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True News 4 U — Coronavirus (Corvid-19) News For July 7-August 2, 2020

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August 2, 2020

  1. Old & Existing Drugs Repurposed As COVID-19 Treatment

  2. In Press Converence, Trump Announces That the Military Will Giving the Mandatory Vaccine

  3. Russia Announces It Will Be the First to Administer the Covid-19 Vaccine


August 2, 2020

CRROW777 and Clive de Carle join me to discuss the war for the soul of humanity, the cards the cabal have played and the cards they will likely play soon as they try to regain power over the people. But as CRROW explains, people are catching on quickly, the awakening is real, and all is not lost.

Aug 2 2020 ALERT: Russia To Begin Mass V.ax by OCTOBER!!!

(NOTE: This video cannot be removed by YouTube)

August 2, 2020

Its happening quicker than we thought! WARP SPEED!

(1) Russia preparing mass vaccination against coronavirus for October


August 1, 2020

  1. Are “gain-of-function” experiments the source of the COVID-19 pandemic?

Hear This! The Truth Will Set You Free

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August 1, 2020

Aug 1, 2020 Roundups in Arkansas!

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August 1, 2020

Arkansas a few weeks ago began moving the lie-rus patients. I Have serious questions that need answering!!

(1) Arkansas National Guard to provide support at isolation facility for COVID-19 patients


(2) Arkansas National Guard to provide support for staff at COVID Jul 14, 2020 - The facility provides an isolation location for Arkansans unable to ... DHS has not released the number of patients that the facility can hold.


(3) Arkansas National Guard to provide support at isolation facility .. Jul 14, 2020 - These patients are located across the state and will be transported to a facility near University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in Little Rock.



The FEMA camps holds that the United States Federal Emergency Management Agency is planning to imprison US citizens in concentration camps. This is typically described as following the imposition of martial law in the United States after a major disaster or crisis.


August 1, 2020

Another powerful BANNED.VIDEO montage of America's Frontline Doctors speaking out against Big Tech censorship and the massive Coronavirus cover up.This time, Dr. Lisa Koche, MD is speaking out about the coronavirus, mass censorship and the true benefits of hydroxychloroquine. Spread the word!

Dr. Lisa Koche, MD is a Internal Medicine Specialist in Tampa, FL and has over 24 years of experience in the medical field. She graduated from Emory University medical school in 1996. She is affiliated with St. Joseph's Hospital.


August 1, 2020

Another powerful BANNED.VIDEO montage of America's Frontline Doctors speaking out against Big Tech censorship and the massive Coronavirus cover up.

Masks Mark Start of Civil War

(Masks are the hallmark of Satanism. Occult means "hidden.")

When healthy people must act like they are spreading a deadly contagion,  the message is clear. We are the disease. 

The civil war is between those who accept this status, and those who do not.

by Henry Makow PhD

When I arrived at the dentist's office yesterday, the receptionist motioned me over to a table where she administered a hand sanitizer. 

Then, she gave me a questionnaire where I attested to the fact that I was not showing symptoms of a deadly virus; had not been out of province for 14 days, and had not had contact with COVID cases.  

Then, she took my temperature and administered a blood test.

After determining I was not sick, she handed me a facemask to wear in the waiting room.

When I took it off, she insisted I put it back on. 

I refused, saying there is no mandatory mask order in Manitoba. 

She said it was for the safety of the people working there. If I wouldn't wear it, I'd have to leave. 

I did. I do not want to engage with people who have zero respect for their clients' wishes. 

They didn't mention that face masks are mandatory when they called Thursday to remind me of my appointment. 

Obviously this is not about health. After treating me like a leper, she confirmed I am healthy. This is about control and conformity.

When healthy people must act like they are spreading a deadly contagion, the message is clear. We are the disease. 

("We own the planet. You're being evicted.")

This is how Illuminati Satanists see us. Although they own 90% of everything, we are "useless eaters" using up too many resources (aka "climate change.") 

Vaccines are a misnomer. They are pesticides.  Have you had your COVID pesticide yet? Don't worry, they are working on it. 

Bill Gates says we may need a schedule of pesticides in order to finally eradicate the "disease."

So instead of having my teeth fixed, I went to the mall. 

There, about 50% of the people were wearing face masks and 50% were not. This symbolized the coming civil war that will be played out over human pesticides. In the 2020s, it won't be Blue Vs Grey. It will be conformists versus non-conformists.

