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BE Informed Report — 02/22/2022


February 22, 2022 UPDATES

  1. Russia announces troop withdrawal

  2. Ukraine’s leading party chief blames foreign media for spreading fake news about Russian invasion

  3. Inside a Massive Human Smuggling Ring Led by US Marines

  4. BREAKING: Durham Probe Accelerates – More People Cooperating and Coming Before Grand Jury — Bill Priestap, James Baker and Dirty Marc Elias Mentioned

  5. Sussmann Cooperating Is A Huge Signal To Others Involved In The Criminal Conspiracy

  6. Crime of the Century in Real Time

  7. Even Democrats Are Now Calling for Investigation of Hillary Clinton

  8. HORRIFYING EXPERIMENTS Elon Musk’s Neuralink test monkeys ‘were tortured suffering from brain hemorrhages, bloody rashes and self-mutilation’

  9. If Biden is Really President, Why is Putin Calling Trump?

  10. Skinwalkers at the Pentagon

  11. That UFO Podcast - Colm Kelleher & George Knapp

  12. 214 Sex Workers Arrested in Super Bowl 'Human Trafficking' Mission

  13. 2.18.22: FREEDOM front line ATTACKS, Killary LIES, F@lse Fl@gs overseas, W@rld W@r 3 is here! PRAY!

  14. Indictments Arrests & Prosecutions Worldwide! No Escape. No Deals! Are You Ready?

  15. Facebook executive exposed for molesting 10 year old / 13 year old attempt


  17. Shock Report: Microwave Energy Weapons Deployed Against Canberra Freedom Convoy

  18. Extraterrestrials Living Among Us - An Ancient Phenomenon Reemerges

  19. (5G Dangers) Birds Falling Dead - Fake Media "End Of The World" Apocalypse Scare Event Narrative

  20. Emergency Message - You're Not Cattle, You're Not Sheeps!

  21. Who Will Find What the Finders Hide?

  22. NINOS CORNER-Juan O Savin Hunters Become The Hunted 2-17-22


  24. Blockbuster Interview: Former BlackRock Fund Manager Predicts Collapse

  25. Blockbuster Interview: Former BlackRock Fund Manager Predicts Collapse

  26. Jean-Luc Brunel, Epstein Associate, Found Hanged in Prison. Prince Andrew Settles


  28. Black Star Superplume Covid Bioweapon Reportfor 2022 Newsletter 07: February 17, 2022

  29. Apple Airpods' 'terrifying' new security feature scans the inside of your skull with AI


  31. President Trump – “A Lot of Very Positive Things Are Happening… The Plan We’re on Now…[Is] Going to Make People Very, Very Happy”

  32. BUSTED: Facebook/Meta’s Manager of Community Development Caught In Amateur Child Sex Sting [VIDEO]

  33. PILOT SAYS STAND UP!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. What Most of Us Do Not Want to Know about Cell-Phone Technology

  35. Cult-Owned, Schwab-Owned, Fascist Canada – And The Battle For Freedom – David Icke Dot-Connector


  37. The Unidentified: Are we alone in the universe? | Under Investigation

  38. US Secret Service With Videos Of VP Mike Pence Raping A Small Boy!


  40. Dark Outpost 02-21-2022 Trudeau's Horrible Secret Exposed Part 1



  43. Trudeau's Emergency Act Is APPROVED For Undefined Time

  44. UN Shows Up In Canada: When Representatives Become Traitors To The People (Video)

  45. National Guard Terrorizes New Mexico School Children

  46. 15 Real Life Giants That Exist Today

  47. The Quest For Permanent Power - NWO Revealed!

  48. TRUreporting Live Stream "SUICIDE EDITION!" 2/19/22

  49. Indicted Austin officer says Soros-funded DA is targeting police: 'Every cop is watching'

  50. SuperBowl Symbology! Satancon! Jesus' Name Cancelled! $5,000 Shoes!

  51. Almost 500 People Busted In California During Pre-Super Bowl Human Trafficking Sting Operation

  52. The JFK Assassination and the Uncensored Story of the Two Oswalds

  53. Author William Cooper Warns a Terrorist Attack Will Be Blamed on Osama Bin Laden Two Months Prior to 9/11




Media Running Away from Durham Report


Anita Dunn Executed at GITMO

February 15, 2022

Anita Dunn did not have a happy Valentine’s Day.

