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True News 4 U — BE Informed Report — 05/09/2020


TOPIC: Meat Shortages Started, Officials Take People Out of Their Homes, Lockdowns Are No Longer About COVID19, Should You Take The COVID19 Test?

BE Informed is a new report that has just been developed to Inform, Warn and Educate people on things happening behind the scenes. We are to BE Informed; KNOW what is going on so that we may prepare ourselves for what is coming down the pipeline.

So, BE Informed and KNOW what is going on because we are living in a God Hating, Messiah Rejecting, Sin Cursed World.

Job 36:12 "But if they do not obey, they perish by the sword, and die without knowledge."

Proverbs 5:23 "He dies for lack of discipline, And in the greatness of his folly he goes astray."

Proverbs 10:21 "The lips of the righteous shepherd many, But fools die for lack of heart."

Hosea 4:6 "My people have perished for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge,..."



Judy Roberts, victim of vaccine injury that left her semi-paralyzed in 1976, Youtube

‘60 Minutes’ Exposes 1976 Swine Flu Hoax & Mass Vaccine Injuries That Followed

May 7, 2020

In 1976, the US government declared that everyone should take a vaccine to stop a national pandemic from the Swine flu. At that time, the US had a population of 218-million people, and 46-million took the vaccine. Four-thousand were injured by the vaccine and filed lawsuits for-$3.5 billion. Most of the claims were for neurological damage and death. According to 60 Minutes, the vaccine was never even tested, although the media propaganda proclaimed that it was safe and effective – and necessary to prevent the spread of a pandemic that never was. -GEG

SOURCE: https://needtoknow.news/2020/05/60-minutes-exposes-1976-swine-flu-hoax-mass-vaccine-injuries-that-followed/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=60-minutes-exposes-1976-swine-flu-hoax-mass-vaccine-injuries-that-followed


James O'Keefe at CBS studio, Youtube

Whistleblower: CBS News Staged Fake COVID-19 Testing Line In Michigan

May 7, 2020

An insider came forward to Project Veritas with hidden camera recordings revealing how CBS News organized a fake coronavirus testing line at the Cherry Health facility in Grand Rapids, and used “fake patients” recruited from the medical staff to make the CBS news report look authentic. CBS denied staging the event and removed the Cherry Health portion from the piece. -GEG

SOURCE: https://needtoknow.news/2020/05/whistleblower-cbs-news-staged-fake-covid-19-testing-line-in-michigan/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=whistleblower-cbs-news-staged-fake-covid-19-testing-line-in-michigan


Governor Andrew Cuomo, Wiki

Governors of 10 States Will Require ‘Contact Tracing’ to Reopen

May 8, 2020

The Clinton Global Initiative is promoting contact tracing and building an“army” of investigators to track people and their personal contacts. California Governor Newsom and New York Governor Cuomo are strong supporters of the program. Newsom said that “getting back to some sense of normalcy” is dependent on the government’s ability to monitor people and invade their privacy with contact tracing. Freedom to move out of one’s home will depend on COVID tests.The common PCR test has an 80% false-positive result in people without symptoms. New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Massachusetts have agreed to coordinate the reopening of their states. Contact tracing will be part of the plan to reopen. California, Oregon, and Washington also will include contact tracing with the lifting of restrictions. -GEG

President Trump’s decision on Tuesday to back off his insistence that he would decide when states reopen their economies came after governors grew increasingly frustrated with the White House over his comments, and moved to coordinate their own efforts.

Ten governors, all but one of whom is a Democrat, have formed two multi-state coalitions on both coasts to determine how and when to ease restrictions put in place to slow the spread of the coronavirus, planning that state officials say has begun in earnest.

The dispute between the states and the president began Monday, when Mr. Trump said he had the “total” authority to reopen the economy, even though individual governors issued orders for their states.

“When someone’s the president of the United States, the authority is total,” Mr. Trump said, a claim that flew in the face of constitutional delineations of power. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was among the governors who dismissed the president’s comment, calling it “absurd” during an appearance Tuesday on “CBS This Morning.”

“He has total authority to open up the economy — then why didn’t he have authority to close the economy? Why did he leave it to the states and the governors to close it down?” Cuomo asked.

Mr. Trump walked back his inflammatory comments on Tuesday evening, saying “the governors are responsible” for reopening their economies. He said his administration would “authorize” governors “of each individual state to implement a reopening — and a very powerful reopening — plan of their state at a time and in a matter as most appropriate.”

Even before the president conceded that states would take the lead, governors in the Northeast and on the West Coast had begun developing plans to gradually reopen sectors of the economy while preventing a resurgence of infections.



The Global Health Mafia Protection Racket

May 8, 2020

BOOM revelations get bigger as we go along. Stay with me! Fauci, Event201, Foundations ...and something called the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board. I expose the front organizations covering for the Global Health Mafia.

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VIDEO: Corbett Report on Gates domination of “Global Health”



Dr. SHIVA LIVE: Chinese Communist Party and Organ Harvesting with Mitchell Gerber

May 8, 2020

Dr. SHIVA LIVE: Chinese Communist Party and Organ Harvesting with Mitchell Gerber. Dr. SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD, the Inventor of Email, Scientist, Innovator, U.S. Senate Candidate (R-MA) and Mitchell Gerber discuss the reality of Organ Harvesting and the involvement of the Chinese Communist Party.


Meat Shortage Just the Start -- Forces Creating Food Shortages

May 6. 20020


Food Shortage Will be Next Stage

May 8, 2020

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May 7, 2020


Staying Ahead Of The Shortages: What To Stock Up On For The Coming Year

May 8, 2020

Authored by Samantha Biggers via BackdoorSurvival.com,

While a lot of people are concerned about food shortages, one should not forget that there are a lot of items that make life easier or at least more enjoyable that come from abroad. A lot of these items specifically come from China and India. I am going to mention a few other things that are mostly made in the USA but that may potentially be in short supply as a result of the pandemic.

Food and water are primary concerns as they should be but what about these other things. I have compiled this list of things that you may want to consider acquiring if you don’t think you have enough to get through the next 6 months to a year.

Do what you can with what financial resources and ingenuity you have. You don’t have to jump on buying everything I talk about all at once. Sometimes people get caught up thinking that they have to do it all at once and that is not true. I presented this information so you can use it over the coming months to determine your preparedness needs and plan accordingly. I think this winter is going to be a difficult one and that the sooner you start planning the better.

That being said, I cannot predict what is going to happen but I can tell you that if you put back things you know you are going to need sooner rather than later than in the worst case you are prepared and in the best case you are ahead of the game and won’t have to buy those things later and may have some extra funds to put towards things later.

