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True News 4 U — Bible Teachings — 05/31/2020


Today, May 31, 2020 is Shavuot also known as Pentecost. This is one of Almighty YHWH's Mo'edim (Appointed Times).


Shavuot 2020



"15 ‘And from the morrow [the day] after the [weekly] Sabbath [Saturday], from the day that you brought the sheaf of the wave offering, you shall count for yourselves: seven completed [weekly] Sabbaths. 16 ‘Until the morrow [the day] after the seventh [weekly] Sabbath you count fifty days, then you shall bring a new grain offering to YHWH. 17 ‘Bring from your dwellings for a wave offering two loaves of bread, of two-tenths of an ĕphah of fine flour they are, baked with leaven, first-fruits to YHWH. 18 ‘And besides the bread, you shall bring seven lambs a year old, perfect ones, and one young bull and two rams. They are a burnt offering to YHWH, with their grain offering and their drink offerings, an offering made by fire for a sweet fragrance to YHWH. 19 ‘And you shall offer one male goat as a sin offering, and two male lambs a year old, as a peace offering. 20 ‘And the priest shall wave them, besides the bread of the first-fruits, as a wave offering before YHWH, besides the two lambs. They are set-apart [Holy] to YHWH for the priest. 21And on this same day you shall proclaim a set-apart [Holy] gathering for yourselves, you do no servile work on it a law forever in all your dwellings throughout your generations. 22 ‘And when you reap the harvest of your land [the La[]nd of Israel] do not completely reap the corners of your field when you reap, and do not gather any gleaning from your harvest. Leave them for the poor and for the stranger. I am YHWH your Elohim.’ ”

(Leviticus 23:15-22, The Scriptures Translation)

What Do We Know About Shavuot?

The name of this special time of celebration, Shavuot, comes from Exodus 34:22; Leviticus 23:15-16 and Deuteronomy 16:9-10. Within these Scriptures, we learn that Shavuot is determined by counting seven weeks starting after the Sabbath. There are two schools of understanding on “What” Sabbath is understood to be and used. This will be addressed later. Shavuot/Pentecost has three names in Scripture, two of which underscore its agricultural nature:

The Torah also says, “You shall count for yourselves” (Leviticus 23:16). In the Brit Chadashah (Renewed Covenant Scriptures) the Greek name for this Holy Day is pente ‘koste’s (Strong’s #G4005), which means “fifty” and it’s usually transliterated into English as “Pentecost.”

In Israel every 50th year is a Jubilee year. Because Shavuot comes on the "fiftieth" day, it is thought to be a mini-Jubilee.

Shavuot was primarily an agricultural Holy Day connected with the peak of the new wheat and barley crop. After the crop was harvested, the firstfruits of the wheat harvest were presented to YHWH in the Tabernacle in the Wilderness and later in the Temple in Jerusalem. The offering consisted of two loaves of bread baked with leavened flour (Leviticus 23:17). Thus, the children of Israel celebrated YHWH’s provision at the start of the wheat season. In Deuteronomy 16:12, it gives us the reason for the observance of Shavuot, YHWH spoke and said, “You shall remember that you were a slave in Egypt, and you shall guard and do these decrees.”

Shavuot is the last of the Spring Feasts of YHWH which is celebrated as one of the three pilgrim festivals when every Israelite male went up to Jerusalem. The other pilgrimages are Pesach/Passover and Sukkot/Tabernacles.

The festival of Shavuot also encourages us to share what we have, both physically and spiritually, in keeping with the Torah Instructions to feed the stranger, the orphan, the widow and other poor and unfortunate people within the redeemed community.

It’s customary to read the book of Ruth which took place in the spring and at harvest time. One of the central messages of Shavuot is voluntarily taking upon oneself the Torah Instructions of YHWH by sharing in the story of Ruth who expressed her loyalty to YHWH’s Torah and to YHWH’s people by freely embracing both. Ruth also gives us a remez (hint) about an aspect of YHWH’s work on earth, the joining of the goyim (nations) to the nation of Israel, YHWH’s people, through Yeshua.

Is Shavuot Associated with the Giving of The Torah?

Most Jews associate Shavuot with the giving of the Book of the Torah. However, in the book, In the Jewish Tradition, Judith Fellner explains that the rabbis developed this idea after the Diaspora, because the Omer count was being forgotten. So, they attached one of Israel’s great historical events to Shavuot. By the third century, it became known as “The time of the giving of the Torah,” and it depicted the idea of the marriage covenant between Israel and the Almighty. It came to signify the idea of Israel entering into “Covenant” and saying “I do” to YHWH, even as she said “I do” at Mt. Sinai. And yet, among the Jewish people, Shavuot continues to be the least observed of the major feasts.