No flowers, no chocolates, and no cards embossed with cute hearts.

She did, however, have her head put in a noose at Guantanamo Bay, where she was hanged to death following a lengthy, self-imposed hunger strike that began on January 27 when a military court convicted the former Biden handler of treason and imposed the maximum allowable punishment—death.

GITMO sources told Real Raw News that Dunn was starving herself in protest of what she called “the military’s unlawful apprehension and prosecution of democratically-elected officials and the people who served under them.” She refused solid food and drank only water during her stay at the nation’s most infamous detention center. The normally portly Dunn had lost 15 pounds, according to a pre-execution medical evaluation, by the time GITMO security escorted her from a 6×9’ cell to the execution site early Monday morning.

Upon Emerging handcuffed from a Humvee, Dunn smugly berated Rear Adm. Crandall and other officers in attendance, her maundering speech infused with fiery hatred, and 7 times she invoked the name of a man not in attendance, hissing his name from between chapped lips.

Trump. This is all Trump’s doing, isn’t it? You’re following Trump. Trump isn’t president, Joseph Biden is. Eventually there’ll be a reckoning, for all of you, and for Trump,” she said.

Her hunger strike hadn’t sapped her verbal strength, but still she looked frailer and feebler than she had at the tribunal. Sunken cheeks and vacant hollow eyes revealed a person stripped of vigor. It was as though she mustered her last ounces of strength to verbally assail the execution detail and Donald J. Trump.

You won’t get away with this, and neither will Trump,” she said, as a uniformed Marine nudged her to the gallows.

Rear Adm. Crandall spoke: “Anita Dunn, Donald Trump didn’t put you where you stand. He didn’t tell you to commit treason. Your lack of self-awareness is endemic of all the people who have stood on that platform. I’m required to ask if you have final words, which I think you’ve already shared with us, or want Last Rites.”

She teetered on the platform, then fell over sideways as if struck by an icy gust, her hip slamming against the pivoting metal door designed to drop her to her doom. She yelped in pain as a soldier atop the platform stood her upright and put her neck in a braided noose. Her attitude changed suddenly. Dunn, lip trembling and eyes welling, called out for her husband, as if he were there, and begged for mercy.

I don’t deserve this,” she said. “I’m sorry for anything I’ve done wrong, but I’m a good person.

A moment later she was gone, her lifeless body twisting in the wind as it hung from the length of rope.

Dunn was pronounced dead at 9:07 a.m. Monday (February 14, 2022).

Unrelated to the article, we’re aware some readers have had difficulty viewing the site, especially those using DuckDuckGo mobile clients. Following server migration, we’ve been working to optimize the server, and temporarily had to employ filters to block continued attacks. This may have inadvertently filtered legitimate traffic. We believe the issue resolved.

Source: https://realrawnews.com/2022/02/anita-dunn-executed-at-gitmo/


Military Arrests SCJ Sonia Sotomayor

February 18, 2022

U.S. Marines on Wednesday [February 16, 2022] arrested Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor following a 3-month investigation into whether she had accepted cash payoffs for rulings favoring mask and vaccination mandates and knowingly made false statements to amplify Covid fear.

A source in the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps told Real Raw News that JAG began investigating allegations of criminality last May [2020], after receiving tips that Sotomayor had accepted from billionaire Johnathon Gray, a heavyweight DNC donor, monies totaling $3,450,000, a hefty bonus to her official $266k/yr. salary.

We established, conclusively, that the financial transactions took place. I can’t disclose how because it would, you know, help them avoid getting caught in the future. Still, we had to prove she took the money in trade for promising to do everything in her power to enforce masking and vaccine directives. We made the connection, and how we accomplished that will come out a trial,” our source said.

