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Meet Eddie Rogers: The man behind...
True News 4 U

In the 1980’s, I was called to start publishing an International Newsletter. At first, the newsletter was brief and it only covered things happening in America. I sent the newsletter out to some of the people on my email list. Then, as time moved forward, I was given to expand on what needed to be reported on. So, I started adding news from around the world. Moving forward in time, I again started adding new categories in hopes of drawing more people who have different interest such as in genealogy, archaeology, finance, health and many other categories.

At one time, the newsletter became overwhelming in content. I knew this was far more than most people would be able to handle. So, I began to scale back on the content so it would not be so overwhelming.

The original newsletter was titled "News You May Not Have Heard About." That was a long domain name. So, I decided to shorten the domain name. Today, is yet a new beginning with "True News 4 U." I have decided to scale back the newsletter even more in hopes of making this International Newsletter more appealing to everyone who subscribes to this newsletter and to those who are not subscribers. With this new look and feel, one can jump directly to the category(s) that interest them over having to scroll through categories that they have no interest in.

Each newsletter is designed to inform, warn, educate and hopefully give you the reader a word of encouragement. We are living in a world that is up-side-down and we all can use a word here and there to give us hope.

Thank you for dropping by and I hope you will find a few things on this International newsletter that will bring you back.