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BE Informed Report — 05/28/2021


May 28, 2021 UPDATES

BE Informed is a new report that has just been developed to Inform, Warn and Educate people on things happening behind the scenes. We are to BE Informed; KNOW what is going on so that we may prepare ourselves for what is coming down the pipeline.

So, BE Informed and KNOW what is going on because we are living in a God Hating, Messiah Rejecting, Sin Cursed World.

Hosea 4:6 "My people have perished for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge,..."




  1. Pennsylvania County Appoints Top Prosecutor to Investigate Dominion After Voting Machines Mislabeled Republican Ballots

  2. US Election Coup D'Etat involving multiple countries is rapidly being exposed

  3. Patrick Colbeck - We Caught Them All, Audits Will Lead To Decertification Of The Election (Patrick is an aerospace engineer, author, former elected official, and former candidate for governor in Michigan. Served Two 4-yr Terms in Michigan Senate. Patrick was on the frontlines during the elections, he was a poll watcher. He describes how he noticed that the Dominion system was connected to the internet and when he questioned this they told him to not to worry about it. Patrick is on the front lines auditing the Antrim country elections. He has found that the systems are connected to the internet via a cell phone chip. Ballots were dropped off in the middle of the night with no chain of custody. Other software was installed on the voting machines which were not certified. Once fraud is produced the elections will be decertified.)

  4. Ga. judge puts hold on planned audit of 2020 ballots after complaint by Fulton County Democrats (A judge in Georgia is putting a hold on the state's upcoming election audit after a motion filed by officials in Fulton County. One America's Pearson Sharp has the details.)

  5. Trump "Huge Problems Coming! When All These States Flip!" Q BOOMS GA NH Audit Explosions! Big Comms!

  6. Pennsylvania: District attorney to launch investigation after Dominion machine not showing GOP ballots


  1. Deep Cover Insider Sources Say that Americans Are Being Abducted, Having Their Organs Harvested and Then Cremated CHINESE-Style

  2. European Court Of Human Rights Rules Mass Spying Was Illegal; Snowden Vindicated

  3. Memorial Day Flags to Fly UPSIDE DOWN

  4. UFO whistleblower accuses Pentagon of concerted effort to discredit him & hide ‘truth’ from American people

  5. USDA Hitting Food Supply Chain With Cattle Surveillance & A Level-4 Animal Disease Laboratory

  6. Oregon Is Proof That Leftist Politics Ultimately Lead To Tyranny And Decay


  8. Major News Update With Former Navy Seal Michael Jaco (Video)

  9. Danielle Stotijn Says TRUMP May Be Arrested As Part Of Military Plan with Nicholas Veniamin

  10. Utsava's Updates: Biden, EBS, Fauci, Trump come back and more!

  11. Ep. 2489a - As The [CB] Takes On More Power, The People Take Notice, [CB] Crisis Coming (The [CB] unveil a 6 trillion dollar budget, this will raise federal spending to the highest since WW2. The [CB] are now pushing the economy to the edge, exactly where the patriots want it. Home appreciation is accelerating, for many it is putting their dream out of reach. People in CA say they are in a recession. As the [CB] takes on more power the people are noticing. When the crisis hits who will be blamed. Trump sends message.)

  12. Ep. 2489b - We Have Everything, They Know We Do, What Storm, You’ll Find Out (The [DS] is trying to stop the audits, this will fail. The entire [DS] system is about to implode. Trump and the patriots used the [DS] plan and put the players in the spotlight. When the storm hits the people that will be charged with treason will be front and center. The storm is coming, what storm, you'll find out.)

  13. CV19 Vax Resistant Mutations, Ballot Audits Continue, Inflation Taxes

  14. New Monkey Werx! New GITMO Arrival & Spying on America! Overwatch SITREP 5 28 21

  15. PIR 05-26-21 Patriot Intel Report

  16. PIR 05-27-21 Patriot Intel Report

  17. PIR 05-28-21 Patriot Intel Report

  18. The Walls Are Closing In Around Deep State (The lies and coverups are coming home to roost for the deep state. They used to control the narrative. They used to control the news. They used to control us. Not anymore, We The People are taking back our country. WWG1WGA)

