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BE Informed Report — 2/08/2022


February 8, 2022 UPDATES

  1. How Government Violates The Constitution To Indoctrinate Americans & Make Them Little Communist Worker Bees (Video)

  2. Freedom Convoy Growing like Wildfire! The World is Watching so Join Now!

  3. 2.4.22: EVIL and CORRUPTION exposed in EVERY AREA! Stay the COURSE! Protect our CHILDREN! PRAY!

  4. JFK assassination expert: Lee Harvey Oswald lone gunman theory is ‘bulls–t’

  5. RINO Lindsey Graham Pushes Legislation to Allow Private Companies to Read All Your Phone Texts, Emails and DMs

  6. Trump on Democrat’s Ballot Harvesting Scam: The Biggest Political Scandal in History — Democrats Are Doing All They Can to Stop the News from Coming Out!

  7. The Mysterious Death Of Phil Schneider: The Man Who Revealed The Conspiracy Of The US Authorities With Aliens

  8. Hangar 1: Is The Extraterrestrial Government Hiding In This Base?

  9. Ex-Pentagon consultant says President Eisenhower had 3 secret meetings with Aliens

  10. Exposed: For decades, the CIA funded evil experiments on Danish orphans

  11. Human-Animal Hybrids And Never Before Seen Creatures... You Cannot Unsee This Video!!

  12. Body Doubles, Clones or Masks... You Decide!

  13. iPhones. The Most Advanced Surveillance Device Ever Made. All Claims of Privacy are Completely False

  14. The Mysterious Death of Reporter Dorothy Kilgallen & the JFK Assassination (Video)

  15. Jesse Ventura on Skinwalker Ranch via Conspiracy Theory

  16. Antarctica UFO Secrets Documentary - Don't Miss It!

  17. China and Russia unveil plan for new world order

  18. General Thomas McInerney and General Paul E. Vallely


  20. The real story on Mother Teresa, Elon Musk and many more as we pull the veil back & awaken


  22. The Truth Behind the Russia/Ukraine Conflict

  23. Situation Update, Feb 7th, 2022 - Biden regime to FABRICATE war with Russia in order to TERRORIZE the American people


  25. TRUCKERS UNITE Dinesh D’Souza Podcast Ep265

  26. FACEBOOK EXODUS Dinesh D’Souza Podcast Ep264

  27. Canada. Trudeau,s brother spills the beans on the Plandemic, Climate change and The W.E.F.

  28. Shocking Wartime Crimes Hidden: Thousands of Young Brave Americans Died For Lies

  29. Ep. 2696a - Trump Warned Everyone In 2020, What Is Coming Will Be Like 1929

  30. Ep. 2696b - When Does Big Pharma Make Money, Curing Or Containing, Justice Is Coming


Unmasking Israel Abraham Burla - Global Exterminator

February 4, 2022

Michael McKibben and Douglas Gabriel talk about what they have learned about the CEO of Pfizer who is Israel Abraham Burla aka...Albert Bourla. He has some interesting genealogy. Plus, he comes from a Sephardic Jewish background. He is also tied back to Winston Churchill and Sir Moses Montefiore. There were some letters written between Charles Henry Churchill and Sir Moses Montefiore that Michael and Douglas talk about that is interesting.

Michael and Douglas also bring up the Act of 1871 which most people know nothing about nor even heard about. There is a short video clip in this video on the Act of 1871 that will provide a snapshot on what it is and what it has done to the nation of America. Also in the notes below is a link to learn more.

Another topic of interest that Michael and Douglas brought up is the Pilgrims Society. Again, most people do not know anything about this society nor have they heard about it. Do you know what this society is all about? There is a short clip included in this video to provide a snapshot on what the Pilgrims Society is all about. It is not good.

You will find several links below to help get you started on learning more. I encourage everyone who has an interest in learning more to do your own research. What this does is "cement" your findings to help you better understand those who are the enemy of the people.

This video is informative and it will help you to better understand some of the people working against humanity. Had their background been different, they may not have turned out the way they did.

Again, please do yourself a favor and check out the links provided below. There is a lot there.

