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TOPIC: Bill Gates Worked To End Livestock Production

BE Informed is a new report that has just been developed to Inform, Warn and Educate people on things happening behind the scenes. We are to BE Informed; KNOW what is going on so that we may prepare ourselves for what is coming down the pipeline.

So, BE Informed and KNOW what is going on because we are living in a God Hating, Messiah Rejecting, Sin Cursed World.

Job 36:12 "But if they do not obey, they perish by the sword, and die without knowledge."

Proverbs 5:23 "He dies for lack of discipline, And in the greatness of his folly he goes astray."

Proverbs 10:21 "The lips of the righteous shepherd many, But fools die for lack of heart."

Hosea 4:6 "My people have perished for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge,..."



Bill Gates Worked To End Livestock Production, Pushed Lab Grown Meat

By Daniel Taylor

Bill Gates and food giant Tyson heavily backed lab grown meat research.

As the United States faces unprecedented meat shortages due to processing plants going offline in response to the coronavirus, a long-standing globalist agenda to halt meat consumption is being fulfilled.

Tyson foods recently warned that the food supply chain is “breaking.”

Lockdowns have created a situation in which farmers have nowhere to send their product, and in turn millions of animals are being slaughtered. Additionally, vegetables that would normally end up on store shelves are rotting in the field.

Despite this reality, Twitter has announced that talk of food shortages will be censored.

Lab grown meat producers are hoping that the COVID-19 outbreak could boost public acceptance.

As Bill Gates was working to establish a worldwide digital ID system prior to the pandemic, he was also working to end meat production and funding lab grown “meat.”

In this 2019 report, lab grown meat was projected to hit store shelves by 2022.

SOURCE: https://www.activistpost.com/2020/04/bill-gates-worked-to-end-livestock-production-pushed-lab-grown-meat.html?utm_source=Activist+Post+Subscribers&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=bbd040406d-RSS_EMAIL_CAMPAIGN&utm_term=0_b0c7fb76bd-bbd040406d-388375439


Nineteen New Q Drops: Be Ready, The Silent War Continues, DS Comms

https://qanon.pub/? Drops 3989 through 4007


Tucker Carlson: Big Tech is using coronavirus to increase its power - and the US is becoming more like China

Monday night on this show, we played you a clip from a nearly hour-long video produced by two physicians in California, Dr. Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi.

Likely, many of you had already seen it. That video has had more than 5 million views on YouTube. In their presentation, the two doctors presented a flurry of data pointing to what we are currently learning about the coronavirus and how it spreads. They cited pages of government statistics and then interpreted them in light of their own long clinical experience as doctors.

At one point, they noted that the newly adjusted death rate in their state of California, which is much lower than anyone expected it to be, and they asked if government officials there should change their policies based on this new science.

Dr. Dan Erickson: We've seen 1,227 deaths in the state of California with a possible incidence or prevalence of 4.7 million. That means you have a 0.03 chance of dying from COVID-19 in the state of California.
0.03 chance of dying from COVID in the state of California -- is that -- does that necessitate sheltering in place? Does that necessitate shutting down medical systems? Does that necessitate people being out of work?

So, whatever your view of the mass quarantines -- and maybe you're enthusiastically for them -- the questions you just heard are valid questions. In fact, they're critical questions. We should all be asking those questions, including and especially our policymakers.

But as Dr. Erickson pointed out later in the video, dissent of any kind is no longer tolerated in this country. Fact-based honesty, which is the soul of science, is under attack, even in hospitals.

Dr. Erickson described physicians being pressured to classify illnesses and deaths as related to coronavirus, whether they believe that to be true or not.

Erickson: We aren't pressured to test for flu. But ER doctors now, my friends and I talk, saying, you know, it's interesting when I'm writing up my death report, I'm being pressured to add COVID. Why is that? Why are we being pressured to add COVID? To maybe increase the numbers and make it look a little bit worse than it is? I think so.

So, what you just heard -- what Dr. Erickson described -- is called lying, and lying has no place in science, ever. It's scary to think it takes place on a large scale in hospitals. He says it does.