  19. Patriots Continue To Push Back On the Deep State (The deep state has their pattern for how they work, their M.O. We are countering that with the same type of force but in the opposite direction. Their problem, too many of us are waking up and paying attention the the Patriot narrative and they are losing their grip. It is only a matter of time for them. They can stall but nothing can stop what is coming. WWG1WGA)

  20. SPECIAL BROADCAST! 'Fight Like A Flynn!' In BEAST MODE About The Weaponized Operation By Our Enemies (General Flynn talks about America as being the 'True North Star' of the world, as people from across the globe all look to our Great Nation to be the Beacon of Stability for the entire planet. Genl. Flynn does NOT MINCE WORDS when discussing POTUS Trump, the election, and WHERE THIS COUNTRY IS HEADED...)

  21. He's Back With A Vengeance! Trump Gathers MAGA Power Team To Craft BOMBSHELL 'Contract With America'


  23. Another Subversive Exposed: The Militia And Government Work Together, Not Against Each Other!

  24. US Patriots in Utah Take Stand To Nullify Violations Of 10th Amendment – Arrest Feds


Billie Beene E1-179 President Trump Return!/ Khaz Mafia/Brennan Murders!

May 28, 2021

Billie is reporting that President Trump will be back sometime between July and October.

John Brennan's tribunal. He has been found guilty of five murders plus treason.

Gene Decode is reporting one of the the Illuminati Cabal families has been taken out.

The U.S. Corporation was taken out in 2020. When President Trump is reinstated, he will bring on the U.S. Republic. Under the Republic, we have the original 13 states, we have Texas. Stated that joined after the Civil War are not a part of this Republic. Those states will have to apply to join the U.S. Republic and go through the legal process.

Israel is called a State because it is a part of the U.S. Corporation. Who knew?

Billie has much more she is reporting on and you do not want to miss the remainder of her report...

Reference: God, Bible, Alex Jones, Glenn Beck, Rick Wyles-TruNews, Kat Kerr, Clif High, Jim Willie Cirstenw. Geo Nasif, Scott McKay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=girTxN9Qim8 Robert David Steele - Benjamin Fulford https://beforeitsnews.com/opinion-conservative/2021/05/robert-david-steele-benjamin-fulford-arise-usa-update-must-video-3581317.html New Freedom Force Battalion: Waterfall of Proofs! Blood Moon 11:11! Facebook, Fauci Gain of Function, No Masks! https://beforeitsnews.com/prophecy/2021/05/new-freedom-force-battalion-waterfall-of-proofs-blood-moon-1111-facebook-fauci-gain-of-function-no-masks-2521361.html Stan Deyo: Will President Trump Return to the Oval Office This Year? The Hagmann Report https://beforeitsnews.com/prophecy/2021/05/stan-deyo-will-president-trump-return-to-the-oval-office-this-year-the-hagmann-report-2521363.html Israeli News Live - Steven Ben-Nun https://iconnectfx.com/view/89fea9e3-debd-eb11-997a-00505682f257

NOTE UFO - Initially Ashtar Command believed to have helped bring down Reptilian-Drako craft - later info revealed Ashtar Command intervened so that it could kidnap the humans on board to sell as slaves offworld!

Truth by Billie Beene E 1-142 Alien Disclosure by a Redneck Part 6 UFO Crash Brazil May 2020 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pBeyg3X2ERE&t=758s


Billie Beene E1-180 New Star in the Sky!/Polar Melt!/Plus

May 28, 2021

It is being reported on what is happening with our sun and how it affects the earth and how the oceans are now becoming magnetic. Billie has more on this to help us understand better on how this affects us.

Huge changes are happening to the earth and all the world governments are not able to hide it any longer.

It is being reported that some time this summer, we will see a new star in the sky. This new star will be located in the southern hemisphere and the tail of it will be pointing down. It is also being reported that there is a new sun out there as well.

In the North Pacific Ocean underneath the water there is a volcano chain deep down that is expected to erupt soon and it is reported to be 175 times larger than Yellowstone. When this volcano erupts, it will cause all the other volcanos in that area to cause a black sky on a global basis that will last for 4-5 weeks.

Billie has much more she is reporting on and you do not want to miss the remainder of her report...

