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BE Informed Report — 05/21/2021


May 21, 2021 UPDATES

BE Informed is a new report that has just been developed to Inform, Warn and Educate people on things happening behind the scenes. We are to BE Informed; KNOW what is going on so that we may prepare ourselves for what is coming down the pipeline.

So, BE Informed and KNOW what is going on because we are living in a God Hating, Messiah Rejecting, Sin Cursed World.

Hosea 4:6 "My people have perished for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge,..."


  1. HUGE: MORE VIDEO SURFACES of Capitol Police Waving Protesters Inside, Moving Barricades Aside, Standing By as Protesters Walk In


  3. Cybersecurity Expert Warns "You're Being Watched", Exposes Malicious Spying Efforts


  5. Globalists Agenda for Social Security and Cryptocurrency, Media's New 'Hot Words' - Why?

  6. The Last Gasp Of The Deepstate With Ann Vandersteel & Charlie Ward


  8. The Joe Cozzo Show - UFOs vs. US Navy: Mystery Solved 5/20/21 (The US Navy is reporting they have encountered UFOs every day for over two years. Are the UFOs real? Who's flying them? The answers to these questions are easier than you think.)

  9. Pilot says they've been seeing them on a REGULAR BASIS! Probable FULL DISCLOSURE in June! Oh my...

  10. Mike Lindell: Trump Won Maricopa County By 80K Votes

  11. Here Are The 35 RINO Republicans Who Voted For a “January 6” Commission To Investigate Trump

  12. CONFIRMED: Arizona Auditors Recover 2020 Election Databases Deleted Only Days Before Audit Began

  13. Juan O' Savin Calls Jennifer Mac Major Harvesting Update (Video)

  14. Situation Update, May 21st, 2021 - "Non-GMO" Foods Being Grown In Human Sewage Sludge? - Mike Adams Must Video

  15. Antarctica UFO Alert! Highly Advanced Civilization! Alien Outpost Discovered On Google Earth! We Are Not Alone Anymore!

  16. Max Igan: Antarctica Hidden, History Of The Matrix, Current Events - Rice TV

  17. The Project Bluebeam Perfect Storm Is Coming!

  18. There's Something Strange About The Georgia Guidestones

  19. Warning! Climate Lockdowns Could Be Next Phase, You Should Hear This via Leak Project

  20. Reports: Complete and Total "Blackout" in Jordan

  21. They’ve Come For YOU! Democrats Launch Stealth Massive Army To Report Conservatives On a Daily Basis

  22. Farmers paid to destroy crops, illegals shipped into Chattanooga Tn

  23. We The People Are Holding The Line Against Them (People are seeing how this game is played. We are awakening in massive numbers. The deep state plans are failing all over the place. Some may see this, some may not; but it is still rolling forward. Have faith and hold the line. Some major positive messages from Trump and from Flynn today. You miss a day, you miss a bunch.)

  24. PIR 05-20-21 Patriot Intell Report

  25. PIR 05-21-21 Patriot Intel Report

  26. Ep. 2483a - The Fed Just Revealed Their Plan For The New Currency System, Conspiracy No More (The [CB]/[DS] agenda is failing. People are not agreeing with the economic agenda. The [CB] great reset failed before it began, but the foot soldiers are continuing with their orders. Walgreens is closing stores in SF because of shoplifting. The fake news said Trump was in bed with Putin but it turns out Obama and Biden are the ones catering to Russia. The [CB] said their plan out loud, they are pushing their new currency system.)

  27. Ep. 2483b - Patriots Can Now See The Board Clearly, The First Domino Is Ready To Fall (The first domino is about to fall, this is going to be the shot heard around the world. Nothing can stop this nothing. The [DS] lost the battle before it began, we are in the exposure phase. The people are fighting back and the [DS] players are feeling the backlash. More pain is coming, timing is everything. Flynn sends a message, more is coming, Scavino shows Trump at the rallies, it's time.)

  28. Ep. 2484a - The [CB] Reset Is Failing, China Executes Plan For All To See (As The [CB] pushes their agenda in the US to bring it into third world status, the people around the country are watching and observing exactly what they are doing, sometimes you must show the people. The Fed/[CB] have no choice but to proceed with their plan even as the great reset plan has failed, people can now see exactly what they are doing and how they are pushing their next currency.)

