• Eddie Rogers, Minister

New Moon Report — 06/11/2021

The above new moon is courtesy of NAZARENE ISRAEL Ministry.

Dear Friends, The new moon was sighted from Israel this evening, Friday, 11 June 2021. * From Tiberias at 8:16pm by Maureen Chkolnik, followed by Dennis Chkolnik. This means that sunset on June 11, 2021 marks the beginning of the new month. Be sure to keep track of what number month this is, based on when you started the new year. The photo at the top of this report was taken from our observation point in Jerusalem. On behalf of all of us who rely on these observations, we wish to thank everyone in Israel who looked for the new moon this evening and sent in their observations in a timely manner. We are also extremely grateful to those of you who have stepped up and are supporting our efforts from afar, your support helps us be able to collect the observations and share these reports in a timely fashion.

If reliable first-hand New Moon and Aviv Reports from Israel are of value to you, please consider supporting our efforts. We could really use your support in restoring the Biblical Calendar. Chodesh Tov! Make it a great month! Devorah Gordon Jerusalem, Israel

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