Reference: God, Bible, Clif High Frog News - Cirstenw - Gene Decode https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dgBW9C7XZNQ Frog News - Gen Milley + https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2jc2r4Hd7A4&t=3095s Paul Begley - Mike FATW https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Dz8ofNYY5Q


Russian General Fully Disclosed UFO's Are Not of this World - Piloted by 'Intelligent Beings'

April 10, 2021

While the world holds its breath for the United States UFO Task Force to disclose whether decades of UFO incidents are outer-worldly technology being piloted by extraterrestrial intelligence, it seems a Russian General already disclosed this reality in the early 1990s, according to a CIA briefing document.

In the document, then Russian Col. Gen. Leonid Semenovich Maltev gave the following candid assessment of numerous UFO encounters with Russian fighter pilots over the Soviet Union and then Russia from 1988 to 1994 at the end of lengthily report on the phenomenon:



‘Mystery’ UFOs spotted by US Navy subs traveling at ‘unprecedented speed’ may come from ‘underwater base’


How Civilizations Will Function After 'The Great Culling' Being Called For On The Georgia Guidestones: With The Human Population Reduced To 500 Million, 'Useless Eaters' Will Not Be Tolerated

May 28, 2021

Those of us who are familiar with the Georgia Guidestones are aware of the inscriptions in 12 languages, one of which encourages reduction and maintenance of the Earth's population at 500 million. Having done considerable research while looking into what the future might bring such an Earth, I present here what the world will be like with such a reduced population.

Population demographics

Using the same demographics as the current Earth human population, the 500 million will initially divided up this way:

  • 500 million total humans

  • 250 million are males

  • 100 million are children under 18

  • 250 million are females

  • 125 million females are of childbearing age (15-40)

  • 50 million are over 55

  • 50 million are among either disabled and sickly; lame and lazy; predatory criminal element; or isolated on distant islands or land areas out of contact with the main population, and thus unable to contribute to society.

  • 50 million unavailable for resource production while serving as teachers, healthcare workers, pregnant, and needed for stay-at-home childcare.

This leaves 250 million able-bodied male and female workers to produce food, fuel, infrastructure repair, law enforcement, transportation of goods, and production of essential goods.

If this population size were to be distributed evenly worldwide, there would not be enough workers to maintain the current standard of living for all. I will explain why.

Initial Changes to Society

Initially, as the population dies off from the "soft kill", people will desire to stay in their homes and current locations, victims of "normalcy syndrome". But it will quickly become obvious that this is not survivable. Food, water, and essential goods will be hoarded, new replacements become unavailable. Law enforcement ends by the government, and is replaced by local warlords. Gangs will form for mutual protection. The weak and meek will become prey for the gangs as resources dwindle.

It will then become necessary for the population to move closer to food and water resources, and to abandon the cities. Those that were able to leave the cities without being enslaved or killed by the gangs, will congregate in the farm areas, near water sources, and form their own local leadership/government systems. Any offense may become a death penalty crime since these local groups will not have the resources to jail and feed offenders. Exile will be a very rare punishment, as this only serves to produce another highway robber.

The settled areas will slowly evolve into feudal states. Those that were able to obtain military weapons and equipment from armories and bases will emerge as the initial leadership. Borders will be established, claiming areas of food production, water, wood, and other resources. Residents would alternately work as tenant farmers, craftsmen, and soldiers depending upon the ever-changing needs of the town.



You will also want to check out these articles in this newsletter.

  • Communist Takeover of the U.S. and the WORLD

  • Georgia Guidestone



  • 30,000 Guillotines in USA kill 30 million people in a 10 hour day?!



May 27, 2021

Gene on CirstenW reveals lots of intel regarding the DUMBS, Trumps return, timelines, Adrenochrome, arrests and more! A MUST SEE!!!


The Montauk Project Whistleblower Survivors - The Time Machine - Tesla Part 1

May 28, 2021

All credits and in memory of Preston Nichols.

Features Preston B Nichols, Duncan Cameron with Peter Moon, from 1993, see also the Al Bielek material, with Preston and others, by Vladimir Terziski.

Two key participants in the Montauk Project openly discuss their roles in the secret experiments conducted at Montauk AFB on the eastern tip of Long island. The discussion is high lighted with footage of the “Abandoned” facility as it currently appears.

