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True News 4 U — BE Informed Report — Who Is Simon Parkes?


February 01, 2021 UPDATES

BE Informed is a new report that has just been developed to Inform, Warn and Educate people on things happening behind the scenes. We are to BE Informed; KNOW what is going on so that we may prepare ourselves for what is coming down the pipeline.

So, BE Informed and KNOW what is going on because we are living in a God Hating, Messiah Rejecting, Sin Cursed World.

Hosea 4:6 "My people have perished for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge,..."



Who Is Simon Parkes?

Simon Parkes

We have all seen Simon Parkes by himself and with other people reporting on what is happening in Washington, D.C. but what do we know about Simon? When I first started listening to him, I thought what he was sharing was good intel. He, to me, came off as someone who has some connections either direct or indirect where he was getting some of the intel he was sharing with everyone.

Yesterday, January 30, 2021, I downloaded a video by Tony Koretz from A Minute To Midnite. After downloading this video titled "The Plan is Right on “Q” – Great Awakening and Great Reset Deceptions!," I decided to listen to some of it before I put it into the newsletter. So, I started listened to the video and what he was saying was disturbing to me. I thought, this is crazy what he is saying about Simon Parkes. So, I decided to delete the downloaded video and not put it in yesterday's newsletter.

Then, I checked my emails this morning (January 31, 2021) and I had received an email from a dear sister in Yeshua named Julianah. She said,

"Simon Parkes is one of the commentators that sounds like Q to me....always giving positive info to “trust the plan.” But in fact may be a voice from the dark side! I don’t think I will watch Parkes any more!

This short vid was sent to me by a Messi friend Believer. Ya gotta watch. Some or much of this “info” may be coming from demonic sources! We have to be soooo careful!"

So, I consider her valued input to be a second witness to me that I needed to see what I could find out about Simon Parkes. I know when things started exploding about what was happening in Washington, D.C., Simon Parkes showed up along with some others to report on what is happening. I had never heard of this man before now. So, I, like millions of others, listened to him and what he had to say believing what he is reporting to everyone is true.

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This is what is on Simon Parkes website:

Simon grew up in a family that had links to British and American intelligence.

Simon's mother worked for Mi5, however while she was managed by mi5 she was in reality

working for the NSA.

Simons Grandfather was employed by the Secret Intelligence Service, better known as Mi6

in reality he was reporting to the CIA. Simons Grandfather was also a British Diplomat, holding the position of

Vice Consul and then Consul of the British Embassy in Pondicherry (Puducherry) India.

While in India he was awarded the OBE and CBE medals and turned down a Knighthood.

In 1936 he was one of - The Wise Men of Twelve - or called The Jury of twelve - who voted on the question

regarding King Edward VIII and if the King should be removed regarding Special Branches uncovering of a Nazi

plot to infiltrate the King. ( had nothing to do with wanting to marry a divorcee).

Over a secure teleprinter link he was asked in code . should the King go. or should he stay?

Grandfather voted .GO.

Simons mother raised him herself never re marrying. - from around 1965 until her death in 1979 she worked on secret

documents - which were printed in German and came from the British and American quarters of the then divided Berlin.

The documents related to crashed ufo's which had been retrieved by American forces and were sent for back - engineering

to operation paperclip German scientists.

During this period and before and after Simon had ufo experiences him self.

Simons mother died in suspicious circumstances in 1979 when she asked to be released from the work.

There after Simon received £2,000 which was pushed through his door in an envelope - with a note " Don't Look back

Dick Whittington" and with this Simon re-located to London.

In 2010 Simon went public with his experiences, and predictably was verbally attacked and ridiculed by the main stream media.

In 2013 Simon was invited to a tour of a space radar base in North Yorkshire, with a group of 20 serving and retired military.

Simon was the only civilian in the group - at the end of which he was given a commemorative

medal/coin - a limited edition of only 500 world wide celebrating 50 years of the USAF being based in North Yorkshire. It is number 86.

No one else in the group were given one.

This visit was a game changer - suddenly the British media stopped hounding him......

Simon went on to establish Connecting Consciousness a free to join organisation dedicated to raising peoples awareness

within a spiritual context.

Today the organisation operates in many countries and has thousands of members

I decided to see what I could find out about Simon Parkes and I have the links below along with some videos.