The satanic cult that controls the world has upped the ante. They plan to exclude non-conformists. This is clear from the fact that corporations are rejecting half their potential customers and docilely accepting a pandemic hoax that has destroyed many sectors of the economy. 


The world is controlled by a satanic cult, the Illuminati, based on Jewish Cabalism. Other monikers include Communism and Freemasonry. This control is exercised through the banking system. (See "The Aim of Freemasonry is the Triumph of Communism."

A satanic cult exploits and controls its members by making them sick. 

People who refuse to conform will be ostracized and persecuted. Already, I am denied dentistry because I refuse to act like I am sick.  

The #covidscam is the means by which the Illuminati are upping the ante -inducting the human race into Satanism. First the mask, then the vaccine, then the passport. 

Masks are the hallmark of Satanism. "Masking is a Satanic ritual," say protesters in Seattle, and they are right. 

Satanism dehumanizes us by destroying our family, race, national and religious identity. Now they are doing it through masks. There is talk that pesticides, apart from killing us, will contain nanochips that will turn us into automatons. 

They are even selling masks with satanic themes.

The Satanic agenda is clear.  The common flu is treated as a pandemic. Statistics are fudged. Treatments are suppressed. BLM protest, abortionists, and strip parlors stay open. Church services are closed. A security guard is fired for helping a priest administer last rites to a dying patient.  The cost of the lockdown is a million times worse than the flu because a political, economic, and occult agenda is behind it.

In conclusion, the civil war is between conformists and non-conformists, Satanists and believers, Communists, and anti-Communists. This ancient conflict is coming to a climax in our time.

Source: https://www.henrymakow.com/


August 1, 2020

Top medical TV producer Del Bigtree joins The Alex Jones show in-studio to break down the best chance the people have to fight the covid virus and beat the impending medical tyranny being pushed by the left.

July 31, 2020

  1. Post Malone Rejects Govt Mask Mandate, Pushes Back Against Lockdown: People Have To ‘Pay Their Bills, Eat’

  2. Texas Downgrades COVID Death Toll After Error Wrongly Attributes Hundreds Of Deaths To COVID

  3. Florida couple arrested for breaking COVID-19 quarantine, declared an ‘immediate danger’


  5. Web hosting company Squarespace declares war against humanity by silencing compassionate doctors; is complicit in mass murder collusion with Big Pharma

  6. Fat cat biotech executives raking in billions from prospect of new coronavirus vaccines




  10. South Africa plans to build coronavirus vaccine plant




July 31, 2020


July 31, 2020

Rob Dew joins The Alex Jones Show to break down the verified statistics proving the covid numbers are a hoax.


July 31, 2020

Alex Jones breaks down a find by a major statistician who proves the covid-19 numbers are a hoax.

Celeste Solum and Peggy Hall - "The Government Can't Mask God & Faith" - 7/31/20

(NOTE: This video cannot be removed by YouTube)

July 31, 2020

Dr. Judy Mikovits Says That It's Likely That Most Who Take The Vaccine Will Die...50 Million

By Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum. 7-31-20

This may be one of the most important articles I've ever written. With all the fear mongering about the corona virus plague it has obviously been known this was intentional as its been advertised by Bill Gates it would come at this time  and it was funded.  No need to add all the volume of videos and emails you can google but here's one for reference

https://goldenageofgaia.com/ 2020/04/18/dr-rashid-buttar- exposes-bill-gates-dr-fauci- and-falsified-pandemic- numbers/

I'm concerned that every single person who tested the vaccine, 100%,  had reactions and now Dr. Judy Mikovits says in this video probably all who take the vaccine, especially if mandated,  50 million people, will die.  You may remember in developing this virus she was asked to make it more dangerous where it would kill faster and when she refused to  sign manipulated  data was thrown in jail.  When released she was told she would be returned if she told anyone.  Instead she wrote the book and set up an organization to educate physicians. They tried to silence her by trying to discredit her. She is a brave woman, a virologist, and simply came out stronger making a documentary, "Plandemic" and constantly being interviewed.   Here is the video about the vaccine. 

https ://video.search.yahoo.com/yhs/ search?fr=yhs-iba-1&hsimp=yhs- 1&hspart=iba&p=dr.+judy+ mikovits#action=view&id=22& vid= 44450d01e0f4d62897d02313788212 6e