References: Albert Bourla https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Albert_Bourla

How the Parents of Pfizer’s Bourla Narrowly Escaped Death in Holocaust https://greekreporter.com/2022/01/27/pfizer-albert-bourla-holocaust-greece/

Ann Oldfield https://www.westminster-abbey.org/abbey-commemorations/commemorations/ann-oldfield

OTD in History… June 14, 1841, British Colonel Charles Henry Churchill wrote a letter to Sir Moses Montefiore supporting a Jewish state in Palestine https://bonniekgoodman.medium.com/otd-in-history-june-14-1841-british-colonel-charles-henry-churchill-wrote-a-letter-to-sir-moses-28866cf85a58

Stage Mega Stars of the Eighteenth Century (Ann Oldfield) https://historicalromanceuk.blogspot.com/2014/04/stage-mega-stars-of-teh-eighteenth.html

THE PILGRIMS SOCIETY – ENEMY OF HUMANITY https://aim4truth.org/2019/08/07/the-pilgrims-society-enemy-of-humanity/

What is the Pilgrims Society? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N5hPzbutyW8&t=109s

Stuff They Don't Want You to Know - Pilgrims Society https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dm_ZAWlJo8Q&t=277s

What is the Pilgrims Society? This organization has been called a 'dinner club' by some and a back-door policy think tank by others. But what's the truth? Why do some conspiracy theorists believe the Society controls policy decisions in the United Kingdom and the United States?

The Act of 1871: The "United States" Is a Corporation - There are Two Constitutions https://www.federaljack.com/slavery-by-consent-the-united-states-corporation/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N2Lw_5ex8KA&t=112s

Christian Zionism in the United Kingdom https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christian_Zionism_in_the_United_Kingdom



TrueNews4U Newsletter https://www.truenews4u.com/

TrueNews4U Rumble Video Channel https://rumble.com/c/c-663675

Unveiling Truth Rumble Video Channel https://rumble.com/c/c-1249913


Billie Beene E286 2422 Updates - B Fulford Info/Cirstenw / Bio #2 Monkey Acc! Plus

February 5, 2022

Billie is reporting on the following:

1. Billie provides a little update on CirstenW. 2. Mel K interviewed Benjamin Fulford and this is what came out of that interview - the actor who is playing the role of Justin Trudeau is in hiding. There is also a shadow government going on in Canada. Benjamin is also talking about Klaus Schwab who is a Rothchild and Christine Lagarde who was the president of the European Banks. They were part of the Cabal. According to Benjamin Fulford, Klaus Schwab and Christine Lagarde have made deals with the Alliance. This took place in a meeting in Antarctica. Benjamin is also saying that there is a French branch of the Rothchild family that is not wanting to make a deal with the Alliance. 3. There is going to be a change in the European Union and it is going away. The E.U. is currently made up of 29 nations. It's going to be replaced with a 47 nation group that will include Russia. 4. Judy Byington is bringing this out about the truckers. There were thousands of truckers and millions of people. The trucker group was organized. Judy Byington is saying next week to look for truckers from all over the U.S. to do the same thing that the truckers in Canada have and are still doing to peacefully protest these mandates that are illegal. 5. Judy Byington is reporting that the marines have rescued 2,100 young humans from the D.U.M.B.'s in California. 6. Billie is reporting on the accident that took place in Pennsylvania with a dump truck hitting a trailer that had crates of monkeys that came from Africa that were headed to a lab. Billie is providing more info on what happened and the effects of the one lady who had been exposed to the monkeys. 7. Gene Decode is bringing out that there is no treaty with the Cabal unlike what some are reporting. It is being reported that the Cabal is using frequency to control humans.

Billie is reporting on much more and you do not want to miss the remainder of her report...