The Montauk Project Whistleblower Survivors - The Time Machine - Tesla Part 2

May 28, 2021

A Second tape from the late Preston follows, Montauk 2.

The late Preston Nichols made a tape, of the Montauk base area, which shows “Junior” the black shadow man, and a US military soldier using his invisibility cloak ,, as the man becomes invisible within seconds. This is a unique tape, and shows some of the technology used.

It is designated Tape 2, Tape 1 MAY be the official boxed tape called The Montauk Project. Any other material you may have, greatly appreciated, to get this material to the wider public.


Big Brother? Shocking Report Reveals How Google Follows Your Every Move

Feb. 7, 2018

Here’s an amazing demonstration of how Google tracks cell phone movements, in real-time, to pin data points and upload the information.


The Satanic UN Agenda 2021/2030

May 27, 2021

Why are they doing it? All Governments are enemies to the people.

Lucifer and the United Nations / Hugo Talks #lockdown




May 27, 2021

New Canadian leader??? GA audit, human meat in mcDonalds meat, Idiot Joe, devil in clouds, DUMB clean outs and more.



May 28, 2021

Several posts from Storm Rider about coming event and a great Gene decode on Wuhan and Three Gorges Dam. A must see!!!



May 28, 2021

Storm Rider Posts, Judy Byington Report and update from Charlie Ward.


CONFESSIONS of a ClA ASSASIN - 14 min. Video That Will Alarm U

May 27, 2021

Before he died, He gave a confession to his best friend, , a very alarming admission which now appears happening , , , A plot to enslave the entire planet , , , and now it looks like we do not have much time to waste. . Many things he claimed are now seen happening around us, such as missing children, , ,Chemtrails , , a virus event, , new UFO sightings , , and the last piece of the plan includes holographic warships in our skies.


CIA breaks with SSP and Lockheedmartin, DC is empty after Arrests

May 28, 2021


Gene decode #40 WuHan =Tornadoes,Flooding,DUMBS

May 28, 2021


Trump Just Broke The Silence On The Upcoming Pentagon UFO Report—What They’re Hiding Is Huge!

May 25, 2021


Come Spirit of God - Bo Ruach Elohim - Adonai





  3. FDA document reveals 86% of children who participated in Pfizer covid vaccine trial experienced adverse reactions

  4. Australian nurse hospitalized with three blood clots after receiving AstraZeneca vaccine

  5. Covid vaccine spike proteins attack male fertility, too

  6. British model dies from a blood clot on brain days after COVID-19 vaccine injection





  1. 3 Foods That Contain Shikimic Acid to Halt Spike Protein Transmission

  2. Vaccine Passports: Where Your State Stands

  3. Papers, please: Oregon demands that residents show “proof of vaccination” in order to live life

  4. Italy Facing CIVIL WAR as Prime Minister ORDERS Vaccines to be Mandatory for all

  5. The suppression of known cures: thousands sacrificed for political agenda: FOR THIS CRIME ALONE THE PERPETRATORS MUST STAND TRIAL

  6. Dr. Pierre Kory, Part 2, Ivermectin 'Finally! Ivermectin getting the attention is deserves. Ignoring this medication is proof positive of the corruption at the highest levels of academia, the political establishment and the media'

  7. Why Is The Deep State Suddenly Turning On Bill Gates and Fauci? Here’s What You Don't Know!

  8. Former State Department Employee Under Pompeo Claims Their Research Showed a “1 in 13 Billion” Chance that the China Coronavirus (COVID-19) Evolved in Nature

  9. Revealed: Dr. Fauci Previously Argued For Risky Viral Experiments – Even if The Work Could Lead to a Deadly Pandemic

  10. NEW EVIDENCE Proves Dr. Fauci and CDC Prevented Use of Proven Drug on COVID-19 and HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS DIED — When Will Americans Wake Up?

  11. U.S. Intelligence Community Already Knows that Covid Came from the Chinese Bio Lab

  12. The Sinister Global Agenda Revealed By the President of Ghana (Must See Video) (If you’ve wondered if what we are dealing with now was an agenda put into motion by the evil elites, wonder no more. In this shocking and revealing video, the brave President of Ghana exposes how everything from the “virus’ is a Rockefeller eugenics scheme and how the world became one huge guinea pig for their twisted science.)