Two days ago  I released a video from the front line physicians saying they had a cure for the corona virus and one physician said she was outraged by the censorship and they were curing all their patients and nobody died and no one was wearing a mask.   She was appalled she was threatened for giving the facts and letting people know there was a cure.  Meanwhile Big Pharma wants it off the market.  The video was going viral  and immediately was censored, even the one I had.  Today all the doctors who had the original press conference came back and said they would not put up with the censorship and told who censored and again said they had the cure for the corona virus.  They were infuriated because they are on the front line and curing the corona virus.  One doctor said you can't shut up all the doctors, and even ask your own physician.   Here is the video today from all these physicians:   https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=cY0TH-DTYEI&feature=youtu.be     What is the cure?  HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE and zinc they mentioned. You may remember that Dr. Russell Blaylock listed the things you take and it included zinc because it stops mutation.

NOTE: The above YouTube video may be removed at some point like so many good "factual" videos. So, I have downloaded it and it is made available below.

Silenced Frontline Doctors Hold Capitol Hill Press Conference to Challenge Big Tech

(NOTE: This video cannot be removed by YouTube)

This video is of a press conference that took place in Washington, DC, on Tuesday, July 28, 2020, held by the group America’s Frontline Doctors and organized and sponsored by the Tea Party Patriots Foundation. The press conference featured frontline doctors sharing their views and opinions on the novel coronavirus, the medical response to the pandemic, and the censorship they have experienced from Big Tech.

Here is an interesting subject completely apart from the subject of the plague.  I have an anticancer cure I used and published in two of Dr. Leonard Coldwell's books:  "The Only Answer to Cancer" and "The Only Answer to The Only Cancer  Patient Cure".  It's mainly herbs but it has one drug - Quinine.  You use to be able to get it in the drug store without a prescription.  People used it for things like leg cramps.  Once the FDA found out about the formula Quinine could only be gotten by prescription.  That was no problem as patients just asked their physician for an Rx.  Then a note came out that you could only prescribe it for malaria and other devastating diseases.  I wondered what was the big deal about Quinine. 

Of interest is that  Hydroxychloroquine is an antimalarial drug derived from quinine.  Herbalist Earl Rayburn had 800 letters from victims who were dying of cancer who were cured on my formula.   The FDA found out he supplied the herbs to make the formula so they sent the Forestry to kill his acreage of herbs.  It's a small town and so many people know each other.  One of the men from the Forestry came to Earl and said:  "I have to apologize for what we did.  The FDA made us do it,  Big Pharma said they couldn't have cancer cured."  They were basically trying to kill black snake root that grows there and Earl tried to buy it on the Internet but it turned out to be Rhubarb.  Earl bought herbs trying to keep the formula going but the FDA fined him $75,000 and then made him sign a paper he wouldn't tell anyone.  Then they expunged the record.

Earl is dead today.  His wife didn't know why he died but I told her I had promised him I would expose the FDA for what they did and published it so his children would know what a great man their father was trying to help all he met.  I named the formula for my mother, Eve Geller, who died of  breast cancer.  Simply, cancer cannot live in purified blood.  Big Pharma pushes chemotherapy even though studies show all it does is spread the disease.  It killed my mother.

Hydroxychloroquine is also used for Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis,  This is where aspartame is a connection.  As Dr. James Bowen said: " The ability of methyl alcohol/formaldehyde to create antigenicity, especially as combined in APM molecules is so great as to cause severe autoimmune reactions to the tissues deformed by formaldehyde polymerization, adduct formation. The immune system turns against the victim's tissues: Lupus."

I also wrote a paper on aspartame and the corona virus:  https://rense.com/general96/ aspartame-inflames- coronavirus.php

Today the aspartame pandemic is called Rumsfeld's Plague.  The medical text on it is "Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic" by H. J. Roberts, M.D.,  Other texts are "While Science Sleeps: A Sweetener Kills" by Dr. Woodrow Monte and "Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills by Dr. Russell Blaylock. 

I sincerely hope the above information will help the public.  You no longer can just accept what people say, you must do your own research.  Scientific fraud so many times results in death.  In reading about  the plague of 1918 an  article exclaimed it was the  cure that killed so many.   Dr.  Cameron Kyle- Sidell of New York is warning that critically ill coronavirus patients are being inadvertently harmed by the very same breathing machines being used to keep them alive. He said 50% died. 

