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True News 4 U — Coronavirus (Corvid-19) News For July 2020


July 8, 2020

  1. Melbourne returns to gruelling 6-week lockdown | Threat of 2nd wave of coronavirus

July 8, 2020 All of Melbourne on Hard Lock-down again

Are you prepared if a hard lockdown hits your area without warning?

(1) Panic-buying returns as Melbourne braces for lengthy lockdown


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Texas Adds “Probable” COVID Cases to Death Count – Very Bad Science

Texas: Collin County leaders are concerned over the new state standards that define COVID-19 cases. The new classification of ‘probable cases’ includes 15 possible ways to be counted as a COVID-19 patient without ever taking a lab test. Anyone who had contact with a COVID-19 patient and has two symptoms (even though many other conditions cause the same symptoms) can be considered a probable COVID-19 case and could be quarantined for 14 days. The inflated case numbers will require more patient monitoring and a virtual army of contact tracers. A positive PCR test result will no longer be required to determine a COVID-19 death, and all the probable cases will be counted as deaths as far as the public is concerned. The number of COVID deaths will rise dramatically – but will be as phony as a three-dollar bill. -GEG

Collin County Leaders Concerned About State's New Way Of Defining COVID-19

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Collin County leaders are worried about the impact of new state standards that define COVID-19 cases.

LOOK AT THIS! 👀 Are cases spiking because they have CHANGED the way they are CALCULATED? Where is the MSM? 😮

Collin County PDF:



Big Pharma Got to Texas Governor Abbott



A South Texas county isn’t taking any chances when it comes to the outbreak, issuing a warning that anyone who tests positive and refuses to self-isolate could end up in jail.


Henry Ford health study finds hydroxychloroquine to be effective against COVID-19

By Ethan Huff


Yet another peer-reviewed research paper has demonstrated that the generic anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine, when used appropriately, can help to effectively treat Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) patients.

Published by the Henry Ford Health System in Michigan, the study used a large-scale retrospective analysis of patients examined between March 10 and May 2. It looked at more than 2,500 hospitalized patients across Henry Ford’s six area hospitals, evaluating how hydroxychloroquine affected patients.

According to Dr. Marcus Zervos, the division head of infectious diseases at Henry Ford, the goal was to determine whether or not hydroxychloroquine is effective for reducing the inflammatory response that was observed in many Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) patients early on in the pandemic.

“We thought that it would be important to us, or potentially important to use in our patients, (because) we didn’t have any other options that were proven,” Dr. Zervos is quoted as saying.

Of those patients who were treated with just hydroxychloroquine, only 13 percent died compared to 26.4 percent among those not given the drug. Overall, there was an 18.1 percent in-hospital mortality rate among patients over the age of 18, and with a median age of 64.

Another important detail uncovered as part of the study is the fact that the vast majority of people who test positive for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) and later die also have other underlying health conditions. This suggests that patients are dying with the virus, rather than from it.

“These diseases included chronic kidney and lung disease,” reports MLive.com. Mortality of hospitalized patients ranged between 10% and 30% worldwide.”

If this study had added zinc as well, the results would have been even better

Researchers also administered the antibiotic azithromycin as part of the trial, though it conferred minimal benefits. Compared to a 20.1 percent death rate among patients treated with both azithromycin and hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin treatment alone resulted in a 22.4 percent death rate. And this is compared to a 26.4 percent death rate among those treated with neither drug.

Interestingly, this paper did not look at a treatment combination of hydroxychloroquine plus zinc, zinc being a key factor in the potentiation of hydroxychloroquine as an effective remedy for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19).

Previous studies similarly left out zinc, which in those cases resulted in conclusions of “no benefit” for hydroxychloroquine.

In this Henry Ford study, however, hydroxychloroquine alone was still determined to be better than nothing, suggesting once again that the leftist crusade against hydroxychloroquine is purely political.

While these researchers arrived at encouraging results all things considered, they still say that randomized, controlled trials are needed to confirm hydroxychloroquine’s potential benefits as a remedy for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19).

“Currently, the drug should be used only in hospitalized patients with appropriate monitoring, and as part of study protocols, in accordance with all relevant federal regulations,” Dr. Zervos made sure to add.

After President Donald Trump announced earlier in the spring that hydroxychloroquine may be beneficial in treating the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), many in his political opposition immediately started denigrating it. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) also tried to intervene to block hospitals from giving it to patients.

In Michigan where this Henry Ford study was conducted, numerous health systems, including Michigan Medicine, Beaumont Health, and St. Joseph Mercy, decided all on their own to not use hydroxychloroquine in their Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) patients, or to discontinue use if they already were administering it.

“These studies that have been negative seem to get more attention,” Dr. Zervos noted, hinting at the political agenda behind the slandering of this particular drug. “But there are plenty of studies that have shown benefits and have not received as much attention, not just our study.”

To keep up with the latest Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) news, be sure to check out Pandemic.news.

Sources for this article include:




My investigation: the cult of COVID

After I published several recent articles, an issue was raised. I’ll use it as an introduction to the cult of COVID.

I stated that a new COVID virus was never properly discovered. Then I was asked: so are countries all over the world pretending the virus is real?

Answer: No, they’re not pretending. “Countries” aren’t doing anything. Government leaders are issuing edicts, on the scientific and medical advice of officials surrounding them. These officials are true believers. They have faith that the COVID virus exists. Why? They’ve been told it exists by their bosses. And so it goes, all the way up the line, in the cult. Bigger and bigger bosses, all of them true believers.

Yes, a lab here and a lab there claim they have isolated the new COVID virus. But they have not done a complete STUDY to prove the existence of a new virus.

A complete and coherent study would involve, say, a thousand “epidemic” patients, side by side.