As JAG dug deeper, it discovered that Sotomayor’s palms had been greased by yet another DNC whale, Reid Hoffman, an American internet entrepreneur, venture capitalist, podcaster, and author. The co-founder of Linked-In, Hoffman’s estimated net worth hovers at $2bn. He has financially backed many Deep Staters such as Joseph Biden, Gretchen Whitmer, Pete Buttigieg, and Bill DeBlasio. In April 2021, he added Sotomayor to his list of beneficiaries, to the tune of $625k.

He wrote the cash off as a ‘consulting fee.’ Consulting for what? And she declared it as the same. But she never mentioned these revenues, if you can call them that, on her most recent financial disclosure statements, what SCJs must file each year. Again, we now have hard evidence she took his cash to promote mandates,” our source said.

Moreover, he said JAG procured an email Sotomayor had sent to Dr. Anthony Fauci on Thursday, January 6. “You know, Tony, I’ll do everything in my power to ensure the current mandates stay in place, as per CDC guidelines,” were her words. The next day Sotomayor made a significant false claim about Covid’s impact on children, saying at a congressional hearing that over 100,000 American children were hospitalized and critically ill with Covid-19, an assertion so outrageous that even her Deep State allies had to rebuke it.

We don’t believe she just accidentally said 100,000, but she definitely jumped the shark in proposing the absurd figure. Had she lied and said 10,000, no one would’ve blinked an eye. She zestfully got carried away. She had no legitimate reason for corresponding with Fauci, though, and it’s a direct conflict of interest. Bottom line is she committed treason, and that’s why JAG was compelled to act,” our source said.

JAG, he added, shared its findings with Marine Corps Gen. David H. Berger, commanding officer of the U.S. military’s “White Hat” partition, and requested his help in apprehending the criminal judge.

Gen. Berger reviewed the military arrest warrant and said he’d act on it ASAP,” our source said.

ASAP came in the predawn hours Wednesday [February 16, 2022], when an unspecified number of U.S. Marines breached her lavish D.C. condominium after disabling an alarm system and ensuring she was home alone, as intelligence had shown. Sotomayor was reportedly asleep in bed when Marines subdued her using non-lethal force.

Essentially she was gagged, zip tied, and put in a civilian vehicle, an innocuous-looking van, for transport to a processing center. Make no mistake, she’ll soon be headed to Guantanamo Bay,” our source said.

Source: https://realrawnews.com/2022/02/military-arrests-scj-sonia-sotomayor/


Were 40 Starlink Satellites Shot Down By The Deep State?

February 16, 2022

On February 8,2022, 40 out of 49 Starlink satellites were launched by Elon Musk's SpaceX for his space-based communications system which failed to reach their orbital paths and they crashed back to Earth in a fiery display. SpaceX quickly put out a statement that a geomagnetic storm was the culprit, even though the storm hitting the Earth during the satellites' deployment was relatively weak. According to a representative of the Galactic Federation of Worlds, however, the satellites were shot down by a Deep State faction still active in Europe.


Michael Salla https://exopolitics.org/

Ben Davidson with Space Weather News https://spaceweathernews.com/

SpaceX lose 40 Starlink satellites due to geomagnetic storm | Elon Musk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X-DYJs-nYq0

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3l94nzEzy5k&t=87s

TrueNews4U Newsletter https://www.truenews4u.com/

TrueNews4U Rumble Video Channel https://rumble.com/c/c-663675

Unveiling Truth Rumble Video Channel https://rumble.com/c/c-1249913


Truth Social and Starlink

Modern Social Media platforms all have common building blocks under the hood. Cancel culture attacks make them vulnerable in previously unthought of ways. Starlink, or something like it, is crucial.

Were Starlink Satellites destroyed to prevent emergence of Quantum Communications?

There has been much speculation over the destruction of 40 out of 49 Starlink microsatellites on February 8 that were shot down by the Deep State, according to information received by Elena Danaan, from her primary extraterrestrial contact Thor Han Eredyon. Elena has just followed up with an article that casts more light on Elon Musk and Starlink based on information received earlier from a female extraterrestrial from Alpha Centauri with whom she had a face-to-face encounter in a small town in Ireland just over a month previously.


