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BE Informed Report — 07/30/2021


July 30, 2021 UPDATES

BE Informed is a new report that has just been developed to Inform, Warn and Educate people on things happening behind the scenes. We are to BE Informed; KNOW what is going on so that we may prepare ourselves for what is coming down the pipeline.

So, BE Informed and KNOW what is going on because we are living in a God Hating, Messiah Rejecting, Sin Cursed World.

Hosea 4:6 "My people have perished for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge,..."


  1. Breaking: Maryland Voter Integrity Group Finds Serious Anomalies in Four Maryland Counties …Update: Maryland Secretary of State’s Office Responds

  2. BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Executive Committee of Dane County Wisconsin Republican Party Votes Unanimously to Support Rep. Brandtjen’s Proposed Forensic Audit

  3. BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Jovan Pulitzer Announces He Has Obtained Full Funding for Kinematic Forensic Audit of Entire State of Michigan


  5. Arizona Senate Issues Audit Subpoena For Maricopa County Routers

  6. Reward Offered: $10,000 to the First Individual Who Can Successfully Address and Defend as Legitimate the 2020 Election Anomaly Referred to as the ‘Drop and Roll’


  2. Restored Republic via a GCR as of July 29, 2021


  4. DECLAS: SpaceForce – Future Proves Past

  5. Something Very Strange Is Happening That Cannot Be Explained! 2021

  6. It's Time To Ban The Unconstitutional FBI (Nowhere in all of the Constitution is there authorization for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. In fact, in our simple founding document, the only law enforcers mentioned are the president (Article II, Section 3) and the people, the militia (Article I, Section 8, Clause 15). Time and again, we discover the FBI has been involved or covered up some of the biggest terror attacks in the united States. Yet, they remain in place as nothing more than an arm of organized crime.)

  7. TX Gov Signs Executive Order Outlawing Bussing and All Other Ground Transportation of Illegals

  8. Brad Pitt, Robert Downey, Jr. & Mel Gibson Claim Hollywood is an ‘Institutionalized Pedophile Ring’

  9. China Targets Alaska With Earthquake Weapon After Pentagon Suffers Devastating Losses In Classified Wargames

  10. Top-7 Ways They Spy on You

  11. Hundreds Of Internet Outages, Hack Attacks Against The Power Grid And Internet - What The Media Doesn't Tell You About Hackers Ability To Send America Back To The Dark Ages

  12. Ep. 2539a - [CB]/[DS] Have Been Trapped By The Patriots, They Just Admitted It (The people see their lives being destroyed by the [CB] and other companies. They are now fighting back by peacefully protesting. This will continue as the economy continues to degrade. The patriots trapped the [CB]/[DS], the economy will see inflation and the fed admitted its not going away.)

  13. Ep. 2539b - Prepare For Zero-Day, Dark To Light, US Cyber Task Force Activated (The [DS] is panicking, they have proceeded with the Jan 6th committee to push the idea that Trump supporters are terrorists. They are planning for the release of the election audit information. Trump and the patriots know the playbook, countermeasures in place. Meanwhile the [DS] is continuing to push their 16 year plan, this will fail. Prepare for zero day, this is important, US cyber task force has been activated. We the people only have one chance to get it right.)

  14. Bob Kudla - Inflation Is Not Going Away, The [CB] Is Now Exposed To The People

  15. Lindsey Graham Just Made a SHOCKING Prediction For 2022…Midterm Explosion!

  16. Deep State Has It's Back Against The Wall and Getting Desperate (The deep state continues to lose the information war and we keep pushing forward. They are desperate and trying to figure out how to mandate and force their CCP laws unto our great land. But they continue to fail in their efforts. People are waking up and people are not putting up with it anymore. Keep holding the line Patriots... NCSWIC WWG1WGA)

  17. Alan Fountain Discusses Trump, Vaccines, Deepstate and D.U.M.B.S with Nicholas Veniamin

  18. New ShariRaye: 1350 Children? Kazemi in DC! WMDs

  19. John McAfee`s speech about government, taxes, banks, corruption, and cryptocurrency | John McAfee


  21. RINO Reveals He HUGGED Ashli Babbitt’s Murderer; Told Him He Did the Right Thing


  23. We Are Watching A Movie - Trump & QANON White Hats In Total Control

  24. (MUST WATCH) NWO New World Order Economic SCAM - Globalists World Control

  25. Gene Decode Discusses TIMELINES with Nicholas Veniamin


Billie Beene E1-214 God Wins!/President Trump- VP JFK Jr Soon!/Floods-ET's+ Wash Up!