Researchers would make electron microscope photos of tissue samples taken from all the patients—the photos would be made AFTER these samples have been subjected to proper purification processes, involving a centrifuge and the correct collection of viral material from the centrifuge.

Such a study hasn’t been done, and it won’t be done.

Why? Because there is a great risk from reading the results of a thousand side by side electron microscope photos. If the photos don’t match up, if they don’t all show particles of the same virus, and if those particles aren’t unique—i.e., never before seen—then two things happen: the claim that one virus is causing a pandemic collapses; and the claim of discovering a new virus collapses.

THAT’S why the correct study hasn’t been done.

Little anecdotal claims from this lab and that lab don’t amount to a hill of beans. They’re irrelevant.

So what is left? A kernel of nothing—“the virus exists”—passed from hand to hand, shared by all, signifying Belief. Reflex Belief.

EVERYTHING that follows, stemming from a false belief in a new virus, is meaningless.

It all goes back to the beginning. That’s where the fabrication was hatched.



Dr. Scott Jensen, Youtube

Dr. Scott Jensen Accused by the State of Spreading Misinformation

Dr. Scott Jensen, a Minnesota state senator and a practicing physician, says he’s being investigated by the State’s Medical Practice Board for ‘spreading misinformation’ about the completion of death certificates and for ‘providing reckless advice’ on a news program by comparing COVID-19 to the ordinary flu. [Dr. Jensen is correct, of course, and If this goes to court, there is a good chance he will prove his case. Our guess, therefore, is that it will never go to court.] -GEG


Coronavirus Pandemic Update 93: Antibodies, Immunity, & Prevalence of COVID-19 - New Data from Spain


July 7, 2020

  1. CDC Says COVID-19 on Verge of Non-Epidemic, but Media Is Silent | The News & Why It Matters | Ep 571

  2. Gavin Newsom caught wiring half a billion dollars to communist China in massive face mask money laundering scheme

  3. UK funnels $2 billion to pesticide giants in corrupt covid-19 bailout scheme

  4. Coronavirus contact tracing group tied to pro-abortion globalists

  5. Newsom Shuts Down California As He Pushes Unrealistic Total Eradication of CV-19 Strategy

  6. Trump Declares Low COVID Death Rate & FD Chief Refuses to Publicly Disagree




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Special Thanks to MindWoke

What They Don’t Want You To Know About Covid-19 Part 2 Episode 1



The Truth About Law Enforcement, Military and Our Freedom - Dr Rashid A Buttar



Only a few know about the Side Effects



Dr Rashid Buttar The Media Won’t tell us the Truth|IT'S HAPPENING RIGHT NOW! SHARE NOW!



Dr. Rashid Buttar URGENT! Full Disclosure From INSIDE| HR 6666 IS COMING!



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Rashid A. Buttar, DO, FAAPM, FACAM, FAAIM: Dr. Rashid A. Buttar received his undergraduate degree from Washington University in St. Louis with a double major in Biology and Theology at age 21, and then attended medical school at the University of Osteopathic Medicine and Health Sciences, College of Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery in Des Moines, Iowa, graduating with his medical degree at age 25. He trained in General Surgery and Emergency Medicine and served as Brigade Surgeon for 2nd Infantry Division, Republic of South Korea, and later as Chief of the Department of Emergency Medicine at Moncrief Army Community Hospital at Ft. Jackson in Columbia, South Carolina while serving in the US Army.

Dr. Buttar became an Eagle Scout at the age of 14, becoming the youngest person in the US to get his Eagle that year, and made the list for promotion to Major in the US Army at the age of 28, becoming the youngest person to make the list for Major that year in the US Army just prior to finishing his service in the Armed Forces. During his military career, Dr. Buttar had the privilege of serving with and being attached to the 2nd Infantry Division, the 101st Air Assault Division and the 5th Special Forces Group. Dr. Buttar is board certified and a Diplomate in Clinical Metal Toxicology and Preventive Medicine, is board eligible in Emergency Medicine and has achieved fellowship status in three separate medical organizations (Fellow of the American College for Advancement in Medicine, Fellow of the American Academy of Preventive Medicine, and Fellow of the American Association of Integrative Medicine).

Dr. Buttar now serves as the Medical Director for the Centers for Advanced Medicine with clinics on the east and west coast. The Centers specialize in the treatment and needs of patients refractory to conventional treatments and who have failed the standard approach to their disease process. With a special emphasis on the interrelationship between environmental toxicity and the insidious disease processes and the “up-regulation” of the immune system, the Center has attracted patients from 89 different countries suffering from autism, cancer, heart disease, stroke and many other conditions too numerous to list.

To see Dr. Buttar's full CV, go to http://www.drbuttar.com/meet-the-prov...

To learn more and find additional resources, follow the links below:








The 9 Steps to Keep the Doctor Away: Simple Actions to Shift your Body and Mind to Optimum Health for Greater Longevity - https://www.The9Steps.com

by Rashid A. Buttar, DO, FAAPM, FACAM, FAAIM

Best Selling Author of the Wall Street Journal, USA Today and Amazon Best Selling Book, now an International Best Seller, translated into multiple languages and recipient of the Eric Hoffer Book Award and the AMESPA Book of the Year Award.

"The Department of Justice is amending regulations that require DNA-sample collection from individuals who are arrested, facing charges, or convicted, and from non-United States persons who are detained under the authority of the United States."


July 7, 2020 US Gives Bill Gates Backed Vax Co $1.6B for Vax

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Operation Warp Speed Awards Novavax $1.6 Billion For COVID Vaccine



Mar 10 2020 Bill Gates Solution for Coronavirus


..articles in video:

(1) Novavax developing nanoparticle vaccine for Wuhan coronavirus


--------------ITS ALL BEEN PLANNED---------------

******my other video ONE MONTH before shut down in US and Bill Gates plans with Novavax Feb 13, 2020 Urgent: Gov Braces for Pandemic, and the Vaccine (Coronavirus)





Texas County To Arrest COVID-19 Positive Residents Who Refuse To Self-Isolate

(ETH) – One county in South Texas isn’t playing around when it comes to the coronavirus and has come out issuing a warning that anyone who tests positive and refuses to self-isolate themselves could end up in jail according to a report from CBS DFW.