Viewers of Erickson's video were shocked and transfixed by this. They forwarded the video to friends, who forwarded it on to their friends, and suddenly, millions of people who spent the last six weeks on a diet of "Tiger King" and internet memes were watching sober-minded medical researchers reading from charts of statistics. It's hard to recall a science video taking off like this one did.

Not everyone was impressed by it. Some criticized the doctors' policy conclusions, and of course, that's fair. Decent people have different opinions. We're not entirely certain what the perfect response to this pandemic is. Nobody is certain. There's no objective answer at the moment.

At best, we can plod along with open minds and good faith. More informed debate is exactly what we need to make wise decisions going forward.

Unfortunately for all of us, informed debate is exactly what the authorities don't want. They want unquestioned obedience, so they're cracking down on free expression.

Last night, the doctors' video, the one you just saw, was pulled off of YouTube, the largest video hosting site in the world. It wasn't an accident, YouTube admitted doing it. The company cited a violation of "community guidelines" and they did not apologize.

Looking back, when all of this is finally over and it will be, it's likely we'll see this moment -- what YouTube just did -- as a turning point in the way we live in this country, a sharp break with 250 years of law and custom. The two doctors' video was produced by a local television channel in California. It was, in effect, a mainstream news story.

The video was not pornographic. It didn't violate copyright or incite violence or commit libel. It didn't break any law. The only justification for taking it down was that the two physicians on-screen had reached different conclusions from the people currently in charge. It was a form of dissent from orthodoxy.

No wonder our leaders have done such a poor job protecting us from China. They're on the same team.

YouTube and its parent company, Google have now officially banned dissent. The CEO of YouTube admitted that openly.

Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube: But then we also talked about removing information that is problematic. You know, of course, anything that is medically unsubstantiated, so people saying, like, to take Vitamin C, you know, take turmeric, like those all will cure you.
Those are the examples of things that would be a violation of our policy. Anything that would go against World Health Organization recommendations would be a violation of our policy. And so, remove is another really important part of our policy.
Brian Stelter, CNN chief media correspondent: So you're not just putting the truth next to the lie, you're taking the lie down. That's a pretty aggressive approach.

We're removing "anything that would go against World Health Organization recommendations." It'll now be taken off the internet.

Consider that for a minute. As a matter of just science, it's ludicrous. Like everyone else involved in global pandemic policy, the WHO has often been wrong in its recommendations. A lot of people have.

In mid-January, WHO told us that coronavirus could not spread from person-to-person. In March, they told us that face masks didn't work. Those were lies, and they were welcome on Google's platforms.

Doctors who are actually treating patients with the virus, meanwhile, have just been banned. So, no, this is not about science. Censorship never is about science. It's about power. Big Technology companies are using this tragedy to increase their power over the American population. They're working in concert with politicians in order to do it.



Newsbreak 70: Susanne Kellner-Johnson & Edward Ellis Whistleblower Update with Neelu Berry


Report #175: Dr. John Reizer, Chiropractor, Writer | COVID-19 Scripted PsyOp Vs Immune System Health

Informative and engaging conversation with Dr. John Reizer, a chiropractor with a deep knowledge of physiologic health, science fiction and fact writer on the subject of the huge scripted Psy Op agenda behind the COVID-19 plandemic, the dangerous Big Pharma-driven spectre and reality of vaccines, damage to the immune system with poisonous Big Pharma drugs, and true immune system health, power of the human body, and how best to support it.


Report # 174 | Interview with Dr. Edward Spencer: COVID-19 or 5G? Vaccines vs Vitamin C, True Cure

Dr. Edward Spencer, a retired neurologist with medical training at Stanford, Yale, and the University of California, describes his experience with opposing the swine flu vaccine and discusses the question of hypoxia being reported by doctors in ICUs, examining the bio-effects of EMF and 5G and speculating whether 5G, not COVID-19 is responsible for the current spate of deaths of people who are intubated, or nurses and doctors in ICU.

Dr. Edward Spencer talked about 2 books which are below in case you want to check them out.


