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True News 4 U — Bible Teachings — 06/20/2020


Life After Death Part 6: The Resurrection of the Just

There are so many questions that get asked about Scripture, but one of the oldest and most common has to do with life after death. In this teaching we take a look at what happens for those who are in the faith and participate in the first resurrection, the resurrection of the just.


Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe

Are you playing eeny, meeny, miny, mo when you study the Scriptures to see what to follow from the Torah? Why are some commands not followed by those believers today? Are they really only picking the ones they want and just throwing the rest out?


The Lost Sheep

In this teaching you will embark on a systematic journey through the scriptures to understand the greatest love story that is NEVER told. You will learn what the majority of the bible is truly all about as the mystery of the gospel is revealed through the scriptures and pieced together by Paul's insight.This teaching will forever change your understanding of almost everything you thought you knew about the Bible.


JESUS DESTROYS THE ANTICHRIST: Debunking Preterism Debate Response #3 (DANIEL 2) Underground #142

The Underground show #142 with Joel Richardson Joel Richardson's third follow up message from the debate with Chris White and the debunking of Preterism. Joel unpacks Daniel 2:31 statue vision, explains what Preterism is and why it's bad?

Watch The Debate between Joel and Chris HERE:


Preterism holds that Ancient Israel finds its continuation or fulfillment in the Christian church at the destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70. The term preterism comes from the Latin praeter, which is a prefix denoting that something is "past" or "beyond". Adherents of preterism are known as preterists. About Joel Richardson:


Joel Richardson is a New York Times bestselling author, filmmaker, and internationally recognized teacher. Joel lives in the United States with his wife and five children. Joel's heart is thoroughly missional, with a special love for all the peoples of the Middle East. Joel travels globally teaching on the Gospel, living with Biblical Hope, the return of Jesus, and preparing the Church to face the great challenges of our time.


Dr. Michael Lake & Rabbi Walker discuss the End Times


KIB 262 – Uncleanness, Holiness, and the Last Days

Lilith and a host of unclean spirits have been released upon the world in the past few months.  The apostle Paul reveals in 2 Tim. 3:1-9, that the only way to combat these spirits in the last days is through a position of godliness (or holiness).  It is time to abandon the intoxicating nectar of Babylon and return to the purity of God’s Word.  What will earmark the Remnant in the days ahead will be godliness in their lives!

Dr. Michael Lake is the Chancellor and Founder of Biblical Life College and Seminary. He is the author of the best-selling books, The Shinar Directive:  Preparing the Way for the Son of Perdition, and The Sheeriyth Imperative:  Empowering the Remnant to Overcome the Gates of Hell.  Dr. Lake is a popular speaker at national Christian conferences and is a frequent guest on many Christian TV and radio/podcast programs in North America.

Mary Lou Lake has worked side by side with her husband in ministry for over 30 years and is the author of the book What Witches Don’t Want Christians to Know – Expanded Edition.


Episode 2 | The Book of MATTHEW


Episode 3 | The Book of MATTHEW


Episode 15 | Expectations of Jeremiah


Episode 16 | Expectations of Jeremiah


Episode 17 | Expectations of Jeremiah


Episode 18 | Expectations of Jeremiah


Episode 19 | Expectations of Jeremiah


Episode 19 | Expectations of Jeremiah


Finale | Expectations of Jeremiah


Out of The Wilderness | Shabbat Night Live

When we read the Bible, we need to ensure that we are perceiving the truth, not making assumptions. Tonight, Michael Rood gives us eyes to see the true story of Yeshua, starting with his temptation and coming out of the Judean wilderness.


The High Priest Forever | Shabbat Night Live

The transfiguration was far more important than most believers realize. Tonight, Michael Rood reveals the gravity of this ethereal event and why the timing of it is crucial to understanding the end times!


Baptism Gone Wrong! | Shabbat Night Live

In a special 2-EPISODE SERIES PREMIERE, Michael Rood explains what baptism really is, who should do it, and why almost everyone is getting it wrong!

Grab your notes and follow along!



Is Baptism needed to be saved? | Shabbat Night Live

In a special 2-EPISODE SERIES PREMIERE, Michael Rood explains what baptism really is, who should do it, and why almost everyone is getting it wrong!

Grab your notes and follow along!



The Baptism of Identification | Shabbat Night Live

In episode 3 of "The Doctrine of Baptisms", Michael Rood explains what it means to “identify” with Yeshua and his sufferings and how it ties to the mikveh. Then, IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING Shabbat Night Live, stay tuned for the FIRST in Michael Rood's NEW, impromptu teaching series, "The Bible vs COVID-19"!

Get your notes HERE!



The Baptism of the Holy Spirit | Shabbat Night Live

The Bible means what it says and details matter — especially when it comes to being effective in your faith! Watch episode 4 of The Doctrine of Baptisms, Friday, March 27 on Shabbat Night Live!

Get your notes here!



The Final Baptism | Shabbat Night Live

There is one FINAL baptism at the end of the age — our works in this life will be tested by a baptism of FIRE. This week on Shabbat Night Live, Michael Rood explains this final "mikveh" in preparation for the marriage supper of the lamb!

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Revelation 6 D

The Patriarch’s Ponies - Zechariah Chapter 6 informs us that the apocalyptic equestrians are spirits; the first seal of Revelation is a spiritual invite with a physical reality attached to it, just as the other 3 seals are spiritual judgments with a physical catastrophe attached to them. This week we'll discover the migration routes of the Patriarch’s Ponies - see where they came from and how they galloped into Revelation Chapter 6!