The warning comes from the Brooks Count Office of Emergency Management, which cites Texas Penal Code 22.05 (a) which states “A person commits an offense if he recklessly engages in conduct that places another in imminent danger of serious bodily injury.”

The report recently stated that “Someone who is positive for COVID-19 doesn’t even need to have infected another person either, according to the warning, to warrant an arrest. The exposure alone is enough for punishment.” The notice does not officially say how law enforcement would go about enforcing or verifying whether a violation has occurred or whether in fact, an individual is actually positive for coronavirus.


Coronavirus expert warns Americans will be wearing masks for ‘several years’

(ETH) – Hope you really enjoy wearing your masks? That’s because Health experts are warning that Americans aren’t going to be taking them off any time soon.

According to a new report from Fox News, Eric Toner, a senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security who has studied pandemics for a great length of time has stated that face coverings are a vital defense to stop the spread of the virus and believes that COVID-19 isn’t going to slow down anytime soon in the U.S. even as states start to slowly reopen. He went on to state that “There’s going to be no summertime lull with a big wave in the fall,” he said as part of CNET’s Hacking the Apocalypse series.

“It’s clear that we are having a significant resurgence of cases in the summer, and they’ll get bigger. And it’ll keep going until we lock things down again.” He went on to emphasize that until there is a vaccine, communities’ best defense to fight it is through creating distance and wearing masks. “I think that mask-wearing and some degree of social distancing, we will be living with — hopefully living with happily — for several years,” he said. “It’s actually pretty straightforward.

If we cover our faces, and both you and anyone you’re interacting with are wearing a mask, the risk of transmission goes way down.” Even Dr. Anthony Fauci, who is a top official handling the U.S. COVID-19 response, recently stated that he was cautiously optimistic that there could be a vaccine for the virus by 2021.


My investigation of COVID-19

This is one of those investigations in which you ask yourself, IS THE PHENOMENON, AS DESCRIBED, REAL? That’s where I started. At this point, I’ve written well over 150 articles about COVID-19.

And of course, the phenomenon is not real.

Most people wouldn’t be able to grasp that. They’re stuck at the gate, saying, PEOPLE ARE DYING, IT MUST BE THE VIRUS.

Well, people are always dying. It’s very easy to repackage their deaths under a new label. And those that are dying for new reasons…you can track down those reasons, too. In a few places, it’s pollution, in another place it could well be a previous vaccine campaign, and so on. In New York, a lot of people are dying premature deaths because they’re put on breathing ventilators and heavily sedated.

As I laid out in several key articles, proper procedures of viral discovery were never carried out in China or anywhere else. There is no convincing proof researchers ever found a new virus.

Therefore, every piece of so-called information coming from “new virus” has no foundation whatsoever. For example, the diagnostic tests. Tests for what? And then, the case numbers would be meaningless as well.

But again, these facts are hard for people to swallow. They want to believe. They believe they must believe. It’s a theocracy.

In the set-up, there are two positions you can take. You can stand outside the whole illusion and expose it; or you can enter the illusion and then show internal contradictions and lies and false pictures, within the fraud.

For instance, the case numbers. I’ve explained ways the CDC and other agencies are fiddling them, inflating them. I’ve also stood outside the whole case number game and pointed out it’s without meaning, because, again, the existence of a new virus hasn’t been proven. The tests, all of them, are supposed to be evidence of the presence of the virus.

You can be OUTSIDE or INSIDE. Or both.

Let’s say someone publishes a photo of 510th Street in New York during rush hour. You can simply say there is no 510th Street in New York. Or you can look at the details of the photo. You can say, “You see that man wearing a fleecy winter coat and a long scarf? Now look behind him. There are three girls wearing bikinis waiting for a bus. Doesn’t that seem odd?”

You can also make a circumstantial case. That’s a third aspect of an investigation. “Look, this man accused of check forgery has been convicted three times in other states for the same crime. He worked for his uncle, who went to prison for forgery in France. Right now, he lives above a store where a check forger is turning out fake checks.”


July 6, 2020

  1. Australia fights Coronavirus: 127 cases and 1 death reported in last 24 hours

  2. Rockland County, New York, now issuing subpoenas to residents who refuse to talk to contact tracers

  3. Informed consent under assault, as all truthful info on vaccines is labeled misinfo, censored from web

  4. Mask up, says medical expert: More than 25% of coronavirus cases don’t show symptoms

  5. Australian politician says no access to restaurants, businesses or childcare if you refuse coronavirus vaccine

  6. Illinois: Judge Rules Governor Lacks the Power to Keep Citizens Under Lockdown!

  7. South Africans Against COVID Vaccine Trials Tell Gates “We Are Not Your Lab Rats”

  8. Florida Gov DeSantis discusses state COVID-19 numbers

  9. We’ve been scammed – WHO now says “no evidence” of asymptomatic coronavirus transmission, no need for restrictions if you’re not sick

  10. Chinese company mandates that employees take part in vaccine experiments, violating the Nuremburg code of medical ethics


  12. Expert Researcher Highlights COVID Overseers Fraudalent Data Reporting Practices


NewsBreak 81: CONFIRMED: COVID-19 Plandemic a Known, Live “Training & Simulation Exercise” under WHO

(NOTE: This video cannot be removed by YouTube)

Major documentary confirmation of something many of us have come to know for certain in recent times: the entire COVID-19 world-shutdown is part of a live training and simulation exercise run by the unscrupulous WHO and United Nations, as documented in their Global Preparedness Monitoring Board's annual 2019 report and their International Health Regulations treaty of 2005—which 194/or 196 countries signed off on—which pretty much establishes a Global Government (of the WHO & United Nations, & the high-level international GMPB) along with their sponsors, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Wellcome Trust, & other unnamed donors.