200K Pigs May Be Put Down Due To Processing Plant Closures

(CBS Minnesota) – The closure of several Midwest pork processing plants is forcing hog farmers to make tough decisions in the days ahead. Many will have to euthanize some of their pigs if they haven’t started doing that already.

The National Pork Board hosted a webinar Sunday advising farmers on how to humanely put down pigs and dispose of them. For some, it’s a last resort they’re hoping to avoid. From the seat of his combine, Minnesota hog farmer Dave Mensink said the idea of euthanizing his pigs is no different than growing a field of corn and setting a portion of it on fire come harvest.

“Very difficult decision to make, to put an animal down that we cared for,” Mensink said. With processing plants closed due to COVID-19 outbreaks in Worthington and Windom, as well as plants in Iowa and South Dakota, farmers are holding onto more hogs than they can handle. And with continued growth, many hogs could reach too high of a weight to be processed.



Meat Processing Plants Close After Workers Test Positive for COVID-19. Food Shortages expected

Governments are ignoring the breakdown of food supply chains under the COVID-19 lockdown. Food used to move from farmers to consumers but, now, distribution is consolidated. Almost all meat in the US is produced on factory farms called Concentrated Agriculture Feeding Organizations (CAFOs). The three largest meat-producing conglomerates in the US control more than two-thirds the total meat and poultry supply of the US. Now they are closing their plants due to workers testing positive for coronavirus (using tests that produce more than 80% false-positive results). -GEG

Over the past decades the organization of the entire world food supply from farm to consumers has been reorganized into a globalized distribution known as agribusiness. With most of the world in lockdown over the fears of spread of the coronavirus disease, COVID-19, that global food supply chain is in danger of catastrophic breakdown. The consequences of that would dwarf deaths by coronavirus by orders of magnitude. Yet governments seem oblivious.

The imposition of unprecedented mass quarantine, school and restaurant closings, factory closings across most of the world is putting the focus on the alarming vulnerability of what is a global food supply chain to severe breakdown. Before the lockdown an estimated 60% of all food consumed in the United States today was consumed outside the home. That includes in restaurants, fast food places, schools, in university cafeterias, company cafeterias and the like. That has now been all but shut since March, creating huge disruptions to what had been a well-organized supply chain delivery. Large restaurants or company cafeterias receive supplies of everything from butter to meat in entirely different volumes and packing than a retail supermarket. A major vulnerability exists in the mammoth agribusiness concentrations known as CAFOs or Concentrated Agriculture Feeding Organizations.

CAFOs At Risk

On April 12, one of the largest pork processing plants in the USA, Smithfield Foods, in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, announced it would close indefinitely after several hundred of its 3,700 employees tested positive for coronavirus, COVID-19. The closing of that one plant will impact some 5% of US pork supply. Smithfields Foods is one of the world’s largest agribusiness concentrations.

In 2018, Smithfields, the world’s largest pork producer, was forced to pay almost half a billion dollars in its Tar Heel, North Carolina plant for massive and unreasonable pollution. That one plant, the world’s largest processing plant, slaughters some 32,000 pigs daily. The animal fecal waste, mixed with massive doses of antibiotics to control infections, was cause of the lawsuit.

Smithfields Foods has facilities in Mexico, Poland, Romania, Germany, and the United Kingdom, mostly countries where regulations are lax. And the Virginia-based group today is owned by China. In 2013 the largest meat producer in China, WH Group of Luohe, Henan, purchased Smithfield Foods for $4.72 billion. That made the Chinese company one of the largest foreign landowners in the United States and owner of the largest pork supplier in the USA. Given that China suffered a devastating loss of its pig population in 2019 from African Swine Fever by as much as 50%, today there are huge competing demands on the pork production from Smithfields.

The COVID testing at the South Dakota plant is just the tip of a very precarious iceberg of infections and sickness, not only coronavirus strains, that is endemic to the huge concentration of agribusiness in North America and globally.

