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True News 4 U — BE Informed Report — 03/19/2021


March 19, 2021 UPDATES

BE Informed is a new report that has just been developed to Inform, Warn and Educate people on things happening behind the scenes. We are to BE Informed; KNOW what is going on so that we may prepare ourselves for what is coming down the pipeline.

So, BE Informed and KNOW what is going on because we are living in a God Hating, Messiah Rejecting, Sin Cursed World.

Hosea 4:6 "My people have perished for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge,..."


  1. Crisis at the Border: 13,000 “Kids in Cages” as Illegal Immigration on Track to Increase More than the Past 20 Years




  5. Court judge linked to 'Drag Queen Story Hour' charged with child pornography possession

  6. Russia Contemplates Nuclear Strike To Restore Trump After Biden Crosses Fatal “Fault Line

  7. WATCH Biden caught FAKING an interview - 6 alarming minutes

  8. PWG Exclusive Update 3.18.21, Biden Fake CGI, Trump Vaccine, US and China Meeting

  9. Using the Law to Protect Liberty, Rights

  10. Andrew Lee - The Super-Cycle Storm Is Approaching, Watch The Commodities Market


COVID TRAGEDY! Only 5 Months Old - CGI Biden?

March 17, 2021

The part about the 5 month old baby dying is at 1:08:30 minute marker. This is tragic. Those endorsing and calling for mandatory COVID vaccinations are committing a crime and they do not know it. Their Righteous Judgment DAY IS COMING and it will not be a pretty picture for them. All who have and will die due to getting this COVID vaccine, their blood is upon the heads of all who endorse and promote this so called vaccine. WOR BE TO THEM. They SHALL answer to the Great I AM.



March 18, 2021

Michael Jaco interviews Gene Decode to get an update on the current DUMB wars and Cabal. Part 1.


Update part 2 with Gene and Michael Jaco

March 18, 2021

This is the second part to “Michael Jaco interviews Gene Decode: Situation Update”.


Phil Donahue’s Satanic, pedo-town in Iowa

March 18, 2021

David Zublik reports today that Phil Donahue ‘ hometown is completely owned by Donahues for generations and has been doing child kidnapping and ritual sacrifice. Yo hide evidence they ground up remains and spread over farmland!?! Wow!


Drag Queen PEDO Hour! Q-ANON CABAL CARDS! Obama...Maxine...Pelosi...No Name!

March 18, 2021

WHERE does it end? Judges, holding "DRAG QUEEN STORY TIMES" at school...while storing caches of CHILD PORN on his computer? CABAL CARDS from the Q Mega Meme Server! What secrets do they hold?


3/18/2021 - AF1? Defcon 1 for Silver?

March 18, 2021




Ep. 2430a - Patriots Used The Economy As Bait, The [DS]/[CB] Took The Bait

March 18, 2021

The people are beginning to respond to the puppet masters agenda, 21 states are now suing [JB] for destroying jobs. [JB] tax plan is going to destroy the economy. It has now been revealed that those who make 200,000 will get a tax increase. [JB] works for China, [DS] and other Foreign governments, their mission destroy the US. The patriots held out the bait and they took it, people can see it all happening in realtime.

Fair Use Notice: This video contains some copyrighted material whose use has not been authorized by the copyright owners. We believe that this not-for-profit, educational, and/or criticism or commentary use on the Web constitutes a fair use of the copyrighted material (as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. If you wish to use this copyrighted material for purposes that go beyond fair use, you must obtain permission from the copyright owner. Fair Use notwithstanding we will immediately comply with any copyright owner who wants their material removed or modified, wants us to link to their web site, or wants us to add their photo.


Ep. 2430b - We Have Reached Cruising Altitude A While Ago, Prepare For Landing

March 18, 2021

The avalanche has begun rolling down the hill. Trump and the patriots wanted [JB], they knew it that those controlling [JB] would push their agenda at lightning speed. This is now pushing people to the precipice. Trump and the patriots are allowing the [DS] to do all the work, they are panicking behind fences, they don't know what Trump is up to and now they showing American what election fraud is and how you take care of it. Why interfere with an enemy while they are in the process of destroying themselves.