July 28, 2021

Billie is reporting on the following:

1. Michael Jaco is disclosing that we have space ships in our atmosphere and they are using a cloaking technology to hide themselves. They are beginning to uncloak themselves so we can see them. 2. ShariRaye is bringing out that Scot McKay is reporting that one million children have been saved. Some of these people who have been rescued has not seen daylight for 30 years. 3. Both Bill and Melinda Gates have been deceased since 2013. The U.S. military has taken control of their assets. This included the Gates ranch in Wyoming. 4. Deep State banks are going down and NESARA/GESARA is going forward step-by-step. 5. There are now 100's of flights per day going to GITMO and this includes politicians. 6. There are currently 900 people in the witness protection program and many more will be revealed soon. 7. ShariRaye is reporting that the Prime Minister of Iraq is meeting with President Trump. They are working on business deals and prisoner exchange. 8. On August 15, 2021 will be the 50th anniversary of President Nixon taking the U.S. off of the gold standard. 9. Ivanka Trump is saying that Joe Biden will be resigning soon. 10. Audits are going to be done state-by-state. It is believed that we will have a new voting system by October 2021.

Billie is bringing much more she is reporting on and you do not want to miss the remainder of her report...

Reference: God, Bible, Patriot Subscribers + Gene Decode Monkey Werx, Scott McKay, Super Soldier Talk-Pattie Brassard Cristenw - IN FA Typhoon will take out 3 Gorges Dam Wed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fszGjTIOcWU ShariRaye ET's - 2.1 Billion Die? DEWs and More! https://beforeitsnews.com/prophecy/2021/07/new-shariraye-2-1-billion-die-dews-and-more-2522785.html ShariRaye - 1350 Children? Kazemi in DC! WMDs https://beforeitsnews.com/prophecy/2021/07/new-shariraye-1350-children-kazemi-in-dc-wmds-2522795.html Michael Jaco - SSP, Remote Viewing & psychic insights on what's in store near term for Earth's inhabitants https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y9mUr_1RRMs

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vS3NTaGDXFo


Billie Beene E1-215 President Trump-VP JFK Jr Soon! US-Global EQ-Tsunami Watch!

July 29, 2021

Billie is reporting on the following:

1. There was an 8.2 mega earthquake that hit on the evening of August 28th in Perryville Alaska. It was recorded to be about 29 miles deep. 2. This 8.2 mega earthquake has gone out in all directions. Even to the east coast of the U.S. 3. It is being reported that there will be increased earthquake activity during the next week due to this mega quake that took place on the evening of July 28th. The earthquake intensity in California is expected to be 5-6 on the Richter scale. 4. Mike from Around the World and Steven Ben Nun are reporting that there are two celestial events to take place that will cause the earth to expand. 5. Steven Ben Nun is reporting that there is a buildup of the CCP to invade Taiwan 6. The military is being told to prepare for events to come by stocking up on food and supplies. This is also being reported by Gene Decode and others.

Billie is bringing much more she is reporting on and you do not want to miss the remainder of her report...

Reference: God, Bible, Pat Subscribers - Gene Decode, Scott McKay

Article-USA Today- Alaska earthquake may have been most powerful in US in half a century; tsunami warnings canceled https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/alaska-earthquake-may-have-been-most-powerful-in-us-in-half-a-century-tsunami-warnings-canceled/ar-AAMHB56?ocid=uxbndlbing Steven Ben Nun with Israeli News Live - 8.2 Magnitude Quake Strikes Alaska https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lRn_l-yIHG0 The Real BPEarthWatch - 8.2 Earth Quake Rocks Earth/Ring of Fire/50 ft Change in Wave Height https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0YXqn1RiZfE Dutchsinse - 7/29/2021 -- M8.2 Megaquake + Tsunami Warnings -- Alaska to Hawaii + West Coast USA to Guam https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hhfLTDA8I9g Estep's True News - Warning Tsunami. - Earthquake - 8.2 Alaska. 7/29/2021 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j2RVlcR37A8 Suspicious Observers - Electric Eruptions, Magnetic Spin Change, Galactic Ring | S0 News July.29.2021 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T9P6LtKu1wg Wages World - SHORT SUM UP AT BEGINING / FLARES AND ERUPTIONS FROM SUN SOME EARTH DIRECTED https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bY2soKADKdE