  13. Mel K & Legal Warrior Susan Settenbrino's Legal Minutes Launch Weekly Show on Truth & Facts 5-26-21 (Mel joins legal warrior, author & patriot Susan Settenbrino on her show Legal Minutes to spread truth, facts and reasoned understandings of the world we live in. Mel and Susan will be doing weekly shows covering legal perspectives, news and deep dives to help others understand what the heck is going on. Armed with Truth and Facts nothing can stop what is coming.)


  15. Prophecy Alert: "DenMark" Reveals The New Travel Scan Bar-Code

  16. Shariraye: President Trump And Patriots! Covid Vaccine Truths & Deaths! (NOTE: There are 2 videos at this link. The first one has clips from things President Trump has spoken in the past and others and the second video is dealing with COVID.)

  17. Situation Update, May 28th, 2021 - Vaccine deep state issues DIRECT THREAT to Natural News and the Health Ranger

  18. Canada: Woman Calls Funeral Homes for Truth about COVID Death Numbers

  19. COVID Vaccine Animal Trials Reveal Threat To Life In The Womb

  20. San Francisco Allows Children To ‘Consent’ To COVID Vaccines Without Parents Knowing


  22. New CDC report admits over 10K fully vaccinated patients have contracted coronavirus (A new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reveals over 10,000 fully vaccinated Americans have been infected with the coronavirus, as they admit they will no longer be tracking positive infections after vaccinations. One America's Pearson Sharp has more.)


  24. The Media's COVID-19 Malfeasance (As the coronavirus pandemic raged across the United States and the world, scientists struggled to determine its origins. Did this virus jump from animals to humans, or worse, was it man made? When Donald Trump claimed that it might have escaped from a lab, Chinese and American media dug in and ridiculed him, claiming it was a conspiracy theory. Now, Mark points out that the corrupt media has disgraced itself yet again. As more information becomes available, the Wuhan lab looks increasingly like the primary birthplace of the deadly virus. It’s time to get to the bottom of this and find out who in the U.S. is responsible for funding illegal virus research that unleashed this pandemic on the globe.)


  26. Episode 984 – Doug Ducey’s Petty Dictator Move and Another Smoking Gun on Dr. Fauci

  27. 5.28.21: The ENEMY is DESPERATE to have you INJ@CTED! DESANTIS fights back! PRAY!

  28. Wuhan Lab ‘Virus’ Leak: A Calculated Diversion From The Simple Truth – There Is No ‘Virus’ – David Icke Dot-Connector


Warning Mark is already Here Urgent

May 27, 2021

MY NOTE: I think there is more to this but I am not so sure this is the Mark of the Beast. Yes, this new COVID substance they are injecting into people can be used to track people wherever they go. A person who has received this substance does not need to carry a cellphone with them for Big Brother to "know" where they are. It is built into the substance that was injected into them. Looking at what the Bible says...

"16 Also he [the Anti-messiah/Christ] compels all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free men and the slaves, to be given a mark on their right hand or on their forehead [signifying allegiance to the beast], 17 and that no one will be able to buy or sell, except the one who has the mark, either the name of the beast or the number of his name. 18 Here is wisdom. Let the person who has enough insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the [imperfect] number of a man; and [Regardless of the earthly power of the two beasts (the demonically controlled Antichrist/dictator and his false prophet) described in these verses, they and their mentor, Satan, fall far short of the power, perfection, and majesty of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, whose perfection is represented biblically by the number seven.] his number is six [This is not actually three sixes (or the equivalent in Greek or Hebrew letters), as commonly represented. Such a combination would not be used; and if it were, the sum would then be only eighteen, because in alphabet-based numbering systems like ancient Hebrew and Greek, place values are not used (10’s, 100’s etc.), but the letters are treated more like Roman numerals. What John is most likely indicating is that the letters of the name will add up to 666 (the best Greek manuscripts have the number spelled out), and there could be many different combinations of letters that would do so. Determining the values of the individual letters is another matter. John probably assumed that the name would be Hebrew or Greek, and in Hebrew vowels for the most part are not represented as letters. Further complications arise when names from other nationalities are considered, and are converted for valuation. For example, at various times it has been argued that the name “Nero Caesar” adds up to 666 when transliterated to Hebrew as NRWN QSR (according to the Greek form); but in the Jewish Talmud, the name is transliterated as NYRWN QYSR, which totals 686. Also, the original Latin form of the name (without the second “n”), if converted directly to Hebrew, adds up to 616, and a few ancient manuscripts had that number.] hundred and sixty-six."