Please share this video widely. People in office have failed their oaths to protect the people, and We the People need to wake up and do something definitive about it. Every government has been complicit in the destruction of their own country's economy, the vast suffering of their people brought on by these massive shutdowns and house-arrest assaults-on-the-psyche as people lost jobs, livelihood, purpose in life, social life, and were held back from any normalcy in going outdoors, even to sanctuaries in Nature but forced to wear masks in public instead and submit to police tyranny. Meanwhile, small and large businesses have crashed, families have been prevented from seeing their elderly relatives in hospice, many have died alone. Hospitals are cooking up numbers for COVID deaths, MSM plays out strings of new cases and new deaths.


A World at Risk, 2019, Annual Report GPMB:


International Health Regulations (2005)



Dr. Pamela Popper, Youtube

At Last! A Movement Has Been Launched to Stop Mandatory Vaccines

Pam Popper, a well known naturopathic doctor in Ohio, is outraged over mandatory vaccines planned for every person in America before the end of 2020. She is through writing letters and sending petitions to those in power to urge them not to do it. Instead, she has set in motion a well conceived and entirely feasible plan to mobilize the vast majority of citizens who, so far, have stood in passive and fearful silence as their lives are being destroyed. If you are wondering what you will do when they send soldiers to your home to force you and your family to be injected with neurotoxic vaccines, her answer is: Don’t wait for that to happen. Become proactive. Start the push back now. Listen to this fifteen minute video and learn the details of her plan. -GEG

The BIG Announcement: Citizens in Charge!

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COVID: the patients with severe oxygen shortage

In this article, I report on what is apparently a hereditary condition. Modern researchers would call it genetic in nature. I’m not endorsing their analysis or conclusion. All I’m saying is: apparently hereditary. This article is not intended as a single explanation for all patients who are experiencing severe shortage of oxygen. It is offered as one potential reason.

Imagine this. A person has a hereditary disorder that breaks apart some red blood cells and makes them less able to transport oxygen throughout the body.

Fortunately, the disorder isn’t that serious. The person lives with it.

BUT about 40 medical drugs can rapidly intensify this disorder, making it far worse. Making the oxygen shortage severe and acute. Even lethal.

The most dangerous of these 40 drugs? The ones given to prevent malaria.

Such as hydroxychloroquine. HCQ.

Getting the picture so far?

We’re told that many millions of people of African and Eastern Mediterranean descent have this hereditary disorder.

Therefore, if they’re given HCQ in, say, a clinical trial, or at a clinic or hospital, the result could be death.

Encyclopedia Britannica: “Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency, hereditary metabolic defect characterized by an increased tendency of the red blood cells to break and release their hemoglobin (hemolysis), especially after the intake of certain drugs. The condition is caused, as the name indicates, by the markedly reduced activity in the red blood cells of a particular organic catalyst, or enzyme, called glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase. This low enzyme activity is associated with a decrease in the formation of certain substances that normally help to prevent the oxidative destruction of the red blood cell membrane. Under normal conditions, the affected red blood cells are only slightly more fragile than usual, but more than 40 drugs, including chloramphenicol and sulfonamides, all of which are converted in the body to oxidant compounds, have been shown to produce hemolysis in susceptible persons. There seem to be several variants of the disorder, all of which appear to be sex-linked and fully expressed in males only [a debatable assertion]. The most common form is found chiefly in persons whose ancestors inhabited either Africa or the Eastern Mediterranean basin. A possible protective effect of this metabolic abnormality against malaria has been suggested.”

I was alerted to this information by an article posted at off-guardian.org, by Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg: “COVID-19: A case for medical detectives.” Among many other points, Dr. Wodarg mentions that major clinical trials of HCQ are failing to screen volunteers for the heredity disorder which would make it exceedingly dangerous for them to be given the drug.

And how many patients showing up at hospitals all over the world already have this blood disorder, at a very serious level, AS A RESULT OF PREVIOUSLY TAKING ANY OF THE 40 DRUGS WHICH INTENSIFY THE SHORTNESS OF OXYGEN?



Media is Lying About "Second Wave"

The headline of the week comes to us from Dr. Ron Paul. His June 29th column is titled, “The Media Is Lying About the ‘Second Wave.’”

Of course, he’s talking about the next big spike of the COVID-19 Wuhan virus. But he points out something that many have missed. We’ll discuss this missing piece in this episode of Analysis Behind the News, where we provide the perspective that you can use to restore American liberty and independence.

Action Items:

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3) Tell your Governor and legislators to rein in out-of-control government:


▶️ More Related Videos - What’s Really Behind the Riots?:


- Antifa Sets Stage for Anarchy:


- Will Americans Learn Our True History?




(NOTE: This video cannot be removed by YouTube)

The Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN) has filed a lawsuit against the National Institutes of Health because NIH has not provided records responding to ICAN’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests related to the coronavirus pandemic. Now more than ever, it is imperative that regulatory agencies overseeing the healthcare industry are fully transparent with the public to ensure the true safety and efficacy of all products.




The COVID -19 Hoax is taking on monstrous proportions under the watch of none other than the CDC. During a May 18, 2020 meeting of the Collin County, Texas Commissioners Court, officials detailed a new method for counting COVID-19 cases. The footage reveals that the State of Texas is being directed by the CDC to inflate infection numbers.