In the case of the corona virus they have censoring of  information that may save your life and threatening of physicians.  You must do your own research.  Here is a report from "No Fake News" on the drug:  https://blog.nomorefakenews. com/2020/07/30/hcq-covid-fda- and-pharma-and-all-its-whores/

Stephen Fox, (Mission Possible New Mexico and Founder, United Nations Santa Fe)  has filed a brief with the International Court of Justice on aspartame.  https://www.opednews.com/ articles/Brief-Submission-for- Inter-by-Stephen-Fox-92- Aspartame-Poisoning-Symptoms- According-To-Fda_Arthur-Hull- Hayes-Fda-Commissioner- Approved-Aspart_Donald- Rumsfeld_Dr-Betty-Martini- Founder-Mission-Possible- 200729-410.html

 The Aspartame Pandemic or Rumsfeld's Plague is pure genocide, and is being used unlabeled.  People have been dropping dead, going blind and suffering with methanol poisoning for 40 years from aspartame.    The FDA is blaming it on a small amount of methanol  in hand sanitizers: https://www.dermatologytimes. com/view/fda-expands-toxic- hand-sanitizer-list

Look for the facts.  If you see someone calling people names, trying to discredit them and making them out as a conspiracy theorist its usually the modus operandi of industry. 


Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum, Founder

Mission Possible World Health Intl

9270 River Club Parkway

Duluth, Georgia 30097

770 242-2599


More information on www.wnho.net and www.holisticmed.com/aspartame


July 31, 2020

Another video has emerged that's been removed from social media. This time, Dr. Lisa Koche, MD is speaking out about the coronavirus, mass censorship and the true benefits of hydroxychloroquine. Spread the word!

Dr. Lisa Koche, MD is a Internal Medicine Specialist in Tampa, FL and has over 24 years of experience in the medical field. She graduated from Emory University medical school in 1996. She is affiliated with St. Joseph's Hospital.

Will A Mask Stop COVID-19? (Guest: Aaron Ernst) | THE HEALTH AWAKENING

(NOTE: This video cannot be removed by YouTube)

Will a mask stop the spread of COVID-19? Will a mask help you or others? Will it make things worse for those who have the virus? What kind of mask is best if you have to wear one? And why is everyone just believing what they’re told? Dr. Aaron Ernst is about to give you… a Health Awakening.

Here is a link to the document he held up titled "A Novel Coronavirus from Patients with Pneumonia in China, 2019."

He also held up another article titled "Could wearing a mask for long periods be detrimental to health?"

Why The WHO Faked A Pandemic

July 31, 2020

Wolfgang Wodarg, left is a German MD and politician.

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), a human rights watchdog, is publicly investigating the WHO's motives in declaring a pandemic. Indeed, the chairman of its influential health committee, epidemiologist Wolfgang Wodarg, has declared that the "false pandemic" is "one of the greatest medicine scandals of the century."

Why The WHO Faked A Pandemic

by Michael Fumento (henrymakow.com) The World Health Organization has suddenly gone from crying "The sky is falling!" like a cackling Chicken Little to squealing like a stuck pig.

The reason: charges that the agency deliberately fomented swine flu hysteria. "The world is going through a real pandemic. The description of it as a fake is wrong and irresponsible," the agency claims on its Web site.

A WHO spokesman declined to specify who or what gave this "description," but the primary accuser is hard to ignore. The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), a human rights watchdog, is publicly investigating the WHO's motives in declaring a pandemic. Indeed, the chairman of its influential health committee, epidemiologist Wolfgang Wodarg, has declared that the "false pandemic" is "one of the greatest medicine scandals of the century."

Even within the agency, the director of the WHO Collaborating Center for Epidemiology in Munster, Germany, Dr. Ulrich Kiel, has essentially labeled the pandemic a hoax. "We are witnessing a gigantic misallocation of resources [$18 billion so far] in terms of public health," he said.

They're right. This wasn't merely overcautiousness or simple misjudgment. The pandemic declaration and all the Klaxon-ringing since reflect sheer dishonesty motivated not by medical concerns but political ones.

Unquestionably, swine flu has proved to be vastly milder than ordinary seasonal flu. It kills at a third to a tenth the rate, according to U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates. Data from other countries like France and Japan indicate it's far tamer than that.

Indeed, judging by what we've seen in New Zealand and Australia (where the epidemics have ended), and by what we're seeing elsewhere in the world, we'll have considerably fewer flu deaths this season than normal. That's because swine flu muscles aside seasonal flu, acting as a sort of inoculation against the far deadlier strain.