Additional References: U.S. Tsunami Warning System https://tsunami.gov/

Why Earth's magnetic shield is so important | The Magnetosphere https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V2zQipNQDOE

Earth Expansion: Main Scientific Evidence https://www.dinox.org/expandingearth.html

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTmockwnsok


Alaska's Great Escape from the largest US earthquake in FIFTY years: Thousands evacuate coastal areas after 8.2 magnitude offshore quake triggered tsunami warning

Massive M8.2 earthquake hits Alaska triggering small tsunami waves (videos and pictures)


Trump Will Be Reinstated, Joe Biden Will Be Removed From Office, And Election Fraud Exposed

July 28, 2021


The Countdown to September 19th. Spaceforce-Declass

July 29, 2021

This program was streamed live on July 20, 2021.

What does Trump, Spaceforce, UFO's, Time Travel and MacAfee have in common?

Why is there a countdown to September 19th, 2021? Join Jeff and Jessie and have some fun jumping down the rabbit hole!

Jeff and Jessie talk about the following:

1. John McAfee's Dead Man's Switch that will be releasing several terabits of data on all kinds of people that he has been collecting over many years that will incriminate those people. 2. They talk about a Count Down Clock for the declassification of data that has been hidden for a very long time from the public. 3. Did Adolf Hitler have numerous doubles and escape to Base 211 in the Antarctic or to Argentina? 4. Jessie shares in this conversation that there is an underground submarine tunnel that goes from Florida through Texas to California. 5. Did working anti-gravity flying saucers make it into production? 6. Are all the UFO’s that seem to be popping up globally coming from Nazi’s and not from Aliens? Or are they test flights of old Nazi technology finally made operational by the US and the Russians? 7. What are the Nazi’s waiting for? Are they preparing to attack us? Or have they already started to implement their agenda? 8. Jessie was called to be the fifth and final Mother of Darkness to hand over the system to the anti-christ. This will not happen because Almighty Yahweh has out smarted the devil and Jessie has been saved by the shed blood of Yeshua/Jesus. She now works for the Light/God.

References: DECLAS: SpaceForce – Future Proves Past https://www.ingersolllockwood.com/declas-spaceforce-future-proves-past/?__cf_chl_jschl_tk__=pmd_af570388a7e7083b115043ecc30df4afdc2118f2-1627530553-0-gqNtZGzNAfijcnBszQii

Mother of Darkness - Initiation for Illuminati Females https://childtraffickingorgans.blogspot.com/2020/11/mother-of-darkness-initiation-for.html

SOS Army sign up http://eepurl.com/htHoWX

Receive FREE book download. Baron Trumps's Marvellous Underground Adventure

Right on Radio​ Telegram: https://t.me/right_on_radio

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ipP_J6sXYs

BE Informed BE Warned BE Educated www.truenews4u.com

Be sure to visit my Rumble Channel here: https://rumble.com/c/c-663675


SSP roundtable, ET disclosure, Deep State & Pharma takedown, Earth Changes

July 29, 2021


Mel K & Charlie Monday Morning Meeting From NYC To Maldives The Great Awakening Worldwide 7-27-21

July 28, 2021

Mel joins Charlie once again week his lovely waterside vacation spot in the Maldives to check in with patriots worldwide. Feed your soul and protect your energy as this war rages on. The information flood is massive and the great awakening worldwide continues. Hang in there patriots and put on your armor of god as its a HOT summer and getting hotter. Hold the line and advance as you can. God Wins!



July 27, 2021



July 29, 2021




July 28, 2021

Forced jab mandates, food shortages, CERN ritual, medical fraud, churches on fire, forest fires BC concentration camp?, 3 Gorges Dam, Typhoon watch,global floods and more.



July 29, 2021

Tsunami warning in Alaska, cloud bursts in Pakistan, bodies washing up in Germany and Netherlands, Russia moves troops, US and Indonesia “exercises”, Hollywood, Interpol arrests, jab site dissection, CIA takedown, Hanks executed and more. Great Update!


MILITARY INSIDER Election Fraud BOMBSHELL! Fauci's Treason Trial?! Disinformation Dozen Speak Out!

