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Updated: Sep 30, 2020


  1. Gut bacteria metabolites reveal new intestinal inflammation treatment

  2. Light-activated mouthwash kills cavity-causing bacteria

  3. Infection test kit detects bacteria and advises on antibiotics

  4. New York health officials warn over circumcision ritual after four cases of herpes in babies were linked to procedures performed by Rabbis

  5. China Coronavirus Hype Straight Out of the CDC Flu Playbook

  6. It’s bad for you, but you won’t know: Commonly prescribed medications can increase dementia risk by nearly 50%, researchers warn

  7. Type 2 diabetes: The one juice that could lower blood sugar and prevent the condition

  8. Burn Fat Very Fast With Ginger Water Natural remedies

  9. Amazing Turmeric Benefits and 6 Ways to Use Turmeric as Medicine & Side-Effects of Turmeric

  10. Top 10 Vegetables For Diabetes Patients

  11. Natural ways to boost your immunity as coronavirus spreads

  12. Jon Rappoport Warns of the Dangers of 5G and How It May Be Affecting the ‘Epidemic’ in China

  13. Popular pain reliever triggers 20 percent of liver transplant cases

  14. Four valuable reasons to NOT ignore the health benefits of sauna usage

  15. Medicine by Algorithm?

  16. Glyphosate: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

  17. EPA Wrong on Glyphosate

  18. 7 Best Sources of DHA/EPA: Essential Omega-3 Fatty Acids

  19. 4 Principles That Crush Diabetes

  20. Is Dairy Scary?? Inflammation & Obesity Concerns - 2020

  21. Foods Rich in Electrolytes

  22. Type 2 diabetes: The one juice that could lower blood sugar and prevent the condition

  23. 10 Easy Ways to Boost Your Immune System - 2020

  24. Red Yeast Rice: Is it Healthy?

  25. PCOS Research: There is Hope for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome 2020

  26. Man Has 3 Brothers with Diabetes - Gets Smart and Backs Away from it!

  27. 3 Most Affordable & Healthiest Testosterone Boosting Foods - Clinically Proven

  28. New research insights into celiac disease offer equal hope and concern

  29. Can glutathione help combat fatty liver disease?

  30. Powerful nutrition: Growing your own microgreens

  31. Is It Really Worth Tracking Your Sleep?

  32. Rhodiola Herb Eases Depression, Improves Moods

  33. Pine Bark Helps Reduce Parkinson’s Disease Symptoms


Take Action to Protect Vaccine Choice in Your State

Arizona: HB 2050 would in effect eliminate the requirement that parents provide proof of vaccination unless there is an outbreak of a disease that a vaccine is recommended for. The bill states that “a school may not require a pupil to receive the recommended immunizations or refuse to admit or otherwise penalize a pupil because that pupil has not received the recommended immunizations.”

Colorado: SB 163 would restrict the religious and personal belief exemptions to vaccination.

Connecticut: HB 5044 would eliminate the religious belief exemption to vaccination for schools in the state.

Florida: SB 64 would eliminate the religious belief exemption to vaccination and restrict the medical exemption.

Hawaii: HB 1182 would add a conscientious belief exemption to vaccines required for school.

Iowa: HF 206 would eliminate the religious belief exemption to vaccines required for school.

Illinois: HB 4870 would mandate the HPV vaccine for some school students; SB 3668 removes the religious belief exemption, restricts the medical exemption, and allows minors to consent to vaccination.

Maine: there is a vote coming up on March 3; voters will be asked whether they want to reject a law that removes philosophical and religious exemptions to vaccines.

Massachusetts: The Massachusetts legislature is considering a set of bills that would eliminate important exemptions to vaccinations (H3999/HD4284), mandate the HPV vaccine (S1264), and put the government in charge of medical exemptions (H4096/S2359).

Minnesota: The Minnesota legislature is considering a bill, SF 1520, that would eliminate the conscientious belief exemption to vaccination.

Missouri: HB 2380 would enact a conscientious belief exemption to vaccine requirements for public schools in Missouri and would remove private, parochial and parish schools from the current state laws governing vaccine requirements in Missouri.

Mississippi: HB 1060 would add a religious belief exemption to schools and daycare facilities in the state.

New Jersey: The New Jersey legislature is considering a set of bills, A1603, S903, and A969/S902 that mandate the HPV vaccine for certain school children and restrict or eliminate the religious belief exemption, respectively.

New York: The legislature is still considering additional bills that further restrict freedom of choice: S298B/A2912A (mandates HPV vaccine); A099 (allows forced vaccination under some circumstances); A2316 (mandates flu vaccine for daycare); A973 (allows HPV and Hep B vaccine without parental consent); S2276 (mandates flu vaccine for school and daycare); and A7838 (requires medical exemptions to be approved by the state health department).