Did the WHO have any indicators of this mildness when it declared the pandemic in June?

Absolutely, as I wrote at the time. We were then fully 11 weeks into the outbreak and swine flu had only killed 144 people worldwide--the same number who die of seasonal flu worldwide every few hours. (An estimated 250,000 to 500,000 per year by the WHO's own numbers.) The mildest pandemics of the 20th century killed at least a million people.

But how could the organization declare a pandemic when its own official definition required "simultaneous epidemics worldwide with enormous numbers of deaths and illness." Severity--that is, the number of deaths--is crucial, because every year flu causes "a global spread of disease."

Easy. In May, in what it admitted was a direct response to the outbreak of swine flu the month before, WHO promulgated a new definition matched to swine flu that simply eliminated severity as a factor. You could now have a pandemic with zero deaths.

Under fire, the organization is boldly lying about the change, to which anybody with an Internet connection can attest. In a mid-January virtual conference WHO swine flu chief Keiji Fukuda stated: "Did WHO change its definition of a pandemic? 

The answer is no: WHO did not change its definition." 

Two weeks later at a PACE conference he insisted: "Having severe deaths has never been part of the WHO definition."

They did it; but why?

In part, it was CYA for the WHO. The agency was losing credibility over the refusal of avian flu H5N1 to go pandemic and kill as many as 150 million people worldwide, as its "flu czar" had predicted in 2005.

Around the world nations heeded the warnings and spent vast sums developing vaccines and making other preparations. 

So when swine flu conveniently trotted in, the WHO essentially crossed out "avian," inserted "swine," and WHO Director-General Margaret Chan arrogantly boasted, "The world can now reap the benefits of investments over the last five years in pandemic preparedness."

But there's more than bureaucratic self-interest at work here. 

Bizarrely enough, the WHO has also exploited its phony pandemic to push a hard left political agenda.

In a September speech WHO Director-General Chan said "ministers of health" should take advantage of the "devastating impact" swine flu will have on poorer nations to get out the message that "changes in the functioning of the global economy" are needed to "distribute wealth on the basis of" values "like community, solidarity, equity and social justice." 

She further declared it should be used as a weapon against "international policies and systems that govern financial markets, economies, commerce, trade and foreign affairs."

Chan's dream now lies in tatters. All the WHO has done, says PACE's Wodart, is to destroy "much of the credibility that they should have, which is invaluable to us if there's a future scare that might turn out to be a killer on a large scale."

The Bill Gates depopulation plan is succeeding at culling human populations: Fertility rates plummeting around the world

July 31, 2020

(Natural News) Some of the richest people in the world believe that societies are overpopulated. These very influential people are interested in strategies to control the population and curb family growth. Their wealth shouldn’t make them the ultimate arbitrator over human life, but they have plans for you and your family regardless.

While their plans sound so lovely for the environment, a declining population will cause an inverted age structure that could pose tremendous burdens to the working class and cause great suffering to the elderly.

Bill Gates admitted in a 2010 Ted Talk that vaccines and other healthcare measures are used to reduce the world population. He believes population growth is a problem that can be stopped “if we do a great job on new vaccines.” The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is heavily invested in vaccine projects around the world through his flagship organization GAVI, which partners with pharmaceutical companies and foreign governments to deliver vaccinations to children in poor countries.

Fertility rates falling in 23 nations

A new report published in the Lancet finds that fertility rates are falling drastically around the world, specifically in twenty-three nations. In 1950, women gave birth to an average of 4.7 children. In 2017 the fertility rate was half that (2.4). The Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington projects the fertility rate will fall to 1.7 by 2100. If the number falls below 2.1, then the population will begin to steadily decline, especially in countries like the U.S., which has an abysmal childhood mortality rate.

Researchers say that the population decline will have a “jaw-dropping” impact on societies. “I think it’s incredibly hard to think this through and recognize how big a thing this is,” said researcher Prof Christopher Murray. “It’s extraordinary, we’ll have to reorganize societies.”

Over the next century, Bill Gates and other population control fanatics may get their wish. Japan, accounting for 128 million people in 2017, could see its population cut to 53 million by the end of the century. The decline will hit Italy hard, crashing its current population of 61 million to just 28 million by the year 2100. China’s 1.4 billion people are projected to become a nation of 732 million by the end of the century. Other countries that could see their population halve include Thailand, Portugal, Spain, and South Korea.