Reference: God, Bible, Patriot Subscribers + Kerry Cassidy-Project Camelot, Juan O Savin, Daboo77, Dr Wm Mount, Michael Jaco, Elena Danaan, Mehan Rose, Mary Greeley, MrMBB333, Israeli News Live-Steven Ben-Nun Beforeitsnews Underground Patriot int Gene Decode Beforeitsnews Judy Byington yt Ark of Grace - Powerful Word - Lord - Amanda Grace https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lbn04TalpYM&t=2345s bitchute ShariRaye bitchute Mel K int Benjamin Fulford New York Times2-2-22 Questions Remain After Crash Involving Monkeys https://www.wnep.com/ CDC Sens Cautionary Letter First Responders (Re Monkey Accident)

Contact and Support: Billie Beene POB 476 Sweeny, TX 77480

email: beenebillie@yahoo.com

My channels are dedicated to providing truth in news and Bible teaching and innovative writing. Thank you for your support and encouragement! May God bless you and yours!

MY NOTE: If you have any comments you want to make on any of Billie Beene's reports, please click on the video title and it will take you to the source video and you will be able to give her your feedback or, you can email Billie. Here email address is noted above or you can mail her your comments. Again, her mailing address is provided above.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mbQd6ZMGhJg


"MONOPOLY - Who Owns The World?" by Tim Gielen (English Subs)

January 9, 2022

Less than a handful of megacorporations dominate every aspect of our lives. From the breakfast that’s on the table in the morning, to the mattress we sleep on at night, and practically everything we do or consume in between contributes to the power of these corporations. In this video I show you how these corporations – or rather; their largest shareholders – are the protagonists in the play which we are currently witnessing, and the driving force behind "The Great Reset".

Also check out: https://www.greenmedinfo.com/blog/who-owns-world-blackrock-and-vanguard


[PT 1] SPECIAL OPS REVEALED! Deep State's Dirtiest Secret! A MIND-BLOWING Military Insider Interview

February 3, 2022

ARE YOU READY FOR THIS ONE, TRUTH SEEKERS?! This videos holds that which has become known - far and wide - as the LARGEST & BEST KEPT SECRET of the DEEP STATE! It HAD been kept under wraps for decades - after all, they simply could NOT let this get out and become public knowledge, because that would decimate their satanic and desperate plans for their new world! Herein this EPIC video, a 5 Star Trust has been EXPOSED for all to see!

Patriots, I never knew I had SO MANY UNANSWERED QUESTIONS – until this EPIC and POWERFUL video! EVERYTHING you THOUGHT was REAL….is just a LIE or a fabricated reality, made to order by the Luciferian Cabal and their Deep State Puppets! During this 'Great Awakening', we’ve found out more about the REALITY of the world in which we live – and these Truths are absolutely Mind Boggling! This video fills in SO MANY GAPS with SO MANY ANSWERS, backed by HORDES of evidence that is, well, UNDENIABLE - and at the same time, it creates SO MANY more questions! Perhaps YOU have some different answers than what are offered here, and if so, then PLEASE ENLIGHTEN US IN THE COMMENTS after you watch this WORLDWIDE BROADCAST EVENT!

To begin with, did you know that at Birth, you are considered Missing, Lost at Sea or Dead. You are, quite literally, considered to be merely a Cargo or a Vessel. Through the demonic Birth certificate system set up in 1933, the people of the United States became the method of finance for the USA. And you think that's IT?! Not by a LONG SHOT, Patriots! There is SO MUCH MORE to this story than what meets the eye, so BUCKLE UP, grab the Popcorn and let's travel down this VIRAL MIND-BLOWING Rabbit Hole, shall we now, Patriots?!


[PT 2] SPECIAL OPS REVEALED! Deep State's Dirtiest Secret! A MIND-BLOWING Military Insider Interview

This is the EPIC PART TWO of this series, where we take a SERIOUSLY DEEP DIVE into the meat and potatoes of Part One. A LOT of Patriots had a TON of questions after watching the first part - and asked for more information - and THIS VIDEO will answer many, if not ALL, of those questions. But, perhaps, it will create a LOT more! After watching this info-packed part two, you will know just how demonic and dastardly the Cabal's plans are for us all - and what a few unwavering Patriots did to stop it!