Revelation 6 E; off they go to hide themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains

Social inequity and anxiety heightens in a time of manufactured scarcity. All we need now is the billionaire globalists to hide themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains. Oh what's this.....Bill Gates steps down from the board of Microsoft today.....

Economic collapse due to a breakdown in the global economy originating out of Wuhan which spirals into shipping and hits OPEC resulting in a subsequent stockpiling of oil.

The yoke of servitude ensues as money becomes worthless, manufactured famines and plagues at the hands of the globalists '1984' agenda.

This is a Hegelian Dialectic stampede that’s gaining momentum around the world as the horses gallop forth to the nations - White/the invite - Red/Socialism - Black/oil cacheing and manufactured famines - The Green New Deal & Agenda 21 unleashed! Ashen/Green - plagues, viruses and genocide.

What a day.......1.5 trillion of FIAT dumped into the market, massive bank loans, the Russians are now flooding the market with their oil below cost to control the flow and cut the U.S. companies out. This is why the President announced a bail out for the oil companies on Tuesday. At the price of oil per barrel the U.S oil companies can’t pay their loans to the banks!!!

This is the trickle down economics of Mystery Babylon…..and the final furlong of our apocalyptic equestrians.


Revelation 7

The Rev Ch. 7 sealing of believers is a an assurance of spiritual safety on the grounds of Divine ownership. This is our story, the called out assemblies story summarizing our struggle, redemption, victory and eventual marriage to the Lamb. This all ties in with the Gen. 49:10 prophecy of the scepter. We're the obedient people and thereby preserved-sealed-sanctified; throughout the Gt. Tribulation in spite of what the rest of the world may be feeling or experiencing in this troubling time - Rev Ch. 7 truly reminds us the time of Joseph is at hand -TODAY!


Revelation 8

The question I pose is; do the seven seals and the seven trumpets cover the same period, or do they overlap, in their entirety, or do they only overlap in part. I view the unsealed and unravelling judgments as an orchestral procession toward the end! Keep silent before YHWH’s sacrifice! This is the priestly remnant cry before the final slaughter (Rev 8:1).


Rev 8 B

During quarantine, masses of believers have fallen prey to the worldwide pandemic scenario underwritten by those who blaspheme, of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan; those who do lie. Those who join with the synagogue of satan and assimilate into the post COVID world of vaccines and health monitoring will be dealt the hidden death blow; the censor is thrown down but if it were not for the seventh angel stopping the death it would of spread to all - a Numbers 16 rerun!


Rev 9

A host of demonic locusts who attack the bodies of men but do not kill them: The backdrop to this is Joel 2:4 where the army are under the control of יהוה, they’re His army Joel 2:11 and under His control, Yet here the plague of locusts are symbolic for demonic hosts, both restricted (9:5) and untethered and יהוה sanctioned a king over them.


Rev 9 B

Rev 9:1 And the fifth heavenly angel sounded, and I saw a star fall from the heaven to the earth and to him was given the key of the bottomless pit.

Raphaim were the giants and the Nephilim were the angels who refused to be born again, and instead left their proper habitation and just mixed with women.

These angels were locked up in chains by YHWH until judgment day.  We learn from ancient history that these giants became the demonic spirits that still trouble people today.


Rev 9 C

Loose the four heavenly angels which are bound in the great River Euphrates.

2 possibilities:

1. These are the Cherubim’s who guard the way back to the tree of life: Gen. 3.24 - Cherubim’s with flaming swords.

2. 2 Pet 2:4  For if Elohim spared not the angels that sinned, but cast them down to hell, and delivered them into chains of darkness, to be reserved unto judgment. Could there be four angelic beings bound? Iraq, Afghanistan and the reset!


Rev 10

Pandora's box, something else was let into the world when the lid was pulled away, something to counterbalance the evils that had been unleashed; hope and that hope is the angel Gabriel and the hope that Yahusha will speedily return. Faith isn’t blind, but ignorance is, and ignorance is the root of most of the evils and concessions taking place in the world today. True safety and protection descending: The Greek word used here for ‘mighty’ gives us a great clue; ‘ischuros’ because in the LXX ‘ischuros’ is used to translate the Hebrew word ‘gibbôr’ גּבּור Gimmel-Bet-Vav-Resh.


Rev 11

Will give sanctuary to the Melchizedek priesthood to keep them safe from the assault from the Anti-Christ. The measuring of the Temple corresponds to the sanctuary of the first seal - the invite to marriage supper of the lamb - the rider on the white horse. Measuring is always done in order to build and repair.


Rev 11 B

As the nations implode in riots, fire and mayhem hurting one another under the flag of being 'woke' should we expect to witness a fire that'll proceedeth out of the mouth of the two witnesses? Watch as the 1% march us onward toward their seamless process of technocratic dictatorship. Are the two witnesses gonna show up from each of the Two Houses of Israel and give us some assistance? What the h**l is going on right now? Will we be helped by John from Judah and Elijah from Ephraim? Will they perform their ministry on us in this next season?


Rev 11 C

The Two Witnesses. The Two Olive Trees, watch and discover more about how the two olive trees are both congregations of Israel, both representing יהוה , both sending forth an a witness, both producing an individual witness to prophecy and together both representing the whole people of Israel scattered abroad in the nations today.

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