The legislature is also considering S477 and A8676/S7202, which strengthen and expand the medical exemption to vaccination and add a religious belief exemption for school children, respectively.

Pennsylvania: The Pennsylvania legislature is considering a set of bills (SB 626, SB 653, and HB 1771) that would restrict or eliminate the religious and philosophical exemptions to vaccination.

South Dakota: HB 1235 would eliminate all vaccine mandates for the State of South Dakota for public and non public schools, early childhood programs and post-secondary educational institutions.

Virginia: The Virginia legislature is considering a bill, HB 1090, that mandates the full ACIP recommended vaccine schedule for school in Virginia. That means the full recommended CDC schedule will be required for school children. Additionally, HB 1489 amends current state vaccine requirements to add HPV vaccines for boys.

Vermont: The legislature is considering a bill, H 238, that would eliminate the religious belief exemption to vaccination.

Washington: The Washington legislature is considering a bill, SB 5841, that would eliminate the personal belief and philosophical exemptions for all mandated vaccines.

West Virginia: SB 549, HB 4115, HB 4114, SB 220, and HB 2847 would protect patients and parents from being discriminated against or harassed by health care providers or health care facilities for delaying or declining a vaccine, remove private and parochial schools from state compulsory vaccine law, and add a religious and conscientious belief exemption to vaccination in the state.

Wisconsin: The legislature is considering a bill, A248/SB 262, that would eliminate the personal belief exemption to vaccination.

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  8. Fasting vs Keto: What's Better?

  9. 14 Things to Consume to Make Fasting Easier

  10. 12 Ways to Trigger Autophagy

  1. Heart Attack or Panic Attack? How to Tell the Difference

  2. All Wrong About Alzheimer's

  3. The Stealth Speed at Which You Lose Muscle

  4. What Are the Benefits of Using Resistance Bands?

  5. This Is Silently Destroying Your DNA Right Now

  6. How Two Native Plants Could Slash the Price of Organic Food

  7. The Importance of Vitamin D and B5 for Optimal Sleep

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  12. Dangerous Placebos Used in Medical Trials

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  14. Cosmetics Are a Menace - but You Have Options

  1. Online retail giant Amazon removes any product mentioning “CORONAVIRUS” – including sanitizing products that actually kill coronavirus on surfaces

  2. Reporters Without Borders calls on China to stop censoring citizen journalism news about the coronavirus; but says nothing about the USA censoring indy media journalists about the vaccine holocaust

  3. Natural ways to boost your immunity as coronavirus spreads

  1. Keto Diet Grocery List For Beginners

  1. Is Fasting Healthy - Common Damaging Mistakes | Dr. Nick Z

  1. How To Relieve Constipation (Quickly & Naturally)

  2. Magnesium: Benefits for Health

  1. Detecting Blood Glucose Patterns With Freestyle Libre (Learn more on Freestyle Libre.)

  2. Q&A: The Side Effects of Niacin

  3. Apple Watch for AFib & Stroke: Should You Buy One?

  4. Cardiovascular Disease In Spite of Excellent BMI?

  1. Breath test accurately detects a known precursor of esophageal cancer

  2. Bowel cancer symptoms: Five signs you need to watch out for when you go to the toilet

  3. Permanent hair dye and chemical hair straighteners linked to cancer risk, new research says

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Cheesecake Pie


Scientists Baffled After Discovering New Mysterious Virus That Has No Recognizable Genes

Move over coronavirus, there’s a new virus sending shockwaves through the scientific community. Scientists recently discovered a new virus that has no recognizable genes, making it one of the weirdest viruses.

The mysterious virus is called the Yaravirus, and it was discovered in an artificial lake in Brazil. The researchers who found the Yaravirus named it after Iara or Yara, a beautiful mermaid-like figure from Brazilian mythology that would lure sailors to live underwater with her forever. Her name means the “lady of the lake” or “mother of waters.”

Scientists discover virus with no recognizable genes.

When they sequenced its genome, none of its genes matched any scientists had come across before.

Photo shows the #Yaravirus (dark smudges) infecting. amoebae. https://t.co/XuBuwZEpZV— Microbes&Infection (@MicrobesInfect) February 8, 2020

Researchers gave details of the new yaravirus in the biology website bioRxiv.

“Here we report the discovery of Yaravirus, a new lineage of amoebal virus with a puzzling origin and phylogeny,” the scientific paper said. “More than 90% (68) of Yaravirus predicted genes have never been described before, representing ORFans.”

“Yaravirus expands our knowledge of the diversity of DNA viruses,” the researchers wrote. “The phylogenetic distance between Yaravirus and all other viruses highlights our still preliminary assessment of the genomic diversity of eukaryotic viruses, reinforcing the need for the isolation of new viruses of protists.”


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