I am not trying to encourage you to buy things that there is no way that you are going to need. The intent of this post is really to make you think about what you do need considering the situation we are all in due to the pandemic and what things you have that are close to the end of their useful life and might need replaced soon.

Just because something is available later on doesn’t mean it will be affordable.

While as a country we may not run out of coffee grinders or coffee pots, they may get a lot more expensive. Buying now is one way to avoid potentially higher prices later on.

It is easy to take some of the basics for granted. The old saying “you don’t know what you got until it is gone” is accurate.

I remember going from years of having easy hot water and reliable heating and cooling in our living space to not having any of those things while we were living in a camper and building our house. To put this on a perspective for the average person in America, what if you couldn’t buy socks at an affordable price? What if you couldn’t get a broom or vacuum to clean your home? These are just a few examples.

When manufacturing starts coming back to the USA or we start contracting with other countries for some manufacturing, the price is going to go up and it may go up a lot.

People cannot live in the USA on a wage equal to that of a Chinese or Indian laborer. Also given that there are minimum wage laws, we technically wouldn’t be allowed to work for that low of a wage if we wanted to. Americans will work but they are not going to work for wages that require them to live under the conditions that a lot of people in China and India live in.



Prepare For Food Rationing World Wide

May 7, 2020


Why the CDC's new coronavirus PROJECTIONS are WRONG

May 6, 2020


Virologists are LYING about the origins of coronavirus: Yes, the coronavirus contains gain-of-function gene sequences that were INSERTED into the virus

May 08, 2020

(Natural News) For months, the establishment has been dishing out a narrative claiming that the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) is a natural, albeit mysterious and unexplained, phenomenon that probably originated at a Chinese meat market. But contrary evidence continues to surface suggesting that the virus actually originated inside a Chinese laboratory and research center.

Many virologists continue to deny this, of course, claiming that there is no evidence to support the notion that the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) might in any way be unnatural. But the genetic hallmarks they are looking for as proof may not be as evident as previously believed because modern genetic engineering can be done without leaving a trace.

Believe it or not, a Swiss research team was able to create a synthetic clone of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) in less than a month. And they did this by inserting genetic fragments in such a way that, unless a scientist knows exactly what to look for, would not necessarily be apparent.

Over the past 15-20 years, researchers have been actively studying, dissecting, reconstructing and otherwise tampering with coronaviruses of various types. This includes the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), which one scientific researcher describes as an “obvious chimera,” meaning it is a combination of at least two pre-existing viruses.

This scientist, who goes by the name of Yuri Deigin and edits the Open Longevity journal both in Russian and English, says that the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) is based on an ancestral bat strain of coronavirus known as RaTG13, but with a replaced receptor binding motif (RBM) in its spike protein.

The Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) also contains an added stretch of four different amino acids that he says were inserted into the virus, creating a furin cleavage site “that, as virologists have previously established, significantly expands the ‘repertoire’ of the virus in terms of whose cells it can penetrate.”

Because of this, Deigin speculates, the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) was probably able to mutate and jump species, leaving its original host and infecting humans. And it just so happens that this very type of research was taking place at the infamous Wuhan Institute of Virology in Wuhan, China, which is where the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) originated.

Virologists like Shi Zhengli, Deigin points out, have “done many similar things in the past,” including replacing the RBM in one type of virus with the RBM of another. They have also added new furin sites to coronaviruses, creating new artificial species-specific coronaviruses that borrow from other coronaviruses in their ability to do new things.

Now this does not necessarily mean that the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) was an intentional bioweapon, at least in Deigin’s view. It could be that it was an experiment gone wrong rather than an intentional effort at plunging the entire world into a pandemic. At the same time, it does seem clear that the virus did, in fact, come from a lab, and probably from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.



Declass Continues: Obama in Extreme Panic Mode, Schiff Scrambling, Bigger Bomb Next Week!

May 8, 2020













May 8, 2020

Neil Ferguson, the epidemiologist who triggered a global economic collapse after his ‘Imperial Model’ predicted #Covid deaths in the millions, has resigned from his position after violating #lockdown orders with his married lover, Antonia Staats. Now, breaking info has us all questioning why he actually resigned.

#ProfessorLockdown #ImperialModel #QuestioningCode #Covid19 #Coronavirus #MassagingtheStaats


The Evil Runs Deep But The Good Guys Are Winning - Benjamin Fulford

May 8, 2020


Officials to Take People Out of Their Homes

May 8, 2020

Officials in Ventura County, California will be expanding testing, tracking the infected and those who they’ve been in contact with, and moving people out of their homes and into specialized housing for infected patients.


You Won't Believe What This Health Official Just Said!! *MUST SHARE*

May 7, 2020


Computer Model That Locked Down The World Turns Out To Be Sh*tcode

May 7, 2020

Submitted by Mark E. Jeftovic, of Axis of Easy

It was an Imperial College computer model that forecasted 500K deaths in the UK (and 2.5 million in the US) should policymakers pursue a “herd immunity” approach (a la Sweden), that influenced them to reverse course and go full lockdown instead. The model was produced by a team headed by Neil Ferguson, (who recently resigned his post advising the UK government when it surfaced that he was himself violating lockdown directives by breaking self-isolation for dalliances with a married woman).

The source code behind the model was to be made available to the public, and after numerous delays and excuses in doing so, has finally been posted to GitHub

code review has been undertaken by an anonymous ex-Google software engineer here, who tells us the GitHub repository code has been heavily massaged by Microsoft engineers, and others, in an effort to whip the code into shape to safely expose it to the pubic. Alas, they seem to have failed and numerous flaws and bugs from the original software persist in the released version. Requests for the unedited version of the original code behind the model have gone unanswered.

The most worrisome outcome of the review is that the code produces “non-deterministic outputs”

Non-deterministic outputs. Due to bugs, the code can produce very different results given identical inputs. They routinely act as if this is unimportant.
This problem makes the code unusable for scientific purposes, given that a key part of the scientific method is the ability to replicate results. Without replication, the findings might not be real at all – as the field of psychology has been finding out to its cost. Even if their original code was released, it’s apparent that the same numbers as in Report 9 might not come out of it.

The documentation proffers the rationalization that iterations of the model should be run and then differing results averaged together to produce a resultant model. However, any decent piece of software, especially one that is creating a model, should produce the same result if it is fed the same initial data, or “seed”. This code doesn’t.

“The documentation says:
The model is stochastic. Multiple runs with different seeds should be undertaken to see average behaviour.
“Stochastic” is just a scientific-sounding word for “random”. That’s not a problem if the randomness is intentional pseudo-randomness, i.e. the randomness is derived from a starting “seed” which is iterated to produce the random numbers. Such randomness is often used in Monte Carlo techniques. It’s safe because the seed can be recorded and the same (pseudo-)random numbers produced from it in future. Any kid who’s played Minecraft is familiar with pseudo-randomness because Minecraft gives you the seeds it uses to generate the random worlds, so by sharing seeds you can share worlds.
Clearly, the documentation wants us to think that, given a starting seed, the model will always produce the same results.
Investigation reveals the truth: the code produces critically different results, even for identical starting seeds and parameters.