July 5, 2020

  1. Will Vaccines Become Mandatory?

  2. South Africans protest against coronavirus vaccine trials that exploit black lives – but will leftists care?

  3. Spike in coronavirus cases worsened by infected illegal aliens flooding into U.S. hospitals


States implement face mask fines as U.S. faces surge in COVID-19 cases

States across the nation are cracking down on safety measures as COVID-19 cases continue to rise. One America's Samantha Lomibao takes a look at the states implementing face mask fines.


Interviews with Changemakers (18): Peggy Hall, The Healthy American on Masks, Laws, Language, Rights

Impassioned and educative conversation with Peggy Hall, educator, writer, activist, who has founded a new organization The Healthy American to help Americans and people worldwide recognize their rights to health freedom and health choice in an age of government overreach and COVID overkill.

Peggy shares what prompted her to rush into the fray of this national and global conversation as she herself experienced being laid-off from her teaching job in a university, and turned her attention within two weeks of the interminable lockdown in March to the language of the law, the nature of the “Orders” being issued by Health Officers and Governors, and the fraudulent impositions of stricture and “requirement” devoid of statutory legal backing which Governors and Mayors are using to subjugate the American populace. In actuality, the “Orders” are mere Guidance or Guidelines; neither Governors nor Mayors have the jurisdictional authority to impose orders of any kind on individuals.


Red Alert!!! How Contact Tracing Is Being Applied to Greatly Inflate the COVID Numbers!

Red Alert How Contact Tracing Is Being Applied


Maryland's Covid-19 Lockdown Has Made Things 68 Times Worse

Maryland's Policies Have Made Things 68 Times Worse 12 25 37


Oregon Gov Brown Setting the Tone for the Leftist Coast With Communist Lockdowns

Oregon Gov Brown Setting the Tone for the Leftist Coast


Highly dangerous drug being used to sedate COVID patients

In my recent series of articles, I’ve exposed the fact that COVID-19 equals killing old ill people—the causing of their premature deaths through terror and isolation—it’s not a virus—and thus falsely inflating “epidemic” numbers.

And now this:

I’ve become aware of a very dangerous drug—Fresenius Propoven—that is being used to sedate COVID patients who are on breathing ventilators in US hospitals.

The FDA has approved its use on an emergency basis “during the pandemic.”

Why? Unclear. Because other drugs are in short supply? The FDA openly warns that the concentration of the active ingredient in the drug is higher than usual. Double, in fact.

This raises MAJOR issues. We know that in some hospitals, the level of care is casual and neglectful, to say the least. Untrained or inattentive staff are routinely putting patients on ventilators. Medicare is paying out coverage to hospitals at a much higher rate, when COVID-diagnosed patients are placed on ventilators.

In New York City, at least one ER doctor—Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell—has gone public with the fact that some patients need oxygen, but ventilator protocols can damage their lungs and kill them.

A nurse working at Elmhurst Hospital in Queens, New York—Erin Marie Olszewski—stated that patients on ventilators are given very heavy sedation, and they never wake up.

Hospitals are, to an alarming degree, liability-free zones, because they isolate COVID patients and wall them off from friends and family.

And now: a sedative drug that contains a much higher-than-usual concentration of the active ingredient—with the extreme danger of overdose.

Here are the details from an FDA page:


“The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) to permit the emergency use of the unapproved product, Fresenius Propoven 2% (propofol 20 mg/mL) Emulsion 100 mL, to maintain sedation via continuous infusion in patients greater than 16 years old who require mechanical ventilation in an intensive care unit (ICU) setting.”


“Fresenius Propoven 2% Emulsion 100mL is not an FDA-approved drug in the United States. However, FDA has issued an EUA permitting the emergency use of Fresenius Propoven 2% Emulsion during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

“The scope of the EUA is limited as follows: * Fresenius Propoven 2% Emulsion will be used only to maintain sedation via continuous infusion in patients greater than 16 years old who require mechanical ventilation. * Fresenius Propoven 2% Emulsion will be administered only by a licensed healthcare provider in an ICU setting. * Fresenius Propoven 2% Emulsion will NOT be administered to pregnant women, unless there are no FDA-approved products available to maintain sedation for these patients should they require mechanical ventilation in an ICU setting. * Fresenius Propoven 2% Emulsion will be used only in accordance with the dosing regimens as detailed in the authorized Fact Sheets.”

“Fresenius Propoven 2% Emulsion 50 mL is approved in Europe and other international countries. The Fresenius Propoven 2% Emulsion 100mL product will be manufactured by Fresenius Kabi AG in the same FDA inspected facilities as DIPRIVAN® and other Propoven 2% fill sizes.”

As you can see, the FDA makes a point of warning about overdose.



July 4, 2020

  1. Dr Richard Cheng on the battle to fight COVID 19 in Beijing




  5. India records highest daily surge in COVID-19 cases again; 22,000 new cases in last 24 hours


What If President Trump Said THIS On Independence Day? - Lost Arts Radio Live 7/4/20


‘Herd immunity’ near, but MSM suppress recovery numbers

According to new reports, humanity is approaching a herd immunity to COVID-19 due to rising recoveries from the virus. However, mainstream media has been ignoring the recovery numbers. One America’s Kristian Rouz finds out why.


July 3, 2020

  1. If we ever do get a coronavirus vaccine, will it contain toxic ingredients?

  2. University of Tenn. Will Require COVID-19 Vaccinations and Flu Shots

  3. Fauci warns coronavirus surge ‘way beyond worst spikes we’ve seen’


  5. EXCLUSIVE: Plans for Contact Tracing & Coronavirus Traced to 2017 — TWO YEARS BEFORE ‘Outbreak’

  6. Q - Ghislaine's Arrest Opens the Floodgate - CDC Busted in Fear Fraud


Face Masks Fail Engineer Inspection

Read our findings, just under the headline link below:

Do Face Masks Actually Filter The Air We Breath Against Viruses? An Engineer's Perspective.