July 29, 2021

Perhaps it wasn't enough for the Deep State Cabal to SLOWLY erode our GOD-GIVEN RIGHTS; perhaps they needed it to happen IMMEDIATELY. BEFORE the 2022 Election Cycle. We ALL know (or at least those of us who seek out TRUTH) that the DEMONIC PLAN of the Globalists is MASSIVE GLOBAL DEPOPULATION. But HOW do you think they could accomplish that feat, which would be no small task, indeed, without having TOTAL & IMMEDIATE POWER over MOST, if not ALL, branches of government? Captain Seth Keshel, one of Lt. General Michael Flynn's Captains, bring forth some VERY DAMNING, BOMBSHELL EVIDENCE that the 2020 Election was EXACTLY what we ALL KNEW it was: a TOTAL and COMPLETE FRAUD perpetrated by the Demonic Rulers of this Dark World! This is information that we have not yet become privy to, UNTIL NOW, so buckle up for this EPIC segment! Next, Dr. Andy Wakefield SLAMS Big Pharma, Fakestream Medicine and literally CALLS OUT FAUCI the FRAUD for the TREACHOROUS TRAITOR that he has proven to be, more than worthy of the penalties which that charge brings! And if those two segments weren't enough, the 'DISINFORMATION DOZEN' simply CAN NOT HOLD THEIR TONGUES any longer, so a few of them take turns RIPPING THE EYEBALLS OUT OF THE DEMONIC LEFT and their COMPLICIT COHORTS, the Backsliding, Bumbling RINOs, when they TELL IT LIKE IT IS with some hard-hitting FACTS! Don't take this lying down, Patriots, IT'S TIME TO TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK!


Mel K, Clay Clark & Ann Vandersteel Expose Klaus Schwab, Epstein, Gates, Clintons, Abramovic & More!

July 28, 2021

Patriots, I can tell you right now that there are NEFARIOUS REASONS for things happening in the world today and NEFARIOUS PEOPLE who are perpetrating them! Why, EXACTLY, are the Luciferian Freaks FRANTICALLY DEFENDING their 'right' to PERFORM CHILD SACRIFICES & RITUAL ABORTIONS?! Does the MARK OF THE BEAST Technology now exist and WHAT IS IT?! Why are CHRISTIANS the ONLY ONES who REALLY KNOW what the events (unfolding) today REALLY mean?! And better yet, WHY are these Luciferian Freaks SO OBSESSED with WEARING MASKS and STANDING 6 FEET apart?! EVERY PATRIOT IN THE WORLD wants to know HOW TO SURVIVE THE LUCIFERIAN ATTACKS being perpetrated upon us by the DEEP STATE GLOBALIST CABAL and their Complicit Cohorts: the DEMONIC DEMOCRATS and the Removed-From-God RINOs - and in this EPIC INTERVIEW featuring the Magnificent MEL K and Freedom-Focused CLAY CLARK (also including Special Guest ANN VANDERSTEEL), you will be left with the ANSWERS THAT WE ALL CRAVE! Also REVEALED in this MIND-BLOWING TSUNAMI OF TRUTH are the close ties between KLAUS SCHWAB, JEFFREY EPSTEIN, BILL CLINTON & BILL GATES and you'll FINALLY understand WHY Celebrities and Politicians are seeking the "Advice, Guidance & Wisdom" of the Self-Professed Satanist, MARINA ABRAMOVIC?! Patriots, one thing I can definitely tell you is that after absorbing this DELUGE OF TRUTH, We Patriots will STAND FIRM in the knowledge that 'WE THE PEOPLE ARE THE MAJORITY & IN THE END, GOD WINS!'


Hanks' Execution Agony

July 29, 2021

Dark Outpost has learned the details of the execution of actor Tom Hanks at Guantanamo Bay. We present the details in this breaking news alert!


Dark Outpost 07-29-2021 Military Holding White House For Trump!

July 29, 2021

Dark Outpost has learned exclusively that the United States Military is guarding the White House, preventing the false Biden regime from ever setting foot in the residence, and holding the structure for Donald Trump’s triumphant return. Jessie Czebotar answers your questions. Peter Kirby continues his deep dive into the chemtrail agenda. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!


Former Israeli space security chief says extraterrestrials exist, and Trump knows about it

July 29, 2021

A former Israeli space security chief has sent eyebrows shooting heavenward by saying that earthlings have been in contact with extraterrestrials from a "galactic federation."


7.29.21: Mask CONFUSION waking up TRUMP HATERS? JAN 6 Trump hating DANCE exposed! Pray!