Fair Use Notice: This video contains some copyrighted material whose use has not been authorized by the copyright owners. We believe that this not-for-profit, educational, and/or criticism or commentary use on the Web constitutes a fair use of the copyrighted material (as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. If you wish to use this copyrighted material for purposes that go beyond fair use, you must obtain permission from the copyright owner. Fair Use notwithstanding we will immediately comply with any copyright owner who wants their material removed or modified, wants us to link to their web site, or wants us to add their photo.


New General Flynn Interview on Thrive Time Radio

March 18, 2021


Restored Republic GCR Update March 17, 2021

March 18, 2021


Special Restored Republic via a GCR Report as of Thurs. 18 March 2021

Compiled by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, Journalist, Author, “Twenty Two Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her twenty two multiple personalities.”

Source: Dinar Chronicles

Divide They Try, Fail They Will, for Where We Go One, We Go All to Support POTUS, Follow Q and Trust Plan

Restored Republic via a Global Currency Reset:

Our 2021 was the year for the US and Global return to the original concepts of the Constitution including a NESARA/ GESARA Dept Forgiveness Jubilee. Fifty years ago in 1971 Nixon ended the Gold Standard and 150 years ago in 1871 the US reverted from a Republic to a Corporation.

Judy Note: Our military Intel Contact confirmed that the Shotgun Start was still set for an any moment this week and likely by Thurs. afternoon 18 March.

A. Judy Note on GCR Rates and Exchanges/Redemption. Please be aware that this is my opinion only – and I could easily be wrong – plus the instructions and exchange rates could and likely would change at any time. I recommend that you do your own research. We haven’t been given much information about exchanges/ redemption for countries outside the US. All currency exchanges and Zim bond redemption were dependent upon the worth of that particular country’s own currencies and contracts they had with other countries. I’ve heard that some countries don’t have Zim redemption, some countries won’t require humanitarian projects to redeem Zim and in some countries the Zim was redeemable at a 1:1.

We do know that all exchanges/ redemption periods will be during the same time frame for everyone (it is a Global Currency Reset). The Secure Website would work for everyone across the globe to set your appointment at the location of your choice.

Your humanitarian project(s) could be international, or for your own country. Your Zim rate could be adjusted so you would have enough funding for it and for the length of time you chose and that you could set it up to extend for generations. There were also international humanitarian projects you could invest in that would be explained at your appointment.

For further questions ask when you secure your appointment.

Judy Note on Release of Secured Website to set your Exchange/ Redemption Appointment.

If you bought your currency at a bank or valid retailer they have already sent your email address to a central location where they would email you out the Secured Website. The Secured Website also would be published on Dinar Chronicles and other Dinar sites. I will put the Secured Website in my regular Update when I received it. Others who received the Secured Website were free to send it to whomever they wanted. I’m sure when the Secured Website was released it would show up all over the Internet.

By clicking into the Secured Website you would be asked certain questions to validate your identification, after which you would be given a specific 800 number to call for your appointment. That 800 number could only be used by you and you could only use it once. Your Redemption Center appointment would be set for a location of your choice.


  1. Tanzanian President Who Was Skeptical of Western Vaccines DEAD After Missing for Two Weeks (NOTE: I suspect he was taken out because he did not fall in line with the cabal's plans to have everyone vaccinated which would result in reducing the population in his country.)




Covid-19 Vaccines Are Weapons of Mass Destruction - and Could Wipe out the Human Race

March 13, 2021

Dr. Coleman says this is the most crucial video he's ever made about covid-19. He shares about what is really happening with the so called vaccine that many people are getting and how it operates. It is deadly and according to what he is sharing, those who have received the vaccine shot, you will need to stay away from. They will be the ones who will be spreading a more deadly variant of the virus to others. He talks about building up your immune system. He plans on doing another video on how to build up your immune system. This is serious and his message should not be taken lightly. It is a matter of life and death.

Please share this video widely.

