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Updated: Oct 5, 2020

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  7. Myopia epidemic, battling our blue light obsession

  8. Blue light at night acutely impairs glucose tolerance and increases sugar intake in the diurnal rodent Arvicanthis ansorgei in a sex‐dependent manner

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  10. There Is No Such Thing As Free Healthcare

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  13. "Trap and zap" system cleans up leftover superbug resistance genes

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  15. AMA with Dr Berry

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  17. Olive and Olive Oil Compound Extend Lifespan

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  23. How Food Affects Your Hormones (Guest: Dr. Neal Barnard) - THE HEALTH AWAKENING Ep. 140

  24. ICNIRP issues revised RF guidelines: More of the same industry anti-science

  25. Non-Thermal Effects and Mechanisms of Interaction Between Electromagnetic Fields and Living Matter (NOTE: This is a downloadable PDF file.)

  26. EUROPAEM EMF Guideline 2016 for the prevention-diagnosis and treatment of EMF-related health problems and illnesses (NOTE: This is a downloadable PDF file.)

  27. The 5G Trojan Horse (Documentary)

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  29. Boosting Immune Function: Dinicolantonio, PhD & Berry, MD discuss the Evidence

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Hidden DANGER: What pesticides and herbicides are really in your food

(NaturalHealth365) What are pesticides?  According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), pesticides are defined as any chemical substance used to regulate, prevent or destroy plants or pests – usually insects, rodents or microorganisms such as fungi and bacteria – or that acts as a nitrogen stabilizer in soil. Over one billion pounds of conventional pesticides are used annually in the U.S.

It’s a staggering number that begs the question: How toxic is the American agricultural system?

In recent years, glyphosate (a highly toxic herbicide ingredient) has been linked to the disruption of endocrine function as well as certain cancers, asthma, and childhood leukemia.  In fact, in a landmark case in 2018, Monsanato was found liable for causing a school groundskeeper’s cancer through exposure to its weedkiller, Roundup.

But glyphosate isn’t the only dangerous substance used in modern agriculture. Recent research published by Cell Host & Microbe suggests that atrazine, an herbicide banned in the European Union since the 1980s but widely used in the U.S., also contains hidden dangers.

Atrazine is a serious threat to all forms of life

Atrazine, the second-most widely used herbicide in the U.S., is a chlorine-based chemical that can persist in the soil for 22 years. It’s manufactured by the agrochemical giant Syngenta.

This herbicide is popular in the Midwest and used primarily on corn, sugarcane and sorghum to fight weeds and supposedly increase yields. Seventy to 80 million pounds of atrazine are sprayed on corn each year, creating atrazine contamination spikes in the Midwest in the spring and summer.

What are the dangers?

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), atrazine’s effects exceeded its “levels of concern” for chronic risk by 198 times for mammals and 62 times for fish. Research has found that it harms the hormones in male frogs, and additional studies indicate that it changes gut microbes in wasps and honeybees and increases the risk of premature death.

How do we get exposed to these toxic chemicals?

A report conducted by the Environmental Working Group found that tap water in some areas of the corn belt contained 14 times the amount of atrazine the EPA legally allows.


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Fish oil found to increase number of sperm, amount of seminal fluid and testicle size!!!

A large and well controlled study from the Univ. of Southern Denmark done on 1,679 men of military age found that those taking fish oils as a supplement produced millions more sperm per ejaculation, have a larger volume of seminal fluid, and had larger sized testicles than the men who did not take the fish oils! Since the 1960’s, sperm counts in men have been plummeting. In 1960 a man was not considered fertile unless he made 100,000 sperm per milliliter of ejaculate. Most young men have some 30 to 60 ml, (1 to 2 tablespoons), of seminal fluid or more per ejaculation. Today sperm count is so low that men are considered fertile if they can make only 20,000 sperm per ml of ejaculate!

Of the men in this study taking fish oils only 12.4% of them had a lower than 20,000 sperm count. The study reads as follows...

Total sperm count was:

  • 147 million for men with no supplement intake.

  • 159 million for men with other supplement intake.

  • 168 million for men on fish oil supplements less than 60 days and

  • 184 million for men with fish oil intake longer than 60 days.

So the question from the anti-fish oil crowd, the folks who are constantly telling us that fish oils have mercury or go rancid, will be why not use the grain based omega oils? On the mercury accusation, Scandinavians take fish oil as their most favored health supplement, so do Latins, (i.e. Spain, Latin America) as a way of boosting immunity against colds and flu. There have been ZERO reported cases of mercury toxicity in the medical literature from those places due to taking fish oil supplements! Since the start of fish oil supplementation in the 1900’s the intake most individuals has is steady and lasting for years if not decades, there would have been a blip on the radar from mercury toxicity cases by now. Zero, nothing, nada. No one going Mad Hatter nothing. Studies done show mercury levels in fish oil at negligible in the nanogram range, (compare that to the 5mg of mercury in any flu vaccine! That’s 4x higher than OSHA’s toxic level of 1mg exposure per year)! Check out this article titled "List of Mercury Levels in Fish Oil Supplements."

As to rancidity, that depends on the age, shelf life and exposure to oxygen,(i.e. open bottle or containers) of the oils. Even the grain based omegas will go rancid if left too old and left open or in a bottle half full of air for too long!

The major reason not to use grain based omegas is their superfied estrogen content, many hundred for even thousands of times higher than a birth control pill (avg. 30 mcg). Remember the adage: If it's a pea, a pod, a bean or a seed it is a mini uterus and is estrogenic! Compare the estrogen numbers in grains, seeds (especially the popular flax) and beans in this piece taken from a Canadian natural oncology journal to the 30mcg birth control pill: PhytoEstrogen Foods

So using the grain based omega’s would have the opposite effect of lowering sperm and seminal fluid production while shrinking testicles, as is seen in men post 40 years old when their testosterone levels drop and their estrogen levels are higher than that of their wives!

What else can help increase what the fish oil does: Maca at 3 to 6 tablespoons daily, or 3 to 6 Andeanessence Maxx capsules daily. Zinc Citrate. Remember zinc and magnesium are essential cofactors (i.e. minerals) in making ALL hormones and that zinc is the reason why semen is white acting as alkalinized and mild anti bacterial! Since zinc is the essential mineral building block for ALL epithelial tissue, i.e. skin, internal organs, muscle eyes, the trick is to take enough and for that the RDA may be greater than for the one ounce lab mouse RDA numbers are developed from but how many more pounds of skin, muscle and internal organs do you have over a one ounce lab mouse? The herb Pygium, (which is in our Sinest) has been shown to increase seminal volume. TMG and DMG both have a history in the research of increasing sperm count, size and motility (ability to swim). Selenium at a minimum of 55 mcg a day are needed for sperm production. And finally as famed researcher and exercise physiologist the late Dr. Thomas Cureton had said there can be no sex with out Vit. E. Read the article Here. See our Dry E with Selenium. Lactobacillus Raminosis and Ruteri both increase testicle size and ejaculatory volume in mice. They should do the same in man:

For those of us who HATE the taste of fish oils, the emulsified ones work just as well, the original great grand dad of them all being Scotts Cod Liver Oil Emulsion , the favored such supplement in Latin America. (Took a ton of that as a kid). Personally I prefer the Coromega in the orange flavor and Barlean’s copy of the Coromega again in orange. Both are available online.

While it may be a task to envision taking fish oil and all those other things, men seeking to increase fertility, testicle size or just make more seminal fluid because the more fluid you ejaculate the longer and more intense your orgasms are, might not think taking all those is too a heavy task for the benefits had. So want to grow a pair, start eating! Results start in 60 days plus!

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