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True News 4 U — BE Informed Report — 02/16/2021

Updated: Feb 18, 2021


February 16, 2021 UPDATES

BE Informed is a new report that has just been developed to Inform, Warn and Educate people on things happening behind the scenes. We are to BE Informed; KNOW what is going on so that we may prepare ourselves for what is coming down the pipeline.

So, BE Informed and KNOW what is going on because we are living in a God Hating, Messiah Rejecting, Sin Cursed World.

Hosea 4:6 "My people have perished for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge,..."





  4. Loyalty, H.R. 1, Aunt Jemima and The Mandalorian

  5. Here’s Why the Democrats Didn’t Want Trump’s Legal Team to Call in Pelosi to Testify in Sham Impeachment Trial


  7. Michigan Senate Majority Leader Says Capitol Takeover Was ‘Staged’ and a ‘Hoax’

  8. Israel Threatens to Abandon America and Ally with China And Russia after Securing $40B In US Aid

  9. Lincoln Project that Worked Mightily Against Trump Is Now Entangled in Sexual and Financial Scandals

  10. Georgia’s Newly Elected Democrat Senator Warnock, Is Already Under Investigation For Voter Registration Misconduct


  12. Taiwan jets shot dozens of Chinese military aircraft that entered ADIZ

  13. PWG Exclusive Update 2.12.21 Tanks off CA, States are fighting back Big Tech, More!


  15. IT BEGINS: Jill Biden Starts Pushing Socialism - LOOK What She's Calling For!

  16. The Ledger Report-1101- Trump Impeachment- Attacking Punishing One-third US Population

  17. Biden Won't Undo the Second Amendment in Texas: AG Paxton

  18. HUGE EXCLUSIVE: Election Do-Over? Latinos For Trump Sue to Shut Congress Down Over Civil Rights Violations

  19. Trump Attorney Rips Off Microphone On Air After CBSN Interview


SARGE FROM ICONS (Part One)! BIDEN Is NOT The President! There's SOMETHING BIG Going ON!

Feb 11, 2021


Feb 13, 2021

Epstein didn't commit suicide.

Bidan isn't the President.

Have a great Saturday.

Truman says Hi!


Truth by Billie Beene E115 Eco/Clif High + Aliens/March Event!

Feb 15, 2021

A short vid detailing: Viggo Mortensen and Lord-Rings coronation song, Clif High web bots + eco + aliens, and Our President Returns Poem written by Billie Beene,


Clif High


Gene Decode


Former Is Space Chief and Aliens


Paul Hellyer Disclosure - youtube

Cirsten Wong

For those interested in the book Billie Beene mentions, click on the title to download this PDF of the book "The Day After Roswell."



Feb 15, 2021


Climate Change and Covid - Warped Agenda to Reset the World!

Feb 3, 2021

There is a warped agenda to reset and reshape the World. It’s roots are shocking!


Impeachment Fails, Trump Reinstated as President

Feb 14, 2021

BREAKING: Senate Votes 57-43 to ACQUIT Donald Trump – Here Are the SEVEN Republicans Who Voted to Convict. Donald Trump has been acquitted…AGAIN!

The second show trial of Donald Trump has come to an end.

The Senate voted 57-43 to acquit Donald Trump on Saturday.

Here are the 7 Republicans who voted to convict Trump:

Burr, Cassidy, Collins, Murkowski, Romney, Sasse & Toomey


What is Real and Fake Biden Whitehouse?

Feb 13, 2021

More Evidence showing proof what is real and Fake. Judge for yourself.


Instagram CONFIRMS They are Watching your Private Messages and Will Take Action if they See This

Feb 13, 2021

Collin Rugg from Trending Politics reports, In a statement on Wednesday, Instagram announced that they will ban users permanently from their platform if they’re involved with “hate speech” in private messages.


UNMASKED! Lin Wood's Latest MUST SEE Documentary w/ EPIC Rant by Stew Peters at PC Radio! MASTERFUL!