July 29, 2021



  1. Two men developed PUS-FILLED bumps on their faces in rare side effect from Moderna COVID-19 vaccine

  2. Fully Vaccinated 33-Year-Old New Yorker DEAD After Cursing Unvaccinated as Idiots and Morons

  3. Covid vaccines and a million ‘coincidental’ reactions

  4. Minnesota Woman and Christian Missionary has Legs Amputated After Taking Pfizer Jab – May Also Lose Her Hands — GoFundMe Account Set up


  1. “The Vaccine Has Become a Social Menace” – Dr. McCullough Weighs in on the Social Weaponization of the Covid Vaccine (AUDIO)

  2. An "Open Letter" to The White House, CDC and FDA from Dr. Craig Wax! - Must Video

  3. MUST SEE: Dr. Kaufman Exposes COVID Tyranny

  4. US Has 'Precedent' For Vaccine Mandates, Doctor Says (Dr. Monica Gandhi, an infectious diseases and HIV doctor at the University of California San Francisco, spoke with the Daily Caller News Foundation's Samantha Renck about President Biden's announcement mandating vaccines for federal employees, what a vaccine passport might look like, and more.)

  5. Maryland Nurse Reports On Vaccination Catastrophe

  6. This Week with Dr. Tenpenny - July 26, 2021 special guest Matt Beaudreau (Matt Beaudreau is the Founder of three Acton Academy Placer schools, called campuses, in Northern California. The Academy is a global network of educational opportunities that is reinventing the educational model. The children, called heroes, are empowered to be personally responsible and to design their own character-driven educations. The stories Matt told me were remarkable. )

  7. Summit Sessions: The Science (AFLDS.org presents SUMMIT SESSIONS: The Science, part of a series of presentations delivering accurate scientific facts, the latest medical research, and sensible health policy solutions.)

  8. SUMMIT SESSIONS: The Law (AFLDS.org presents SUMMIT SESSIONS: The Law, part of a series of presentations delivering accurate legal interpretation, insightful explanations of this year’s impending civil rights crisis, and a fearless defense of inalienable human rights.)

  9. SUMMIT SESSIONS: The People ~ America’s Frontline Citizen Corps (AFLDS.org presents SUMMIT SESSIONS: The People, a delivery of practical action steps and helpful resources for individuals to unite and engage in their local communities, affect positive change, and protect their inalienable rights and freedoms, featuring Jessica Housewright and America’s Frontline Citizen Corps.)


  1. NEW: California Urges Everyone to Wear Masks Indoors Regardless of Vaccination Status

  2. CDC Director Now Says ‘New Data’ Shows Breakthrough Cases in Vaccinated People Can Spread as Much Virus as Unvaccinated

  3. More CDC Insanity: Fully Vaccinated Spreading Delta Variant – So Everyone Needs to Get Vaccinated and Wear Masks

  4. Facebook joins Google in requiring all US workers to be vaccinated against COVID-19 before returning to the office in October

  5. COVID-19 vaccine mandates for state employees in New York and California may actually boost rates higher than vaccine lotteries did because it 'says the government supports vaccination,' epidemiologist says

  6. Making Americans wear masks again is 'emotional whiplash': Doctors slam CDC for saying fully-vaccinated should wear masks indoors - as waning numbers in Delta hot spot UK suggest it's overkill

  7. New York mandates ALL state workers must get the COVID-19 vaccine or undergo weekly testing as Cuomo urges businesses to order employees back to the office by Labor Day and ONLY allow customers into bars and restaurants if they've had the shot

  8. NYC will pay ANYONE $100 who gets their first dose of the COVID vaccine at a city-run site, beginning Friday

  9. I'm So Over Coronavirus | Amazing Polly

  10. Insanity Rules in the U.S. as Hospitalizations and Deaths Among Vaccinated “Breakthrough” Cases Surge While Health Authorities blame the “Unvaccinated”

  11. Vaxxs content been told

  12. "Unsafe Covid vaccine compilation."

  13. Leaked NHS Data: Majority Of Hospitalized "COVID" Patients In UK Only Tested Positive AFTER Admission

  14. Another African Leader Targeted by Big Pharma? Madagascan President Survives Assassination Attempt

  15. La Quinta Columa Informs On More Antioxidants That Degrade Graphene Oxide

  16. A new witch-hunt has begun, this time of the ‘unvaccinated’

  17. MEMORY HOLE: USA Today buries its own report that says vaccinated individuals have “higher levels” of coronavirus than the unvaccinated