John Coleman - "The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations: Decline of The USA" (Audiobook)

June 2, 2020

My Note: Please note that this audio book is nearly 6 hours long. There are two links below to download this book. This book is an eye opener and it will help further educate the reader on what has been going in behind the scenes for decades. You owe it to yourself to listen to this audio book or download or read the book online. The book is 285 pages long.

If you're wondering why the USA is in the position it is, then here's a good starting point.

"THE TAVISTOCK INSTITUTE OF HUMAN RELATIONS: Shaping the Moral, Spiritual, Cultural, Political and Economic DECLINE of the United States of America" - Dr. John Coleman (1969) (RedShields Family = The Tavistock Inst. of HR)

The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations has had a profound effect on the moral, spiritual, cultural, political and economic policies of the United States of America and Great Britain. It has been in the front line of the attack on the U.S. Constitution and State constitutions. No group did more to propagandize the U.S. to participate in WWI at a time when the majority of the American people were opposed to it.

Much of the same tactics were used by the Social Science scientists at Tavistock to get the United States into WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Serbia and both wars against Iraq. Tavistock began as a propaganda creating and disseminating organization at Wellington House in London in the run-up to WWI, what Toynbee called “that black hole of disinformation, a lie factory.” In 1821, operations that were to shape the destinies of Germany, Russia, Britain and the United States were transferred to the Tavistock Institute. The people of these nations were unaware that they were being “brainwashed.” Tavistock's “mind control,” “inner directional conditioning” and mass “brainwashing” methods, still very much in use today, are explained in this easy to understand book written with great authority. The fall of dynasties, the Bolshevik Revolution, WWI and WWII saw the destruction of old alliances and boundaries, the convulsions in religion, morals, family life, economic and political conduct and the decadence in music and art that can all be traced back to mass indoctrination (mass brainwashing) practiced by the Tavistock Institute Social Science scientists. Prominent among Tavistock's faculty was Edward Bernays, the double nephew of Sigmund Freud. It is said that Herr Goebbels, Propaganda Minister in the German Third Reich used methodology devised by Bernays as well as that of Willy Munzenberg.

This is a book about the past, present and future. Without Tavistock, there would have been no Bolshevik Revolution and no WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Serbia and Iraq wars. But for Tavistock, the United States would not be rushing down the road to dissolution and collapse.

Full PDF.


2nd Link




February 5, 2022




February 7, 2022


JFK TO 9ll: Everythings A Rich Man's Trick! Must See Bone Chilling Documentary That Exposes It ALL!

February 7, 2022

DON'T MISS WATCHING THIS EPIC BOMBSHELL DOCUMENTARY THAT WILL HAVE YOU ON THE EDGE OF YOUR SEAT, SAYING “I KNEW IT ALL ALONG!” Dominated and ruled by the Super Rich and All Powerful Elite, our world has been fabricated from the ground up to be something that it is NOT! Forget all the lies you’ve been told your entire life – and bask in the Truth! This WORLDWIDE DOCUMENTARY BROADCAST EVENT is excellently laid out in an easy to follow format, each segment building from the previous, into a crescendo of LIGHT & TRUTH that is sure to Dazzle even the most ardent Dis-Believer! DON'T MISS WATCHING FOR THIS EPIC BOMBSHELL DOCUMENTARY THAT WILL HAVE YOU ON THE EDGE OF YOUR SEAT, SAYING “I KNEW IT ALL ALONG!”

Patriots, I never knew I had SO MANY UNANSWERED QUESTIONS – until this EPIC and POWERFUL movie – “JFK to 9-11 – Everything Is A Rich Man’s Trick”. EVERYTHING you thought was REAL….is just a LIE or a fabricated reality, made to order by the Luciferian Cabal and their Deep State Puppets! During The Great Awakening, we’ve found out more about the REALITY of the world in which we live – and these Truths are absolutely Mind Boggling! From the Assassination of JFK and who REALLY did it, to the Deep State Disaster, 9/11 – was it REALLY an Inside Job? And by the way, WHO REALLY CHOOSES THE PRESIDEN - and SO MUCH