  29. Ep. 2484b - Patriots Ready To Drop The Nuclear Bomb Of Information, Boom, Trump Confirms Next Move (The patriots are pushing forward their plan to expose the [DS] system to the world. The fake news is doing everything they can to spin the information, but the nuclear bomb of information is about to be dropped. A judge in Georgia has now ordered the examination of a ballots, the pattern is being revealed to the American people. Trump confirms the way forward.)

  30. Evidence that ties Cheney & MOSSAD to 9/11 (This video puts together evidence of Israel's involvement in 9/11.)

  31. EXPOSED: The Pentagon’s Secret Army Of 60,000 That Congress Did NOT Know About (Sources claim that The Pentagon has an army 60,000 strong around the world that Congress did not know about. This is about 5 times as many covert C.I.A. operatives.)

  32. Biden's Plan To Purge Conservatives From The U.S. Military


Black eyed Children

May 21, 2021

Jesse Czebotar on the Dark outpost explains her theory on who or what the black eyed children are!


New Dark Outpost: Black-Eyed Children Real Or Myth?


Scott McKay & Michael Jaco : WE ARE IN THE FINAL STAGE

May 20, 2021

Great interview with Scott McKay and michael Jaco about what to expect now that final operations are now underway. We finally made it!!!



May 20, 2021

Storm Rider update on military movements and tensions between Iran and Israel. Lots of action in DC capital and White House; what are they prepping for??? New technologies are released and the start of a Tesla Technology future!


MICHAEL JACO, Ann & Mel K situation report

May 20, 2021

Hamas, Israel, Soros, color revolutions, Biden, Cabal, CCP, AZ audit.



May 21, 2021

Storm Rider Update, Judy Byington Update, Israel, Gaza, Iran, White House, Fake alien invasion, storming the White House.


The Video Freemasonry Doesn’t Want You To See! FEMA Death Camp Executioners…

April 5, 2021

PLEASE WATCH THE WHOLE VIDEO! A secret left for us in the movie Gray State exposes that the FREEMASONS are planning to kill millions of people.

This video is styled as a documentary expose, and contains a huge amount of information ,which is typical for my videos. I was led by the Holy Spirit to review the trailer for Gray State by David Crowley...

Full Article HERE: https://amg-news.com/archives/9380


Albert Pike’s ‘Three World War Letter’ 1871

Ex Master Mason EXPOSES The Freemasons


That Time Subterranean Aliens Killed 60 People in New Mexico

December 6, 2017

Dulce, New Mexico is located right on the Colorado-New Mexico border. It’s a quaint town, with a population just under 3,000. It’s the tribal headquarters of the Jicarilla Apache Reservation. It’s also the alleged location of a secret underground alien base.

Philip Schneider, an explosive engineer who worked for the U.S. government, with high-level security clearance, claimed that in 1979 he participated in the building of a “secret underground base,” in Dulce, New Mexico. It was here that a horrific battle played out leaving 60 humans dead and countless subterranean aliens fighting for their life.



Dulce Base - The Phil Schneider Story

This week Gregory explores DUMBS deeper (excuse the pun) and unpacks the infamous Phil Schneider case alongside explaining all the players in what could very well be the one of the first cases of internet related drama. Leaving it up to you to decide, do aliens really live in bases beneath our feet?

Dulce Wars

The Dulce Wars concerns a year long conflict between subordinates and their superiors that led to a massacre in an underground US military installation in New Mexico, USA. An insurgency was motivated by distain over unethical human experimentation at Dulce in 1978.

Unethical human experimentation at Dulce

In this website, you will read about (1) MKUltra (2) Human radiation experiments (3) Implants (4) Human cloning (5) Hybrid breeding. You do not want to miss checking this informative article out.