  18. OMG, Delta Disaster!? NBC *Potential Reason* Why CDC Had To Do URGENT FULL REVERSAL Gets Scrubbed!

  19. Black Junk Surgically Removed From COVID Injection Site With Magnet & Scalpel (Video)

  20. It Begins… Illinois Superintendent Will Hand Out Yellow ID Badges Based on Vaccination Status

  21. CONFIRMED: Individuals with One or No Comorbidities Are at a Very Low Risk of Dying from COVID-19

  22. EXCLUSIVE: CDC COVID-19 Hospitalization Data Will Shock You – What the Media is Not Showing You

  23. Highly Censored Doctor Warns: 'The Genocidal Lunatics, The Horsemen Of The Apocalypse Who Planned This Fraud, Are Leading Us To Armageddon'

  24. Fraudulent PCR Tests EXPOSED! CDC Quietly Withdraws Emergency Use Authorization Due to Inability to Differentiate COVID-19 & Influenza

  25. President Trump Declares “We Won’t Mask Our Children”

  26. Canadian doctor warns the worst is ‘yet to come’ from blood clotting damage linked to COVID-19 shots




  30. Antibody Dependent Enhancement (Are the vaccines causing the virus to be more contagious and dangerous?)


DEADLY SHOTS! Former Pfizer Employee Confirms Poison in COVID 'Vaccine'

July 28, 2021

EXCLUSIVE! Karen Kingston, a former Pfizer employee and current analyst for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, came forward with indisputable documentation that should be shared with the ENTIRE WORLD!

The inoculation being referred to as 'COVID Vaccines' is a poisonous death sentence, and nobody should subject themselves to the shots.


Evidence Assessment: Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine


The Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine, BNT162b2, is an mRNA vaccine encoding a P2 mutant spike protein.


COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines




July 29, 2021

Please note that those talking in this short video as speaking Russian. Just pay attention to the reaction of the graphene when he turns on the cellphone.

The so-called “Covid-Vaccine” was found to be 99% Graphene Oxide, which is known to be able to pass through the blood/brain barrier. These nanobots very well may be a new life form, and now they’re swimming around inside the heads of those who volunteered to get the Covid-Kill-Shot… What could possibly go wrong?

Source: https://thephaser.com/2021/07/graphene-reacting-to-emf-from-a-cell-phone/

BE Informed BE Warned BE Educated www.truenews4u.com

Be sure to visit my Rumble Channel here: https://rumble.com/c/c-663675


The Vaccine Enhances The Virus? Dr. Robert Malone Says Worst Case Scenario Has Happened!

July 29, 2021

The inventor of the mRNA vaccine technology says a bomb was dropped. A leak to NBC news seems to indicate Antibody-dependent Enhancement Is occurring. Watch the video and find out more.


Department of Justice Declares COVID-19 Mandates Legal

July 28, 2021

Owen Shroyer guest hosts The Alex Jones Show to break down the expansion of medical tyranny as the Department of Justice rules mandatory injections are legal.


Exclusive! PHIZER WHISTLEBLOWER BOMBSHELL: "An EVIL AGENDA, Designed To Poison, Harm & Kill!"

July 29, 2021

EXCLUSIVE PHIZER WHISTLEBLOWER INTERVIEW! "How far will these EVIL PEOPLE go in order to TAKE COMPLETE CONTROL over the world's population...?!" Karen Kingston, a former Pfizer employee and current analyst for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, was COMPELLED to come forward with this EARTH-SHATTERING and INDISPUTABLE DOCUMENTATION that she feels MUST be shared with the ENTIRE WORLD! The 'Killer Jab' inoculation, being referred to as 'COVID Vaccines' are a POISONOUS DEATH SENTENCE specifically designed to MAME, HARM POISON & KILL all those who (accept the Mark of the Beast) - and she goes on to unequivocally say that NOBODY should subject themselves to this EVIL CONCOCTION! This TRULY BRAVE PATRIOT lays it ALL out on the line in this MASTERFUL FLOGGING of the 'PHIZER KILL SHOT' - and EXPOSES the Demonic Democrats and the Ragtag RINOs for being COMPLICIT in the PRE-MEDITATED MURDER OF MILLIONS OF PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD! This TELL-ALL interview, hosted by the Conservative BEAST, Stew Peters, will PROVE beyond ANY doubt that "It's ALL a HUGE SCAM, one of the BIGGEST human PsyOp's of ALL Time!" Do NOT miss this MAGNIFICENT SMACKDOWN of the Deep State Derelicts! Watch and learn Patriots!


All information / videos / photos contained in this newsletter are opinions only. Information is derived from Public information, News Articles, Social Media, etc. I am not an attorney, accountant and or lobbyists. I simply am reporting what is happening.

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