In one instance, a team at the Edinburgh University attempted to modify the code so that they could store the data in tables that would make it more efficient to load and run. Performance issues aside, simply moving or optimizing where the input data comes from should have no effect on the output of processing, given the same input data. What the Edinburgh team found however, was this optimization produced a variation in the output, “the resulting predictions varied by around 80,000 deaths after 80 days” which is nearly 3X the total number of UK deaths to date.

Edinburgh reported the bug to Imperial, who dismissed it as “a small non-determinism” and told them the problem goes away if you run the code on a single CPU (which the reviewer notes “is as far away from supercomputing as one can get”).



Dr. Mengele


May 7, 2020

In Part One this series, I reviewed the facts related to some of the psychological and economic damage done by the shutdown and presented a convincing case that the lockdown cure, is significantly worse than the so-called disease.

I described the hybrid form of government that is emerging from this so-called crisis. I mentioned that we were going to see abject Gestapo tactics befitting Hitler's regime. We did not have to wait long for the closet Nazi's of Ventural County to don their swastiskas and begin to seriously abuse the civil liberties of their constituents.

Here is the story of how the Ventura Health Department and accompanying police are coming to your door to "snatch" anyone that they "suspect" has a positive COVID-19 diagnosis.

The spokesperson, for Ventura County, stated in the following video, that the County reserved the right to remove anyone from the home and place in alternative housing, or tents!

Amazingly, one of the criteria for removal from the home, mentioned by this official in the following video, is if the home has more people than bathrooms.  This is so outrageous that this does not warrant, nor require any further explanation.

This is what true tyranny looks like, Nazi style. 



Lockdowns Are No Longer About COVID-19: The Goal Is Regime Change and the Introduction of a Reign of Terror for All Deplorables

May 7, 2020

We have all been awaiting the full implementation of Nazi-Gestapo tactics on the American people in order to keep America locked down and thereby, completing the task of destroying the American economy, beyond repair, after the release of the CHICOM bioweapon.

America Has Been Defeated by the Following Forces

We have seen a partial Nazification of America society, especially in places like Michigan, Texas, Main, New York, Illinois, Georgia, California and Arizona. America is being divided up among different ideologies in multiple domains. Our economic philosophy, since COVID-19, has become communist in which the right to work at your essential job, needed to put food on your children’s table, is regulated by government. However, the corporate elite (banks, box stores such as Walmart, large brokerage houses, Big Pharma, etc) in this country are largely unaffected and the corporate-controlled oligarchy, which dominates our government and controls portions of the Deep State, Congress, Supreme Court, and the Executive Branch. And yes, the corporate oligarchy is dedicated to the overthrow of the Republic, its civil liberties (eg freedom of speech and religious worship) and economic freedom.

This hybrid form of the emerging ruling structure also contains the worst characteristics of Nazi Germany. In Part Two of this series, I will be highlighting the events in California where it has been announced that the State is embracing medical martial law camps. This is something that Celeste Solum and myself have written about for years and now, and undeniably, that day has arrived. Until Part Two is published, my advice is to avoid all testing for COVID-19 as much as possible. The problem is not with the test, should you test positive for COVID-19, but with what several local authorities are implementing on a scale that even the Nazis would be envious.

The collective philsophy of the American/international oligarchy could best be described as one that espouses feudalism for the masses, at least those that are permitted to survive these tumultuous events!

The Lab Coat Coup Participants and Their Heinous Conflicts of Interests

Because of the nature of the emergency powers that have stripped Trump of his executive branch powers, the United States is under a "Big Pharma" martial law with Fauci sitting at the head of the table.

At the center of what I am now dubbing “the lab coat coup against America” are generationally embedded doctors with heinous conflicts of interest which clearly impacts their professional judgments in the performance of their federally mandated duties. Fauci and Birx exemplify the problem with allowing generational public servants to privately profit from their positions of authority at the expense of those that they are federally mandated to serve! Fauci, Birx et al., are the leaders of the Big Pharma Deep State appartus. Eventually, these conflicted public servants become “owned by someone, for their own personal benefit and the benefit of their puppet masters!

Conflicts of interests for federal employees are illegal, but do not let the rule of law fool you that the public is somehow protected from the resulting abuses associated with conflicts of interest. With regard to the Deep State doctors, it is a case of “rules for thee but not for me”. Regardless of their conflicts of interest sources for the COVID-19 teams (eg Fauci, Redfield, Birx), Governor Ducey, Governor Newsom, Governor Cuomo, and Governor Whitmer, et al., every single one of these conflicted individuals ultimately owe their homage and servitude to none other than the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Many researchers have documented these gross conflicts of interest. The most outstanding work in the area of conflicted public servants has been performed by Dr. Judy Mikovits. Her stellar work is the most censored on the internet. She is taking an enormous risk, both professionally and with her personal safety to bring the American public the truth. These conflicts of interest will be further explored in Part Two.

However, as an example of these conflicts of interest, lets take a look at Arizona. Arizona Governor Ducey sits on the Board of Directors for T-Gen. T-Gen is working on the so-called vaccine which will be “rushed” to market with no conceivable way to be absolutely certain that the vaccine words in replicable testing and patient safety be damned in this all-too-short-window of public safety testing. Ducey has artificially kept Arizona locked down against all reason. On May 1st, the largest county in Arizona, Maricopa County, witnessed 67% of the deaths from COVID-19 were in live-in assisted care facilities for the elderly. Yet, this population represents only .000001% of the population of one of the largest counties in the country. The 20-44 age group's infection rate is the highest in the county, but they account for the least amount of deaths. Therefore, the data clearly shows that a targeted intervention, not a "one-size-fits-all approach, is needed. But don't confuse Ducey with the facts because he has an agenda! Of course, and it obvious to this researcher, that if Ducey, Newsom, Whitmer, et al, can keep a large part of the population locked down, or at least partially locked down and these people are feeling the economic heat, they will gladly accept Bill Gates’ vaccine which will go down in history, due to the rapidity of its development as “unsafe at any speed!” Ducey is merely a microcosm of the public-harming conflicts of interest that exist for many of our political leaders. He is as guilty as Fauci in the deaths that are occurring because of the rampant unemployment (see the data set explanations below).

Mike Adams, in a discussion we had last night, both agree, that these officials should be charged with manslaughter. Remember, for every 1% increase in unemployment, the death toll goes up a minimum of 10,000 deaths. Some actuaries place the lock down toll, with regard to resulting fatalities, as 29 times greater than COVID-19 deaths (see South African actuaries). 



