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True News 4 U — BE Informed Report — 01/31/2021


January 31, 2021 UPDATES

BE Informed is a new report that has just been developed to Inform, Warn and Educate people on things happening behind the scenes. We are to BE Informed; KNOW what is going on so that we may prepare ourselves for what is coming down the pipeline.

So, BE Informed and KNOW what is going on because we are living in a God Hating, Messiah Rejecting, Sin Cursed World.

Hosea 4:6 "My people have perished for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge,..."


  1. Home Run King Hank Aaron Dies of ‘Undisclosed Cause’ 18 Days After Receiving Moderna Vaccine

  2. About The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS)

  3. YouTube deletes videos of doctors testifying in Senate Homeland Committee as “coronavirus misinformation”

  4. Nursing Home Whistleblower: Seniors Are Dying In Numbers After Covid Injections Speak Out!! +Video

  5. Wall Street spent over $74 million to back Joe Biden’s run for president, topping Trump’s haul

  6. New Report Finds Hundreds of Twitter Accounts Linked to China Sowed Discord Before and After Election

  7. In Biden’s First Full Week, The S&P 500 Records Its Worst Week Since October – Bringing the Market Into Loss Territory for the Year


  9. GameStop Fiasco – Wallstreet vs. REDDIT


  11. Pipe bombs planted a day before Trump speech, raises issue of incitement: Links 2, January 30, 2021

  12. Five of Trump’s Impeachment Lawyers Leave Defense Team 9 Days Before Senate Trial


Congress arrested! Share!

In this video, you will notice some of the film footage that is in this link "US Under Military Law, Congress Arrested, War With CCP Won and No One Knows It." He has more footage of what is going on.


US Military at the White House Arresting Congress

Special Operations (SOF) units including 4,000 deputized National Guard soldiers acting as US Marshalls, have served indictments on, or were about to arrest 67% of Congress. Early Mon. morning 25 Jan. between 3 and 6 am Military vans, buses and police cars, along with a multitude of police and Military troops, were very busy at a blacked out White House.

“I just watched everyone in the White House arrested” declared an unnamed person doing one of the two videos shown below. (Video contains graphic language)

White House BLACKOUT Between 3 to 6 A.M


Mustang Medic filmed the Washington DC scene closer up:

Even though the Mass Media have refused to report it, the US has been functioning under Martial Law since Sat. 9 Jan. An Interim Military US Government was actually running the US and they saw President Biden as a treasonous agent. A few days before Joe Biden’s Inauguration and due to foreign interference in the 2020 Presidential Election, Trump had instigated the Insurgency Act, declared Martial Law and deferred his power to the US Military.

Early Mon. morning 25 Jan. between 3 and 6 am a blackout occurred in Washington DC around the White House. According to two separate videos taped at the scene, police and US troops were everywhere in the darkness. Military vans, buses and police cars pulled up to the White House, loaded passengers, took them down the road and across a bridge and then some vans came back empty to do a repeat.

Mustang Medic’s recording showed many buses and vans, some marked as Military, entering the Capitol grounds. Several people were taped getting out of their cars, showing IDs to guards and then walking into the grounds.


When it was over and seemingly on Q, fireworks lit up the sky. Reports from those on the ground claimed that by later that day the White House was closed up tight and remained so as of right now.


Evidently Biden’s team was not in the White House, but detained and arrested behind the scenes. The US Military was expected to have arrested Harris on charges of treason, while invoking the 25th Amendment on Biden because of his dementia and subsequent inability to hold office. (The Deep State had plans to invoke the 25th on Biden, put Harris in his place and Pelosi as VP. Not going to happen).

On Fri. 22 Jan. a Juan O Savin reported that the US Interim Military Government was about to arrest Joe Biden and his traitor Deep State politicians in DC. Crimes of these elite politicians have recently been exposed from findings of the Russia hoax Mueller probe, impeachments of Trump and Obamagate.


It was reported that to date, 260 global elites have been served, “The deal that they got was that if they gave information that was useful, they could have a better death, or a jail cell for life. Obama gave up Michelle, and then breached his warrant.


It was likely that rolling blackouts would occur in other areas of the country as arrests were being made. Communications would be cut off for a short period of time. There’s some mayors, governors and judges out there with their names on some of the over 222, 286 sealed indictments filed in federal courts across the nation since Trump took office in 2016.

On Tues. 26 Jan from about 11am EST to about 4pm EST there were massive internet and network outages on the East Coast said to be a cover for Special Operations (SOF) units making arrests of Deep State bad guys.


Soon the Emergency Broadcast System would be activated to announce all. The Military would then produce all TV programming for at least the next 72 hours, filled with videos of political elite’s tribunals, accompanied by seven messages from Trump. The networks have already been informed that they could be criminally liable if they didn’t allow the feed to air.

With global financial markets imploding, on Wed. 27 Jan. the worldwide Global Currency Reset was set to take place. Sun. 31 Jan. was Freedom Day as per Trump’s Executive Order signed on July 4 2020.

Last Thurs. 21 Jan. two Baghdad suicide bombers killed 32 and seriously injured dozens of others. That was reported to be Deep State Iranian/ISIS retaliation for the GCR being pushed out in Iraq and globally.