For further unbiased information about other important matters, please visit https://www.vernoncoleman.com



MARCH 31ST IS THE END DATE? The Sleeping Masses are condemning HUMANITY

March 16, 2021

The sleeping masses are condemning humanity. The great awakening is here and the trains moving fast! Chessboards at play.


Legal team wants ‘second Nuremberg tribunal’ to try global lockdown promoters for crimes against humanity

March 2, 2021

Should the technocrats who pushed governments to lockdown their citizens be tried for crimes against humanity?

One prominent German lawyer, who is also licensed to practice law in America, thinks they should. And he is organizing a team of thousands of participating lawyers who want to prosecute a “second Nuremberg tribunal” against a cadre of international elites responsible for what he calls the “corona fraud scandal.”

Targeting the Davos, Switzerland-based World Economic Forum and its devotees among global political leaders, attorney Reiner Fuellmich says they are guilty of crimes against humanity for their perpetration of COVID-response policies that led to forced shutdowns, destroyed businesses, impoverished families, broken lives and a spike in suicide rates.

He has formed the German Corona Investigative Committee to pursue civil charges against the main perpetrators, among them being the head of the United Nations World Health Organization Dr. Tedros Adhanom. He hopes a successful class-action lawsuit will also lead to criminal charges.

Fuellmich was on the legal team that won a major lawsuit against German automaker Volkswagen in a 2015 case involving tampered catalytic converters in the U.S. He also was involved in a lawsuit that exposed one of Germany’s largest banks, Deutsche Bank, as a criminal enterprise. The bank was recently ordered by the U.S. Justice Department to pay $130 million to resolve corrupt practices that included money laundering, bribery and fraud between the years 2009 and 2016.

Fuellmich is licensed to practice law in Germany and the state of California.

He believes the frauds committed by Volkswagen and Deutsche Bank pale in comparison to the damage wrought by those who sold the Covid-19 crisis as the worst viral outbreak to hit the world in more than a century and used it to cause media-driven panic, government overreach and human suffering on a scale still not fully quantified.




March 18, 2021

The propaganda is so think you can cut it with a knife. It kinda makes you wonder if nearly everyone who peddles this shit is on the CIA and/or big pharma payroll.


CV Vax. Depopulation Disaster in the Making? Some Doctors & Scientists say Yes!

March 18, 2021

Presented here is some very important information, and absolutely imperative questions you should consider before you believe what the mainstream media is telling you about the alleged “Covid” vaxxes.



March 18, 2021


Moderna’s Top Scientist: ‘We Are Actually Hacking The Software Of Life’

March 18, 2021

Dr. Tal Zaks, the chief medical officer at Moderna Inc., explained in a 2017 at a TED talk how the company’s mRNA vaccine was designed to work.

you can bet that the foods the pioneers ate will become dietary staples with the minimum amount of resources just like our forefathers lived their lives, So pay chose attention because

Over the last 30 years, he said, “we’ve been living this phenomenal digital scientific revolution, and I’m here today to tell you, that we are actually hacking the software of life, and that it’s changing the way we think about prevention and treatment of disease.

He went on to explain [see video above] that the human body is made up of organs and organs are made up of cells.

In every cell there’s this thing called messenger RNA or mRNA for short, that transmits the critical information from the DNA in our genes to the protein, which is really the stuff we’re all made out of. This is the critical information that determines what the cell will do. So we think about it as an operating system.

So if you could change that, if you could introduce a line of code, or change a line of code, it turns out, that has profound implications for everything, from the flu to cancer.

It was reported on February 4, 2021 that Moderna described its new vaccine as “a computer operating system” but most people were not aware at that time that Zaks had spoken three to four years ago about this very technology which totally debunked the establishments media lie that the mRNA vaccines do not alter your genetic code.

He could not be more clear when he said We are actually hacking the software of life.”

Zaks stressed that in 2017 his company was working on a vaccine that would not act like any previous vaccine ever created.

Imagine if instead of giving [the patient] the protein of a virus, we gave them the instructions on how to make the protein, how the body can make its own vaccine,” he said.

Zaks said it took decades to sequence the human genome, which was accomplished in 2003, “And now we can do it in a week.”