Another giant meat processing conglomerate, Tyson Foods, on April 6 was forced to shut its plant in Waterloo Iowa after death of two workers tested positive for coronavirus. On April 17 after four workers at a Tysons plant in Camilla, Georgia, died after being tested positive for COVID-19, pressure has been building for the company to close that plant as well. To date the company says it will do temperature testing and require face masks in the densely-crowded, low pay plant. The trade union is asking 14-day quarantine paid sick leave for workers tested positive, so far without success. There is no evidence of detailed examination into whether these workers died of co-morbitity from other infections and happened also to test coronavirus positive.

Tyson Foods, an Arkansas company, whose then head, Don Tyson, was instrumental in Clinton’s 1992 presidential victory, is the world’s second largest processor and marketer of chicken, beef, and pork, with sales of $46 billion in 2019. Tyson Foods is a major meat supplier to Wal-Mart, the huge Arkansas retail giant. It also supplies fast food chains such as KFC. Since an agreement in December, 2019, Tysons also exports significant volumes of chicken parts and pork to China to help fill the lack of pigmeat protein there, in addition to owning major poultry facilities in China. Reportedly, workers, typically low-paid, work elbow to elbow with no access to masks.

Even without coronavirus fears, the CAFO plants are rife with sickness and toxins. The size of the company’s facilities is staggering. One Tyson Foods facility in Nebraska produces enough meat products every day to feed 18 million people. Tyson, one corporation, controls roughly 26 percent of US beef production.

On April 13 JBS USA Holdings was also forced to close its main US facility in Greeley, Colo., for a deep cleaning, and all of its workers will be tested before they can return for their jobs after major numbers of coronavirus positive cases were tested there after two workers, one 78 years old, died. JBS USA is a subsidiary of JBS S.A., a Brazilian company that is the world’s largest processor of fresh beef, with more than US$50 billion in annual sales. The subsidiary was created when JBS entered the U.S. market in 2007 with its purchase of Swift & Company. JBS USA controls some 20 percent of US beef production.

The third largest US meat processor, Cargill, has cut half its workers at their Fort Morgan Colorado meatpacking plant as multiple positive coronavirus tests emerged. In Canada, Cargill, has tested 358 coronavirus positives at its major Alberta meat-packing plant. The food-workers’ union there is calling for the plant to be closed for two weeks to develop a better health strategy, a plea so far ignored by Cargill. At the same time the company laid off 1,000 of its 2,000 workers at that plant, refusing to give details. The plant, one of two beef suppliers to McDonalds Canada, processes thousands of cattle daily. Cargill today controls about 22 percent of the US domestic meat market.

These three giant corporate conglomerates, then, control more than two thirds of the total meat and poultry protein supply of the United States and additionally supply major exports to the rest of the world. That is a concentration which is alarmingly dangerous as we are beginning to see. Whatever coronavirus test results, they are huge cesspools of toxins that workers are exposed to. Covid-19 tests would indicate positive for such toxic infections as well as they do not directly test presence of any virus, merely of antibodies claimed to indicate COVID-19.

The Agribusiness Model

This unhealthy degree of concentration was not always so. It began as a strategic project of Nelson Rockefeller and the Rockefeller Foundation after World War II. The idea was to create a corporate strictly-for-profit vertical integration and cartelization of the food chain as John D. Rockefeller had done with Standard Oil and petroleum. Rockefeller money funded two Harvard Business School professors. John H. Davis, former Assistant Agriculture Secretary under Eisenhower, and Ray Goldberg, both at Harvard Business School got financing from Rockefellers to develop what they named “agribusiness.” In a 1956 Harvard Business Review article, Davis wrote that “the only way to solve the so-called farm problem once and for all, and avoid cumbersome government programs, is to progress from agriculture to agribusiness.” iv



Thermal imaging cameras could play “critical role” in how businesses will operate

(CBS) – Thermal imaging cameras are the latest devices businesses hope will help reopen the economy while keeping people safe from the threat of COVID-19. The cameras are used to scan temperature from a safe distance, and if a fever — a common coronavirus symptom — is detected, the company could require further screening or deny the person entry altogether.