Phil Schneider

Philip Schneider (23 April 1947—10 January 1996[1][2]) was a lecturer on Dulce Base. He had been on lecture tour for two years, prior to his death, speaking out about government cover-ups, black projects and UFO phenomena.[1] His motivation to speak out in public, may have been from the death of his friend, Ron Rummel,[3] publisher of Alien Digest, who died on 6th August, 1993, from allegedly having shot himself with a gun.[4] Based on the information given in the testimony of Cynthia Schneider Drayer, the date of death of Phil Schneider is thereabouts, on the same day as Karla Turner’s death on 10 January 1996.


The Intel Everyone Has Been Waiting For: Papadopoulos Goes Scorched Earth Exposing the Deep State, Military Tribunals Are Weeks Away (Video)

May 21, 2021

Here it is, ladies and gentlemen, this is the Intel we’ve been waiting for: George Papadopoulos gives the long awaited update on what hell is up with Durham. When you hear what’s been happening behind the scenes, you’ll get why the investigation has taken this long. Holy Crap this is big!

This is so much more going on than the Steel Dossiers (plural), Comey, Clapper and all the low-hanging fruit whose culpability is apparent to anyone who knows even the slightest thing about what happened. The focus of the Durham investigation is the New World Order!!! And the Patriots are about to take the Globalists DOWN !!!



Panic Is Getting Very Real For Many Deep State Traitors

May 19, 2021

The panic is showing as the truth continues to come out. The deep state keeps trying to sweep this under the rug, for the good of America. Problem is, the deep state is not good for America and we are all waking up to their lies and deception. Keep holding the line Patriots. God Bless America and God Bless us all.


Lara Logan Tells Glenn Beck What The Globalists Intend To Do To Humanity

May 19, 2021


NAVY SEALs STORM Gates’ Wyoming Ranch

May 20, 2021

Less than two weeks after Bill and Melinda Gates called it quits, U.S. Navy SEALs stormed a Gates’ owned property in northeast Wyoming and clashed with security forces Gates had hired to protect the 492-acre ranch.

The U.S. military approved the raid after Gates’ estranged wife, Melinda, contacted Donald J. Trump with news that Bill, whom she called a psychopathic, evil genius, had visited Epstein Island 24 times between 1997-2017 and, on Epstein’s advice, had spent $36,000,000 to excavate his own subterranean “child dungeon” beneath Irma Lake Lodge.

A confidential source involved in Trump’s Deep State War told Real Raw News that Gates’ friendship with the convicted pedophile was the catalyst for Bill and Melinda’s divorce. Melinda had long been aware of Bill’s philandering with both adult and underage women, but had remained silent to protect her financial interests in the marriage. She reportedly told Trump that Bill and Epstein made frequent weekend getaways to Irma Lake Lodge. Although she admitted she had not personally seen the subterranean complex, she had paperwork and receipts proving its existence.

“He told me to pretend I was an underage frightened schoolgirl and to pretend he was a maniacal genius who liked to play with young girls,” Melinda said. “For him it was roleplay, but it really wasn’t, because he is exactly what he pretended to be.”



Living a Life of Illusion: Dismantling the Deep State Operatives and Doubles (video)

May 21, 2021

If your not paying close attention to the little details in this world, you will most definitely will get caught up in a life of illusion. . . DISAMBIGUATION!

There is a new and updated lists that has been confirmed with many more added to it.

The deal that they got was that if they gave information that was useful, they could have a better death or a jail cell for life. Obama gave up Michelle, then breached his warrant, so he got one in the back of the head. Michelle chose lethal injection. Others were just executed.

The doubles and AI clones were activated and the deep state now work for Trump. We have won with DECLAS, the show is just for the sleepers and to reveal the hidden players!

Also: List of Indictments, Arrests and Executions – Dismantling the Deep State Operatives and Doubles



5.21.21: Do we REALLY know just how EVIL this CABAL is? We DO NOW! PRAY!