Listen to Michael, Douglas and Tyla discuss this engineering FLAW.

NOTE: This is my personal note to everyone. I called the 800 number noted in the image below and I spoke with a lady to get more info on this. She explained to me that if you have a disability that the businesses that require you to wear a face mask must make provisions to accommodate you. If you do not have a disability, you can see if they have curb service. Some businesses are set up to where you can call your order in and pay for it over the phone and drive up to their business and let them know that you are there to pick up your order. You will need to check with the businesses you want to do business with to see if they offer this service providing you do not want to wear a face mask.

Print Your Own Face Mask Exempt Card



(NOTE: This video cannot be removed by YouTube)

As mask mandates on children sweep the nation, HighWire host Del Bigtree’s 11-year-old son, Ever, joins him on stage to test his levels of carbon dioxide inside a mask, face shield, and cloth bandana. The results from the OSHA approved testing device should shock any parent.


Newsbreak 80 | July 3, 2020 : Peggy Hall on Challenging Masks, Reading Laws, Asserting Your Rights

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Impassioned and educative conversation with Peggy Hall, educator, writer, activist, who has founded a new organization The Healthy American to help Americans and people worldwide recognize their rights to health freedom and health choice in an age of government overreach and COVID overkill.

Peggy shares what prompted her to rush into the fray of this national and global conversation as she herself experienced being laid-off from her teaching job in a university, and turned her attention within two weeks of the interminable lockdown in March to the language of the law, the nature of the “Orders” being issued by Health Officers and Governors, and the fraudulent impositions of stricture and “requirement” devoid of statutory legal backing which Governors and Mayors are using to subjugate the American populace. In actuality, the “Orders” are mere Guidance or Guidelines; neither Governors nor Mayors have the jurisdictional authority to impose orders of any kind on individuals.

Demonstrating how this fraud is being played out on Americans, Peggy pulls up a few Orders and Guidances, a Guidance from a health officer in Monterey County, California and an Executive Order from the Governor of Massachusetts, Charlie Baker, and takes us through the language of these documents, discussing what the language says and means, what the laws and lawmaking behind them offers, and examining whether the people signing off on these orders and guidelines have the jurisdictional authority to issue such or if they are acting in overreach and extension of their accorded powers, which it turns out, indeed they are.

A key component of the order-writing and demanding appears to be the state of Emergency called for by Governors and called upon by health officers – but it appears, from a deeper look at the state codes and laws, that such Emergencies are actually being unlawfully called upon currently, since most States permit Emergencies to be called only in case of major disaster and for a very short and finite period of time. Governors and Mayors can be held liable and sued for misrepresentation of the law, misapplication of the law, and for unlawful presumption of authority and overreach.

Only legislators can make law; anything being issued by health officers, Mayors, Governors can only be guidance, not law; states of Emergency cannot be extended indefinitely, and in this case, notes Peggy, the small number of deaths and incidence of illness as well as high recovery rates do not qualify COVID-19 rightfully and lawfully to be classed as an epidemic, pandemic, or warranting of an Emergency.

Peggy Hall also takes a look at information from the CDC, specifically guidelines and recommendations to use facial cloth coverings (the word 'mask” apparently being eschewed for “cloth covering” now, given all the sinister bank-robber connotations of “mask” maybe)-- CDC guidelines regarding children below the age of two being exempt for reasons of possible suffocation are arbitrary and inexplicable, she points out, because where is it written that kids above the age of two are not in similar danger? The cut-off in age here, like much else about these demands for all to wear masks is frankly, incomprehensible, and like all else, must be questioned.

It all does come down to what people are willing to tolerate, what they will put up with, and when and where they will draw the line, notes Peggy.

Peggy reveals that people from all walks of life including lawyers have contacted her, agreeing with her stance, that store-employees accost her in grocery stores complaining that they are having health difficulties wearing the mask for 8 hours, and that she counsels all with advice she has also made available on her website. One of these focuses is OSHA guidelines; it is clear looking at these that retail stores are bypassing them in requiring staff to use masks, and that employees can challenge and resist these unlawful orders.

As with numerous focuses Peggy has made videos on, she has made an OSHA video diving deeper into OSHA strictures, illustrating the dropping of oxygen levels behind a mask with a meter, and the hazards this represents to staff at work as also do flammabilty issues with masks.

All videos can be found at her youtube channel and on her website, thehealthyamerican.org. Supported by volunteers, her organization is currently expanding exponentially, and has branched also into providing community forums and connective spaces for people in different parts of he USA and world, by connecting like-minded people keen to protect medical freedom and health-care so they can help and support each other.

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Why Social Distancing Is Harmful to Children

Attorney Leigh Dundas reports that the COVID-19 fatality rate for children in the US is so low that the CDC calculates it at 0.0% for anyone under 19 years of age. A global study found that COVID-19 has never been passed by children to adults. According to another study, transmission of the disease from people who are unaware they have it is non-existent. Therefore, social distancing at schools is not justified. Isolation creates depression, lack of sleep, poor cardiovascular function, cognitive decline, and impaired immunity. It also weakens that part of the brain that controls learning. The CIA found that isolation was the ideal way to break down a prisoner and that it had a psychological effect similar to being beaten or starved. This is a must-watch. -GEG



Flawed COVID-19 testing: About half of all antibody test results are inaccurate, according to the CDC

(NaturalHealth365) The market is being flooded with blood tests designed to check for coronavirus antibodies.  Naturally, many people think it’s a good idea to take an antibody test to determine if they were exposed to the virus (and if they have immunity).  Of course, others want the test to know if it’s “safe” to go back to work or whether they need to still be diligent in protecting themselves from the virus. However, new evidence shows we shouldn’t bet our health on an antibody test.