“What we’re seeing is there will be a new normal that will involve thermal screening as a frontline tool,” Chris Bainter, director of global business development at FLIR Systems, told CBS News’ Jericka Duncan. FLIR has been producing thermal imaging cameras since the SARS epidemic in 2003, when it gained widespread use in Asia.

Since the outbreak, companies like Flexible Systems, Thermal Guardian, CrowdRx and many more have begun manufacturing the cameras for use in airports, healthcare centers and even apartment buildings in New York, where the pandemic has hit particularly hard.  A store in Georgia, City Farmer’s Market, has already set up thermal imaging cameras to scan customers as they enter the store.



Bill Gates funds invisible “tattoo ID” to track people

by: Sara Middleton, staff writer|April 27, 2020

(NaturalHealth365) Should billionaire Bill Gates have a say in what goes into your body, or your children’s bodies? It certainly seems like that’s been his end goal ever since he started going on record about wanting to invent new vaccines as part of his push for population control.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many skeptical consumers are now wondering if the SARS-CoV-2 virus is actually a “blessing” for Bill Gates and his cronies. There’s even a clear paper trail connecting Gates to 2019 research that literally figured out a way to tattoo proof of vaccines onto children’s skin … and no – this is not science fiction.

Suspicion grows: Does Bill Gates, long hopeful that vaccines will help curb population growth, want global citizens to “prove” they get the SARS-CoV-2 vaccine with invisible tattoo?

The coronavirus scare is the perfect vehicle for Gates to complete his depraved plan of vaccinating everyone on the planet.

We already have multiple examples of the billionaire publicly stating that he wants vaccines, along with family planning policies and other interventions, to slow population growth and reduce the global population by 10 to 15 percent over the coming decades. (Here’s video proof, in his own words.)

And while fact checker websites like Snopes insist that Gates is pouring billions of dollars into vaccines as a way to “improve” people’s lives rather than act as an “agent of death,” many are deeply suspicious about the man’s true intentions … and deeply concerned about what kind of Big Brother dystopia his vision is marching us toward, especially now that he has the widespread fear of COVID-19 to take advantage of.

Consider this:

In 2019, a study was conducted at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The researchers “codelivered” near-infrared microparticle technology along with a vaccine into the skin of test animals. The near-infrared microparticles are invisible to the naked eye but can be seen with “modified smartphones.” The researchers proudly assert this invisible vaccine tattoo can be used to create an “on-person vaccination record.”

The study, titled “Biocompatible near-infrared quantum dots delivered to the skin by microneedle patches record vaccination” and published in Science Translational Medicine, was funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Can you imagine? Having to have your arm “scanned” by someone wielding a handheld device to prove you’ve had a SARS-CoV-2 vaccine just so you can go back to work, get on a plane, or enter a building?

It’s absolute insanity – and it’s not even the only invasion of privacy officials are drooling over.

Immunity passports?  Try vaccine passports – citizens call foul as concerns grow about a conspiratorial bait and switch

Throughout the insanity over the past few months, some experts have floated the idea of so-called “immunity passports” as a way to safely re-open countries and get the economy going again. Also called “risk-free certificates” according to the World Health Organization (WHO), these immunity passports have serious ethical concerns.

Just think about what that world would be like: a world where you are forced to carry papers (let alone have an invisible tattoo!) which allegedly “prove” you’ve recovered from COVID-19 and now have antibodies for SARS-CoV-2 and are therefore “safe” to return to society.

Fortunately, even the WHO seems skeptical – at least for now. From their website: “Some governments have suggested that the detection of antibodies to the SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, could serve as the basis for an ‘immunity passport’ or ‘risk-free certificate’ that would enable individuals to travel or to return to work assuming that they are protected against re-infection. There is currently no evidence that people who have recovered from COVID-19 and have antibodies are protected from a second infection.”

They go on to add, “As of 24 April 2020, no study has evaluated whether the presence of antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 confers immunity to subsequent infection by this virus in humans. Laboratory tests that detect antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 in people… need further validation to determine their accuracy and reliability.”