February 7, 2022



Is this GESARA? Truth Social, MSM Pushback, China Act of War 2-4-22

February 4, 2022


Tom S w/Juan O Savin 2/7/22

February 7, 2022


  1. Excess deaths soaring in every country where covid “vaccine” uptake is high: data

  2. Stunning German analysis finds that COVID-19 vaccine death rates are FAR higher than previously reported

  3. Leaked DoD database shows U.S. military illnesses skyrocketing due to covid jabs

  4. COVID-19 Injections Have Caused Nearly Half a Million Spontaneous Abortions, According to New Analysis by Dr. Jessica Rose

  5. 28-Year-Old Woman Severely Injured From Pfizer COVID Kill Shot Speaks Out With Regret For Taking It (Video)

  6. Cancers coming back with a vengeance is very common after the COVID vax

  7. Idaho pathologist says data show that “cancers are taking off like wildfire” thanks to COVID vaccines

  8. 38,983 Deaths and 3,530,362 Injuries Following COVID Shots in European Database as Mass Funeral for Children who Died After Pfizer Vaccine Held in Switzerland

  9. 290 Fully Vaccinated Massachusetts Residents Died of COVID-19 Over Past Week

  1. Bicarbonate Proves to be Cheapest Fastest Safest COVID Treatment

  2. Israeli research: Vaccines don’t prevent serious COVID-19, but Vitamin D does


  4. Dr. Zelenko: “Zinc Is The Bullet — It Kills The Virus. The Only Problem Is The Bullet Doesn’t Get To The Place Where It Needs To Be”

  1. Critically Thinking with Dr. T and Dr. P Episode 80 - Feb 03, 2022

  2. Mercola: Dr. Zelenko Exposes The Plan To Tag Us For The NWO Slave System

  3. White Coat Mafia Tyranny – Dr. Betsy Eads

  4. Unvaxxed Patient Savagely Beaten, Bizarre Kidnapping, Nurse Drops Vax Nukes and More! (Video)

  5. Spike protein is devastating- EXCELLENT ANALYSIS by a Good Doctor

  6. New Dr. David Martin: The Secret Plan - February 6th 2022

  7. Hospital Patient Beaten While Sedated: Clergyman Witnessed Assault At St. Mary's

  1. What To Do In The First Moments When One Feels A Cold, Flu, or COVID Coming On

  2. Court-Ordered Pfizer Documents They Tried To Have Sealed For 55 years Show 1223 Deaths, 158,000 Adverse Events in 90 Days Post EUA Release

  3. Bombshell: Pfizer FOIA Proves Covid-Jab's a Bioweapon & Government Know They are Intentionally Committing Genocide

  4. Former Pfizer VP: Excessive Deaths Soar In Countries When "Vaccine" Uptake Is High

  5. Satanic Pfizer: The Occult Symbolism Found On The Pfizer Mural (Video)

  6. FDA Asks the Court to Delay First 55,000 Page Production Until May and Pfizer Moves to Intervene in the Lawsuit

  7. 10 Reasons why 200 million Americans FALSELY believe masks and gene therapy injections will SAVE them from Covid

  8. Fully vaccinated people make up 71% of new cases and 60% of COVID hospitalizations in US

  9. How The COVID Home Testing Strategy Will Extend The "Pandemic" Nightmare

  10. Military Documents About Gain of Function Contradict Fauci Testimony Under Oath


  12. Military Lawyer, Todd Callender, On The True Meaning Of Gene Therapy / Altering Our DNA


  14. Day One of the Court of Public Opinion Grand Jury: The People vs the Cabal (Video)

  15. Illinois Judge Bars Schools From Enforcing Mask Mandates, Says They Are Now ‘Null and Void’

  16. “We Failed” – Danish Newspaper Admits Failure and Apologizes for Not Questioning the Government’s COVID-19 Narrative (VIDEO)