Since Sat. 9 Jan. the US has been under an abbreviated Martial Law.


The ten miles of Washington DC, White House and the Capitol Building was secured with barbed wire fences and over 30,000 troops. The US Military would control all assets, taxpayer dollars, conduct a return to a gold/asset-backed dollar and insure the Republic would be restored to elements of the original Constitution as written prior to 1871.

The two governments ruling the US right now: (1) a legitimate Interim Military US Government empowered by the Constitution and the Department of Defense under Military Code 11.3, and (2) an illegal, fraudulent foreign paid-for, foreign controlled (on the foreign ground of the District of Columbia) Biden Administration.


Trump's War On Human Trafficking


Truth by Billie Beene E 107 Mil Coup-Pres. T+POTUS-Modern 1776 Revolution

https://www.bitchute.com/video/md7bke...​ short vid detailing: US Mil + Taiwan mil install prov. gov in mainland China via Alliance, Pres. Trump, Pres. Xi, Pres. Putin. PM Modi and Pres. Ing-wen, prophecies by Amanda Grace, intel from Gene Decode, Cirsten Wong, Ann Vander Steel, Scott McKay and a prayer by Geo. Washington.


Lin Wood


Gene Decode #32, Scott McKay


Cirsten Wong, Ann Vander Steel (cirstenw bitchute)

cirstenw bitchute - Gene Decode #31


Ark of Grace: Grace & Glory February Will Be Explosive


Ep. 2391a - People Can See The Rigged Economic System, It’s Controlled By The Establishment

The economic system is now being exposed to the people. The people are learning that the system is rigged and the corrupt politicians are protecting those on Wall Street not the people. This is not an open an free market, it is a controlled market by the [CB]. Is this going to bring down the entire system?


Ep. 2391b - Marker [KC] 11.3, The Elite’s System Is In The Process Of Being Exposed

[KC] had his sentencing today, no jail time for changing an email to get a FISA warrant, instead he received probation, market 11.3. Is this just the beginning. The people are waking up to system that the [DS] created, it is being exposed for all to see.



Frank from Quite Frankly returns to SGT Report to shine the light on Sith Lords and demons like Klaus Schwab whose empires will crumble like sand castle as long as we NEVER COMPLY with their anti-human agendas.

Warning from a Priest: https://www.simonparkes.org/post/warning-from-rome-priest


SHADOW LEADER? Ric Grenell Reveals Who He Thinks Is “Calling The Shots” In The Biden White House

Former acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell has taken stock of President Joe Biden’s unprecedented flurry of executive actions as well as his policy priorities and he has come to a conclusion: Joe’s not really in charge.

Oh sure, most supporters of former President Trump knew that Biden wouldn’t be since it was obvious on a number of occasions throughout last year’s campaign cycle that the former vice president just was not in full use of his mental faculties.

But in an interview on Monday, Grenell talked about who he really thinks is in charge at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. — and it’s not Vice President Kamala Harris.

It’s Obama sycophant (and former national security adviser) Susan Rice.



These GOP Senators Just Voted To Drive the Knife into Trump's Back, Pushing for Impeachment

Jon Brown from The Daily Wire reports, Forty-five Republican senators voted in favor of a motion introduced by Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) on Tuesday to dismiss the impeachment article against former President Donald Trump as unconstitutional.


Linwood finally drops the whistleblower audio,Epstein to Justice Roberts .Also the death of other SCOTUS


Fired Up Friday's 1 29 2021 ~ Sheila Holm


Will Kamala Harris Fulfill this 1933 Vision and Prophecy | Perry Stone


1.29.21 PSF Scott McKay & Gene DeCode Discuss Deep Underground Military Bases... With Cirsen W


24 Residents Dead in 3 Weeks as One Third of UK Nursing Home Residents Die After Experimental mRNA COVID Injections

In what is becoming almost a daily report of massive nursing home deaths following injections of experimental mRNA COVID shots, a nursing home in the U.K. is reporting over one third of their residents have died after receiving the mRNA experimental COVID injections.

We are now seeing a very predictable pattern as we are reporting all over the world where the elderly are dying at a very alarming rate following mass vaccinations of the experimental mRNA injections.

And in all of these cases, the local media is quoting local officials as saying that the “vaccines” have nothing to do with the deaths. They are also stating that deaths following the experimental mRNA injections are “expected.”

How can people keep believing this is true? This is now happening all over the world, in many locations, and we are just supposed to accept by faith that COVID outbreaks happened simultaneously with the mass vaccinations, but that there is no connection to the injections?



This is what the Childhood Vaccine Schedule Visually looks like in the State's 😯

Today's USA Children have Chronic Health issues at the rate of 54% 😢

In the 80's before Vaccines were given NO LIABILITIES Status (1986 The Act) and only 10 Vaccines given Chronic Disease in Children was at 12.8%


Doctors around the world reject covid and vaccine


MIRROR Must See! Claire Edwards - The Covid-19 Genocide Of 2020 Watch


Legally Decline A Vaccine!

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