Dark Outpost 02-18-2022 Temples Of The African Gods

February 18, 2022

In his weekly Wilson Files segment, Chris Wilson examines the Temples of the African Gods, the Anunnaki and Nibiru. Meghan Walsh and Penny Shepard continue their exposé of John Walsh and his possible involvement in the death of Meghan’s brother Adam. Ellen Redd has worked with thousands of people around the world. Ellen has had multiple Near Death Experiences and Out of body Experiences, and has been working with the non-physical collective consciousness for decades.




Secret Underwater Military Base: Diego Garcia - A Black Project Military Base With Secrets To Hide

February 18, 2022

Guantanamo Bay in Cuba is the most famous, less known is the camp in Bagram, Afghanistan. And almost nothing is known about Diego Garcia... Read The Full Article HERE: https://amg-news.com/archives/9675


SHOCKING SHIFT! Durham Does Full 180 LOCKING On BIDEN After Clinton Exposes Dire Biden Connection!

February 19, 2022


Retired NSA Analyst Exposes "Fusion Centers", "Radio Waves Used Against American Public"

February 18, 2022

Canada and Australia have officially adopted what we have all been predicting for the past two years: Communism. And with it, the Stalinist regimes have created their own version of the NKVD secret police. On Friday, former NSA analyst Karen Stewart joined the Stew Peters Show to talk about the deadly surveillance matrix that has formed around the two massive protests for medical freedom.



February 19, 2022


Ep. 2705b - Fear Is Real, Something Big Is Coming, Justice Is Coming For Hillary, Down She Goes

February 17, 2022

The [DS] is panicking, the narrative is falling apart and the truth is coming out. Durham is on the hunt and he will make them all feel pain, the arrest will come, but first the country needs to see it all, they need to see the crimes, treason and sedition, only when the people understand can there be arrests. Justice is coming for [HRC] and others, the fear is real, something big is about to hit.


Situation Update, Feb 18, 2022 - The Nazis weren't defeated... they went covert and now run CANADA and the WORLD

The Third Reich never really ended. Although Hitler himself was destroyed, the Nazi regime of the 1920s / 30s / 40s simply went underground and morphed into a global movement of infiltration and influence that’s now emerging as “globalism.”

The World Economic Forum is the training ground for modern-day Nazis, who include national leaders Macron (France), Merkel (Germany) and Trudeau (Canada). Notably, the Deputy Prime Minister of Canada, named Chrystia Freeland, is the granddaughter of an actual Nazi collaborator and propagandist named Michael Chomiak.

Read more at https://www.naturalnews.com/2022-02-18-the-nazis-werent-defeated-they-went-underground-and-now-run-canada-and-the-world.html



February 19, 2022

This was the PLAN by THE CABAL

they have put out much Disinformation on Disclosure

Still classified stuff

People who play ET's

Mr frog Steven Greer .and others.. working for the CABAL and NEGATIVE ETS claiming to know so much

be careful who you follow



Moonshine Bandits - Pass Me The Ammo


  1. Myocarditis in Boys after COVID Jab Is Not "Mild and Rare"

  2. Death Cover-Up: Doctors Murder Father And Embalm To Destroy Evidence

  3. 68,000% Increase in Strokes as FDA and NIH Secretly Study Reports of Neurological Injuries After COVID-19 Vaccines

  4. 40,000 Deaths Following COVID Shots in European Database as Life Insurance Death Claims Skyrocket