(Revelation 13:16-18, Amplified Bible (AMP), emphasis and comments added)

Now the question we must ask ourselves is "Has the Beast/Anti-messiah/Christ been revealed yet?" Many over the past few decades have said this one, that one and so on are the anti-messiah but all of them missed the mark. I have not seen any evidence to date that proves any particular person has been identified as the anti-messiah. Until then, we need to keep our eyes and ears open and earnestly seek our Heavenly Father to help us "know" who this person is so that we can warn others. THEN, we know from the Scriptures that the Mark of the Beast is right around the corner.

Many years ago, I read a book that was written by an ex-Muslim who became a Rabbi. Go figure! I put together a 39 page document on what I had read and I added my own research. The titled of the document is "The Mark of The Beast." If you are interested, you can click on the title to download the PDF file. I welcome your feedback to truenews4u@gmx.com.


Spike Protein Damages Vascular Cells

May 25, 2021


  • Researchers used a pseudo virus made of a cell surrounded by spike proteins but without a viral component to demonstrate the spike proteins can damage human cells and alter mitochondrial function


5 Holistic Doctors Discuss What They are Doing to Protect Themselves from the Bioweapon Shots

May 28, 2021

Dr. Lee Merritt, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Dr. Carrie Madej, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, and Dr. Larry Pavelski discuss what measures they are taking to protect themselves from the bioweapon shots and whatever those who took the injections are transmitting to those who have not.



Critically Thinking with Dr. T and Dr. P - Episode 48 - Special Edition 5 Doc Update

Critically Thinking with Dr. T and Dr. P - Episode 48 - Special Edition 5 Doc Update with Dr. Carrie Madej, Dr. Lee Merritt & Dr. Christiane Northrup.


French Medical Doctor: COVID-19 Injections Increasing DEATHS and New Infections – The Evidence is Overwhelming

May 27, 2021

Two months ago, we tried to alert people to the paradoxical results of the covid19 vaccines by publishing the pre- and post-vaccination mortality curves for Israel and Great Britain [1] which already showed that these vaccinations were followed by ‘a considerable increase in contamination and mortality lasting 6 to 8 weeks after the start of vaccination. [2]

Since this period, vaccination campaigns have spread worldwide even to countries where covid was not present. And everywhere they have been followed by a dramatic rise in new infections and mortality for several weeks or months. [3]

How many deaths and severe accidents will it take for executives, WHO, health agencies FDA, EMA among others, to look at the proven results of this experimental pseudo-vaccination in the real world and derive the results from it? consequences ?

Reminder of the proven facts published by the WHO

We present below the epidemic curves of the most vaccinated countries as published by the WHO (with our comments in red).


In Nepal, a country of 28 million inhabitants

The vaccination campaign, using the Chinese vaccine and the Indian Astra Zeneca, began at the end of January 2021. So far, after ten months of the epidemic, the country had 270,092 confirmed cases and 2017 deaths and the daily average of new cases s ‘amounted to 350.

Four months after vaccination began, the epidemic has exploded with a current average of 8,000 new cases daily. As of May 22, Nepal had 497,052 (+ 90%) confirmed cases and 6,024 deaths (+ 200%.)



Vaccine Warnings and From Dr. Merritt, Dr. Madej, Dr. McCullough, Dr. Montagnier, and Dr. Bhakdi

May 27, 2021

  1. Dr. Lee Merritt discussed vaccine shedding and talked about all the unusual cases of bleeding.

  2. Dr. Lee Merritt talks about when Australia injected Mice to reduce the mice population through shedding.

  3. Dr. Merritt tells a story about a baby dying after breastfeeding.

  4. Alex Newman Senior Editor at the New American Magazine talks about a secret sterilization effort in Kenya.

  5. Dr. Peter McCullough says Deaths from Vaccine early on were scrubbed.

  6. Dr. Carrie Madej on what the vaccine is and how they made it.

  7. Dr. Carrie Madej talks about how the vaccine ingredients suggest it will affect fertility.

  8. Dr. Madej says there is something she has never ever seen before in the vaccine.

  9. Dr. Luc Montagnier, a Nobel Prize winner says vaccines facilitate the development of deadlier COVID variants.

  10. Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi says the virus doesn't decimate in the blood but starts in the lungs.