Feb 13, 2021

Hang onto your seats for this DELICIOUS DUO where "All Lies Will Be Uncovered and All Truths Will Be Revealed!" We'll begin this Journey Of Truth with a SCORCHING RANT by one of the most OUTSPOKEN Patriots I know, Stew Peters from Politically Correct Radio, wherein he commences to RIP the Eyeballs straight out of the Deep State's head and shove them up their nostrils! You DO NOT want to miss that piece of GLORIOUS Salvation, Patriots!

Then, we'll proceed to DROP BOMBS with one of the Masters Of Truth himself, Lin Wood. This EPIC and hard-to-find Documentary - UNMASKED! Lin Wood will BLOW YOUR MIND as the LIES and DECEPTION of the Dep State and their Demonic Cohorts in the Seats Of Power are REVEALED! Masterfully produced, this Project Of Truth reveals that which has been hidden, EVEN NOW! Have you seen this yet? Then WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! Grab the Popcorn and Dive Right In to this EPIC tale of Good Vs Evil, Wrong vs Right and God vs Satan and his minions in the Demonic Democrat Party and beyond!

These truly are GLORIOUS times we live in and I am so proud to be an American right now! JUST WAIT until you watch this EPIC DOCUMENTARY, Patriots, you are going to be happier than you have been in a while! What is all the hype about?! WATCH and you will find out! WWG1WGA! In order for us to walk through the take-down that's about to happen people need to be exposed to the evil and agenda planned against us.

In order for us to go through the biblical changes about to happen, we need to see the EVIL. The kind of evil many of us let take a run at our freedom for decades while THE MASSES got distracted with social media, sports, TV, movies and working. Many fell asleep at the wheel and let corruption run-a-muck for decade after decade after decade. It’s time for EVERYONE to wake up so we can cross the finish line. The best is yet to come! Let's travel down this VIRAL MIND-BLOWING Rabbit Hole, shall we now, Patriots?!


347- James Musker - Covid, Reset, Transhumanism and the Diabolical Plans of the Elite!

Feb 8, 2021

Episode 347 of the A Minute to Midnite Show. Tony is joined by James Musker. We are living in perilous and unprecedented times. But by and large most people have little clue as to the deeply sinister agenda that is being put into place. Listen to James to find out what it is!


It's Important You Know What's Going On! - Tony & Holly

Feb 14, 2021


Court Docs Show FBI Can Intercept Encrypted Messages From Deep State-Backed ‘Signal’ App

Feb 10, 2021

Recent court documents have indicated that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) possesses a tool allowing them to access encrypted messages on the Signal app.

Signal has rapidly gained in popularity as Silicon Valley monopolists have grown more openly hostile to free speech, but the platform may be vulnerable to backdoors that undermine the privacy protections provided through the encrypted messaging service.

According to documents filed by the Department of Justice and first obtained by Forbes, Signal’s encrypted messages can be intercepted from iPhone devices when those Apple devices are in a mode called “partial AFU,” which means “after first unlock.”

When phones are in partial AFU mode, Signal messages can be seized by federal authorities and other potentially hostile interests. GrayKey and Cellebrite are the tools typically used by the FBI to gain this sensitive information, an expert has explained.

“It uses some very advanced approach using hardware vulnerabilities,” said Vladimir Katalov, who founded the Russian forensics company ElcomSoft, believing that GrayKey was used by federal authorities to crack Signal.

This vulnerability within the Signal app may not be a design flaw, but rather a deliberate backdoor to allow authorities to access private messages. The app was initially funded with backing from the deep state, after all.



Ep. 2403a - Are Putin And Xi Working With Trump? Are They Taking On The [CB]?

Feb 12, 2021

The [CB]/[DS] are trying to regain control of the economic system. They cannot, [JY] is putting a treasury climate czar in place. Putin and Xi do not agree with the Great Reset. The new economic system is being born and slowly but surely the people will be moved into the new system.