Shavu'ot Livestream With G. Steven Simons

Join us for an exciting teaching of Shavu’ot and the empowerment of all believers for worldwide harvest. G. Steven Simons will be sharing the vision of Triumph In Truth and how you can be a part. If you intend to join us please leave a comment and tell us from where you’ll be watching.

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Special Pentecost Teaching: A Brief Summary of the 7 Annual Feasts

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Shavu'ot: Empowering Believers For Worldwide Harvest

This video explains the true meaning of Shavu’ot and how the promise of the empowering Set-apart Spirit is made available to every believer to participate in the worldwide harvest of people. Learn how every obedient follower of Yeshua can prophesy like the original Hebrew prophets. The video is a must see for every serious believer.

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DEBATE With Joel Richardson & Chris White: Will The Antichrist Be A False Jewish Messiah?

This debate with Joel Richardson and Chris White is on the topic of if the Antichrist will be of Jewish or Gentile descent. A widely held belief that runs rampant in the church was the notion that Antichrist will be of Jewish origin. However, upon closer examination, we find no real Scriptural basis for such a view. In fact, the Bible teaches just the opposite that the Antichrist will be of Gentile descent. Well what does the Bible say, why does this matter so much, and what are the ramifications for getting this interpretation wrong? The stakes are a lot higher than you might think.

#Antichrist #JewishAntichrit #GentileAntichrist

This is a debate on the doctrine of the Antichrist moderated by Derek Gilbert of Skywatch TV


The topic is "Will the Antichrist be a False Jewish Messiah"

About Joel Richardson:


Joel Richardson is a New York Times bestselling author, filmmaker, and internationally recognized teacher. Joel lives in the United States with his wife and five children. Joel's heart is thoroughly missional, with a special love for all the peoples of the Middle East. Joel travels globally teaching on the Gospel, living with Biblical Hope, the return of Jesus, and preparing the Church to face the great challenges of our time.

About Chris White:


Chris is an author, filmmaker, and host of several online radio programs on various subjects. He is also the director of the internet radio station called The Revelations Radio Network. He produces documentaries and short videos for educational purposes.

Chris' Opening Arguments: 1:16

Joel's Opening Arguments: 31:33

Chris' 1st Response: 1:02:17

Joel's 1st Response: 1:17:16

Chris' 2nd Response: 1:32:19

Joel's 2nd Response: 1:42:26

Chris' Questions and Closing: 1:52:20

Joel's Questions and Closing: 2:03:14

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Excitingly, at an exponential pace, more and more are realizing that the WHOLE Bible is still true and applicable to all in the faith today. If this recently describes you, then you may have a lot of questions about many different things. With this teaching, we would like to help you get started!


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Daniel 11: The Despicable King

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Rev 10

Pandora's box, something else was let into the world when the lid was pulled away, something to counterbalance the evils that had been unleashed; hope and that hope is the angel Gabriel and the hope that Yahusha will speedily return. Faith isn’t blind, but ignorance is, and ignorance is the root of most of the evils and concessions taking place in the world today. True safety and protection descending: The Greek word used here for ‘mighty’ gives us a great clue; ‘ischuros’ because in the LXX ‘ischuros’ is used to translate the Hebrew word ‘gibbôr’ גּבּור Gimmel-Bet-Vav-Resh.

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As Carol Anne so ominously expressed in the 1982 film Poltergeist, “They’re here.”

By Dr. Thomas Horn

Undoubtedly when watching Dr. Michael’s Heiser’s latest SkyWatch TV interview and reading his impressive new book Demons, some people will feel hard-pressed to deny the academic support for his narrative.

But are demons as the “illegal offspring of Watchers” the exclusive occupants of the netherworld?

For example, is there any truth to ideas about “aliens” or “ghosts” as Carol Anne so ominously expressed in the 1982 film Poltergeist, “They’re here?”

As for those demons identified by Dr. Michael Heiser, their militaristic interest in people and geography are ontological facts, according to the Bible. In the Old Testament, they are seen as the living dynamic behind idolatry (i.e., Deuteronomy 32:17), and in the New Testament, every writer refers to their influence. Extrabiblical texts including ancient pseudepigraphical works like the first Book of Enoch (FREE WITH DR. HEISER’S WORK HERE) and post-New Testament writings such as the Didache, Ignatius’ Epistle to the Ephesians, and the Shepherd of Hermas agree with this concern. Early church fathers also reinforced the belief that evil spirits seek to thwart the will of God on earth through attacks on the body of Christ in particular and against society in general. What we might call “Spiritual Warfare 101” begins by taking these facts into account and asserting that not only do visible agents exist everywhere around us, but unseen intermediaries—both good and evil—interlope between spiritual and human personalities at home, in church, in government, and in society.