May 21. 2021


Trump Is Still President 100% Q Proof USA Is At War! Martial Law Insurrection Act MI Tribunal Courts

May 21, 2021


  2. IT BEGINS: Fully Vaccinated People in Oregon Must Show Proof of Vaccination Status in Order to Enter Businesses Without a Mask

  3. California County Requires Businesses to Submit Covid-19 Vaccination Status of All Employees

  4. America’s Frontline Doctors File Motion for Temporary Restraining Order Against Use of COVID Vaccines in Children

  5. More Ruined Lives Following COVID-19 Bioweapon Injections

  6. Dr. Christiane Northrup interviewed by Paul Thomas MD -- Against the Wind: Doctors & Science Under Fire

  7. Government Scientists Admit Covid Mind Control To Terrorize Public

  8. WATCH: Little Girl Gives Passionate Speech To Free Kids From Masks!

  9. Pfizer & Moderna CEOs Want COVID-19 Booster Shots by September

  10. Pallets full of brand-new covid ventilators dumped in Miami-Dade landfill

  11. Connecticut Governor Maliciously Subjects Its Own Citizens To Vaccine Injuries And Death

  12. Uniformed military troops now targeting alcohol-drinking young adults for on-site covid vaccinations… because impaired judgement is desired by the vax squads

  13. Dr. Stella Immanuel talks with the Health Ranger about the Luciferian covid agenda targeting humanity

  14. It’s past time to recognize that we have grossly overcounted the number of COVID deaths for political purposes

  15. Canadian Man Loses Over Six Feet Of Intestine After Blood Clot Caused By COVID Vaccine

  16. World Health Organization (WHO) Calls for Global Surveillance, More Authority over Nations, and Billions More in Funding

  17. Japanese Red Cross refusing blood donations from people who have been injected with coronavirus “vaccines”

  18. Expert who helped develop Oxford jab says it is 'morally wrong' to offer Covid vaccine to children in wealthy nations ahead of high-risk groups in poorer countries


  20. America’s Frontline Doctors White Paper On Experimental Vaccines For COVID-19

  21. Exclusive Mike Adams: The Spike Protein Is The Bioweapon, And It Is Found In The Vaccines

  22. VAERS - As Of April 30th, 2021 - This Is The Best (& Only) Comprehensive Analysis Of The Covid Data! - Must Video

  23. Huge Shift Is Happening! Trigger Point Awaits! - Truth & Art TV

  24. Another Part Of The Psyop - Africa Burns Expired AstraZeneca Injections

  25. Will Vaccine Passports be America’s Version of Yellow Badges?


  27. Get Vaxxed, Get Laid? Biden Admin Partners with Dating Apps for COVID Vaccination Badges on Profiles and Exclusive Features

  28. 34,000+ New Covid-19 Vaccine Injuries, 4,647 Deaths, Doctors, Groups Move to Halt Vaccinations

  29. Grundvig Reports - RFK JR On The Move. Arizona X5 In A Couple Of Months. Victory Is Ours. A.Bruce

  30. Bluetooth Connectivity from Covid Jab

  31. Vax Morons are transmitting

  32. Dr. Shelley Cole - AFLDS

  33. HCQ is the smartest drug in history

  34. Moderna Covid19 Vaccine 12 Year Old Girl Paralysed

  35. Dr. Sherri Tenpenny Joins Bradlee Dean LIVE!

  36. Dr. Lee Merritt and Mike Adams ask: Are covid spike proteins being RELEASED onto cities?

  37. Health Ranger warns covid vaccines are using “social behavior spreading” to exterminate humans in the same way ant colonies are poisoned

  38. Fauci’s criminal history dates back decades

  39. Health departments caught lying, covering up covid vaccine vascular damage and “acute anaphylactic reactions”

  40. Covid vaccines could trigger prion-linked brain degeneration similar to mad cow disease?

  41. Canadian Man Loses Over Six Feet Of Intestine After Blood Clot Caused By COVID Vaccine

  42. Study: 'Analysis suggests the vaccines are likely cause of reported deaths, spontaneous abortions, anaphylactic reactions, cardiovascular, neurological, and immunological adverse events'

  43. BOMBSHELL: Connecticut govt. secretly tells health care workers covid vaccines are DEADLY, but withholds the same information from the public

  44. COVID-19 VACCINE Considerations

  45. CCP cover-up: Wuhan lab scrubs all evidence of Fauci treason from its servers

  46. Report: Georgia mother of two dead after receiving COVID vaccine

  47. How Bill Gates & Big Pharma used children as “guinea pigs”…and got away with it

  48. BOOM! CDC Director Finally Admits that COVID Cases were Over-Counted in Hospitals– Just as Gateway Pundit and Donald Trump Reported in August


Nanobots Are Stealing Iron From The Blood: Magnetic Hydrogel & The COVID Vax Magnet Phenomenon

May 20, 2021

Could Magnetic Hydrogel Explain The COVID Vax Magnet Phenomenon?