Parliament Member Blast The Facts

May 7, 2020

Parliament Member blasts the truth before the House to a rather stunned group of lawmakers but at the same time shocking viewers around the world.


Should You Take The COVID19 Test?

May 7, 2020

Have you heard of the emerging theory of what viruses might be: exosomes? Are you absolutely certain that COVID-19 is contagious? How confident are you in the results from the test? Most of the case studies come from this paper by David Crowe, where he has all of his citations at the end: https://theinfectiousmyth.com/book/Co...

Appreciation & Thanks to: Mikey




Oil – The Black Plague

By Chris C. May 2020

On April 20th 2020 the price of oil in the futures market went negative $35.00 per barrel. What does this mean for the price of fuel? Nothing!! That’s if you live in New Zealand. Elsewhere around the globe prices have dropped. So why has the price all of a sudden gone negative? It has to do with the storage of oil. Because of the Covid 19 scare there has been a lack of demand for what once was black Gold.

Everyone who consumes oil and it’s by products are safe and sound in their homes with their vehicles left idle. This has flooded the market with an over-supply and has burdened the storage facilities that hold bulk oil whether it’s at the refinery side or the distribution side of the market. I am not an expert on futures markets but I will hopefully give “you” the reader a sound condensed explanation on market theory here.

There is a disconnect between futures prices verses actual commodity spot prices. On one hand The Futures (virtual) price is based on an entity (market trader) taking out a contract at a particular price in the future for a commodity.



Fauci Approved Chloroquine, Hydroxychloroquine 15 Years Ago to Cure Coronaviruses

May 6, 2020


LOCKDOWN MELTDOWN: America Fights Back

May 6, 2020

Question: If opening the country and sending Americans back to work is going to skyrocket the curve, why would President Trump want to do it? He'll be crucified for it, and he'll pay the price in November.

Plus, when even the ultra-liberal apostate Bill Maher is denouncing this thing as media-driven con game, maybe it's safe to say the globalists have jumped the shark on this one.

Question: Since New York's hospital system never collapsed, and they've now released the last Covid patients from the Javits Center, why are the "experts" still telling us we'll never go back to normal, never shake hands and never go to another football game?

Why are the "experts" trying to terrorize America?

A new RINO video was released this week and seems to confirm what until recently was a "paranoid conspiracy theory". The video blames Trump for every Covid death and warns that, if Trump wins in November, America will be destroyed.

Get ready for more of that all summer long!

By the way, will the American bishops ban Communion in on the tongue?

And, finally, Michael Matt comments on his experience at last Sunday's "Open America" rally in St. Paul, Minnesota. Are these protesters unwittingly rejecting the very same Christophobes who've been trying to destroy the Catholic Church for the past hundred years? Are they asymptomatic traditionalists? Is a massive coalition forming in this country? If so, it would be a wake-up screaming nightmare for a lot of people, including Gates, Soros and Bergoglio.


PLANDEMIC Part 1: Expert Virologist Speaks Out


Here is another video to check out.



Should “death science” operatives like Dr. Fauci face the DEATH SENTENCE if found guilty of collaborating to build the Wuhan coronavirus bioweapon?

May 5, 2020

(Natural News) Over the last month or so, it has become increasingly obvious to pandemic observers that “death science” operators like Dr. Fauci have been deeply involved in funding the development of bioengineering research that led to the creation (and release) of the Wuhan coronavirus which has now killed at least a quarter of a million people worldwide.

Even Newsweek — a globalist publication that usually defends depopulation advocates — is now pointing out the ties between Dr. Fauci and the biological engineering industry that gives rise to bioweapons designed to exterminate humanity. “[J]ust last year, the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases, the organization led by Dr. Fauci, funded scientists at the Wuhan Institute of Virology and other institutions for work on gain-of-function research on bat coronaviruses,” reports Newsweek.com, adding: (emphasis added)

In 2019, with the backing of NIAID, the National Institutes of Health committed $3.7 million over six years for research that included some gain-of-function work. The program followed another $3.7 million, 5-year project for collecting and studying bat coronaviruses, which ended in 2019, bringing the total to $7.4 million.
Many scientists have criticized gain of function research, which involves manipulating viruses in the lab to explore their potential for infecting humans, because it creates a risk of starting a pandemic from accidental release.

Dr. Fauci, in other words, helped funnel money into a program that the scientists knew was working to develop “gain-of-function” properties that could result in a global pandemic. They even collaborated with communist China to conduct the research, even though China is an enemy of humanity and has a long history of accidental releases of level-4 biohazard specimens.

Engineering a weapon system to specifically attack human physiology

Part of the research Dr. Fauci funded was specifically looking for ways to make bat coronavirus strains attack humans. As Newsweek explains:

A second phase of the project, beginning that year, included additional surveillance work but also gain-of-function research for the purpose of understanding how bat coronaviruses could mutate to attack humans. The project was run by EcoHealth Alliance, a non-profit research group, under the direction of President Peter Daszak, an expert on disease ecology. NIH canceled the project just this past Friday, April 24th, Politico reported.

The proposal of that project specifically details how they planned to built a biological weapon that could devastate humankind:

The project proposal states: “We will use S protein sequence data, infectious clone technology, in vitro and in vivo infection experiments and analysis of receptor binding to test the hypothesis that % divergence thresholds in S protein sequences predict spillover potential.”
In layman’s terms, “spillover potential” refers to the ability of a virus to jump from animals to humans, which requires that the virus be able to attach to receptors in the cells of humans.

In other words, this is the use of genetic engineering technology to build biological weapons that are designed and intended to exterminate human life.




Bill Gates is building something that we call the Human Implantable Quantum Dot Microneedle Vaccination Delivery System, and it is composed of multiple things. I want to draw your attention to one component, the quantum dot microneedles that will deliver the vaccines, and a very, very unique biochemical that makes it all work. If you're standing up while reading this, you might want to sit down. Today we bring you 'near infrared bioluminescence enzyme luciferase' which is the chemical that will make the quantum dot vaccination readable through a special mobile device app.  That's right, the enzyme that will light up Bill Gates Human Implantable Quantum Dot Microneedle Vaccination Delivery System is called Luciferase, that's what makes the vaccination readable long after the victim has been injected. Luciferase.

Bill Gates is building something that we call the Human Implantable Quantum Dot Microneedle Vaccination Delivery System, and it needs an enzyme called Luciferase in order to make it work. Remove the word ‘human’ and it becomes 666.