  11. Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi gives a warning.

https://thenewamerican.com/covid-vaccine-shedding-hurting-unvaxed-dr-lee-merritt-explains/ https://thenewamerican.com/covid-shot-killing-large-numbers-warns-top-covid-doc-peter-mccullough/ https://thenewamerican.com/covid-shots-dna-transhumanism-with-dr-madej-2/ https://thenewamerican.com/french-nobel-prize-winner-warns-vaccines-facilitate-development-of-deadlier-covid-variants-urges-the-public-to-reject-jabs/ https://thenewamerican.com/covid-shots-to-decimate-world-population-warns-dr-bhakdi/


Dr. Sherri Tenpenny - A Massive Extermination Project Is Coming This Autumn/Winter! - Must Video

May 28, 2021

Could also be a planned cyberinternet/electric shutdown August September 2021 with a mutant virus (vaxxed side effects) Darkness silence and death.

Things like this is why the people need to rise up and hang all these Traitor politicians and their master’s the so called elitist!!! Unless we do something about these evil bastards they will just kill us off with their chemtrails!!! I’ll bet anything that we start having shortages of food because of their damn spraying everything with poison!


Sarah Westall: Noble Prize Winner Montagnier "Vaccines are Causing Stronger Variants" & Vaccination Death Charts

May 28, 2021

Important interview with 2008 Noble Prize winner Dr. Luc Montagnier who won the prize for his discovery of human immunodeficiency virus. This video features the bombshell interview with Dr. Luc Montagnier who shares his concerns of the COVID “vaccines” with the public.

He also warns that the vaccine creates variants that cause the deaths to spike after vaccinations. We will continue to see more death depending on the number of people vaccinated, the continuing booster shots, and what treatments are used in each country. Long term effects are still to be determined and are of great concern.


World Exclusive Juan O Savin, Tom Numbers & Brice Watson Do The Numbers! – Must Video

According to the official count, the world is right on the verge of breaching 200,000 deaths associated with the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19). But this number could be short by about 25,000, new data suggest.

As reported by The Week, numbers compiled by The New York Times show that an additional 25,000 deaths associated with the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) have been overlooked because some people did not necessarily contract the virus, but rather it “impacted their health in other ways.”

The Times reportedly looked at the recent mortality data from 11 different countries, observing that more people have died in these countries compared to previous years. But the official death count associated with the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) only accounted for a very small portion of these additional deaths.

Spain, for instance, saw 7,300 more deaths than usual between March 9 and April 5, while New York City saw its normal death rate almost quadruple during roughly this same period of time. Based on this, the Times concluded that about 25,000 more people than what is being reported have died during this pandemic.




May 26, 2021

Advanced work actual thousand of hours of research Found nowhere else. That I have seen.



May 28, 2021

Jim Meehan, MD, has a candid “doctor to doctor” discussion with Professor of Medicine, Peter McCullough, MD, about why he changed his mind on recommending the Covid vaccine to his patients, especially if they have already recovered from #Covid19.



May 27, 2021

There are scary videos and images of people who have been poisoned with mushrooms and have half their faces cut off."

The explosive thing about this is that they say this deadly new fungus is spreading exactly from where they had previously performed their "PCR tests" on billions of people, deep in the nose, near the brain.

The new fungal pandemic has a 99% chance of being a PCR test pandemic, why don't you know how the sticks were prepared! Apparently with death fungi among other things that rot the face!

The Indian site Outlookindia confirms the suspicion and the Journal of Clinical Microbiology found fungi in "PCR tests" as early as 2015.


The New Normal Plandemic - The Mirror Project Documentary Ep. 2

May 28, 2021


All information / videos / photos contained in this newsletter are opinions only. Information is derived from Public information, News Articles, Social Media, etc. I am not an attorney, accountant and or lobbyists. I simply am reporting what is happening.

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