By Makia Freeman

Could advances in magnetic hyrdrogel be the reason for the bizarre COVID vax magnet phenomenon? This sensation is becoming very well documented, with numerous COVID vaxxed people worldwide demonstrating on video that a magnet will stick on their arm at the injection site, but nowhere else on their body. TimTruth.com has released another compilation, this time a 47-minute version with people of all ages and cultures showing what happens. It represents overwhelming evidence that this is a real occurrence, despite what desperate debunkers and vaccine apologists claim, although vaccine apologists isn’t a good term for them, since this chemical cocktail injection is a non-vaccine. In some videos, people take the very same magnet off their arm and stick it right back on their fridge where it stays. Metallic nanoparticles is a good guess to explain what could be happening. This article will look specifically at advances in magnetic hydrogel and whether that could explain the phenomenon (for those unfamiliar with this, check out my earlier article on hydrogel).

Magnetic Hydrogel Formation



Bluetooth Connectivity from Covid Jab

Vax Morons are transmitting





May 21, 2021


Situation Update, May 20th, 2021 - VACCINE DEEP STATE is spreading spike protein like a bioterrorist

May 20, 2021


DAVID ICKE Interview | Oracle Films | May 2021

May 20, 2021

Oracle Films sits down with David Icke for his take on current events in 2021.


The Shot Heard Round The World

May 19, 2021

At Concord Bridge in 1775, a revolution started when a handful of American colonists stood up, refused the King’s orders, and said they would make their own decisions about how to live their lives. The ripple effects changed the world.

The next American revolution may have just begun, not at Concord but at Target.

Within the last few days, an employee of Target went to work and – sick and tired of having her rights trampled upon – refused to wear her mask as directed by her employer. She informed her manager that she would not comply with his directive to wear the mask, that there was no scientific basis for the rule, and that there was no legal authority, which would allow him to enforce it. The employee added that she was in contact with the legal team at America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) specifically an attorney named Tom Rentz, and had retained his services.

The Target manager directed the woman in question to go home and advised she was being terminated. Within 24 hours she was contacted at home and called back into work. The mask requirement was dropped. Apparently, somebody at Target’s legal department knew the name Tom Rentz and had bothered to check the law.

Since the outset of the pandemic the American people have been subjected to a whole series of restrictions imposed, allegedly to control the spread of COVID-19 and keep us safe. All of these have been justified in the name of “science” by which proponents appear less to mean a rational thought process than a new religion and a government-mandated orthodoxy.

None of the claims for a scientific basis for the control measures have ever been true. There never has been any substantial science to justify these actions, and the American people, patient but steeped in common sense, have now begun clearly to see that this is true.

Lockdowns of healthy people, which early on became the key feature of our pandemic control measures have never been utilized in dealing with previous pandemics. They were never part of planning in the United States for dealing with a threat of this type. They were imposed, largely by recommendation of bureaucrats like Fauci, after the Chinese Communist Party decided to lock down its own population. Demonstrably, as seen most recently in Texas they do not work and appear largely counterproductive.

Masks were imposed upon us based on the idea that we were surrounded by hordes of strangers who, despite the fact that they showed no symptoms of the disease could be spreading it asymptomatically. The fact is there has never been any credible body of evidence to show that COVID-19 is even passed asymptomatically. On the contrary, the evidence suggests strongly it does not and never has.

Masks themselves, appear at best dubious physical measures anyway. We don’t have any real data to suggest they work effectively. We do by this point have lots of indications that they become covered in dirt and bacteria, restrict airflow and produce all sorts of negative psychological impacts.