With each passing day, it becomes clearer and plainer to those of us who are bible believers that we are living in a very unique time period. So unique, in fact, that we just might be witnessing the kingdom of Antichrist and the Mark of the Beast system being assembled before our very eyes. Please note that I use the word ‘might’ out of an overabundance of caution when writing articles like these, but when I am alone with my thoughts I am completely convinced that is exactly where we are. 100%. The wise shall understand. Ever hear of Luciferase?

“And he said, Go thy way, Daniel: for the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end. Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand.” Daniel 12:9, 10 (KJB)

Over the past few weeks, we have shown you a massive project by Bill Gates that is so all-encompassing that it quite nearly beggars belief. That expression is an Old English term which means something that is so unbelievable that it nearly cannot be believed. The Nazi concentration camps in the Holocaust are a great example of that. When the films of what went on there came to light it was so astonishing that it was hard to comprehend such a thing could happen. But happen it did. And what is happening right now, the Antichrist system, is a similarly hard thing to fathom, but here we are.

Bill Gates is building something that we call the Human Implantable Quantum Dot Microneedle Vaccination Delivery System, and it is composed of multiple things. At its center we have the COVID-19 vaccination that he wants to give every human on earth, there will be quantum dot microneedles, a digital identification mark from ID2020, and a human implantable device for buying and selling cryptocurrency with a patent number of #060606. The digital ID will come in the form of something called an Immunity Passport. All of these things, and all being funded by one man, Bill Gates, represents in total at the very least a stunning forerunner to the Mark of the Beast world system. That’s at the very least estimation, taken to its logical end, it very well could be the actual Mark of the Beast system.

But today, I want to draw your attention to one component, the quantum dot microneedles that will deliver the vaccines, and a very, very unique biochemical that makes it all work. If you’re standing up while reading this, you might want to sit down. Today we bring you ‘near infrared bioluminescence enzyme luciferase‘ which is the chemical that will make the quantum dot vaccination readable through a special mobile device app.

That’s right, the enzyme that will light up Bill Gates Human Implantable Quantum Dot Microneedle Vaccination Delivery System is called Luciferase, that’s what makes the vaccination readable long after the victim has been injected, and what allows a mere vaccination to function as a mark. Luciferase. Want to see what Luciferase does? Take a look.


One last thing you might find interesting. A sharp-eyed NTEB’er named Matt took our phrase ‘Human Implantable Quantum Dot Microneedle Vaccination Delivery System‘, and removed the word ‘human’ and guess what? The numerical value of that phrase adds up to 666, see for yourself. Luciferase, remember that word.

Welcome to Now The End Begins, and I think now you see why we say it’s the ‘front lines of the end times’. Flight #777 preparing for takeoff.



Be careful with HAND SANITIZERS (catches fire)

April 25, 2020

This video shows why we should be careful with HAND SANITIZERS especially now during COVID-19 because we are using it all the time now! As you can see, it can catch fire without you knowing. But when you put something else that can easily catch fire like paper, it can be very dangerous. Remember that it is flammable and use with caution!

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Fire safety considerations for hand sanitizer

April 17, 2020

With the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the globe, more hand sanitizer is being used and stored than ever before. In this episode of Learn Something New™ by NFPA Journal®, we learn what safety considerations should be made when storing this flammable liquid, especially in large quantities.

Access more NFPA resources related to the coronavirus pandemic at

https://www.nfpa.org/coronavirus, and watch Learn Something New™ host and producer

Angelo Verzoni's full interview with NFPA's Guy Colonna at



How to RESET AMERICA - 9 System Changes We Can Make

May 9, 2020

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- Separate Right and Left in America, return most federal power to the state/local level, divide states by political lines, leftist cities become city-states with no power over the rest of the country

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Breaking Birds Massively Attack Cell Tower Before Dropping Dead Freaky Footage!

May 9, 2020

Breaking Birds Massively Attack Cell Tower Before Dropping Dead Freaky Footage!


Facts That Matter : Interview

May 9, 2020

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny





Ai Education

May 9, 2020

The Chinese government has rolled out 5 G as a security infrastructure to be able to 'track and judge' with artificial intelligence citizens with a score. This surveillance system was drastically expanded in 2020 Also in the Netherlands people are busy rolling out so called " Smart Cities Are we going after China? Students in China are forced to wear headbands that register their electrical brain signals. The results will be sent to teachers and parents.

Meanwhile China's biggest smartphone emaker is working on AI, who can read human thoughts and emotions. Don't sell your soul to the machine, defend freedom!


EXCLUSIVE: Project Veritas Set To Release Big Tech Bombshell

May 8, 2020

James O'Keefe breaks the news on The Alex Jones Show that Project Veritas is set to release a Big Tech bombshell report.

Chief executives are leaving in record numbers this year, with more than 1,332 stepping aside in the period from January through the end of October, according to new data released on Wednesday. While it’s not unusual to see CEOs fleeing in the middle of a recession, it is noteworthy to see such a rash of executive exits amid robust corporate earnings and record stock market highs.

Last month, 172 chief executives left their jobs, according to executive placement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas. It’s the highest monthly number on record, and the year-to-date total outpaces even the wave of executive exits during the financial crisis.

Dennis Muilenburg — Boeing

United Airlines — Oscar Munoz

Alphabet — Larry Page

Gap — Art Peck

McDonald’s — Steve Easterbrook

Wells Fargo — Tim Sloan

Under Armour — Kevin Plank

PG&E — Geisha Williams

Kraft Heinz — Bernardo Hees

HP — Dion Weisler

Bed, Bath & Beyond — Steven Temares

Warner Bros. — Kevin Tsujihara

Best Buy — Hubert Joly

New York Post — Jesse Angelo

Colgate-Palmolive — Ian Cook

MetLife — Steven Kandarian

eBay — Devin Wenig

Nike — Mark Parker

Bob Iger, CEO of Disney

Ginni Rometty, CEO of IBM

Harley-Davidson CEO Matt Levatich

T-Mobile’s CEO John Legere

LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner

Mastercard CEO Ajay Banga

Keith Block, co-CEO of Salesforce

Tidjane Thiam, CEO of Credit Suisse

Hulu CEO Randy Freer



China is exploiting COVID-19 to take over America

May 5, 2020

What is the Chinese government trying to accomplish? Why are they doing this to America and to the world? It is just wrong, to say the least.

Chinese Takeover of America?

Because of COVID-19, many American companies have gone bankrupt. And who is there to “save the day?” China. Except, it is not exactly saving the day. They are buying out American companies that have gone bankrupt so that they themselves own more. They are trying to bring America to its knees economically. It would be an absolute nightmare if they succeed. It is the virus that originated in China that’s the cause of the bankruptcy! How ironic…

China Using Corona to Benefit Itself

Although it is believed that China did not purposely create Coronavirus, they are most definitely exploiting it. They are taking advantage of everyone else’s disadvantages. They are taking advantage of other countries’ struggles. China is profiting from the suffering of the entire world! It is truly sickening.