The only nation that is expected to grow exponentially is Africa. The population in sub-Saharan Africa is expected to triple to three billion people by the end of the century. This is why Bill Gates is so adamant about testing new vaccines in Africa. Instead of supporting human life with clean water and nutrition, the Gates Foundation seeks to test out experimental vaccines there.



July 31, 2020

Data shows agency categorizing deaths from common flu as covid deaths

Stats directly from the CDC show flu deaths fell sharply as COVID-19 deaths suddenly increased, further fueling suspicions that deaths caused by the seasonal flu may be being counted as COVID deaths.

The bizarre correlation is noticeable in graphs composed by an independent statistician contracted by Infowars to organize data released by the CDC in the past few months.

In the following charts comparing flu and covid deaths in Arizona, California, Florida, Texas and Michigan, the sudden drop in flu deaths is noticeable in all states around weeks 12-13.

The graphs with blue and red overlapping lines show an inverse relationship between flu deaths and covid deaths, a trend supporting the theory that deaths from the common flu are being categorized as covid deaths – which would inflate coronavirus death count statistics.



July 31, 2020

July 31, 2020 Terri Lynn's Top Ten

(NOTE: This video cannot be removed by YouTube)

July 31, 2020


(1) Report: U.S. Will Have Half a Million Fewer Births Next Year Due to Pandemic


(2) Doctor Fired After Appearing In Viral Video: We've Hired Lin Wood To Represent Us


(3) Amazon posts biggest profit ever at height of pandemic in U.S


(4) The First Gene-Altered Squid Has Thrilled Biologists


(5) COVID-19 Vaccines Are Coming, but They’re Not What You Think


(6) Donald Trump Teams up with Dr. Anthony Fauci to Promote Plasma Donations


"Plasma carries water, salts and enzymes. The main role of plasma is to take nutrients, hormones, and proteins to the parts of the body that need it. Cells also put their waste products into the plasma. The plasma then helps remove this waste from the body."


** Plasma: the liquid gold running through our veins


(6-b) *** RNA AND PLASMA


(6-c) can nano particles be mixed in plasma





(7) Vaccine distribution will be ‘joint venture’ between CDC and Pentagon


(8) Couple Arrested For Violating Quarantine


(9) One Nation Under House Arrest: How Do COVID-19 Mandates Impact Our Freedoms?


(10) Hong Kong Police Arrest 4 Teens For Mere Online Posts Under New Security Law

https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitica... ___________________________________________________




Terri Lynn

PO BOX 133

Coosa, GA 30129



July 30, 2020

  1. MIRROR Harry Vox 2010 Rockefeller “Scenarios for Future Tech ” And Dead Zone 2003 Ep Hydroxychloroq

  2. We No Longer Give a Cr@p!

  3. Mark Levin: Doctors HAVE to be Free to Make Decisions That Are Best for Their Patient


July 30, 2020

Julie's Story: Early, Covert Vaccine/Hydrogel Experimentation On My Daughter By Barb Wilson 7/30/20

(NOTE: This video cannot be removed by YouTube)

Racist leftists attack, mock Dr. Stella Immanuel over her truth and passion to protect human lives against the evil, demonic forces behind Big Pharma

July 30, 2020

(Natural News) After bravely taking a stand for health freedom at the recent “White Coat Summit” put on by America’s Frontline Doctors in Washington, D.C., Dr. Stella Immanuel, a black woman from West Africa, is enduring an endless barrage of abuse from leftists, which are relentlessly mocking both her ethnic heritage and her Christian faith.

Headlines such as, “Trump’s New COVID Doctor Says Sex With Demons Makes You Sick,” compliments of the far-left The Daily Beast, are running rampant. And white liberals everywhere are sharing these headlines on social media, and openly making fun of Dr. Immanuel for her deliverance ministry.

In an attempt to make her sound as ridiculous as possible – and exploiting her skin color and West African heritage in order to do so, all while claiming to be “anti-racists” – the “science”-worshiping left is using phrases like “alien DNA” and “demon sperm” to caricature Dr. Immanuel’s medical philosophies and experiences, many of which are based on her experiences working with demon-possessed patients in Africa.

“I do not know the culture of Nigeria where Dr. Immanuel trained but I know witchcraft and child sacrifice are very real things in Uganda,” wrote The All Natural Parents group on Facebook. “I also know this woman had to leap over tall buildings and be twice as smart as her counterparts to retrain and be allowed to practice in the states.”