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True News 4 U — BE Informed Report — 02/11/2021


February 11, 2021 UPDATES

BE Informed is a new report that has just been developed to Inform, Warn and Educate people on things happening behind the scenes. We are to BE Informed; KNOW what is going on so that we may prepare ourselves for what is coming down the pipeline.

So, BE Informed and KNOW what is going on because we are living in a God Hating, Messiah Rejecting, Sin Cursed World.

Hosea 4:6 "My people have perished for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge,..."


  1. Despite What They Tell You: The Constitution Never Discriminated Against Women

  2. How the Washington Administration Responded to an “Insurrection”


  4. Biden Administration Quietly Drops Trump Proposal To Track Chinese Influence In US Schools

  5. Peter Navarro Says Trump’s AG Bill Barr Was Part Of ‘Deep State’ Against Him

  6. WOW! Patrick Ryan Explains Elite Corruption Rings, Deep Fakes & Blackmail Inflation!

  7. Dr. Shiva Explains The Real Purpose Of “The Great Reset” & How WE THE PEOPLE Fight Back!

  8. Report: Never-Trump Republicans Looking at Forming Third Party

  9. WATCH: House Impeachment Managers Forced to Withdraw Evidence in Case Against Trump After Senator Mike Lee Says It Is False

  10. BUSTED! Eric Swalwell Caught Using Photoshopped Tweet at Impeachment Trial #FakeNews

  11. Alan Dershowitz Discusses the Unconstitutional Impeachment and How the Democrats “Prove President Trump’s Constitutional Defense”

  12. JUST IN: Newsom Recall Leader Says His Team Now Has Over the Needed 1.5 Million Signatures to Force a Recall Election This Year

  13. “Wikipedia…Can Put Anything They Want Out There to Ruin My Identity” – Mike Lindell on Wikipedia’s Attempts to Trash His Good Name

  14. All of China Joe’s Actions to Date With China – Help China and Hurt America

  15. HUGE DEVELOPMENT: Hand Recount Finds Dominion Owned Voting Machines Shorted EVERY REPUBLICAN Candidate in Windham, New Hampshire, 300 Votes!

  16. Feb 10, 2021 Getting Ready

  17. Bank of America caught illegally sending private purchase data of Capitol protesters to feds


Biden Plan to Revive Obama Limits on Police Militarization Still Just Window Dressing

Feb 1, 2021

According to a CNN report, President Joe Biden plans to reinstate Obama-era limits on a federal police militarization program. While this sounds like progress toward ending the militarization of local police departments, the Obama limits were little more than window-dressing.

Through the federal grant programs such as the 1033 program, local police departments procure military-grade weapons. Police can also get military equipment through the Department of Homeland Security via the (DHS) “Homeland Security Grant Program.”

The DHS doles out over $1 billion in counterterrorism funds to state and local police each year. According to a 2012 Senate report, this money has been used to purchase tactical vehicles, drones, and even tanks with little obvious benefit to public safety. And, according to ProPublica, “In 1994, the Justice Department and the Pentagon-funded a five-year program to adapt military security and surveillance technology for local police departments that they would otherwise not be able to afford.”

In the wake of the Ferguson protests, Pres. Obama signed an executive order limiting some types of surplus military equipment available through federal programs or funding. A prohibited equipment list developed based on the Obama EO included tracked armored vehicles; weaponized aircraft, vessels, and vehicles of any kind with weapons installed; firearms of .50-caliber or higher; ammunition of .50-caliber or higher; grenade launchers; bayonets; and camouflage uniforms. It also placed limits on other equipment, including aircraft, wheeled tactical vehicles, mobile command units, battering rams, and riot gear. Local agencies were required to develop a use plan and get federal approval before they could obtain these items.

The Obama executive order was largely window dressing and left the 1033 program effectively intact. Most of the items on the prohibited list had been previously banned or were rarely transferred through federal surplus programs. Even with the Obama limits, police continued to have access to military surplus equipment, including high powered “assault” rifles, mine-resistant vehicles (MRAPs) and armored Humvees, aircraft, drones, night vision equipment, battering rams, and other military-grade items.

In practice, the Obama EO did little to stem the flow of military equipment to state and local law enforcement agencies. It was largely symbolic. In fact, the banned list was clearly intended to serve as a psychological bandaid. It made the public feel better about police militarization without actually changing the militarization policy in any substantive way. Obama even said he wanted to remove some of the intimidation factor inherent in militarized police forces.

In August 2017, President Donald Trump pulled the Obama bandaid off with an executive order reversing Obama’s EO, reopening the door for police departments to obtain items the Obama administration had banned.



SHARE! Unmasked: Have we uncovered the truth about the 2020 election?

Feb 9, 2021


Rod Steele Talks With Charlie Ward

Feb 7, 2021


2.8.21 Patriot Streetfighter POST ELECTION UPDATE #45: Super Bowl Halftime Satanic Projection

Feb 9, 2021

"And We Knows" LT Unleashed in this POWERFUL message about HOLDING THE LINE in the execution of The Plan.


2.8.21 PART II Patriot Streetfighter POST ELECTION UPDATE #45: S. Bowl Halftime Satanic Projection

Feb 10, 2021

130,000 views on Youtube before this upload.

PART II of "And We Knows" LT Unleashed in this POWERFUL message about HOLDING THE LINE in the execution of The Plan.


The Glory TV with David Scarlett adn Charlie Ward

Feb 9, 2021


Dragon Slayer - I WAS RIGHT!

Feb 10, 2021

I can read frequencies. It's why I did so well as a soldier in this spiritual war, because I could read the liars. I was so consistent, few who saw my track record could argue, it's a VERY strong gift, and a very accurate gift. If you are evil, I can see you. No amount of make-up or lies can hide you from me.



Feb 9, 2021


Ep. 2400a - Are The Patriots Now Putting Pressure On The [CB] Fiat System?

Feb 9, 2021

The stimulus package is being pushed to put everything back to the way it was, they are introducing Obamacare expansion. They are pushing the minimum wage up to 15 which will destroy jobs. Are the patriots pushing against the [CB] fiat currency, are they preparing to destroy the [CB]?


Ep. 2400b - The [DS] Is Opening The Front Door, The Flood Gates Will Open

Feb 9, 2021

The impeachment hearing have started, the [DS]/Corrupt Politicians are opening the front door. This impeachment trial is not going to be fair, they are now creating the precedence to try other Presidents, Senators etc... The flood gates are now open. The patriots have it all, how do you inject evidence legally? How do you make it look like it wasn't your idea. Will this evidence help Trump or the [DS]. Drip, Drip, Flood.


5G & EMF Protection


Rothschild Family Tree

Below is the chart in this video. If you want to download this chart, just click on the chart below.

What's Up With All the Rothschild Conspiracies?

Mr. Beat explains the history of the Rothschild dynasty and the origins of the conspiracy theories based on the beliefs that the Rothschilds control the world.


  2. J&J CEO Says Annual Covid Vaccine Needed "For Years" As MSM Warns Virus Will "Circulate For Decades"


  4. Israel scientists cure 100 percent of covid patients with new therapy that mitigates cytokine storm


This pretty much says it all.


Sibel Edmonds Launches FUAMI.org to Fight Illegal Government Ordered Mandates

Feb 9, 2021

FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds has formed FUAMI.org a group dedicated to fighting the insanity of government mandated health regulations.

Visit www.fuami.org


Ania & Charlie Ward The New World Order expose their Vaccine Agenda

Feb 10, 2021

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