  17. The ‘Science’ of Manipulation: Researchers Craft Messages of Guilt, Shame to Foster Vaccine Compliance

  18. DMED data is explosive. Mainstream media has been ordered to ignore it

  19. Life Insurance Companies Suffered while the Funeral Industry Prospered in 2021 After COVID Vaccines were Rolled Out

  20. Attorneys Report Medical Kidnappings of Adults Diagnosed with COVID are Increasing

  21. NOT JUST HUMANS: Scientists say 5G radiation is killing animals and wildlife

  22. Hospitals intentionally inflating COVID cases to collect financial incentives, whistleblower says

  23. Military Lawyer – “Genetic Changes From COVID Vaccines Are Creating a New Human Species"

  24. It Is All Here, People - They Have Been Planning to Kill the Vaccinated

  25. ‘80% of serious COVID cases are fully vaccinated’: Israel, One of Most Vaccinated Countries in the World, Sets New COVID-19 Case Record

  26. 12 European countries roll back covid restrictions, Israel scraps “green pass”

  27. Examining What The Satanic, Globalist Cult Has Planned Next: The Destruction Of Our Natural Immune Systems To Meet Their Goal Of A 500 Million World Population Is Playing Out Now

  28. As 'Stealth Omicron' Hits America, The Bodies Are Piling Up In Maryland, 'But That's Not COVID Related': The Eugenicists Vision On The Georgia Guidestones Being Carried Out Before Our Eyes

  29. The Vaccine Passport Scheme Goes National One QR Code at a Time

  30. The Credibility Crisis of COVID "Experts"

  31. COVID Cases Never Really Told Us Much, But This Brilliant Summary Shows Where We Are Today [VIDEO]


  33. Graphene Oxide Frequency Activity Triggered


  35. Mainstream Media Colluding With FDA, CDC To Cover Up Skyrocketing Deaths From China Virus Vaccines


  37. COVID-19: The Final Nail in the Vaccine Coffin

  38. Frightening Updated UK Data – When You Thought It Couldn’t Get Any Worse… [VIDEOS]

  39. FDA used “critically flawed” risk-benefit analysis to approve covid “vaccines” for children

  40. FDA Suddenly Removes Data on Moderna Vaccine Approval, Showed Massive Heart Inflammation Increase [VIDEO]

  41. Bioweapon Bonanza: Moderna Gets Full FDA Approval for SPIKEVAX

  42. The 5 most TOXIC VACCINES ever invented and how they maim and kill humans

  43. Rand Paul Reveals The Dirty Little ‘Secret’ Behind Mask Mandates [VIDEO]

  44. Proof: Major Damage To Kids: Intentional Physical And Psychological Destruction


The Entire Planet Became A Global Jonestown When Most Of The World 'Drank The Kool-Aid': The Lies The American People Have Been Told By Our Media And Public Servants Are Endless

February 1, 2022

(ANP: Just check out all of the lies that the American people have been told throughout the entire 'scamdemic,' especially as they've tried to 'sell' the masses the 'experimental mRNA injection', as pointed out in the 1st video at the bottom of this story and this column. With lies like these long coming at the American people from our politicians, the msm and 'big medicine', does anyone still believe them?)

The vaccines are 95% effective at preventing infection? Breakthrough infections everywhere!

The vaccinated can’t spread COVID (“Get vaccinated to protect grandma”)? The vaxxed are as infectious as the 'naive unvaccinated' and significantly more infectious than recovered unvaccinated. The vaxxed can become superspreaders like Typhoid Mary, because they are equally or more infectious, but with sometimes suppressed symptoms.

After getting fully vaccinated, you’ll be done for good? Boosters are required, because the vaccine only provides some protection, for only a few months, and only against a specific variant. Anyone who doesn’t get the booster will be considered unvaccinated after 6 months.

One booster is adequate? Fourth shot required. Anyone who doesn’t get the booster will be considered unvaccinated after 6 months. (Time to be reduced to 4 and then 3 months soon.)

The vaccines are safe? Vaccines cause serious adverse events and deaths.

Vaccine adverse events and fatalities are rare? Publicized vaccine adverse events and fatalities are highly suppressed and the tip of the iceberg. The are at least 20 times more ACTUAL adverse events than REPORTED adverse events in the public databases (VAERS, EudraVigilance, etc).