There’s currently no set standards from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on these types of tests, but even an antibody test that comes up to the government’s informal standards may be inaccurate.  In fact, according to recent reports and warnings from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), test results for half of coronavirus antibody tests are inaccurate.

Bottom line: If you had an antibody test and you think you have immunity against coronavirus – think again!



Celeste Solum - "It's A Psyop: The COVID-19 Vaccine 'Construct'" - Update 7/2/20

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Dr. Richard Bartlett | ACWT Interview 7.2.20

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Dr. Richard Bartlett Joins me to talk COVID CURES

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July 2, 2020

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Why 80 Percent of People with COVID-19 have No or Mild Symptoms

80% of people with COVID-19 have no symptoms or mild symptoms. Here’s why.




0:00 Infected with COVID-19, but no symptoms

0:17 Fascinating research

1:30 Why 80% of people have no COVID-19 symptoms

2:30 Herd immunity

In this video, we’re going to talk about why 80% of people infected with COVID-19 have no symptoms or mild symptoms.

This may not only be because they have a strong immune system. I found some fascinating research, which links getting immunity to a past coronavirus (there are four), which will then give a person some immunity to the current coronavirus.

Past coronaviruses have been responsible for mild upper respiratory infections. These coronaviruses are worldwide and very common. About 60-90% of people have been exposed to these viruses.

This study showed that if a person is exposed to one of the past coronaviruses, they could have immune memory against COVID-19. This means that if we already have immunity to one or more of these past coronaviruses, then a large percentage of people may have herd immunity without ever being infected.

This could be why about 80% of the population has no COVID -19 symptoms or mild symptoms. It’s not 100% dependent on the immune system. It also has to do with having antibodies to these other coronaviruses.

If you have a strong immune system, and you have antibodies to a past coronavirus, then you may have no symptoms.

If you have a weak immune system and antibodies to a past coronavirus, then you may have mild symptoms.  Herd immunity is where the majority of the population (at least 60%) has already been infected, so they have antibodies. But, based on this research, we might not need to achieve 60% herd immunity, we may only need 30%.

Dr. Eric Berg DC Bio:

Dr. Berg, age 55, is a chiropractor who specializes in Healthy Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting. He is the author of the best-selling book The Healthy Keto Plan, and is the Director of Dr. Berg’s Nutritionals. He no longer practices, but focuses on health education through social media.



John Ziegler Goes Viral Over Lockdown; CA Mayor Defies Newsom Mask Order; Dr. Zelenko’s HCQ Protocol Saving Lives; Kids & Masks: Are They Safe?; ICAN Sues NIH...Again!


Huge COVID case-counting deception at the CDC

For this piece, we have to enter the official world (of the insane)—where everyone is quite sure a new coronavirus was discovered in China and the worthless diagnostic tests mean something and the case numbers are real and meaningful. Once we execute all those absurd maneuvers, we land square in the middle of yet another scandal—this time at our favorite US agency for scandals, the CDC.

The Atlantic, May 21, has the story, headlined, “How could the CDC make that mistake?”

I’ll give you the key quotes, and then comment on the stark inference The Atlantic somehow failed to grasp.

“We’ve learned that the CDC is making, at best, a debilitating mistake: combining test results that diagnose current coronavirus infections with test results that measure whether someone has ever had the virus…The agency confirmed to The Atlantic on Wednesday that it is mixing the results of viral [PCR] and antibody tests, even though the two tests reveal different information and are used for different reasons.”

“Several states—including Pennsylvania, the site of one of the country’s largest outbreaks, as well as Texas, Georgia, and Vermont—are blending the data in the same way. Virginia likewise mixed viral and antibody test results until last week, but it reversed course and the governor apologized for the practice after it was covered by the Richmond Times-Dispatch and The Atlantic. Maine similarly separated its data on Wednesday; Vermont authorities claimed they didn’t even know they were doing this.”

“’You’ve got to be kidding me,’ Ashish Jha, the K. T. Li Professor of Global Health at Harvard and the director of the Harvard Global Health Institute, told us when we described what the CDC was doing. ‘How could the CDC make that mistake? This is a mess’.”

“The CDC stopped publishing anything resembling a complete database of daily [COVID] test results on February 29. When it resumed publishing test data last week [the middle of May]…”

First of all, the CDC’s basic mission is publishing disease statistics on an ongoing basis.

Reporting partial data flies in the face of what they’re supposed to be all about.

But the big deal, of course, is combining results from two different tests—the PCR and the antibody—and placing them in one lump.

I’ve read the Atlantic article forwards, backwards, and sideways, and it appears the experts believe only PCR viral tests should be used to count the number of COVID cases.

So here is a takeaway I find nowhere in the Atlantic article: COMBINING THE TWO TESTS WILL VASTLY INFLATE THE NUMBER OF CASES.

I’m not talking about categories like “rate of infection” or “percentage.” I’m talking about plain numbers of cases.

Some PCR tests will indicate COVID and some antibody tests will indicate COVID, and adding them together will pump up the number of cases. You know, that big number they flash on TV screens a hundred times a day.



COVID-19 Cases Increasing with Increased Testing, Yet Deaths Plunge

New cases of COVID-19 hit record levels in recent days, but the number of fatalities has stabilized in the last few days at a level well below its peak. Deaths are either falling or holding steady. The vast majority of fatalities involve seniors and individuals with chronic underlying health conditions. CDC Director Robert Redfield attributed the spike in cases across the United States to “many factors to include increased testing, community transmission, and outbreaks in settings such as nursing homes and occupational settings.” In response, some of the most populous states and cities have paused or rolled back their reopening plans. [What Redfield failed to mention is that the tests are incapable of distinguishing between COVID-19 and many other viruses, including seasonal flu. For all we know, the so-called “cases” of COVID-19 could be responses to other things. The entire charade of “case” statistics is theater, not science.] -GEG

Coronavirus-linked deaths across the U.S. have been dropping over the past few weeks, even as the country hit record levels in the number of new confirmed cases in recent days, a Breitbart News analysis of the seven-day average of fatalities revealed.