Of course, this brings up another major question:

By “immunity passport,” do these government agencies actually mean “vaccine certificates?”  In other words, is the real goal to normalize and implement forced mass vaccination, especially given the apparent unknown viability of antibody testing?

This gross violation of bodily autonomy and personal rights seems to be having its groundwork laid by officials. On April 15 2020, in an interview with CBS News, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Dr. Anthony Fauci admitted that a COVID-19 vaccine is the current “end game” and is the preferred way to achieve a so-called “herd immunity” (when a population is allegedly protected from a disease because a majority of people are immune to it).

The alternative to creating herd immunity “artificially” as Dr. Fauci says, would be the result of a large percentage of the population contracting SARS-CoV-2 and then recovering from it. Hence the advent of and WHO-supported studies called “serosurveys” which aim to detect antibodies to the novel coronavirus in people … and as we’ve just learned, there are lots of unknowns surrounding this kind of data.

So, only time will tell if these mass “investigations” into our blood will be worthwhile, or even continue.

Sources for this article include:

Sciencealert.com Sciencemag.org WHO.int CBSnews.com Snopes.com CNN.com Weforum.org 21stcenturywire.com Nerdist.com

SOURCE: https://www.naturalhealth365.com/bill-gates-population-control-3382.html


Bill Gates’ plan to fight COVID-19 threatens civil liberties

By Phil Schneider - April 28, 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic threat is an unprecedented crisis. Laura Ingraham believes that the big issue now is the threat to our civil liberties. Is she right? Bill Gates seems to want a major voluntary big brother operation to allow our cell phones to be the key to solving the pandemic crisis. This may be both an effective and controversial option. Is Laura Ingraham right about her concerns that all of this digital tracking information will do more damage than good?

It is too early to tell if she is fear mongering or if she is properly raising questions about how dangerous this plan is to our civil liberties. One thing can be said about Ingraham’s angle. China is not our ally – whether or not the virus was set up in a lab or was indeed a mistake that emanated from a wet market. China not only brought destruction throughout the world – they clearly cannot be trusted when it comes to information. China clearly knew about the deadly extent of this virus and hid the secret for at least a few weeks, if not a few months. That decision killed tens of thousands of people around the world – if not more. We cannot forget that.

The real question is how to best handle a China that is not our ally. Should they be viewed as an intractable Communist enemy? If so, what is the best way to deal with an enemy? There are no easy answers. China does not seem intent on an expansionist military takeover of the world – at least not now. But China most certainly seems to want to have as much financial control over the manufacture, production, and sale of as many goods in the world economy. And yes, China can manufacture nearly everything for much cheaper prices than any other country because of their vast human resources.





Banned from YouTube for his views

Dr. Rashid Buttar is the osteopathic physician and author best known for his views on Coronavirus and its management.

His first book, “The 9 Steps to Keep the Doctor Away” became a Wall Street Journal, USA Today and Amazon INTERNATIONAL BEST SELLER and has now been translated into multiple languages.

The current global threat under the guise of COVID-19

He is appearing on London Real April 27 at 5pm UK time to raise awareness and share truth regarding the current global threat we are facing under the guise of COVID-19.


With a recent video of Dr. Rashid Buttar discussing the global crisis we are currently facing generating over 9 MILLION VIEWS before being BANNED by YouTube, he becomes the first person to be streamed live by London Real through the DIGITAL FREEDOM PLATFORM.

SOURCE: https://londonreal.tv/digital-freedom-platform-interview-1-dr-rashid-buttar/


Sex Abuse Victims Speak Out, Police Chief Caught, Barr Crackdown On Unlawful Restrictions










Vaccine Meme: https://twitter.com/dnajlion7/status/...



Calls for More Globalism Will Lead to the NWO

If you like this lockdown, you’ll love more globalism! On one hand we’ve got President Trump calling out globalism for a whole host of problems, while on the other hand you have the managing director of the George W. Bush Institute arguing for more globalism, saying it’s needed to stop pandemics. So who’s right? We’ll answer that in this episode of Analysis Behind the News, where we provide the perspective that you can use to restore American liberty and independence.