Bringing Back “Made in America”

People are calling on Americans to support American businesses and bring back the concept of things being made in America as oppose to China. Trump has said it. Brigitte Gabriel has a campaign for it. But no matter how often it is said, it is up to the American people to make it happen. It is not only about the fact that China can, at any moment, stop providing products to America. Practically speaking, that is one reason to support American companies. But the other reason is a moral one. The fact that China is trying to take over America (and really the world), and the fact that they are using Coronavirus to do it now is just horrendous.

We are living in crazy times. It is almost too much to believe. A virus that has taken over the entire world. A country, where the virus originated, taking advantage and attempting to take over the world. It might seem like it can’t all be true, but sadly, we know all too well that it is.

SOURCE: https://israelunwired.com/china-is-exploiting-covid-19-to-take-over-america/


(((Media))) Inflates Common Cold to Trash US Constitution

May 8, 2020

"Under the US Constitution, in order to restrict the movement of Americans, the government must prosecute and convict you of a crime - only after a fair trial (due process of law) as under the due process clause in 5th Amendment vs. Federal Government and under 14th Amendment vs. State Governments. 

"We should be outraged, yet most Americans are too scared and confused to even think. The media is already conditioning Americans to accept another major LOCKDOWN with the sacrifice of all US Constitutional Rights with a flood of daily news stories. 

[Just in- Twitter would not permit me to post the following because the site has been identified as "harmful." How long until mine is? Sign up to follow me at www.gab.com/hmakow 

For my buds The COVID-19 Bullshit: Manitoba COVID-19 Report For Friday, May 8th, 2020

Well, once again another day in paradise aka central and very cold Canada... The global warming bullshit can wait for another article, for I once again want to concentrate on the latest sham errr... report coming from that bald headed ass clown who calls himself Manitoba's "health minister" about the current and updated Pandemic scam and fear mongering...

OK, as usual, I will give the key points to today's report in alphabetic order, and then subsequently rip each part of this report to smithereens...

(a) One new case in all of Manitoba, apparently a gas station employee working west of here in Brandon.  That gives a grand and most alarming total of "284" cases for all of Manitoba for the last 9 weeks....

(b) 5 (yes 5) cases of this "disease" still locked up in the Manitoba hospitals and ZERO are in "intensive care".

(c) No new deaths from this "COVID-19 virus" to report, and thus this figure of "7" has not changed in days...

(d) 247 Cases of this "virus" have now supposedly recovered from this "virus"..

and (e) There are now a grand total of 30 (yes, 30!) "active" cases for ALL of Manitoba, with more to come..

OK, Now to rip each part to shreds and further expose this massive fraud concocted on the good people of Manitoba..

(a) ONE fucking new case, and even that one is 'suspect' as that gas station attendant "tested positive" for this fraud virus... And we know how "dependable" these tests have become, right????   And be fearful my friendly Manitobans, for there have been now 284 cases in  total for ALL of this province for 9 fucking weeks!  Simple math by dividing 284 by 1.35 million residents will show how much of a laugher of a "pandemic" this has become for Manitoba!

(b) I am not in the least bit shocked by this one, for the facts are once again that our hospitals here in Manitoba ARE ghost towns and the doctors and health officials are now worried about having to further lay off so many health workers now!  Yes, lay offs due to lack of patients in the middle of a "pandemic" and for the strangest reasons the people here are NOT asking for explanations as to why???? My first big question would be obvious in asking WHERE IN THE FUCK ARE THE COVID-19 PATIENTS that we hear about all the time "overloading" our health care workers and hospitals????  Wake the fuck up, people!!

(c) No new deaths, but this is logical for EVERY single one of those who have been claimed by the criminals in the Pallister regime and their ass clown health officials ALL had "underlying illnesses" and in almost all of the 7 "deaths by Coronavirus" that they are trying to claim,  I can guarantee they succumbed to their other illnesses...

(d) Yes, "247" out of '284" have now recovered, meaning the perpetrators of this fraud "pandemic" for this province are NOW RUNNING OUT OF TIME in trying to perpetuate their lies... And now with only a dwindling number of new cases, they are stuck and are being exposed.... In about another week, this number may actually rise by at least 10+ as many of the 'suspected' cases are proven negative as well!

(e) We now have ONLY "30" active cases in a province of 1.35 Million and they continue to fucking treat us all like prisoners????? And no shock to me, but 11-12 of those 30 are actually "suspect" cases with actually no definitive evidence of actually having "COVID-19"... Therefore the criminals in the Pallister regime are indeed running out of time in trying to perpetuate this fraud..... I honestly wonder what Brian Pallister and his cronies will do in about a week when this number reaches ZERO????

Well, there you have it... And I must reiterate that these criminals that have locked up this entire province now have basically only about 19-20 REAL "active cases", and most of those probably have Influenza, Pneumonia, or even the Common Cold since the tests for COVID-19 are complete bullshit and scams.... Thus there may be in reality less than "10 cases" that these bastards can pass off as having "COVID-19".. And that is again in a province of 1.35 MILLION people ... Anyone doing the math can see how ludicrous this has become..

I do suspect that these criminals may try something sinister like claiming that there are "new isolated outbreaks" across this planet to perpetuate this fraud and to try to pump up their numbers.. But I and others with real critical thinking skills are onto this game and will be ready and alert if they try this tactic...

The bottom line... If Pallister and his cronies have  been paid off (which I suspect) to run this scam pandemic here in Manitoba and LIE to the people of Manitoba about it, then there will be hell to pay....  Every single one of the pricks in the Manitoba government should  be unceremoniously dismissed by the people of this province for locking up this province, destroying its economy, and putting everyone through hell for this scam....  I do hope that there will be a TON of lawsuits pending and criminal charges eventually laid for these pricks..

More to come


End of the above article: "The COVID-19 Bullshit: Manitoba COVID-19 Report For Friday, May 8th, 2020"


Andrew is a retired attorney living in Texas.

by Andrew


I contracted the Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) on a 2015 Nile River cruise from Luxor to Aswan. 

Though 71, I thought I just had a cough; I didn't seek medical attention until returning home four days later. 

My resulting diagnosis was the first time I ever heard of coronaviruses. After some light preliminary research, I found that there are seven types: The human coronavirus (HCoV) contains HCoV-229E, HCoV-NL63, HCoV-OC43, HCoVHKU1, SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV, HCoV-229E, HCoV-NL63, HCoV-OC43, and HCoVHKU1 are pathogens of the common cold.

In other words, this family of viruses are all MEDICALLY COMMON COLDS.

When news outlets began the COVID-19 panic party, I was fairly certain this virus would not be overly dangerous to those with healthy immune systems. 