  5. College student reportedly DIES of Pfizer vaccine-related myocarditis after being forced to take it to go to school

  6. Vaxx Injured Athlete Speaks Out: Triathlete’s Life Destroyed By Covid Bioweapon Jab

  7. Lightning strikes twice – Two high schools sudden deaths on the same day

  8. 24,000 Covid Vaccine Deaths, Bill Gates Announces New Pandemic

  9. Two teenagers drop dead days after getting “vaccinated” with Pfizer – media silent

  1. Veteran Saves Mother's Life With Chlorine Dioxide: The FDA Hides Alternative Treatments

  1. Critically Thinking with Dr. T and Dr. P Episode 82 - Feb 17 2022


  3. Dr. Reveals Shocking Vaxx Injury Censorship At CA County Board Meeting

  4. Dr. Zelenko Explains Why Treating COVID-19 Early Is So Important | NIH Still Recommends Against Treatment [VIDEO]

  5. Pathologist Summary Of What These Jabs Do To The Brain And Other Organs

  6. Dr. Zelenko | Great Reset Plan for Forcing the Mark of the Beast System + Pastor Pawlowski Updates

  7. Dr. Byrne - Jaw-dropping Discussion with one of the Founders of Neonatal/Perinatal Medicine

  8. When Sunday Law Lockdown starts this will Happen No Escape Must Watch Dr Conrad Vine

  1. Baby Murder Protocol: Infants Separated From Parents, Given Remdesivir By Medical Industrial Complex

  2. Can Super-Shots and ‘Morality Pills’ End COVID?

  3. Moderna Stock Crash: Losses Top $140 Billion As Insiders Sell Millions Of Dollars In Shares

  4. The Lancet Publishes Medical Prof’s Warning That Natural Immunity Has Made Vaccine Mandates Irrelevant

  5. Nobel Peace Prize Winning Virologist Dead After Declaring It A Crime To Give COVID Shots To Children

  6. Nobel Prize Winner Luc Montagnier Found Dead Six Days Ago After Confirming HIV in Vaccine

  7. CDC Casually Admits Covid Nose Swabs Ended Up in a Lab for Genomic Sequencing Analysis

  8. Omicron-targeted vaccines do no better than original jabs in early tests

  9. The Risks of COVID Shots In Pregnancy



  12. Proof: U.S. Directed Energy Weapons Burn The Faces Of Australians

  13. CDC and Pfizer Issue Urgent Warnings about Blood Clots to Normalize the Conditio

  14. Pfizer's Dirty Secret: U.K. Health Authorities Hide Death Rates of Children

  15. 'Recurring fountain of revenue': FDA exec reveals future COVID vaccine policy

  16. Moderna Stock Crash: Losses Top $140 Billion As Insiders Sell Millions of Dollars In Shares

  17. Cook Children’s Medical Center Reportedly Denies Teenager’s Life-Saving Kidney Transplant Because He Is Unvaccinated

  18. Corporate Vaccine Mandates and Vaccine Passports — Brought to You by BlackRock and Vanguard?

  19. Does China know something we don’t about the COVID-19 mRNA injections?


  21. GOP absences prevent Senate from defunding Biden’s vaccine mandate

  22. Public Health Scotland refuses to release COVID death data in the future as it goes against the narrative


  24. Jon Rappoport: Exposing the HIV AIDS Fraud for Over 30 Years

  25. “Everyone is at Risk for Blood Clots!” – CDC and Pfizer Issue Urgent Warnings on Blood Clots Even in “The Healthiest Athletes”

  26. The Clinton & Gates Foundation were brokers for Big Pharma

  27. CDC 2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel

  28. Attorney Thomas Renz says prosecutions are coming for the covid plandemic masterminds who committed crimes against humanity

  29. Bombshell study confirms link between 5G wireless exposure and COVID disease

  30. Report: NIH advisers SHRED documents detailing work Fauci’s agency did with Wuhan lab during Obama era

  31. Covid “vaccines” cause AIDS: proof

  32. Proof Of Death For Profit? Medicare is Bribing Hospitals to Follow Known Dangerous COVID Protocols [VIDEO]

  33. 395- James Musker - Unpacking the Lies and Exposing the Shocking WEF Agenda!

  34. The Dangers and the Imminence of Medical Tyranny + How the Food Pyramid Makes Healthy People Sick

  35. The Vaccine Court Exposed: The Dark Truth Of America's Vaccine Schedule


  37. 18 Things You Don't Know About Polio




8 Unexpected Benefits of Iodine (MUST WATCH)

Today I will cover the unexpected benefits of iodine. Iodine is a trace mineral. You don’t need a lot of iodine, but it is still very important for your health. If you don’t have the right amount of iodine, many different health issues can occur.