He proceeded to reveal, in 2017, his company’s plans to make individual cancer vaccines, tailored to the needs of individual cancer patients, “because every cancer is different.”

Interestingly, one of the most potentially catastrophic side effects of the mRNA vaccine is its interaction with cancer cells. According to a study at New York City-based Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, the mRNA has a tendency to inactivate tumor-suppressing proteins, meaning it can promote the growth of cancer cells.

Both the Moderna and Pfizer injections are experimental mRNA vaccines. The FDA has only granted these injections Emergency Use Authorization [EUA] and they will remain in trials through 2023, yet the government, media and corporations are all promoting them as though they are guaranteed safe.

This systemic deception will, as some believe, end up being judged in the rear-view mirror of history as one of the most reckless acts of medical treachery ever committed against the human race.

If this so-called vaccine does cause more people to get cancer, think of the possibilities from a purely business point of view. Someone is going to get very rich.

Based on the predictions of Dr. Zaks, who oversaw the creation of the vaccine now being given to millions of people worldwide, the same Big Pharma companies that could potentially give people cancer with one vaccine could step forward later with another vaccine offering the cure for cancer. If you are the CEO of a mega pharmaceutical who answers to profit-driven Wall Street shareholders, that’s a brilliant strategy!

But is it ethical from a medical point of view? That’s a question nobody is asking.

As we listen to Dr. Zaks lay out the achievements of his company in creating the mRNA vaccine, we cannot help but think of how incredibly arrogant it sounds. That scientists think they can rewrite the genetic code [his words not mine for all you out there who still don’t believe these mRNA vaccines change the genetic code just because some ‘fact checker’ says they don’t], believing they can improve on a person’s God-given genetic makeup is entering dangerous territory. Who’s to say they won’t correct one problem and create something far worse?

Zaks wrapped up his 2017 speech with the following words:

If you think about what it is we’re trying to do. We’ve taken information and our understanding of that information and how that information is transmitted in a cell, and we’ve taken our understanding of medicine and how to make drugs, and we’re fusing the two. We think of it as information therapy.

Information therapy. Just like a computer software code.

These scientists truly believe that the human body is nothing more than a machine that can be hacked into and reordered according to some programmer’s instructions.

The same ground-breaking nature of this research that excites some, is what horrifies others.

A person’s genetic makeup is, as Dr. Zak said, “the software of life.”

If this is true, then who should be the ultimate authority over each human being’s genetic software code? If we truly live in a free society, wouldn’t it stand to reason that we would want to have an energetic debate over how to answer that question? Shouldn’t it be the number-one issue being debated in Congress and the media? Instead, nobody is allowed to even ask these questions without being threatened, censored, rebuked, de-platformed. Members of the corporate media who dare broach the question get fired.

Contrary to what some scientists believe, we are not machines. We are human beings with bodies, souls and free wills. Anyone who tries to mandate the acceptance of an experimental gene-altering treatment is going against the international Nuremberg Codes, which require informed consent of any experimental treatment.

To The Reader: Please do not allow your employer, your government, your family, your friends or anyone else to intimidate you or in any way try to persuade you, to accept this experimental treatment if you do not want it. You are your own health authority, period. If your employer threatens you with termination for rejecting this injection, please contact an attorney. The Rutherford Institute, headed up by civil rights attorney John Whitehead, is one good option. Others include Mat Staver’s Liberty Counsel.


Crimson Contagion Shows Bill Gates Blueprint For “COVID” Launch

March 18, 2021

Alex Jones joins the show to deliver breaking news about newly uncovered documents that reveal the globalist plot to enslave humanity with lockdowns and mask mandates. As I was watching this video, I did a search for the document Alex is showing and talking about. I found it and it is a 71 page PDF file. If you are interested in downloading this document, click on "Ending the Cycle of Crisis and Complacency in U.S. Global Health Security."


All information / videos / photos contained in this newsletter are opinions only. Information is derived from Public information, News Articles, Social Media, etc. I am not an attorney, accountant and or lobbyists. I simply am reporting what is happening.

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