Ep. 2403b - The People Must See It All, The MSM/[DS] Lies Have Been Exposed, News Unlocks

Feb 12, 2021

The [DS] has now had their impeachment trial, Trump team exposed their lies and now the world was able to see the truth about Trump. The impeachment set a precedent that you can impeach a former President. Everything is in motion, news unlocks and now the people have seen the truth.


Mitch McConnell and Others Repeatedly Flash Illuminati Hand Signals Back and Forth on Senate Floor

Jan 8, 2021

There's something really weird going on here. Read more about this story at the news website I've created to circumvent the crippling YouTube censorship and upcoming purge:



McConnell Shows his TRUE COLORS on Senate Floor with Anti-Trump Speech You Will NEVER Forget

Feb 15, 2021

Bronson Stocking from Townhall reports, On Saturday, the Senate voted to acquit former President Trump of the lone impeachment article against him. House Democrats and a handful of Republicans accused the former president of inciting the riot at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.


Bill Gates Secretly Buying Farmland | The Real Reason

Jan 26, 2021

Bill Gates has been secretly buying up all the Farmland across America and is now the largest farmland owner in the United States. It's raising lots of eyebrows, and even more conspiracy theories.

So in this video I will break down,

- What he is doing

- Why he is doing it

- How history predicted this to happen

- And most importantly. .. what we should be doing about this.

This is to protect our own wealth and future, in a world where the rich are buying everything up so stay tuned!


  2. Vaccine Passports Are on the Way

  3. The U.S. Medical Profession Is Corrupt, Criminal, and Is Run By the State and Pharmaceutical Industry

  4. AstraZeneca profits double in a year amid soaring demand for cancer treatments as the pharma giant tweaks its Covid vaccine to tackle new strains

  5. Newly Elected Montana Governor Greg Gianforte Ends State Mask Mandate

  6. Illegals Can Flood Into America as Biden Mulls Travel Ban on AMERICAN Citizens



Your future, THE SPARS PANDEMIC 2025-2028


The COVID-19 Vaccine Program Violates the Nuremberg Code and the U.S. Informed Consent Laws

Feb 13, 2021

The COVID-19 Vaccines Are NOT Approved by the FDA

The COVID-19 vaccines are not approved by the FDA as being either safe or effective.

The FDA published a fact sheet prepared by Pfizer-BioNtech that states the following:

The Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine is an unapproved vaccine that may prevent COVID-19. There is no FDA-approved vaccine to prevent COVID-19.

Pfizer-BioNtech is only guessing that it “may” prevent COVID-19. That is their hope. But they explain that there is no approved vaccine that will actually prevent COVID-19 and they are not claiming that their vaccine has been proven effective.

The Moderna EUA has the identical song and dance language as is found in the Pfizer-BioNtech EUA. And Moderna makes virtually identical announcements in their fact sheet.

The Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine is an unapproved vaccine that may prevent COVID-19. There is no FDA-approved vaccine to prevent COVID-19.

COVID-19 Vaccines are Experimental and Still Under Study

The COVID-19 vaccines are being administered to the public on what is known as an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) by the FDA.

The gravamen of the EUA standard is that the known and potential benefits of the COVID-19 vaccines when used to prevent COVID-19 outweigh their known and potential risks.

The COVID-19 vaccines have not been demonstrated to be safe or effective by the FDA. They authorized for use and are being monitored for safety and effectiveness. The safety studies are continuing during the EUA period. The COVID-19 vaccines are experimental vaccines. The COVID-19 vaccine trials are being opened up to include children as young as 6 months. All who take part in the COVID-19 vaccination program are de facto participants in a medical experiment that is being monitored for safety and effectiveness. But they are not being told this.

FDA expects vaccine manufacturers to include in their EUA requests a plan for active follow-up for safety, including deaths, hospitalizations, and other serious or clinically significant adverse events, among individuals who receive the vaccine under an EUA, to inform ongoing benefit-risk determinations to support continuation of the EUA.

