagy | The Dr. Axe Show | Episode 27

  9. Creating a Healthy Relationship With Food | The Dr. Axe Show | Episode 19

  10. Collagen Protein: The 5 Types + Their Functions | Dr. Josh Axe

  1. Food as medicine: Garlic and lemon juice combined can reduce cholesterol and blood pressure

  2. What Happens To Your Body When You Eat Okra Every Day Healing Powers

  3. 7 Ways to Use Baking Soda in The Garden

  4. Consume superfoods abundant in magnesium to lower your blood pressure naturally

  5. Elderberries are a potent natural medicine for the flu

  6. Here are 9 reasons to start eating more oranges

  7. Eat more probiotics to fight off the flu and common cold

  8. Here are some of the incredible health benefits of avocados, a potent superfood

  9. Counteract Insomnia Naturally

  10. Here are 4 good reasons to start eating more fermented foods

  11. Canada's largest agribusiness to stop accepting oats sprayed with pre-harvest glyphosate desiccant

  12. How to Make a Ginger Tincture to Prevent Diabetes and Boost Immunity

  13. 4 Green Smoothie Recipes That Actually Taste Great

  14. Foods That Cleanse the Liver

  15. 4 Incredible health benefits of manuka honey, an emerging superfood

  1. Top 10 Foods To Eat For Intermittent Fasting Benefits

  2. Is Intermittent Fasting Safe? THIS Will Surprise You

  3. WARNING! Diabetes Treatment Could Actually Kill You!

  4. Anti-Aging: The Secret To Aging In Reverse

  5. 10 Ways To Lose More Weight & Burn More Fat While Sleeping

  6. Lose Fat Fast - Which Is Better? HIIT vs Cardio


  2. What I've learned from working with 15,000 patients that YOU should know

  3. Why People Struggle to TRANSFORM Their BODIES

  4. DOCTOR REACTS People Trying 7 Day WATER FASTS

  5. Why People Like WATER FASTS


  7. How I Got RID of BRAIN FOG and Now Have MORE ENERGY!

  8. How I STAY MOTIVATED to Eat Healthy & Workout

  9. Why I Became a DOCTOR (personal story)

  10. Get Over Your Weight Loss Plateau - Apple Cider Vinegar Detox


  12. Best Natural Home Remedies For Allergies | The Key To Alleviating Symptoms

  13. 10 Best Ways To Increase Insulin Sensitivity Naturally

  1. Ashwagandha: Benefits and Uses

  2. Bone Broth: Benefits and Uses

  3. Pickles: Benefits for Health

  4. Foods That Fight Depression

  5. Moringa: Benefits and Uses

  6. Cloves: Benefits and Uses

  7. Avocado Oil: Benefits and Uses

  8. Avocado Seed: Benefits and Uses

  9. Anti-Aging Foods: To Stay Young and Healthy

  10. Cinnamon: Benefits and Uses

  11. How To Unclog Arteries Naturally

  12. Chia Seeds: Benefits and Uses

  13. Worst Foods for Thyroid Gland

  14. Dangers of Soy Products (Bad For You)

  15. Adaptogen Herbs: for Hormone Balance & Stress

  16. How To Balance Hormones Naturally: in Women and Men

  1. Despite Intervention, Fall Injuries in Elderly Didn't Decline (The STRIDE Trial)

  2. Trump's Perfect MoCA Cognitive Test Score - What Does It Mean?

  3. Metformin ER vs. Regular Metformin - Any Difference?

  4. Heart Disease in Women: What You Should Know

  5. How I Slow My Sugar Cravings

  6. Sudden Cardiac Death: It Isn’t Really So Sudden

  7. Is Saturated Fat Unhealthy?

  8. The Big FAT Surprise - Nina Teicholz's Book & the JACC Article

  9. You Won't Believe This Quick & Tasty Omega 3 Bomb!

  10. How to Manage High Blood Pressure

  11. Type 1 vs Type 2 Diabetes: Why the Difference Matters

  12. Sudden Cardiac Death is Not Really "Sudden"

  13. Dave Lost 135 Pounds! Here's How He Did It

  14. Stem Cells – A Cure for Diabetes?

  15. Does Berberine Have the Same Effect as Metformin?

  1. Newly developed AI capable of identifying prostate cancer with ‘near-perfect accuracy’ in medical breakthrough

  2. "Synthetic lethality" kills cancer by blocking DNA repair mechanism

  3. Cancer blood test catches disease 4 years before conventional methods

  1. Pakistan resumes Polio vaccinations after COVID hiatus

  2. “1986: The Act” Exposes U.S. Congressional Act That Made Drug Companies Not Liable When Vaccines Hurt Kids

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