Every single cell in the body needs iodine. In my opinion, the daily recommended amounts for iodine are way too low. Unless you consume foods from the ocean, you’re not going to get very much iodine from your food.

The body utilizes iodine for many different things, including the detoxification of mercury, lead, fluoride, and bromide.

Unexpected health benefits of iodine:

1. It can help shrink cysts

2. It can help reduce the size of skin tags and warts

3. It can help break down the connective tissue in a condition called Dupuytren’s contracture 4. It supports scar regeneration

5. It can help lessen depression

6. It can help shrink stones in the parotid glands

7. It can help reduce hot flashes and heavy menstrual cycles by balancing estrogen

8. It can help reduce cystic acne


Advancing Digital Agency: The Power of Data intermediaries

NEW - Klaus Schwab's World Economic Forum says "the COVID 19 pandemic has led to a heightened focus on the power of medical data, specifically so-called vaccine passports. These passports by nature serve as a form of digital identity."

The new WEF report, published in February 2022, calls for a multistakeholder approach to advance towards a trusted digital agency for a "safer and more inclusive online world."


GRAND JURY: DAY 1 - Opening Statements

February 19, 2022

Grand Jury Proceeding by the Peoples´ Court of Public Opinion Empowering Public Conscience through Natural Law ‘Injustice to One is an Injustice to All’

We, a group of international lawyers and a judge, hereby are conducting criminal investigation modelled after the United States Grand Jury proceedings.

This Grand Jury Investigation serves as a model legal proceeding to present to a jury (consisting of the citizens of the world) all available evidence of COVID-19 Crimes Against Humanity to date against “leaders, organizers, instigators and accomplices” who aided, abetted or actively participated in the formulation and execution of a common plan for a pandemic.

Crimes to be investigated include all acts performed or omitted by a person in pursuance of a common design to commit Crimes Against Humanity, and all such criminal acts condemned in the various communities of jurors around the world.

This investigation is of the people, by the people and for the people and shall be referred to as the ‘Peoples´ Court of Public Opinion.

Having been unable to find a court to hear the actual evidence in the current system´s courts of law, we are undertaking this proceeding outside of the current system and based on natural law.

This, in turn is founded on the firm belief that every person can easily distinguish between good and evil, and between right and wrong.

The allegation is that the world’s governments have come under the controlling influence of corrupt and criminal power structures.

They colluded to stage a pandemic that they had been planning for years. To this end they deliberately created mass panic through false statements of fact and a socially engineered psychological operation whose messages they conveyed through the corporate media.

The purpose of this mass panic was to persuade the population to agree to the so-called “vaccinations" which have in the meantime be proven to be neither effective, nor safe, but extremely dangerous, even lethal.

The economic, social, and health damage that these Crimes Against Humanity have caused to the world's population can be measured in quadrillions of dollars.


  1. GRAND JURY: DAY 2 - Historical Background


  3. Dr Mike Yeadon Giving Evidence To Grand Jury - Day 4 - Feb 19th 2022


Theragripper: John Hopkins Nanotech Drug Delivery Device

February 18, 2022

Theragripper: a nanotech drug delivery device by John Hopkins. Will the dust-sized device be used to deliver drugs & vaccines by stealth? Anal swab or Nasal swab.


Dark Outpost 02-17-2022 Proof COVID "Vaccines" Cause AIDS

February 17, 2022

Evidence continues to mount showing COVID “vaccines” are causing recipients everywhere to develop AIDS. Stephanie Schapp discusses truth bombs in the new Ghostbusters movie. Michelle Stefanick continues her exposé she calls The One Long Continuum.


TO KILL & CONTROL – Unlawful Global Human Experiments

February 20, 2022



February 20, 2022

Creepy Crespo is still peddling deadly propaganda, normies get more red pills on Rogan, Klaus sings the praises of soy boy Castro-Trudeau and Deborah Tavares provides details of the global UN-Rothschild mass murder agenda. Please share this far and wide.



February 19, 2022

Christopher James returns to SGT Report to explain how the service corporation masquerading as the Canadian 'government' will be brought to heel, and the face of the New World Order Justin Castro Trudeau will be tried for his treason.


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