With the suspicion that the media might be amplifying the impact of COVID-19, I started a review of past information about fear as a revolutionary tool. 

Six years earlier, Dan Butler (1955-2018) wrote a piece predicting a media driven pandemic campaign that would be used to strip us of our Constitutional rights. 

Into this mix, I add here a quick summary of coup d'etats from noted historians Nesta Webster, Antony Sutton, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, and many others. Communist coup d'etats all begin with a Reign of Terror: 

  • The French Revolution opened its Reign of Terror by publicly guillotining aristocrats, government officials, and priests. After decapitation, their heads were placed on spikes and paraded through the streets of Paris. Unable to think, Parisians were traumatized, paralyzed, and helpless.

  • The Bolshevik Revolution began in 1917 with the First Red Terror lasting about a year. According to many scholars, the Russian Red Terror and mass executions didn't really end until the onset of World War II in 1939.

  • Mao Zedong and Fidel Castro used the same bloody terror campaigns to cement the mental capture of their people. Anyone who disagreed was killed. Again, everyone was paralyzed with fear. The results of these revolutions were terrible! While the French Revolution exterminated approximately 3,000,000 people, Solzhenitsyn, the brilliant Russian novelist and historian, estimated the ongoing Russian Revolution was responsible for the deaths of more than 60,000,000 Russians. 

These communist revolutions happened well before the rise of our present modern media establishment. 

Using television, the Internet, social media, and censorship, the establishment media (a/k/a Mainstream Media or MSM) has totally gained control of Americans' perceptions. As it relates to the overblown coronavirus, the MSM was darkly ingenious in its use of a pandemic narrative to create paralyzing fear in place of a cruder, more difficult to start Reign of Terror, replete with guillotines, heads on spikes and firing squads.


 Diving a little deeper, let's review how the Quiet Elite, who completely controls the media establishment, started planning this bizarre "Coronavirus Scary Movie," decades ago. 

The script for this coronavirus terror originated 40 years ago with Dean Koontz' 1981 novel, The Eyes of Darkness. Koontz wrote, 

"In around 2020 a severe pneumonia-like illness will spread throughout the globe attacking the lungs and the bronchial tubes and resisting all known treatments. Almost more baffling than the illness will be the fact that it will suddenly vanish as quickly as it arrived, attack again ten years later and then vanish completely." 

More recently, the movie Contagion [NOTE: This link is the full movie for those interested in watching this movie.] dramatized the rapid progress of a lethal airborne virus that kills within days. As the fast-moving epidemic grow, the worldwide medical community races to find a cure while controlling the panic that spreads faster than the virus itself. In the movie, ordinary people struggle to survive in a society coming apart. See the trailer.  

What really grabbed my attention, however, was that Dan Butler (nom de plume Richard Evans) predicted the current Coronavirus reign of a terror campaign in 2014. (See: Ebola - Another Illuminati Psy Op?

Dan was light years ahead in his recognition of MSM's use of Predictive Programming. Amazingly, Dan even foretold the legal concept that would be used" EXECUTIVE ORDER 13295. In 2005, President George W. Bush asked, "If we had an outbreak somewhere in the United States, do we not then quarantine that part of the country? And how do you, then, enforce a quarantine?" 

At that time, the US Military was forbidden from undertaking law enforcement duties by the federal Posse Comitatus Act. Bush's wish became law in Fiscal Year 2007 with (H.R. 5122.ENR), (Section 1076) which allows the President to use the US Military to "restore public order and enforce Federal law" for "natural disaster, epidemic," or other public health emergency, terrorist attack or "domestic violence incident." 

Bush signed this into law one afternoon on National Public Radio. The public promptly forgot about it. Barack Obama did not forget. He promptly picked up where Bush left off. On Aug 1st 2014, Obama enhanced Bush's 2003-2005 Executive Order 13295, titled Revised List of Quarantinable Communicable Diseases. 

Where Bush had specified only SARS and Avian (Bird) Flu, Obama added, "severe acute respiratory syndromes, which are diseases that are associated with fever and signs and symptoms of pneumonia or other respiratory illness, are capable of being transmitted from person to person." 

This addition can potentially mean anything that The WHO and/or CDC deems a threat." The informed world has recently seen the fallibility of The WHO. 


As Henry Makow and others have noted, only massive civil disobedience can effectively oppose future coronavirus lockdowns. The problem with bringing together enough opposition to resist the next lockdown is that most people actually believe coronavirus is a deadly disease. 

Repeated fake-pandemic news has convinced most Americans that they must surrender their US Constitutional Rights of Life, Liberty, Property and the Pursuit of Happiness. 

In closing, please note that a traditional quarantine restricts the movements of sick and diseased people. In contrast, the coronavirus lockdown is Un-American and unconstitutional because it restricts the movement and liberties of everyone, whether sick or 100% healthy. 

Under the US Constitution, in order to restrict the movement of Americans, the government must prosecute and convict you of a crime - only after a fair trial (due process of law) as under the due process clause in 5th Amendment vs. Federal Government and under 14th Amendment vs. State Governments. 

We should be outraged, yet most Americans are too scared and confused to even think. The media is already conditioning Americans to accept another major LOCKDOWN with the sacrifice of all US Constitutional Rights with a flood of daily news stories. 

SOURCE: https://www.henrymakow.com/


The COVID-19 Bullshit: Anxiety From Reactions To COVID-19 Will Destroy At Least Seven Times More Years Of Life Than Can Be Saved By Lockdowns!

I stated in my last article that I have been very worried about most people in general, especially those who have allowed themselves to fall into such horrible states of anxiety and despair that many may indeed be contemplating suicide OR have already committed suicide! I am not a psychiatrist or a psychologist by a long shot, but evidently and logically as people do fall into deep despair and panic, they feel that there is no "hope" and that life has become "meaningless"... Under such circumstances many do feel that doing away with themselves is a "less painful solution" than "dying" (!) from this fraud "pandemic"! I have been looking at all of the "numbers" that have been put out by the LIARS in our governments and especially those treasonous liars that run our Jew spew media outlets concerning this COVID-19 bullshit... And it is a fact that NONE of them are reporting about the number of suicides over these last few months of this fraud lockdowns due to this fraud "pandemic"... And I am thinking that they want to avoid those real numbers of deaths from suicide, for I can guarantee that they may in fact be either very near the number of "deaths" reported from this bullshit "COVID-19" OR they may in fact be MUCH GREATER!!!   I also have been wondering about what effect the 'anxiety' of this fraud pandemic has had on so many people that are so gullible to believe this "pandemic" is real???..... It is a known and proven fact that anxiety in humans does reduce life expectancy, and that the saying being happy leads to a long life is absolutely true.... AND just earlier today I found a most interesting article from the 'Watts Up With That?" website at www.wattsupwiththat.com that usually takes shots at the fraud of "Climate Change" but recently has also been doing some fine work in looking at this "pandemic" as well and its effect on everyone's mental and physical health...... I do want to share their latest article, entitled: "Anxiety From Reactions To COVID-19 Will Destroy At Least Seven Times More Years Of Life Than Can Be Saved  By Lockdowns" right here with my own readers to see for themselves, as it does examine the effect of anxiety and despair on our overall mental and physical health during this "pandemic" and its effect on our overall life expectancy..... I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Anxiety From Reactions to Covid-19 Will Destroy At Least Seven Times More Years of Life Than Can Be Saved by Lockdowns