There will be no COVID internment camps? In Australia and Canada people are now forced into concentration/interment camps (euphemism: quarantine facilities) at their own expense.

We are all in this together? The leftists fully believe they must punish, exclude and banish the unvaccinated. Two class society with the clean/superior (vaxxed) on the one hand and the unclean/inferior (unvaxxed) on the other. People who refuse the experimental genetic Kool-Aid injection are fired, not allowed to get schooling, can’t get health care and insurance, face huge fines, etc. People who initially (reluctantly) accepted the injections but won’t accept the booster, degrade to the unclean/inferior class.



Forgiving the Unforgivable?

January 28, 2022

A complaint with the International Criminal Court (ICC) accused 16 individuals of genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, and crimes of aggression. The 16 defendants include Dr. Anthony Fauci, Dr. Peter Daszak, Bill and Melinda Gates, the CEOs of Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson, U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson along with several other British authorities, as well as the presidents of the Rockefeller Foundation and the World Economic Forum.

Things are getting serious and legal. The world’s largest‐ever international criminal investigation is now under‐way, involving Hammersmith Police, The Metropolitan Police, and The International Criminal Court. The U.K. police accepted the supporting information and agreed there was enough evidence to proceed.

Hitler’s medical monsters were hung after the Nuremberg Trials, and it’s anyone’s guess how far this and other legal processes will go against our present crop of medical monsters. However, in terms of the gain of function research that medical devils who invested billions in creating COVID, we could line up the nasty deeds of all the evil men in history and still not balance the scales. So it is now or never for medicine, humanity, truth, justice, and the prevalence of good over evil.



Dark Outpost 02-02-2022 Been Vaxxed? You've Got A MAC Address

February 2, 2022

A digestive physician with a PhD in molecular biology, has recorded an excerpt of an experiment he conducted which has found what would appear to be mysterious MAC addresses detected in vaccinated individuals with Bluetooth applications. Dr. James Fetzer will discuss an upcoming truckers convoy to the nation’s capital in solidarity with the Canadian truckers over COVID vaccinations. Franchot Pearson presents “Biden’s 3 Dogs and Cat Numerology”. Dr. Lana Kontos has Wellness Wednesday. Ginny Silcox talks biological weapons.


Pfizer admits in confidential document that COVID-19 vaccine causes Vaccine-Associated Enhanced Disease (same thing as Antibody Dependent Enhancement)

February 4, 2022

(Natural News) A confidential Pfizer document has confirmed that the company’s Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine causes vaccine-associated enhanced disease (VAED).

VAED occurs when a vaccinated individual develops a more severe case of the disease after getting exposed to the virus that the vaccine is supposed to defend against.

The company’s report also includes a section talking about the potential risk of people developing vaccine-associated enhanced respiratory disease (VAERD). Similar to VAED, a VAERD occurs when a vaccinated individual develops a more severe form of respiratory disease compared to what would have happened if the person caught the disease while still unvaccinated.

Pfizer’s confidential document is titled “5.3.6 Cumulative Analysis of Post-Authorization Adverse Event Reports of PF-07302048 (BNT162B2) Received Through 28-Feb-2021.” This document, which Pfizer attempted to hide, was submitted to the Food and Drug Administration as part of the company’s biologics license application for its mRNA COVID-19 vaccine.

In one section of the report, the company lists down “important potential risks” that come with taking the experimental and deadly vaccine.



Introducing The Vaccine Viper Arm Patch: Home Delivery Deception

January 19, 2022

Medical researchers from Switzerland announced today they’ve started testing a COVID-19 vaccine arm patch. Unlike a conventional syringe and needle the vaccine arm patch delivers the injections ingredients via multiple micro-needles less than one millimeter in length. To administer the vaccine, the patch is momentarily pressed against the skin briefly and then removed.

In addition Swansea University in Wales has announced the development of their vaccine smart patch. Theoretically the disposable micro-needle gadget could deliver the COVID-19 booster and observe it’s efficacy by quantifying the body’s immune response.

Swansea University’s goal is to have the smart patch ready for the market within three years.



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