Undeterred, however, the autocratic proponents of “science” have now determined to issue yet another edict. Now, we must be vaccinated. Anyone who resists is ignorant, presumably Neanderthal and deserving of no consideration. We may or may not have vaccine passports but one way or the other you will be made to comply or find that your life is unlivable.



Tom Renz, Esq.


Explosion of 3,500 new covid “variants” follows mass vaccination campaign in India

May 20, 2021

(Natural News) There are now 3,532 circulating Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “variants” in India, new reports indicate, and they all came about almost immediately after people started getting mass injected with the “vaccines.”

According to a May 6 report from The Hindu, 27 states throughout India are confirmed to be afflicted with these variants, which were identified from 13,000 samples that were sequenced for variants. Among the 3,532 variants identified, 1,527 were found to be B., or “double mutant,” variants.

This news prompted the Indian government to announce a “third wave” of the Chinese Virus, which it says is “inevitable looking at the current surge in infections.”

The B.1.1.7 variant said to be circulating throughout the United Kingdom is supposedly on the decline in India, while another double mutant strain known as B.1.617 is said to be on the rise.

The Indian government says that B.1.617 could be linked to the “second wave” that reportedly caused a number of deaths in past weeks.

“The current surge in cases seen over the last and a half month in some states shows a correlation with the risk of the Indian mutant variant,” announced S.K. Singh, director of India’s National Center for Disease Control (NDCC).

“The U.K. variant is declining in proportion across the country in the last one and half months.”




Nobel Prize Winner, Luc Montagnier, Mass Vaccination Creating Variants Leading To Deaths

French Nobel Prize Winning Virologist Professor: The COVID-19 Shots are Creating “Variants”

India Reports 50 Doctors Dead In A Single Day As COVID Mortality Peaks


Dr. Christiane Northrup gives new details on covid vaccine shedding / transmission, especially among women

May 20, 2021


Lethal Ingredients in Covid-19 Injections and Other Consequences...

May 19, 2021

Are you aware of the ingredients in the Covid-19 shots?

If you had the shot, did you receive any information showing the ingredients or the side effects?

According to the Nuremberg Code, the voluntary consent of the human subject is vitally essential. We do NOT consent! We need to speak that loudly and clearly. The public are mentally, physically, economically, and spiritually suffering from what has been dictated and deployed onto every living soul on earth, and this experiment needs to be brought to an end.

Mandating this detrimental Covid-19 “vaccine” (the proper term is injection) began to be dumped and forced onto the public in order to attend churches, graduations, proms, and even work, for many.

Our corrupt healthcare system is loaded up with deadly medicines, deadly shots, and is fully saturated with organized crime, where the corrupt predatory system is silently waiting and stalking us until we fall ill/ prey to pharmakia (sorcery). The marketing fraud and ghastly propaganda of the latest Covid-19 injections carries a strong, violent force of demonic activity intended to harm, shorten your lifespan, and end your life. This Covid-19 “vaccine” bioweapon needs to be stopped as soon as possible!

This infographic, published by the Connecticut Department of Public Health and released on the Hal Turner Radio Show, reveals that the injections are NOT safe, let alone effective AND could even cause death.



COVID Vaccine Shedding Hurting Unvaxed? Dr. Lee Merritt Explains

May 18, 2021

In this interview with The New American magazine Senior Editor Alex Newman, celebrated former military doctor and bioweapons expert Dr. Lee Merritt offers her thoughts on recent claims that vaccinated individuals may be "shedding" spike proteins or something else that is hurting unvaccinated people--especially women. Blood clots, odd menstrual occurrences, and more are all examined. She says doctors need to listen to their patients, and that something is going on, but more research will be needed to figure out. Dr. Merritt, the former head of the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons, also spoke about previous research into "self-propagating" vaccines, including efforts to reduce a mouse population in Australia using similar technologies. Finally, she blasted recent CDC efforts to push the experimental shot on children who are not even at serious risk from COVID.


Arm Jab lies causing deaths, disease and problems for those around the jabbed

May 21, 2021


All information / videos / photos contained in this newsletter are opinions only. Information is derived from Public information, News Articles, Social Media, etc. I am not an attorney, accountant and or lobbyists. I simply am reporting what is happening.

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