FDA also expects manufacturers who receive an EUA to continue their clinical trials to obtain additional safety and effectiveness information and pursue licensure (approval).

Post-authorization vaccine safety monitoring is a federal government responsibility shared primarily by FDA and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), along with other agencies involved in healthcare delivery. Post-authorization safety monitoring during the COVID-19 pandemic vaccination program will aim to continuously monitor the safety of COVID-19 vaccines to rapidly detect safety problems if they exist.

The COVID-19 Vaccine Program Violates the Nuremberg Code

Dr. Vernon Coleman correctly identifies the COVID-19 vaccine program as a violation of the Nuremberg Code. That is because the COVID-19 vaccines are experimental vaccines that are “authorized,” but they are NOT “approved” by the FDA. They have not been demonstrated to be safe or effective. They have been allowed because the FDA has opined that the potential benefits outweigh the risks. That benefit vs. risk analysis is very low. It allows for a vaccine to be used before the trials for safety and effectiveness are completed. The safety and effectiveness are being monitored. That means that all who get a COVID-19 vaccine are taking part in an experiment to determine the safety and effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccines. They are unwitting test subjects.

It is unconscionable to trick people into receiving an experimental vaccine. To not inform a person that he is taking part in an experiment violates the Nuremberg Code, which requires that “the voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential” before they take part in a medical experiment.

The Nuremberg Code requires that the consent be knowing consent. The person must be informed that he is taking part in an experiment involving the COVID-19 vaccine that has not been demonstrated to be safe or effective. But the test subjects are not being told this. Indeed, they should be told that the vaccine manufacturers are so unsure of the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine, the test subjects will be monitored to determine if they suffer any dangerous side-effects from the experimental vaccine. But nobody is being told this.

Fraudulent Fact Check by Reuters News Service

Reuters agrees that “[t]he 1947 Nuremberg code does require that human participants in experiments give informed consent.” But Reuters then contests the claim made by Dr. Vernon Coleman and claims that there is no violation of the Nuremberg Code in the administration of the COVID-19 vaccines by falsely claiming that the COVID-19 vaccines are approved. Reuters claims that “it is standard practice for safety monitoring to continue after a vaccine has been approved and rolled-out.” (emphasis added)

That is false. The COVID-19 vaccines have NOT been approved. Reuters is lying to the public. The COVID-19 vaccines are still being tested for safety and effectiveness. For example, the test trials for the Pfizer-BioNtech COVID-19 vaccine are not expected to be completed until January 21, 2023. Indeed, Reuters acknowledges that fact.

The Reuters fact check misleads the public by falsely mixing two concepts and makes a statement that is nonsense. Reuters states that “Pfizer-BioNtech was granted approval for emergency use by U.S. regulators in December 2020.” That is a false statement. The FDA “authorized” Pfizer-BioNtech to administer their COVID-19 vaccine to the public under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). An EUA is “permission” by the FDA to administer an experimental vaccine, it is not FDA “approval” of a vaccine that has been demonstrated to be safe and effective.

There is no such thing as approval under an EUA. Indeed, all vaccines used under an EUA are, by definition, unapproved. FDA approval and EUA are mutually exclusive. Reuters deceptively mixed the two concepts to give the false impression that the COVID-19 vaccines have been approved as safe and effective by the FDA, when they have not.

Reuters correctly points out that there is no U.S. Federal requirement for informed consent prior to vaccination. But that is in reference to FDA “approved” vaccines. It is irrelevant regarding experimental “unapproved” vaccines like the COVID-19 vaccines. As I will explain below, there are federal regulations that require informed consent for experimental vaccine programs. Incidentally, many states in the U.S. have informed consent requirements even for FDA approved vaccines.



You'll never Guess What's in the Tests (Once Were the Living)

Feb 1, 2021

Once Were the Living.. the story of the 4th Industrial modified reset man. What's been put up your nose in nano dust "test swabs" and in your mRNA, 4th Industrial Revolution, Great Reset, how the nano dust tech works, it's all in there.

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