Understanding how and why this is true is defined in demonological studies such as the divine council (a term used by Hebrew and Semitic scholars like Dr. Heiser to describe the pantheon of divine beings or angels who administer the affairs of heaven and earth), where experts typically agree that, beginning at the Tower of Babel, the world and its inhabitants were disinherited by the sovereign God of Israel and placed under the authority of lesser divine beings that became corrupt and disloyal to God in their administration of those nations (Psalm 82). Following Babel, these beings quickly became idolized on earth as gods, giving birth to the worship of “demons” (see Acts 7:41–42; Psalms 96:5; and 1 Corinthians 10:20) and the quest by fallen angels to draw mankind away from God. While the dominion of these entities and their goals are frequently overlooked, close collaboration between evil ones and unregenerate social architects operates on a regular basis outside the purview of the countless multitudes who are blinded to their reality. Behind governors, legislators, presidents, dictators, and even religious leaders, these wicked spiritual powers move about unrestricted, controlling the machine of ecclesiastical and civil governments as freely as they are allowed. Whenever such principalities recognize a religious or political body that has become a force for moral good, they set about—through a sophisticated labyrinth of visible and invisible representatives—to bring that organization down, one righteous soul at a time.

It is within this concealed arena of evil supernaturalism that unregenerate men are organized. Under demonic influence, they are orchestrated within a great evil system (or empire) described in various scriptural passages as a satanic order. In more than thirty important biblical texts, the Greek New Testament employs the term kosmos, describing this “government behind government.” It is here that human ego, separated from God, becomes hostile to the service of mankind while viewing people as commodities to be manipulated in the ministration of fiendish ambition. Some expositors believe the origins of this phenomenon began in the distant past, when a fire in the minds of angels caused Lucifer to exalt himself above the good of God’s creation. The once-glorified spirit, driven mad by an unequivocal thirst to rule, conquer, and dominate, spawned similar lust between his followers, which continues today among agents of dark power who guard a privileged, “cause-and-effect” symmetry between visible and invisible personalities.

And I’m not just talking about Nancy Pelosi and her U.S. House of Representatives, either (sorry, I couldn’t help myself).

At Satan’s desire, archons command this supernatural, geopolitical shadowland, dominating kosmokrators (rulers of darkness who work in and through human counterparts) who in turn command spirits of lesser rank until every level of earthly government, secular and religious, can be touched by this influence. If we could see through the veil into this domain, we would find a world alive with good against evil, a place where the ultimate prize is the souls of men and where legions war for control of its cities and people. With vivid testimony to this, Satan offered Jesus all the power and the glory of the governments of this world. Satan said, “All this power [control] will I give thee, and the glory of them [earthly cities]: for that is delivered unto me: and to whomsoever I will I give it. If thou therefore wilt worship me, all shall be thine” (Luke 4:6–7).

According to the epistle of the Ephesians, it is this dominion, not flesh and blood, where opposition to God’s will on earth is initiated. Whereas people and institutions often provide the “faces” on such hostility, the conflict originates beyond them, in this place where unseen forces scheme.


Although the hidden region described above represents other-dimensional existence within the supernatural realm, the dark strategies fomented there manifest destructive fallout throughout the material world—wars, genocide, terrorism, Christian persecution, broken marriages, juvenile delinquency, occultism, online trolls, and hundreds of other tangible demonstrations of the infernal influence. Whereas the average person may never understand this assault on his or her corporeal interests as being fundamentally supernatural, Gregory Boyd, in his book, God at War: The Bible and Spiritual Conflict, explains:

God’s good creation has in fact been seized by hostile, evil cosmic forces that are seeking to destroy God’s beneficent plan for the cosmos.¼ The general assumption of both the Old and New Testaments is that the earth is virtually engulfed by cosmic forces of destruction, and that evil and suffering are ultimately due to this diabolical siege.[i]

It is therefore the responsibility of every believer to understand the need to put on:

“…the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. (Ephesians 6:11–13)



Bible Study - Romans 11`


WHAT ARE SUNDAY LAWS and why is it a bad thing? Mark of the Beast warning

I had to re-upload for the third time. Last time there had been some frames that were standing still when they shouldn't have. Sorry about that. The old version remains with all the comments as a unlisted video.

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(Ark Files Movie)

History of the two Sabbaths. Bible vs tradition. Why did God put the Sabbath commandment in the ten commandments and why was it so important to keep this day holy? Did it symbolize something? Is there an end time conspiracy to attack God's Sabbath and why?

How will the Ark of the Covenant discovery confront world leaders/religious leaders with God's law and how they have tampered with it. Will God have a final say?

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