Action Items:

Download and share the free PDF Freedom Is the Cure:


Tell Congress & President Trump to bring back our meds from China:


Visit our Countering COVID-19 action project page:


Help to protect and restore American liberty and independence by joining The John Birch Society:


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Pandemic To Fascism - 7 Steps - Evil Grows


It Will All End Badly! Prepare For The Coming Economic Collapse End-Game

Will the economic collapse happen in 2020?

Sometimes numbers can unravel truths never told, and probably this is why numbers are so often forged, faked, and altered - no one is really concerned about telling you the truth, especially when these numbers are linked to money figures.

Projections and rates are frequently misinterpreted or mistakenly used as a quick fix-up to much larger wounds. That’s what professor of political economy at Carnegie Mellon and visiting fellow at the Hoover Institution, Allan Meltzer, had repeatedly warned in his work throughout the past 25 years.

Even though Meltzer wasn’t noted by the masses while alive, he is considered among many American economists as a significant expert in monetary policy, and his work still causes impact in recent days.

Born in 1928, on the verge of the Great Depression, Meltzer had seen enough to understand how institutions work in times of crisis. He wrote the three-volume analysis “A History of the Federal Reserve” as he chaired the Shadow Open Market Committee, a group that would regularly meet to discuss the policies of the Federal Reserve.

The economic policies that were developed since 2008 were definitely not approved by his views, as he states that it was definitely the biggest economic collapse he had seen since the 1930s, and later on affirming that America has never had such a problematic future.

In June 2010, in an opinion piece he wrote for The Wall Street Journal called “Why Obamanomics Has Failed”, Meltzer has pointed on how the uncertainty about future taxes and regulations was the most dangerous obstacle of the economic growth.

In his studies, he explains how the administration’s stimulus program had bumped. The two main reasons he uses to justify Obamanomics’ fiasco are related to the neglect of the long-term costs and its consequences by the administration economists and their outside supporters, and also due to the Congress and administration behaviors which had lead to more uncertainty about the economic future.

Meltzer unfolds that the earlier spending was a short-term exit in a long-term path. Using part of the financed money to direct into temporary tax cuts didn’t seem effective unless these cuts were expected to last enough, so consumers could save the proceeds and had payed down their debt, but even so, it disregards the role of expectations in the economy. The other cut of the stimulus was intended to relieve state and local governments of their budget deficits, transferring a deficit from the state to the federal government, but only creating a very small change, because despite delaying the incoming rise of unemployment rates for a while, all benefits that were given back then had enormously increased the public debt.

On the other hand, investors had been pushed towards riskier assets because of their low-interest rates, but when these rates rise again, which is only a matter of time - as we well know, the value of these risky investments will drop and the investors are going to be deeply injured by that. On top of all of this, there is still the fact that interest payments on the public debt will rise, increasing the budget deficit even more.

There is no doubt that prices have been rising rapidly in some sectors of the economy and the marketplace is facing major distortions. However, it is concerning that large "too big to fail" banks like Goldman and Bank of America - as they're referred to by economy website ZeroHedge; reported they had made profits in the market on approximately 95% of trading days in 2012, which makes us wonder about how manipulated this game is, because - let's face it: it's almost impossible for a trader to be that competent.

If we compare the Obama administration with Kennedy's and Johnson's in the '60s and Reagan in the '80s, the opposite course was taken. The late presidents used to promote growth first and redistribute it later. However, by sacrificing growth for redistribution, the Obama administration has got none.

In spite of the attempts to increase redistribution to favor middle and lower-income groups, the policies adopted by the Obama administration and supported by the Fed had accomplished the complete opposite.

That is to say, inflation is in our future. Allan could see years ago that the food prices were flowing, as they did in the mid-'60s, this was way before the current health crisis appeared in the picture. The economic collapse is being announced for years and it finally hit our door. The Trump administration has been a continuation of deficit spending. Meltzer predicted that postponing the day of reckoning would probably make things worse in the future. And the future is now.


Decorative Celtic Artwork

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