Guest Blogger / 2 days ago

By Andrew Glen, Ph.D. and James D. Agresti

Medical studies show that excessive stress and anxiety are among the most debilitating and deadly of all health hazards in the world. Beyond their obvious effects like suicide and substance abuse—these mental stressors are strongly related to and may trigger and inflame a host of ailments like high blood pressure, digestive disorders, heart conditions, infectious diseases, cancer, and pregnancy complications.

Based on a broad array of scientific data, Just Facts has computed that the anxiety created by reactions to Covid-19—such as stay-at-home orders, business shutdowns, media exaggerations, and legitimate concerns about the virus—will destroy at least seven times more years of human life than can possibly be saved by lockdowns to control the spread of the disease. This figure is a bare minimum, and the actual one is likely more than 90 times greater.

This study was reviewed by Joseph P. Damore, Jr., M.D., who concluded: “This research is engaging and thoroughly answers the question about the cure being worse than the disease.” Dr. Damore is a certified diplomate with the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, an assistant professor of psychiatry at the Weill Medical College of Cornell University, an assistant attending psychiatrist at New York Presbyterian Hospital, and an adjunct professor in the Department of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership at the U.S. Military Academy.

Stress and Anxiety Levels

Scientific surveys of U.S. residents have found that the mental health of about one-third to one-half of all adults has been substantially compromised by reactions to the Covid-19 pandemic. Examples include the following:

  • An American Psychiatric Association survey in mid-March found that 36% of adults report that anxiety over Covid-19 “is having a serious impact on their mental health.”

  • Kaiser Family Foundation survey in late March found that 45% of adults “feel that worry and stress related to” Covid-19 “has had a negative impact on their mental health, an increase from 32% from early March.” Additionally, 19% of adults said it is having a “major impact” on their mental health.

  • Benenson Strategy Group survey in late March revealed that the Covid-19 “situation has already affected” the “mental health” of 55% of U.S. adults “either a great deal or somewhat.”

  • Kaiser Family Foundation survey in late April found that 56% of adults “report that worry and stress related to” Covid-19 “is affecting their mental health and wellbeing in various ways,” such as “trouble sleeping, “poor appetite or over-eating,” “frequent headaches or stomachaches,” “difficulty controlling their temper,” “increasing their alcohol or drug use,” and “worsening chronic conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure.”

Contributors to these mental health impacts include but are not limited to:

  • empirically grounded concerns about the virus.

  • anguish over the death of loved ones, although this is limited to a relatively small fraction of the public because the virus has killed one out of every 5,000 Americans, while one out of every 116 Americans die every year.

  • media outlets that overstate the deadliness of Covid-19 by:

  • using false denominators that exaggerate its death rate.

  • misreporting about the capacity of the virus to mutate and cause a large, ongoing death toll.

  • government stay-at-home orders and self-imposed isolation, as evidenced by:

  • survey commissioned by the University of Phoenix in late March that found 44% of U.S. adults are more lonely than they have ever been in their lives, which is a risk factor for suicide and many other psychologically driven fatal afflictions.

  • the late-March Kaiser Family Foundation survey, which “found that 47% of those sheltering in place reported negative mental health effects resulting from worry or stress,” a rate that “is significantly higher than the 37% among people who were not sheltering in place.”

  • the late-March Benenson Strategy Group survey, which found that “71% of Americans say they are concerned that ‘social distancing’ measures will have a negative impact on the country’s mental health—including 28% who are extremely or very concerned about this.”

  • government-mandated shutdowns of businesses in nearly every state that have cost millions of jobs and are reflected in the:

  • late-April Kaiser Family Foundation survey, which found that 35% of adults and 55% of workers “have lost their jobs or had a reduction in hours or pay as a result of” responses to Covid-19.

  • mid-March American Psychiatric Association survey, which found that 57% of adults are concerned that responses to the pandemic “will have a serious negative impact on their finances,” and 68% fear it “will have a long-lasting impact on the economy.”

Among all of the figures above, the lowest nationwide measure of people who have incurred psychological harm from reactions to Covid-19 is the 19% of adults in the late-March Kaiser Family Foundation survey who reported a “major impact” on their mental health. This survey included 1,226 respondents and has a margin of sampling error for this result of ± 2.2 percentage points with 95% confidence.

Therefore, at least 16.8% of 255,200,373 adults in the United States—or 42,873,663 people—have suffered major mental harm from responses to Covid-19. This figure forms the first key basis of this study.



Former AIDS Scientist Exposes Dr. Fauci’s Medical Corruption

May 7, 2020

Dr Judy A Mikovits PHD has a virtual sit-down with Patrick Bet-David and opens up about her fallout with Anthony Fauci that led to her 5 year gag order and whistleblower status. Order her book https://amzn.to/2VL3AC8 Site: Plague of Corruption https://bit.ly/2Yg3Tqn Follow her on Twitter:@DrJudyAMikovits https://bit.ly/2VK4xL8

About the guest: Dr. Judy A. Mikovits earned her BA in chemistry with a specialization in biology from the University of Virginia in 1980 and her PhD in biochemistry and molecular biology from George Washington University in 1992. In her 35-year quest to understand and treat chronic diseases, she has co-authored seminal papers culminating at least a decade of research in each of four fields: immunology, natural products chemistry, epigenetics, and HIV/AIDs drug development. In 2006, she became attracted to the plight of families with neuroimmune diseases including ME/CFS and autism. Dr. Mikovits has been primarily responsible for demonstrating the relationship between environmentally acquired immune dysfunction, chronic inflammation, and these diseases.

Dr. Mikovits has published more than 50 peer-reviewed articles, many in the world’s top medical journals and she has been profiled in Discover magazine as well as the Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. Her pioneering work during her 20-year career at the National Cancer Institute includes the discovery of the modulation of DNA methylation machinery by human retro viral infection and the development of the concept of inflammatory cytokines and chemokine signatures of infection and disease, which was first published in 1999, when she directed the Laboratory of Antiviral Drug Mechanisms in developing therapeutics and diagnostics for HIV/AIDS and AIDS associated malignancies.

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