Jul 30 2011 Ammach Project Interviewed by Joanne Summerscales Part 1 (HOT)

Simon Parkes discusses his highly detailed and complex contacts with Extra and Interdimensional Beings called Mantis, Greys and Reptilians. In Part 1 of this highly detailed interview on Mantis Alien contactee Simon Parkes, we discuss the details of his early life with Reptilians, Greys and the Mantis nonhuman extra-dimensional beings. Continues with Win Keech in Part 3 and a regression in Part 4. Interviewed by Joanne Summerscales, off camera questions by Miles Johnston former Creative Director of the AMMACH Project.

AMMACH was meant to be dedicated to highlighting contactee, abduction and Mind Control issues in the British Isles. These AMMACH Witness statements are personal statements by the witnesses. The project collapsed after a misleading documentary by Ch4, and abuse of resources by Joanne who claims to be its founder. She is not. She was a CO-Founder involving 3 others, all whom have left "Ammach"

Jul 30 2011 Ammach Project Interviewed by Joanne Summerscales Part 2 (HOT)

Jul 30 2011 Ammach Project Interviewed by Joanne Summerscales Part 3 (HOT)

Jul 30 2011 Ammach Project Interviewed by Joanne Summerscales Part 4 (HOT)

SIMON PARKES ~ "E.T. Alien Masters - A.I. Matrix Prison & Universal Consciousness" [Age Of Truth TV]

British politician, Labour Councillor, Alien/UFO contactee and lifelong E.T. experiencer SIMON PARKES, who turned whistleblower and one of the most fascinating figures in the Truth Movement, is disclosing some very eye-opening and even disturbing information and telling his unusual and very controversial life story in this new AGE OF TRUTH TV in-depth, hard-talk talk interview from April 2019 with AOT TV presenter Lucas Alexander.

Simon Parkes is also a spiritual channeller, mind control de-programmer, consciousness teacher, truth speaker, lecturer and the man behind the growing international spiritual community platform "CONNECTING CONSCIOUSNESS".

All of his life, SIMON PARKES, have been contacted by Extra-Terrestrial and Inter-Dimensional alien entities, shadow beings as well as having UFO experiences. His unusual life story began long before he was born as Simon Parkes, claiming to be the very first soul able to inhabit a viable human body. He has experienced countless encounters with REPTILIANS, MANTIS/MANTID, GREYS and many other alien types over the years, and was told a very different version of the history of Planet Earth than we are led to believe is true through the media and the history books? But why are we being lied to and why is there a sinister hidden agenda behind the ruling elite´s power structure of control of the human race? How does that tie in with a hidden Alien Agenda and Satanism?

Selected TOPICS:

- ALIEN RACES: Reptilians, Mantis/Mantid/ Greys, Nordics, Pleiadians, Lyrans, Felines etc....

- A lifelong history as an Alien contactee and experiencer.

- Family history: Mother an MI5/NSA secret agent and Grandfather an MI6/CIA agent and a 33rd degree Freemason.

- A.I. Artificial Intelligence and the real reason for 5G.

- The most spiritual countries in the world!

- The Elites NWO plan for the Earth.

- Flat Earth or Hollow Earth?

- The arrest of WikiLeaks frontman Julian Assange. Why and what is behind?

- The Saturn Matrix and the Reincarnation Death Trap. Are we imprisoned in a grid around Earth? How to escape?

- Satanic blood and energy rituals! Why?

- Connecting Consciousness around the world. YOU can join!

......all this and much much more as Simon Parkes takes you on a mind-bending journey into the unknown, questioned in a dynamic interview/conversation with Age Of Truth TV presenter Lucas Alexander.

Filmed on the 15th April 2019 at the AOT TV Studios in Copenhagen, Denmark and via ZOOM to Whitby, United Kingdom.

If you take the time and go to YouTube and do a search on Simon Parkes, you will see a lot of videos that he has done and some that were done about him. I wanted to at least provide some of what I found on him so that you can decide to continue to listen to him or drop him all together. Personally, with his background and what he is into, I cannot personally trust what he says. To me, his background is not sound and I cannot personally trust him. However, this is my thoughts on Simon Parkes and you may have a totally different take on him and that is okay.

I will leave it to you to do your own homework on Simon Parkes. We live in a world filled with people who wear masks and they deceive a lot of people. We must be wise and alert and keep our eyes open and our ears tuned so that we may not be among the masses who are being deceived by some.

I hope you will use what I have found on Simon Parkes and make your own decision on what you think about him and should you listen to what he says.

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