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True News 4 U — Bible Teachings — 08/01/2020


What is the Mark of the Beast

For generations scholars and laymen alike have sought to answer an important question, “what is the mark of the beast?” While we can’t say for certain until the time comes, here are some thoughts to consider in helping the saints recognize it when it arrives.


What Is Sin?

This teaching explains the biblical definition of sin. In a world where the lines are blurred, this video is an eye opener for all who wish to live their lives for the Creator.


Calendar Chaos - What To Do?

With all of the different calendar calculation methods out there it can be difficult to gather together in one accord. Unfortunately, such differences are actually causing division amongst the Body of Messiah instead of unity.  Should we allow a difference in understanding to divide us and keep us from gathering with others?  We don’t think so.


The Unpardonable Sin

To the surprise and confusion of many, our Messiah described a sin that is not forgivable. What does that mean? What is the sin? Is this something new, or already found in the Torah?


Episode 8 | The Book of MATTHEW


Hear and Obey, or Be Destroyed | Shabbat Night Live

Yeshua is coming back, but only for those who obey him! But what does that really mean? What are we required to do — and required to avoid? Michael Rood strips away tradition in favor of truth tonight!

Grab your notes HERE! https://bit.ly/3jzNi9i


Grafted In | Shabbat Night Live

It’s a lot simpler than you think! The early Gentile believers thought that they had to follow man’s rules to be saved — are you caught in the same trap? Michael Rood reveals what it means to be “grafted in” this Friday!

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Hebrew Gospel Pearls #5 (Matthew 2:16-23) - NehemiasWall.com

In Hebrew Gospel Pearls #5 (Matthew 2:16-23) Nehemia and Keith discuss the symbolism of the lamb in Jewish sources, the parallels between Pharaoh and Herod, and the smoking gun of Greek influence in some Hebrew Matthew manuscripts.

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The Day the Exile Ended - NehemiasWall.com

100 years ago, a 2,600-year-old Bible prophecy was fulfilled in a Jerusalem synagogue. Years later, those present, looked back at this, as "the day the Exile ended". Learn more about this historic event in this short video!

👉 Related Links and Further Study: https://www.nehemiaswall.com/


Bible Study - Galatians 5 - Debtors to the Law


The Hebraic Book of Revelation chapter 14 B

In the eschatological consummation we’re not going to be leave here and fly to heaven in a fictitious pre-trib rapture but rather the heavenly Jerusalem will descend to earth and יהוה will dwell among men. Mt. Zion stands for the eschatological victory as the Father gathers us from the nations.....in the meantime a multinational force gathers in the wings in an attempt to flip the script and dismantle our neighborhoods by setting up an opposing force - NATO & the UN in the last remaining months of 2020.


Fully Following Elohim

In the first three chapters in the book of Deuteronomy we find the definition of what it means to fully follow Elohim. In this video we look at the life of Kaleb who had a different spirit, brought a good report, and trusted YAH in all matters. We also reveal how Yeshua perfectly obeyed the Father and requires His taught ones to follow in obedience as well.


Tzitzits: A Reminder Of The Healing Covenant

In this video we reveal a remarkable mystery of healing embodied in the tassels Yeshua wore on the four corners of His garment. Make sure to check out the full video as well. Full Video - Tzitziyot: Covering Yourself With The Covenant https://youtu.be/EIaF5L4iRfY Don't forget to subscribe to our Triumph In Truth YouTube channel and make sure to click the bell and turn the notifications on so you know when we post a new video:



Home Worship Video Resource // Twenty


What Great Nation

In “What Great Nation” we reveal how obedience to the Torah makes a nation great! The Torah says that the Commandments are our wisdom and our understanding. Come with us on this biblical journey as we discuss the Torah principles that make a person and a people great.


Sunday laws in the Pipeline - Part 1 The Dragon's Voice

To catch the premiere of part 2 on Friday night, or to see part 2 after its premiere click this link and press the little bell button. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MzyUC...


Sunday laws in the Pipeline - Part 2 The Kings Advisors

If you haven't seen part 1, don't miss it here.


In Part 2 of this series we discuss some of Donald Trumps Catholic and Evangelical advisors as well as some of the administration to understand some of what the goals are in this administration.

We talk about Johnnie Moore the unofficial spokesman for Trump's evangelical Advisory board and his intentions concerning healing the wounds and how the policy will lead to worshipping the first beast whose deadly wound is healed.

This one is a leadup to part 3 which you do not want to miss where we will be discussing the goals of a recently established religious liberty task force aimed at making war with those who oppose the idea of Church and State unity as well as Trump's nomination for attorney general and his ideas to enforce God's law in America. And it is only Catholic law.. Be sure to like, share, subscribe for more.


Sunday laws in the Pipeline - Part 3 Make the World Great Again

We are getting started on Patreon, for those who would like to help us get started and support us on patreon and also encourage us to make more videos you can do this here.


A religious task force in America by former attorney general Jeff Sessions and Archbishop Joseph Kurtz was made last year to combat secularists they say. What is a secularist? According to the dictionary it is those who oppose the idea of Church and State unions. Now that Jeff Sessions has left office, Donald Trump has nominated William Barr to be the potential Attorney General. And just what does Barr believe? He believes that God's law should be the law of the land in America. And he's Catholic.

For those who understand, the 10 commandments of Catholics is different than the 10 commandments of the Bible. And Sunday is obviously part of their 10 commandments which is contrary to the Bible.

Furthermore a religious task force was made in France in order to enforce Sunday laws. They are refusing to release the documents concerning this religious task force, and that is just as was predicted. "The Sunday Law is making its way in darkness."

For those who don't understand that Sunday is not Biblical Here is a Bible Study on it:


Furthermore, a Study on the Mark of the beast.


Who is the Antichrist:


America in Prophecy:



Sunday laws in the Pipeline - Part 4 Climate Agenda - Bowing to the Sun god

This is the final part of a 4 part series regarding Sunday laws in the pipeline. In this final part we examine the climate agenda and how some of the current events and things that are happening not only leading to Sunday Laws, but some Sunday Laws have already been made. But further how these will lead to the final decree in Revelation 13 that those who refuse to take the mark of the beast should be killed.

The International Labour Organization as well as COMECE and the Bishops have made it clear what their agenda is. Quoting from a recent document published within the last few months we read:

“Reintegrate Sunday protection into EU law: Whereas EU citizens are increasingly faced with work on public holidays and Sundays, we recommend that the EU protects Sunday in a revised Working Time Directive as a collective day of rest.” (Page 34 of the Future of Work)

For more on this issue you can see the rest of the series here.


Also check out further videos that are bringing together the current events on these issues.


For those who don't understand that Sunday is not Biblical Here is a Bible Study on it:


Furthermore, a Study on the Mark of the beast.


Who is the Antichrist:


America in Prophecy:


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