Most coronavirus databases rely on moving averages of cases and deaths because the numbers fluctuate day-by-day.

Although the seven-day average of fatalities had been steadily dropping in recent weeks, it appears to have stabilized in the last few days at a level well below its peak.



June 19, 2020 Secret Detentions and Roundups

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This video was recorded during my 2-week ban from youtube and uploaded to my backup channel MOREHARDNEWSTV.

I'm reposting this information here, to my main channel.

Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it! America was the most free nation in the world. Look at how totalitarian governments operate and will soon be here, if not already.


Secret Detentions Become A Common Tool Of Repression Under Maduro




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May 14, 2020 WARNING: 72 Groups of Americans are "TERR0RISTS"


Aug 1, 2019 The War on Terrorism: Truthers are Now Terrorists!


April 11 2019 China Sends People to Concentration Camps over Facebook




Terri Lynn

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Celeste Solum - "It's A Psyop: The COVID-19 Vaccine 'Construct'" - Update 7/2/20

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CELESTE'S NOTES: https://www.lostartsradio.com/pdf/cel...


July 1, 2020

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  2. Health Ranger pledges right of SELF-DEFENSE against vaccine mandates or MASK mandates

  3. Long-term care facilities account for 45% of U.S. deaths from COVID-19

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  7. It’s all about the money: After destroying low-cost hydroxychloroquine, Big Pharma and the complicit left-wing media are promoting Gilead’s new $3,000 drug

  8. Bombshell as Fauci admits future COVID vaccines won’t work, blames “anti-vaxxers” for failures of Big Pharma


Open Letter to a Pusher of Face Diapers

"A reader has been compelled to decline a position of leadership in his church due to a Fear Masks Mandatory policy imposed by the church leadership. He wrote an Open Letter to the church explaining why he could not accept the position, given the Fear Mask Mandate. His letter is worth publishing here since it touches on an issue that affects all of us, everywhere."

"Masks Mandatory is a policy that I feel prolongs the COVID-19 hysteria and paves the way for the ever-increasing governmental intrusions."

"It is with regret, but with a sense of conviction, that I must remove myself from consideration for the Secretary position at [the church]. 

At the end of March, my job was cut due to lack of business from -- what I consider to be -- the mass hysteria surrounding COVID-19, perpetuated by the media & governments, including ours here in Ohio. 

This irrationality has led to record-setting unemployment, more infringement on civil liberties than I have seen in my lifetime, more corresponding government overreach, and the disturbing trend of "informing" on fellow citizens.



Murder by lockdown: details from a dozen countries

The reference here is a stunning May 23 article by John Pospichal, “Questions for lockdown apologists,” posted at medium.com.

(This is part-4 in the series, “Killing Old People”. For part-3, click here.)

Pospichal examined overall mortality numbers for Austria, Belgium, Denmark, England and Wales, France, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ecuador, and New York City.

Supported by charts, here are excerpts from his article:

“We now have mortality data for the first few months of 2020 for many countries, and, as you might expect, there were steep increases associated with the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in each one.”

“Surprisingly, however, these increases did not begin before the lockdowns were imposed, but after. Moreover, in almost every case, they began immediately after. Often, mortality numbers were on a downward trend before suddenly reversing course after lockdowns were decreed.”

“This is an astonishing finding…”

“You will notice that only after each country (or city) was locked down did the increases begin. Moreover, they began immediately, and in nearly every case, precipitously.”

“All this leads us to the following questions, which we pose to all those who continue to defend the use of lockdowns as an effective means to prevent excess deaths.”

“Q: Why was there no significant increase in overall mortality, in any country we have good data for, before the start of lockdowns?”

“Q: Why does a precise and exact correlation exist between the start of lockdowns and significant rises in overall mortality?”

“Q: How is it that governments in every country imposed lockdowns at precisely the same time relative to the future precipitous rise in their populations’ overall mortality rate?”

“Q: How is it, moreover, that this moment in time [i.e., the imposition of lockdowns] happened to fall immediately before that precipitous rise?”

“Q: If health authorities vastly underestimated the prevalence of the virus at the beginning of the pandemic, why did the virus nevertheless wait until lockdowns were imposed to suddenly start killing at levels which exceeded normal deaths?”

—To that last question, I would respond: No virus would wait. We’re not talking about a virus at all. We’re talking about the sudden effects of the lockdowns.

And those sudden death-effects would come crashing down, first, and immediately, on the most vulnerable people in these countries:

The elderly, who were already ill for years.




Especially in nursing homes; but also in hospitals, and in their homes.

This is the true face of “COVID.”



Is This Torture?

(NOTE: This video cannot be removed by YouTube)

In this video I start off slow but pick up steam as I submit the evidence and examples. By comparing our situation to the study of torture & coercion on Prisoners of War, I believe it becomes clear that what we are being put through with the virus response is a near perfect parallel to the Amnesty International definition of torture & Bidermans ‘Chart of Coercion.’

Amnesty International Report on Torture:




Do public figures really wear their mask or do they only do it for the show, let’s let Dr. Fauci give us the real example.




June 30, 2020

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  2. COVID-FLU-SHOT COMBO? Will the next flu shot contain genetically modified, lab-concocted strains of Covid-19?

  3. Fauci’s Remdesivir Costs $9 Per Dose, Will Be Sold at $3,000 Per Treatment

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  5. Oregon County FORCED to Walk Back Decision that Puts Black Community at MAJOR Health Risk