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True News 4 U — Bible Teachings — 06/13/2020

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Was Jesus God ?

June 11, 2020


Finding Noah's Ark! | Shavout 2020

June 11, 2020

Completely hidden to the outside world, New Images depicting the size and shape of Noah's Ark have been revealed! Only on the Micheal Rood App! https://bit.ly/2A1wjKS


NOW OPEN: Mt. Sinai | Shavuot 2020

June 10, 2020

As the area around Mt. Sinai is opened up to the public, So is our knowledge! Watch this and more ONLY on the Michael Rood App! https://bit.ly/2A1wjKS


Was Paul Wrong When He said seeds? פול אמר זרעים לא זרע

June 11, 2020

Examining the book of Galatians and Paul's use of the word Seeds פול אמר זרעים לא זרע


From Trial To Triumph

May 22, 2020

Could it be that Elohim has a greater purpose and plan for the trials and failures in our lives? In this message, G. Steven Simons reveals how Elohim uses our trials and failures to develop us into the mature and well equipped people we need to be to fulfill Elohim’s greater purpose for our lives. What the adversary uses to destroy us, YAH uses to develop us!


Can We Eat All Things? (1 Timothy 4)

June 10, 2020

1 Timothy 4:4 is a verse often cited to support the typical understanding that God has abolished some of His commandments, specifically in this case, the dietary instructions. This appears to be a valid claim when the verse is examined in isolation. However, as soon as we employ sound hermeneutical principles by incorporating surrounding context, we find that 1 Timothy 4:4 actually teaches us that God's dietary instructions are not abolished at all. In fact, we find that 1 Timothy 4 actually proves that we should still be keeping God's dietary instructions. This 30 minute teaching is essential to anyone still struggling with Paul's letters and his teachings on the law.


ANTICHRIST INVADES JERUSALEM: The Fall of Jerusalem Debate Response #2 (END TIMES) Underground #141

June 8, 2020

The Underground show #141 with Joel Richardson Joel Richardson's second follow up message from the debate with Chris White as he shows how the Antichrist invades Jerusalem instead of utopia after the middle of the tribulation. Will there be a time of Jacobs trouble in the great tribulation or peace and prosperity?


Halak Tom: Walk Uprightly

June 8, 2020

All around us there are people committing acts of violence and terror. Does this kind of behavior really matter? Do the things we do actually have a noticeable effect on the outcome of our lives? Is it possible to behave in such a manner that the LORD is pleased and will offer His blessing?


The Conclusion of the Book of Daniel

June 7, 2020


Rev 11 B

June 6, 2020

As the nations implode in riots, fire and mayhem hurting one another under the flag of being 'woke' should we expect to witness a fire that'll proceedeth out of the mouth of the two witnesses? Watch as the 1% march us onward toward their seamless process of technocratic dictatorship. Are the two witnesses gonna show up from each of the Two Houses of Israel and give us some assistance? What the h**l is going on right now? Will we be helped by John from Judah and Elijah from Ephraim? Will they perform their ministry on us in this next season?

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Welcome to the Whole Word

June 5, 2020

Excitingly, at an exponential pace, more and more are realizing that the WHOLE Bible is still true and applicable to all in the faith today.   If this recently describes you, then you may have a lot of questions about many different things.  With this teaching, we would like to help you get started!


Live Messages: What Causes Fights Among You?

May 30, 2020

What causes fights among you, among us, as a body of believers? We'll explore the answer to that and how Scripture teaches us to handle it in the book of James and in Numbers through the story of Korah's rebellion.


The Kingdom Priesthood with Dr. Michael Lake and Rabbi Eric Walker – Igniting a Nation Broadcast

June 3, 2020


ISAIAH 19 END TIMES PROPHECY: When The Antichrist Defeats Egypt (EGYPT PROPHECY!) Underground #140

June 5, 2020

The Underground show #140 with Joel Richardson As you can see as this passage opens up with an end-times scenario (God riding on a cloud coming to Egypt). If you read the rest of the whole chapter, it becomes undoubtedly a prophecy about Egypt in the end times. Why does Jesus come to the rescue of Egypt?


JERUSALEM MYSTERY BABYLON?: Mystery Babylon Explained Biblically (DEBATE FOLLOW UP) Underground 139

May 31, 2020

The Underground show #139 with Joel Richardson Joel Richardson follows up the debate with Chris White with the explanation about the true identity of Mystery Babylon. Is there utopia after the middle of the tribulation or will it be the time of Jacobs trouble in the great tribulation? Why is it dangerous to think Jerusalem is Mystery Babylon?


Answering Atheists: Does God Command Genocide in the Bible?

May 6, 2020

When YHWH gave Israel the Promised Land, it appears that he commanded Israel to wipe out entire peoples. Does God command genocide in the Bible, or is there more to the story than meets the eye?


Arum & Sathar: Prudent/Cover

May 4, 2020

How is one to protect himself from danger in difficult times? Do the Ancient Prophetic Scriptures provide wisdom and guidance for us to follow? Can anything be found in the original Hebrew pictograms that elaborate on this advice and will any of the content contained in these pictograms point us to Messiah?


The Law of God vs. the Law of Moses

April 29, 2020

Is the 10 commandments the only commands given to us from God? Were the rest given to us by Moses? Some believe this to be the case. The claim that the 10 commandments are the Law of God and those that cam from Moses are called the Law of Moses. And many believe that it was the Law of Moses that Yeshua came to deliver us from. Could this really be the case. Join us as we examine the scriptures to find the truth of the matter.


Too Dumb for Paul

April 27, 2020

Turns out, the Torah community has decided that every theologian in history was too dumb to understand Paul, you might be too dumb as well. Watch to find out.

Too Dumb for Paul

The Miseducation of Ignatius of Antioch:


The Paul Document:



The Epic Battle of Esau & Jacob

November 17, 2019

Adapted from the Books of Genesis and Jubilees (Dead Sea Scrolls) If you have a hunger for truth and a love for the fathers of the faith that came before us, join us as we discover how the mysteries between the lines of Genesis are once again brought to light. You might just say that therein lies a story of EPIC proportions, a story of two brothers whose eternal battle still wages on to this very day… strap in, this is the Epic Battle of Esau & Jacob.

Christian Truthers: The Epic Battle of Esau & Jacob Website:



Metzora: Diseased

April 20, 2020

Long before anyone knew what germs were or how to prevent the spread of diseases, the Torah gave specific instructions to help prevent their spread. Is this further evidence of a sovereign supernatural God intervening to protect and care for those created in His image?


Tsarah: Distressed

April 6, 2020

It would be a difficult thing to find someone who has not been personally acquainted with trouble. Look around and you can find trouble or tribulation lurking everywhere. Why is this? Didn’t God create a perfect world and give us peace? Can there be found any encouragement in the ancient prophetic scriptures that would help us endure the troubles that we most certainly do and will continue to face?

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